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Gov. Brown: Oregon to reopen, with COVID-19 restrictions lifted by next Wednesday

(Update: Adding video, comments by Bend restaurant owner)

Sooner, if 70% vaccination goal met; school decisions return to local boards

SALEM, Ore. (KTVZ) — Gov. Kate Brown signed a recovery-focused executive order Friday lifting all remaining COVID-19 health and safety restrictions issued under Oregon’s emergency statutes. Restrictions will be lifted when Oregon achieves a 70% first dose adult vaccination rate or next Wednesday, June 30, whichever occurs first.

With restrictions lifted, the state will shift to a focus on helping Oregonians and communities recover from the impacts and the economic toll of the pandemic.

This means statewide mask mandates in most settings will be lifted and there will no longer be capacity limits, required physical distancing or county risk levels.

For more than a year, Oregon has faced some of the nation’s strictest COVID-19 related safety measures and restrictions — county risk levels, mask requirements inside and outside, limited gatherings and restaurants closed for indoor dining.

The owner of Bend's Pine Tavern Restaurant says not having to wear masks will be nice, but capacity limits at his restaurant won't change -- not due to COVID-19, but because, like most businesses, he does not have enough employees.

"If they lift the capacity, great -- but we can't open the rest of the restaurant and spaces because we simply don't have the employees," Bill McCormick told NewsChannel 21 on Friday.

Here's the rest of the governor's news release:

“I’m proud of our collective efforts to vaccinate more than 2.3 million Oregonians. It is because of this success that we can move Oregon forward, and into the next chapter of this pandemic. We are ready,” said Governor Brown.

“We should all take pride in the work we have done to bring us to this moment. The efforts underway to close our vaccine equity gap and reach every Oregonian with information and a vaccine have definitely helped bring us this far. Thank you to all who are going the extra mile to vaccinate Oregonians.”

The Governor signed the executive order today in a press conference with Oregon Health Authority Director Patrick Allen, state epidemiologist Dr. Dean Sidelinger, and Oregon Department of Education Director Colt Gill.

Recovery Order
The Governor’s recovery order rescinds Executive Order 20-66, the successor to her original “Stay Home, Save Lives” order and subsequent “Safe and Strong Oregon” orders, which authorized Oregon’s statewide mask mandate and the county risk level system, including restrictions on businesses and other sectors for physical distancing, capacity limits, closing times, and more.

The recovery order also rescinds Executive Order Order 20-22 (Non-urgent Healthcare Procedures), Executive Order 21-06 (K-12 Schools), Executive Order 20-28 (Higher Education), and Executive Order 20-19 (Childcare Facilities).

With the repeal of the set of executive orders that placed COVID-19 related restrictions on Oregonians, the recovery order extends the emergency declaration for the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The Governor’s remaining emergency authority will be limited in focus to COVID-19 recovery efforts, similar to the recovery executive order currently in place for 2020 wildfire season recovery.

Emergency authority continues to be necessary to provide flexibility and resources for vaccination efforts, health system response to COVID-19 including staffing flexibility, Oregon’s access to FEMA, enhanced SNAP benefits, and other federal aid, to allow the continued operation of certain emergency child care providers through the summer, unemployment insurance claim processing, and more. The recovery order does not provide authorization for agencies to renew restrictions based on emergency authorities.

Continued Governor Brown: “This is a pivotal moment for Oregon. We have endured a lot over the past several months. We must recognize that it has been exceptionally difficult for our Black, Indigenous, Latino, Latina, Latinx, Asian, Pacific Islander and Tribal communities. Disparities that existed before are even wider now. I am incredibly proud of the work that our local health partners and community-based organizations have done to reach Oregonians from communities of color and make progress toward closing the equity gaps in our vaccination efforts.

“Brighter days are ahead. And, we are more determined than ever to make sure we ground our state in a strong recovery that reaches every single Oregonian as we turn a page on this chapter of the pandemic. Our work is not done, but we can all take a moment to celebrate that by next week, we will be moving forward together.”

Some statewide mask requirements may stay in place in specialized settings following federal guidance, including airports, public transit, and health care settings. The Governor’s recovery order will remain in effect until December 31, 2021, unless terminated earlier.

K-12 Education, Higher Education, and Childcare
Rescinding the Governor’s executive orders for K-12 schools, higher education, and child care will mean a shift to a more traditional, local decision-making model for communities when it comes to serving the health and safety needs of students and children.

In order to ensure a return to full-time, in-person instruction in the fall, the Oregon Department of Education and the Oregon Health Authority will be issuing updated, advisory guidance for the 2021-22 school year. Schools will still be expected to comply with longstanding regulations around the control of infectious diseases, and to have a
communicable disease management plan.

