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Nearly 200 Bend Senior HS students receive COVID-19 vaccines at first clinic, despite protests by opponents

(Update: Adding video, comments)

One critic says vaccine is 'sterilization'

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Early Thursday morning, a group of about 50 protesters gathered outside Bend Senior High School to voice their concerns at the first of several COVID-19 vaccination clinics being held at high schools around Central Oregon. But nearly 200 students received the shots anyway, officials said.

Starting Thursday, youth 16 and older, which is considered one of the fastest-growing COVID-19 positive age groups in the state, will be able to receive their vaccine for free.

Bend-La Pine Schools Director of Safety and Communication Julianne Repman says the vaccine is an optional service, similar to their lunch program, sports and clubs.

Nearly 4,000 students are eligible to take part in the clinics.

Bend High sophomore Sophie Haney says she saw the protesters before getting her first shot.

"When I was driving to school this morning I saw probably nine people holding signs saying that the vaccines had aborted fetus cells in them or that we're not test rabbits," Haney said.

Haney's friend, Camille Lentz, also saw the protesters and their signs.

"Some of them were like little rhymes that said 'Don't get poked," Lentz said. "Some of them just said, 'No.'"

Parents have emailed the Bend-La Pine School Board, voicing their concerns over the vaccine -- some in anger.

Many have called it an experimental drug because it has not been FDA-approved, and is operating under emergency use authorization.

One parent who would not go on camera told us, "We have thousands of people who understand what is going on within Central Oregon and beyond... it is sterilization. "

But according to fact-checking efforts by The Associated Press, there is no evidence to support such claim.

By Thursday afternoon, about 75 students had received their first dose of the vaccine, according to Mosaic Medical Pediatric Medical Director Ellie Millan.

"We will probably will double that by the end of the day, just given the nature of before-school and after-school access times," she said. And the school district confirmed nearly 200 vaccinations were done by day's end.

Millan says they still plan to hold these clinics for the next 4-5 weeks at high schools throughout Central Oregon.

"We're sort of mirroring what the county has been doing at the fairgrounds by holding large-scale vaccine clinics, which really opens up access for the community," she said.

Each high school will host two clinics before the end of the school year, allowing students who choose to participate to be fully vaccinated before the summer:

Bend Senior High School: April 29 and May 20

La Pine High School: May 6 and May 27

Mountain View High School: May 4 and May 25

Crook County High School: May 4 and May 25

Summit High School: May 6 and May 27

Redmond High School: May 7 and May 26

Ridgeview High School: May 11 and June 1

Sisters High School: May 13 and June 3

Madras High School: Completed in April

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Alec Nolan

Alec Nolan is a multimedia journalist for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Alec here.



      1. Science huh? Science shows that these mRNA shots have been in the works since the 80’s and have failed every animal test trials they put them through. only after an emergency was declared were they permitted to use this, so called, vaccine. If it does not promote immunity, prevent infection, or prevent spread. It’s not a vaccine. If it does not use cells from the virus it’s not a vaccine. You flat earth Biden supporters will never learn to follow the facts. You just do what you herders tell you. You have no sense of self direction. You have been led down the wrong path for so long you may never find your way back to realty. Good luck. I will pray for you.

                1. – you have just demonstrated your inability to “basic English” – how do you take yourself seriously?

            1. Well, I actually write press releases on clinical trial results for a living, so am fairly qualified to discuss your “facts.” mRNA vaccines have not been in use since the 80’s. They’ve been in early-stage clinical development (mostly in virtro) since the late 90’s. What held up their progression for the most part was identifying a lipid that was durable enough to transport the “messenger” part of the vax through the cellular wall effectively and essentially not cause things to go haywire owing to a variety of lipid peculiarities. So after about a decade of devoting billions of dollars to that little problem, they finally got it nailed down. Which timed out, conveniently for humanity and those of us who actually value life,to be right before COVID. You can find all of this online in reputable news stories that feature some of the brilliant scientists who have dedicated their careers to pioneering a therapeutic platform that has applicability well beyond COVID, or you can look at a couple of memes created by some dude named Steve who lives in his mom’s basement. Choice is yours on what “facts” to follow.

            2. Not that I should have to do this, because I’m not the one making the claims, but here we are.

              “If it does not use cells from the virus it’s not a vaccine.”

              Viruses don’t have cells, so good luck with that approach. But even if they did, the sentiment of this assertion has not been true since Edward Jenner’s smallpox vaccine of 1796.

