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Oregon reports 3 more COVID-19 deaths, including Deschutes County’s 75th; 310 new cases

State's daily case count is lowest in over a month

PORTLAND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- There are three new COVID-19 related deaths in Oregon, including Deschutes County's 75th death, raising the state’s death toll to 2,590, the Oregon Health Authority reported Monday.

OHA also reported 310 new confirmed and presumptive cases of COVID-19 as of 12:01 a.m. Monday, bringing the state's total to 195,882.

New dashboard to track Governor’s vaccination goals

On Monday, the Oregon Health Authority launched a new dashboard to track statewide and county progress towards the Governor’s newly announced vaccination goals.

On May 11, Governor Kate Brown announced a framework for reopening based on county and statewide vaccinations. Most COVID-19 restrictions will be lifted statewide when 70% of adults receive their first dose of any COVID-19 vaccine. CDC’s calculation of percentage of people over the age of 18 will be used to track the progress.

Beginning May 21, counties will be eligible to move to Lower Risk when 65% of county residents 16 years of age and older receive their first dose of any COVID-19 vaccine and the county submits a plan to close vaccine equity gaps. For more information, click here.

The new dashboard will display the following:

  • The statewide percentage of those 16 and older who have received at least one COVID-19 vaccine.
  • The percentage of those 16 and older who have received at least one COVID-19 vaccine in each county.
  • The number of people remaining in each county who need to receive a COVID-19 vaccine for the county to reach 65% vaccination in residents 16 years of age and older.

The vaccination administration trends dashboard will now include a tab to show people vaccinated with at least one dose of any COVID-19 vaccine relative to the population in ZIP Code areas throughout the state.

The daily vaccine update dashboard will now include a graph with administrations by vaccine type by week. In addition, weekly tables and all historical allocation delivery data will be available for download.

Vaccinations in Oregon

OHA reported Monday that 23,929 new doses of COVID-19 vaccinations were added to the state immunization registry. Of this total, 16,088 doses were administered on Sunday and 7,841 were administered on previous days but were entered into the vaccine registry on Sunday.

The 7-day running average is now 27,611 doses per day.

Oregon has now administered a total of 1,961,954 first and second doses of Pfizer,1,476,963 first and second doses of Moderna and 122,119 single doses of Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccines. As of Monday, 1,591,802 people have completed a COVID-19 vaccine series. There are 2,061,640 who have had at least one dose.

Cumulative daily totals can take several days to finalize because providers have 72 hours to report doses administered and technical challenges have caused many providers to lag in their reporting. OHA has been providing technical support to vaccination sites to improve the timeliness of their data entry into the state’s ALERT Immunization Information System (IIS).

To date, 2,283,255 doses of Pfizer,1,838,040 doses of Moderna and 266,200 doses of Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccines have been delivered to sites across Oregon.

These data are preliminary and subject to change.

OHA's dashboards provide regularly updated vaccination data, and Oregon’s dashboard has been updated Monday.

COVID-19 hospitalizations

The number of hospitalized patients with COVID-19 across Oregon is 342, which is three more than Sunday. There are 81 COVID-19 patients in intensive care unit (ICU) beds, which is one fewer than Sunday.

The total number of COVID-19 positive patient bed-days in the most recent seven days is 2,392, which is a 4% increase from the previous seven days. The peak daily number of beds occupied by COVID-19 positive patients in the most recent seven days is 351.

The total number of patients in hospital beds may fluctuate between report times. The numbers do not reflect admissions per day, nor the length of hospital stay. Staffing limitations are not captured in this data and may further limit bed capacity.

More information about hospital capacity can be found here.

St. Charles Bend reported 47 COVID-19 patients as of 4 a.m. Monday, eight of whom were in the ICU, with seven on ventilators.

Cases and deaths

The new confirmed and presumptive COVID-19 cases reported Monday are in the following counties: Baker (1), Benton (7), Clackamas (58), Clatsop (1), Columbia (1), Coos (9), Crook (2), Curry (1), Deschutes (39), Douglas (12), Harney (1), Jackson (6), Jefferson (2), Josephine (3), Lane (27), Lincoln (2), Linn (17), Marion (35), Morrow (2), Multnomah (68), Polk (6), Wasco (3), and Yamhill (7).

Oregon’s 2,588th death is a 91-year-old woman from Jackson County who tested positive on May 5 and died on May 14 at Rogue Valley Medical Center. She had underlying conditions.

Oregon’s 2,589th death is a 71-year-old woman from Deschutes County who tested positive on May 7 and died on May 13 at St. Charles Bend. She had underlying conditions.

Oregon’s 2,590th death is a 63-year-old man from Marion County who tested positive on April 20 and died on May 16 at Salem Hospital. He had underlying conditions.

Learn more about COVID-19 vaccinations? 

To learn more about the COVID-19 vaccine situation in Oregon, visit OHA's webpage (English or Spanish), which has a breakdown of distribution and other information.

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      1. Worldometers is not a scientific source. It is an ad-based website counting on people to visit so that they can get paid for clicks. Don’t be so gullible.

    1. Maybe true, maybe not. According to their own web site, Texas Health and Human Services hasn’t even reported complete data since May 2nd. Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.

    1. Texas Department of State Health Services data for 5/17: 2,836 new confirmed cases, 783 new probable cases and 41 newly reported fatalities.

  3. Is that good or bad news for those people? Hope this is the tail end of this thing but i know some of us think the mask thing being dropped is a distraction

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