Additional materials

  • A copy of Governor Brown’s signed recovery order is available here.
  • A copy of the Governor's prepared remarks from today's press conference is available here.
  • More information on vaccines is available at

Video Links

  • A recording of today's live-streamed press conference is available on YouTube. Please note the video starts at the 24:30 mark.
  • A recording of a Spanish language translation is available on OHA's Facebook page.
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Carly Keenan

Carly Keenan is a multimedia journalist and producer for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Carly here.

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    1. Well done Governor Brown! Thank you for your willingness to make politically unpopular decisions to protect us from the lying and downplaying morons! Another term is yours for the asking!! Oregon continues to be an amazing and enlightened state despite the totally failed, whining, juvenile disaster the gop insists on maintaining here. Sooooo much winning for Dems!!!! Sooooo much losing and whining from the pathetic hop!!! Rotflmao!!!!

      1. Hey Gropenheimer… Hot off the presses just hours ago… “WHO recommends masks — even for vaccinated people — because of delta variant”… “The recommendation comes weeks after the CDC said vaccinated people can go most places without masks” !!! So lemme guess”well done Governor Brown ??? As she once again defies the CDC- the WHO- and puts more Oregon lives at risk ??? Cmon now “Wisen-heimer” where’s the outrage you projected back in early 2020- where’s your TDS now ??? Looks like China Joe don’t whether to spit or go shirtless ! No plan- no strategy- doesn’t know what to do about Kovid Kate as she mucks up more lives ! Like I said a month ago- Franken Fauci is right- this year is another Kovid bust- keep yer masks on- stay home go broke- let China Joe print more kash- kripple the system further… all good- cause at least ya got the Orange Haired Meany out of office ! “Rotflmao”… X’s Two !!!

    1. You are so right! She is so damn worried about the homeless, and lazy renters that wants everything handed to them on a plater. There are so many jobs out there! She does not give a rats ass about us that own the property and have to pay the taxes, water, power, maintenance and anything else including our own bills! And then wants us to except only 80% of what there rent is…..excuse me! Nobody out there is excepting 80% of my bills!

      1. Would you like some cheese with that whine? Rents are sky high, you’ll be living large again before you know it. In the mean time, cry me a river.

          1. Thanks for illustrating the fact that you can’t read or make the jump from the first wrong use of the word to the second. So much winning Wishy!

            1. Look at it again Auntie- “Nobody out there is excepting 80% of my bills!”… Now explain how your insistence that “accept” is the correct verb… it’s not ! You need the gerund form- as in “accepting”. Damn dimwit- I already had to school you all on the proper use of “Then and Than”… now this ! Barney’s Kids… Sigh !!!

              1. More whining and failing Karen!!! Just can’t get enough!! ” Mexico is paying for the wall” losing is a way of life for you sweetie!! Get used to it!!! Rotflmao!!!!

                1. Did Mexico pay for Obama’s wall around his DC rental also ? “OBAMA BUILDS A WALL AROUND HIS WASHINGTON D.C. MANSION”… “President Obama is taking a cue from Donald Trump … he’s building himself a wall. We got photos of construction at Obama’s soon-to-be D.C. rental.”…… and lets not forget Little Lyin Joey’s wall around the Capitol building… “The issue of a walled-off Capitol has inspired a range of politicians to speak out against a permanent fence — from far-right Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) to Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D), the District’s liberal nonvoting member of Congress.”… “Washington does not need to be needlessly fenced in,” Norton said Friday after driving around the Capitol to check on the fence’s gradual removal. “It’s sending a message to the world that we can’t defend our own buildings. So how can we defend anybody else there?”…….. Seems Obama and Joey both love their fences- their razor wire- their Walls ! But why should ‘Merikan’s pay for it- let Russia- China- Mexico foot the bill- that’s smart business ! But then again- all that falling on the floor and laughing stuff- you’ve obviously banged yer noggin’ one too many times ! Poor sod- ya get yer vaccine yet ? I bet you did !!!

              2. Shake that sawdust out of your idiot noggin. Apparently you missed “and then wants us to except only 80%”. Have the moron that reads to you go back and try it again. Slower this time.

                1. Doesn’t change the fact that “accepting” is the proper form in the sentence I corrected… and you failed to admit it- making you not only a moron- but an imbecile to boot !

                2. Wait just a second here, dunce. I corrected a sentence and you attempted to be smart, which you’re not. Unfortunately for you, other people can read, a skill which you have yet to master.