              “have failed every animal test trials they put them through”

              Google “mrna covid animal trial” and read all you want.

              “If it does not promote immunity, prevent infection, or prevent spread [it’s not a vaccine]”

              This is true, but the COVID vaccines appear to do all these things.

        1. …wow…just, wow…

          It’s not hard to either follow the “facts” or the science regarding mRNA vaccines….or perhaps the whole concept of ‘vaccines’ in general. I’m mystified by your claim that every animal test trial failed since every such test I can find suggests outcomes to the contrary. If you want to be anti-vaxxer, be my guest. Just don’t waste our time with your bizarre observations…

          I will pray for you, too…

          1. Great links, two of which specifically point out that the (stupid) person above is making false parallels between types of vaccines to sow fear and misinformation.

        2. Interesting, you didn’t present any facts, just fantasy ramblings.

          mRNA vaccines have been tested in animals since the 90s without issue ( — paper written on mRNA vaccines in 2018 (ya know, before COVID) and was reviewed and certified by the national board of virologists.

          Emergency use was declared not because any of the trials were abnormal, but because the clinical trial periods involve bigger and bigger waves over longer periods of time. That’s listed in the EUA that Donnie signed, not that you can or are even able to read. (

          Regarding it not being a vaccine, you’re certainly an imbecile and not a PHD holder, but if you were I would assume you are trying to split hairs since this type of vaccine is SAFER by NOT INJECTING YOU WITH DEAD VIRUS and instead taking SCIENCE(you know, the thing you say you understand but are clearly provably out of touch with) and cutting out the middle man by sending the genetic coding that your body would have received from white blood cells responding to an actual virus threat anyways, hence mRNA. Not DNA which is your genetic material, mRNA in this case is instructions that tell your DNA how to make defenses that kill COVID… which is why 95+% efficacies are being seen for the first time in vaccinology.

          The rest of your stupid low IQ rant is just ad hominems. The last and most pathetic type of stone that absolute morons like you have left to hurl when your are confronted by reality.

          I hope you suffer the consequences of your insane actions some day. The world will be balanced and more better off when you do.

        3. I suppose you’re now one of these guys/gals who got your doctorate in the last year after a career as plumber? No disrespect to plumbers at all but I find it hilarious how people get on these posts and spew all this medical information like they’ve studied it and worked in the field for 30 yrs.

          People, for the record, have a simple discussion with your primary care physician and get all your questions on the table and then make a decision. Then Vote better in 2022 and 2024

        4. When debating it’s beneficial to use the correct words. Words have meaning. For example, Merrian-Webster defines vaccine as: “a preparation that is administered (as by injection) to stimulate the body’s immune response against a specific infectious disease:
          a : an antigenic preparation of a typically inactivated or attenuated (see ATTENUATED sense 2) pathogenic agent (such as a bacterium or virus) or one of its components or products (such as a protein or toxin)
          b : a preparation of genetic material (such as a strand of synthesized messenger RNA) that is used by the cells of the body to produce an antigenic substance (such as a fragment of virus spike protein)”

          Now, please explain why the vaccines presently used to combat COVID-19 do not meet the definition.

      2. Hey not sure what you mean by Trumpian but you can Thank Trump for expediting and getting this vaccine moving. He may have been less of an alarmist but he still took the vaccine, and encouraged people to make their own choices to get it. It’s not about him, it’s about people making choices for themselves.

        1. Neither did any COVID vaccine being administered. Your comment should be deleted for blatant lies and misinformation. It’s provable and easily verifiable what the outcomes of the trials have been, and your propaganda has no place standing above reality and facts.

      1. Well you can call the human race experimental if you want. This science has been around since the early nineties and has been very successful in Veterinary Medicine across species. My hunch is that it’s safer than the polio vaccine. Complicated things are just a bunch of simple things put together. MRNA is just one of the simplest of things, don’t be afraid of it.

    1. Hey y’all, I just want to get this out there before you get to the QAnon comments…

      Please do your own research. Bring up the CDC website and read what they have to say about Covid-19 and the vaccines. Then, and this is critical, PLEASE CALL YOUR DOCTOR. The Doctor that you’ve always trusted with your asthma and your broken wrist and your skin cancer and your sore back… You never did your own research when he gave you an inhaler or some other medicine for your ailments, but since you’re suddenly interested, please ask an actual medical professional who attained a PHD in medicine his or her opinion about the virus and the vaccine. Please don’t get your medical advice from some bonehead on Facebook or the KTVZ comments section. Then, please take the knowledge your Doctor has shared with you, and live it. Did she tell you masks in church are still very valuable? Did he say the vaccine is totally safe and very effective? If he or she did, then please continue wearing a mask in church, and PLEASE get the vaccine. I have nothing to gain from you personally getting the shot, I just want our local businesses to succeed and I want our friends and neighbors to be healthy. That’s it. Please call your Doctor. Please don’t listen to people on Facebook. Stay well. Be cool.

      1. I see we have a Qanon follower. You should really get a life outside you computer Keyser. By the way, my doctor is against these jabs as are many experts around the world. The CDC is made up of bureaucrats.

        1. Try to read and comprehend comments before you write.
          He’s not Qanon.
          I’m also not sure your “doctor” is a Doctor.
          Good luck with that.
          125 new covid cases today.

          1. If he’s not a Q-ster… then why does he know so much about it- constantly bring it up- act like everyone knows what the hell he’s talking about… cause I surely don’t !

        1. You only think he’s flip flopping because your ability to comprehend spoken English beyond two sentences is lacking. That’s part of the reason Donnie was so successful. Easy to listen to a stupid man communicate in simple sentences for other really stupid people like yourself.

        1. Some other questions you should probably ask your Doctor:
          “I swallowed an ice cube whole and I haven’t pooped it out yet. When should I call the doctor?”

          “Can I safely look at a picture of the sun?”

          “What is Biden’s last name?”

          “What state borders Hawaii?”

          “Is an egg a fruit or a vegetable?”

  1. Its is why the fight over masks has been so neccessary even if brutal… because there are those among us who dont just want to ignore the scientific research for themselves, they want to actively prevent a medical cure for others- thankfully we are a stronger and smarter society than this

    1. Cure means you can’t get it again. This is not a cure. It appears to be a temporary fix to an imaginary issue. No doubt covid is real, but is it as bad “deadly” as the media and our elected officials claim? I know 6 people that have contracted covid. 1 went to icu for 2 or 3 days. Now he’s doing good. The others had no problems at all.

        1. still 1.7% mortality rate. less than h1n1. and how many of those deaths were attributed to covid that were actually not caused by covid the patient just happened to have covid.

  2. Meanwhile, Norway has suspended use of the AstraZeneca shot becuase they determined the risk of dying from a blood clot from the vaccine, for young people, is greater than the risk of dying from covid.

      1. The Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca vaccines all use virtually the same mRna technology and we have no idea what the long term effects may be. Stay tuned, more to come.

                1. Hard to screwup an mRNA vaccine that tells your body to make a simple protein that your immune system will learn to recognize. The only scary thing about it is that it could increase the chances of reproducing for people like you. However it will also help prevent you from spreading the virus to the overwhelming huge population of good people.

        1. Are you kidding or are you trolling? There isn’t any similarity between the AstraZeneca vaccine and the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, other than their efforts to respond to the pandemic. The AstraZeneca vaccine is an adenovirus vaccine (like the Johnson & Johnson vaccine) and has NO connection to the technology of the mRNA vaccines from Pfizer or Moderna…

          …yes, let’s stay tuned….

    1. I’m pretty sure they suspended it out of an abundance of caution, NOT “because they determined the risk of dying from a blood clot” to be greater than the virus itself. It appears as though about 3 or 4 people in Norway died of blood clots. No matter what way you slice the math, there is absolutely no mathematical chance that risk from blood clot is higher than the virus itself. I’m not arguing for or against that particular vaccine, I’m just pointing out that you are jumping to some conclusions in your statement that aren’t backed by numbers. And yes, Norway has lower overall case count which has been an oddity compared to others, so they aren’t really a straight across comparison. Admittedly, the circumstances that separate a country like Norway who have a low case count from a country like India who is currently burning dead bodies in heaps outside of crematoriums is a bit more complex than saying “we should be doing what Norway is doing”.

        1. Read beyond the headline. Once again, good info taken out of context. There a couple of key factors mentioned in the article such as:
          “Having come a long way in vaccinating the oldest citizens, Norway has reduced the risk of death for many of those most at risk. Since most of the elderly have either been vaccinated, or soon will be, this means that continued use of the vaccine would mainly be among the under-65 years age group if we were to use this vaccine in Norway.”
          So, since the largest portion of at-risk population is already vaccinated, that portion is already taken out of the mix as needing to receive a vaccine at all because they’re already vaccinated. And as we all know, younger people (so far) haven’t been contributing to death rates. If this was a comparison across all ages/risk groups of unvaccinated population, the numbers would be much different.