                3. You failed to clarify exactly what sentence/word you were correcting… if I do recall… you simply posted… “Accept” is the word you want.” ! Really ??? in reference to which sentence ??? My advice to you- stop being so lazy- and give up the whole grammar/vocab police thing- You are just as guilty as anyone when it comes to mucking up the English language ! At the end of the day- 10x’s smarter than you ding-dong ! Now away with you and your failed liberal snark !

                4. My God! It’s like arguing with a child, except they usually possess a modicum of intelligence. Do us all a favor and go play outside all day today. Preferably in an unshaded area.

          2. It is hilarious when you fly your stupid flag while pointing the finger at someone else. On that we can agree. Sometimes you’re actually good for a laugh.

      2. it’s “their” not there and it’s “accept” not except. Cracks me up that people that cannot even use proper English want to call others idiots! LOL
        You people realize that Oregon is part of the United States of America, which is part of, you know, THE PLANET and pretty much everywhere on this planet there were and still remain restrictions, masking, social distancing and eviction moratorium’s right? Probably not, if you can’t spell, chances are you do not watch or read world news. There are bigger things going on in the world outside of Oregon.

    2. For someone like you, no matter what this Democratic governor does, she’s damned if she does and she’s damned if she doesn’t. Fortunately, she’s a dedicated public servant, so she keeps plugging away, doing the best she can under these extraordinary circumstances. Maybe if ******** like you pitched in instead of just bitching, life in your part of OR wouldn’t be such a toilet.

      1. If it wasn’t for Queen Kate, and her court, there would be no place in Oregon that is a toilet, except an actual toilet, I think it started with old 3, and 1/48th of a year, (Resigned due to an ethics scandal). John K. It HAS been a little smelly ever since. Also you are right Queen Kate is DAMNED.

        1. If anyone claims to be able to decide what’s a toilet and when it got that way, I guess it’s appropriately someone with the initials “POS.”

      2. This Democrat governor has never been democratic. Dictatorial yes. Democratic NO! She watched from her ivory tower laughing whiles peoples livelihoods were destroyed and didn’t care if we all became homeless. In fact I would believe she made bets on it.

          1. I’m confused- where in that post by feduplocal does he quote-reference-or repeat anything from President Trump ??? Some of you are still so rattled by election night 2016 that you seem forever scarred… pulling rabbits and unicorns from yer bums on a whim to justify an anti Trump remark- makes no sense- and the level of internal hatred you constantly express is downright unhealthy ! Yer killin’ yerself man- but what do I care- cull the herd.

        1. Geez! Since you can testify as to her laughing at the misery caused, and she is clearly evil, tell us, oh wise one – how does she ever hide the horns on her head that you no doubt imagine her having?

      3. This so called governor has destroyed this state. Along with the rich liberal mayor of Portland this once great state has completely gone to hell. They both are addicted to power. We never followed her guidelines, her orders, we have served thousands of clients and not one case of Covid. Her endgame is power plan fact.

      1. At the expense of the complete destruction of the state economy- a crime rate that has seen murder increase 1800% in Portland- mental illness cases more than quadrupling- millions out of work- schools closed where children are scarred for life… and all you have is a stat that basically says more geriatric (over 80) people in Idaho- with underlying conditions like heart disease and diabetes died than in Oregon… is that your position ??? Damn Dummy- you brain dead or what ???

      1. “your vote hasn’t counted since 1988 lololololololol!!!”… Now considering the wildfire explosions during that time- Oregon’s complete shift away from logging to tourism where one now needs an expensive recreational pass to hike- ski- camp in the state- a place that still lags miserably behind it’s regional neighbors in terms of GDP and economic growth… what exactly are you celebrating here- state-wide failure ??? Whatta jerk !

        1. So many people don’t seem to get it – that their statement can be made right back at them with the same meaning. In other words “you are fine as long as you agree with me, otherwise you are an idiot”

          1. Because infectious diseases exist and it’s in all of our best interest to keep our population healthy because “all lives matter”, right?
            Also, you could just be a nice person and take others into consideration. Just like that Jesus guy did.

            1. So how do you explain a 60% vaccination rate among Oregon’s medical professionals ? I mean- aren’t they really the experts on “Infectious Disease”… Not you !

            1. On average there is a speeding ticket given every second- in a Blue State like Oregon- what does that say about Biden supporters ??? Yup- same general idea- they could care less about Kovid Kate’s vaccine push !

      1. See you don’t get it do you? it’s not about someone’s opinion over yours. it’s about facts and trying to save the country! but some maskholes like you just are so self centered and idiotic they only think about themselves!

        1. Ya, I am fully vaccinated yet I am not back here calling you an idiot. That which you accuse others of you are guilty of yourself. Don’t like what you see in others, try to look in the mirror first.