    2. Look, Fox News reported that complete Pfizer/Moderna vaccination reduces hospitalizations by 94%. 64% if you are partially vaccinated. Fact of the matter is that the younger demographic is a huge influence to our current situation. And guess what, Central Oregon sucks right now. “Aborted fetuses”, “Sterilization”, and whatever stupid BS ya’ll wanna say. If that is what motivates you to disregard an available resource and people that have dedicated significant sums of their lives to bettering the outcomes and livelihood of humans, good luck to you. Cause you are blinded by straight ignorant bull****. Stop trying to use some ridiculous scare tactics on kids that have the medical right to make their own decisions.

  3. Are they protesting getting the shot or protesting those who are not getting the shot? Since these students are most likely under 18 – are the parents involved?

    1. Would be funny if parents were protesting their own kid getting vaccinated. Yelling hey loser are you strong enough on your own to fight this off or why do you need vaccinations for whoever raised you didn’t raise you to be a wussy.

      1. Wow Doug, that actually doesn’t sound funny to me. Is that really the sort of thing you find funny and entertaining? You think it is funny that other folks are having a hard time with how things are, and aren’t willing to agree with you? Would you really like for a parent and child to be in conflict like that, and does it please you to imagine it?

          1. Nice dude! Love the way you see the world. Thanks for being a good citizen and neighbor. If only I could learn how to enjoy the things that you do…

      2. I could see that in a movie…lol as for all the people that can take a joke maybe you should climb into your little bubble and stay there, nobody can hurt your feelers in your safe space.

  4. Isn’t it funny now that the vaccine is available for high school aged kids now they are the ones contracting the virus the most in our state. Is that perfect timing or what? Ummm or what I’m thinking. Have a good day

  5. Are you kidding me?
    Get those braying donkeys out of there!
    Allowing protests at a school, not only is uncomfortable for the kids,and distracts from the education!
    Its one loony fruitcake away from a school lockdown!

      1. Any crowd is good cover. also do we have problems with that type of situation in central oregon?
        I know it could happen at any time. well its a good thing schools are “safe spaces” and its illegal to kill people. that will stop the bad guys.

      1. None. But grow the hell up and use it responsibly. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. Or go ahead, all the normal people are just laughing at you.

    1. Oh man good point. I bet those kids are real upset and traumatized. Maybe the school should offer some kinda counseling over this terrible event? Gotta be tough to see a bunch of folks expressing their beliefs on public property. God be with the poor children on this difficult day.

  6. Many of us had the Covid Flu and have antibodies. That is why we won’t be taking any experimental big pharma vax. Heck it’s not even a vax!

    1. People like you are a loss to our society. If you still think this is like a flu, you are an ignorant and delusional individual. The flu has never killed millions of people like this virus has, all the while we are in a quarantine, wearing masks, sd ect. If we didn’t put forth all these efforts, we have a massive population die off. Get off social media you uneducated baboon and try science.

      1. Awesome job influencing people in a positive way! I am sure without a doubt your comment gained at least 20 more new mask wearers and perhaps a dozen shot-takers. Way to go buddy!

      2. actually the flu has killed millions of people. which variant are you referring to? Spanish, H1N1, Bird? “Massive population die off” lol good one. so the mortality rate of the infected is?Let me help you, around 1% H1N1 was near 3%. in Deschutes county the mortality rate is .9% not even 1 % in oregon its 1.3%

  7. Cry me a river, snowflakes. Move to some third-world hell-hole if you don’t want to live in a modern society that has nice things like medicine, water, roads…

      1. Then they don’t have to. And I imagine they’re all enjoying this exercise in the 1st Ammendment quite a lot. Right now, there are rooms full of teenagers who are smarter than you laughing at you. Keep it up, patriot!

    1. Why should ‘they”… You don’t ! Just like at those time recordings on your posts… all day everyday… this one at 1:32 pm… right after your nap I’m sure ! Never-Dumper’s a typical Mooch- wants to tell everyone else how to live their life while he stays home- stays afraid- provides no social value whatsoever ! Get a job hoser- yer an embarrassment !

        1. “self-employed” ? Oh… you mean like prostitutes, drug dealers, people who recycle stuff out of their garage to sell on e-bay ?… That kind of “self-employed?… Gee, I would think that to be successful at any job- either at home or at an office- you still don’t have time to numb *** around on the internet “all” day for hours and get the business requirements done. I mean cripes- everyone has access to a computer at work- but most people don’t spend it promoting political BS on the Z like many of you all do here. In either case- the self employed are seeing more of a negative impact to their businesses now that Biden has jacked up fuel and consumer costs- the whole point of internet selling was to lower costs- cut out the middle guy- well that all went to krap when Biden handed our oil and gas industry back to the Saudis… but I’ll save that for another thread.

          1. gee, what you think is wrong as usual! I manage to make a way above average living and screw around on the internet! I respect working stiffs like you with no imaginations, even if you are clueless on politics, policies and economics! enjoy your hourly wage job and lonely nights on the KTVZ forum!

            1. Great… but if you are “self employed” as you say… then you know absolutley nothing about the responsibilities of a large scale corporation that may employ hundreds- if not a thousand or more workers- all dependent on a steady income to support their families. The dynamics of running a large scale manufacturing or construction operation is way beyond your comprehension level- so why not admit it ? You belittle thousands because you think you are successful- self employed- bragging about your “above average living” wages… what a jerk you are- with your single self employment- taking care of number one- the hell with everyone else… I’d love to find out just what line of business you are in- I’d run your krappy little one room hole in the wall outta town in a week !

        1. Nice retort! Good job and keep up the amazing work. If more folks could wordsmith at your level, I bet we wouldn’t have even 1 person left unwilling to wear a bunch-o-masks.

    2. Maybe it’s because they’ll probably have to be vaccinated before they can work, wear PPE as appropriate, and give up all of those constitutional rights of free expression. I guess they’ll have to instead just exercise their right to go on the public dole as a welfare mom.

  8. The article doesn’t reveal what the objection is. Are they protesting the vaccine itself or because it’s distributed by a Democratic administration, or do they feel it’s too representative of socialism because it’s free?

      1. Thanks so much for your feedback 4 hours after my comment to the original story which had no info about the protesters other than they were present. Duh!

        1. Hey now! Barney did the best he could do given his resources and capacity. Imagine being in Barney’s shoes and trying to keep up with addressing so many issues at one time. Just sayin’.

  9. Lots of speculation and predudice on here, as not 1 of you knows what specifically was being protested. This should be labeled as an advertisement for the news. There is literally zero substance here.

  10. Ever since Da-Shoots Kounty went Demokant Blue- the place has been a nut house ! They approved Brown-Biden-and Crack Cocaine all in the same year… BLM rolled in and picked fights with white folks- then got chased outta town when they tried the same cornpop krap in Prineville… now their antivaxers and flat earthers are out picketing the High Schools ! Can’t wait to see how this plays out in Bend ! Ya’ll supported this garbage- now deal with the consequences… no excuses- no whining… suck-it-up !

      1. “grandpa” ??? You obviously have me confused with the likes of geriatrics like Joe Biden- stay at home self employed D-bags like NeverTrumper- or self proclaimed mentally challenged old farts like Kuya ! Yer just another loudmouthed internet wussie.

  11. It’s interesting growing up and learning that most adults are not smart.
    I had my suspicions as a kid…but I didn’t think the situation was this bad.

  12. Serious question for y’all pro mask/vaccine folks: Correct me if I am wrong, but it seems what y’all want is for everyone else to do what you want (masks, vaccine), right? Sounds like 100% assimilation and compliance would be the ideal thing, right? If that is true, why are you going about it by being nasty, condescending, forceful, eh? From all I know about the power of influence (or just being decent to others), the latter method will not only fail, but will further motivate others who oppose you to fortify their beliefs. So, can you explain to me, how will this work for you and your cause exactly? Do you really feel your behavior doesn’t matter, and that you can rely on the government somehow “forcing” everyone to bend to your will? Please enlighten me.

    1. Frankly I don’t care if you vaccinate or not. The consequences are yours and those around you. But I ask you the same question – Do you really feel your behavior doesn’t matter?

        1. No, I don’t, unless you’re in my home. Outside my home, I only control my behavior, not everyone else’s. I can take my business to public places where mask wearing is not a political statement but rather the demonstration of personal responsibility, a small sacrifice to help open and11 maintain a working, productive, healthy American society. Frankly, I don’t care how many antivaxxers and antimaskers choose to test Darwin’s theories. I’m not sure when we as a country stopped doing whatever we needed to do to keep each other safe. As for me, I’ll continue to do my job to protect my family by any means available. Right now for me and mine that includes simple and easy social distancing, masks, hand washing and, yes, vaccines. You do you, and I’ll continue to do me, thanks!

          1. Nice! Glad you feel good about it. Was worried about you, but clearly you have harnessed the magical “karma” to ward off any notion that others who are different from you might also be ok somehow. Keep up the good work citizen!

          2. yep because nobody gets the flu after getting their flu shot. and people that have been vaccinated for chicken pox don’t ever get the chicken pox…lol. there have already been cases reported of people getting the covid “vaccine” and then getting sick from covid so good luck to you. just remember every time you watch tv and see those class action suits you too can be a client. you may not get covid but you may get something worse from an untested drug injected into your body. you could always try homemade meth…its kinda the same idea.

      1. So, the question wasn’t related to myself as an individual. For some reason nobody is willing to actually answer the questions I asked, but that is not surprising. In answer to your question, yes I do feel my behavior matters, but my standards likely differ from yours. I understand that you and others believe things perhaps I don’t, and that’s fine. Shoving my beliefs on y’all, would be considered very poor behavior in my book.

        1. I believe I answered your questions, and yes, we may very well have differing opinions about appropriate behavior. But then again, it may surprise you how very much more we have in common.

          1. Well, I think you could do more in expanding on your answers, and honestly I would like to listen to what you have to say. If you also like bacon as much as I do, yes, we may share significant common ground.

    1. Always helpful when folks like you are nasty and rude in reference to those who don’t believe as you do on some matters. Is this how you plan to influence them? Do you think this tactic is gonna get those big Vax %’s y’all seem to want?

      1. Guess you missed the video about the school board a couple days ago and the harassment they’ve been experiencing from the antivaxers. Please enlighten us on how being referred to as Nazi’s is a form of civil debate?

        1. Yeah you are right. Not into watching videos so I did miss that one. Not sure if you have considered this or not as it pretty mind-boggling, but could it be possible not all people can be classified into “groups”? I know that’s a tough concept, but one I find interesting to ponder. What I am seeing from the outside lookin’ in, is quite an “epidemic” of folks believing there are only 2 sides on a 6 sided die. If it only had 2 sides, it would be a coin.

  13. Hey instead of protesting something that is optional how about you just go to class. We all know the kids have missed enough education in the last year.

    1. I think maybe these are the same folks who, in the face of various crises facing our nation, are in a tizzy over the publisher taking a couple of Dr Seuss books out of print, the degendering of a Potato toy, and complaining about a non-existent meat ban. So is the ingrained stupid really hard to believe?

    1. It seems to be working well for them, so why stop a good thing when you got it going on? If they can go from zero to hero by just using profanity and name calling, it is something to behold.

        1. Hey now! Don’t crush their sweet little hearts. They are actually for once in their life, real heroes which by all means historically is impossible to achieve while staying in your house watching Netflix in pajamas.

  14. Interesting that minors, under 18, can be given a vaccine that is not fda approved. It is only authorized for emergency use because there are no long term studies as it is so new. That being said if there are issues down the road or even at time of vaccination such as anaphylaxis are the schools responsible? Seems like a lawsuit in the making. I think 16 year olds should also be able to get tattoos without their parent’s consent. Maybe set up shop in the high schools.

    1. sure why not lower the legal age for everything to 16. I’m sure there are a bunch of sexual predators that would be happy to manipulate some emotionally unstable youth. funny how 16 is the age at children can make decisions about their bodies, but they cant do anything else but drive. I think 18 or nothing. maybe even 21. I know how easily I could be coerced in my teens and 20s and people think 16 is the decision making age.

  15. So I see a bunch of folks claiming there is no proof. Here are some of the studies that talk about the effectiveness of the Pfizer/Moderna vaccine. Bottom line, it’s boring, it’s non-political and it requires you to be statistically literate but it’s honest and accurate from reputable publications. I can’t believe this is controversial but get yourselves vaccinated for not just yourselves, but your neighbors and community – hell even Trump did.

    The Lancet:

    The New England Jounal of Medicine:

    1. OMG! Congrats to you on this momentous day in history. You have accomplished what many cannot, and shall be remembered for all time for your efforts. Thank you, humble and kind citizen.

  16. I am not sure what the protesters are protesting for or against. It is up to each individual to decide if it wants to get vaccinated or opts out.
    It is a fact that we know very little about these vaccines and it is NOT FDA approved at the moment (unlike the polio and other vaccines mentioned above).

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