          1. It is astounding how asinine and childish the discourse is around here. The KTVZ comments are worse than public Facebook threads.

            Frankly, you all embarrass this 4-decade native Central Oregonian. Quit flinging schoolyard insults and make a coherent argument, or just shut up. For example:

            Wow, we should all take this as good news. We may not all agree with the Governor’s past decisions or questionable leadership, but at least she is making strides to return our state to normalcy. Since nobody bothers to actually read and understand the science anyway, on either side of the “debate,” I’m glad we’re at least gaining back some autonomy that we’ve been missing these past 15 months.

            Look ahead and move forward. Don’t be a dog returning to eat its own vomit.

            1. She has done nothing but strive to destroy small businesses a create vast unemployment. She is no leader. She is a tyrannical dictator. Get over yourself.

            2. Agreed. The ability and propensity for either side to explain the underpinnings of their conclusions is pretty limited. There is plenty to criticize, but the name calling won’t advance anything and just goes to show that both sides on these discussion boards share more in common than they think.

            3. It astounds me how many constitutional scholars, virologists and public health experts reside in in the backwaters of La Pine and Prinetuckey. Has anyone informed MENSA of this untapped pool of geniuses?

        2. Here’s a fact. You won’t like it though because it can be looked up as true data and you can’t defend your dumb opinion. <5% of deschutes county EVER tested positive in a year and a half. About 0.05% died. Active cases are and have been so small the ona defines active cases from 60 days ago. You should wear 2 masks forever. I bet you never followed that cdc guideline. You big fat hypocrite.

        3. What exactly is a “maskhole” ??? Are you talking about the large number of medical professionals who refuse to get an experimental vaccine- one with a six percent failure rate- one that doesn’t address the mutations…. is that what yer all SJW on about ??? Cmon Dumper- why do you care ? Why this constant insistence that you know better than medical professionals- just who the hell are you- besides a washed out lib from Bernie Sanders town sent here to stir the pot…. Yeh- it’s about facts- and you constantly fail to produce them !

    1. Amongst all the name-calling and ad hominems that happen regularly on this board, I get called out for using the word “idiots”. Luckily your fore-bearers got vaccinated for polio/smallpox/mmr and survived to produce your idiot selves…

      1. Polio- small pox- Rubella- were never classified as “mild” in nature by recognized medical professionals at the time… Your attempt to lump all these together with the Wuhan Bat Virus is not even apples and oranges- it’s more like cabbage and Logan Berries !

  1. Luckily Governor Brown takes the high road and gets the important stuff done ! (Good thing she doesn’t worry about these little adolescent rejection of authority attitudes). Open Oregon and Thank You Kate !

    1. What “important stuff” has she got done ? She shut down schools and forced parents out of the workforce in early March of 2020- even though there was no evidence that children were at risk whatsoever- Brown then failed to completely lock-down nursing homes- handing that responsibility off to others- as she sat by dumbfounded as to what to do next. Brown made a public spectacle of herself demanding more ventilators after Obama ran her supply into the ground then failed to replace them… President Trump stepped up and provided every damn thing she squealed about ! Kovid Kate will go down in history as the woman who single handedly destroyed the state’s economy- failed in all aspects of leadership- and in the end made an irrational decision to open the state in spite of more than 15,000 active cases and a weeks worth of new cases- a far cry from her “flatten the curve” promise from 2020…. why the concession- the dramatic shift away from her stated policy… what the hell is she doing ???

        1. She can count to ten- but shut down schools for a year- even though there has yet to be a single death to a minor in Oregon for 15 months- and the initial information coming out of China in late 2019 was that the virus had not impacted a single child there also. So the one who can tie her shoes closed schools and forced parents out of the workforce to care for them… while allowing visitors to Nursing homes full of elderly vulnerable citizens well after. That doesn’t sound like a shoe tying- fingers and toe countin’ brainiac… that sounds like an incompetent science denier who should have been removed immediately ! Now live with the misery and suffering your blind support helped create.

    2. The highroad through the swamp you mean. Her kind slithers like snakes in the muck of the bogs. Open Oregon and Thank you Kate? You’ve got to be delusional.

  2. Funny how the morons who complain here about how socialist and oppressive Oregon is also complain about how many people are moving here. Make room crybabies and leave for people who appreciate this great state.

        1. A rambling post that you can’t counter. Yup- I think we have another clear knock-out here folks… can we get the corner crew to come in and pick up the pieces- I think I see a tooth over here ! Sorry Groaner- better luck next time.

      1. Nah. We good. Hey I didn’t see bt hat brow stain requires proof of vax to shop and live life. Hahaha. Bet you beta males are pissed. Enjoy the booster. Give a post on here to tell us how it went. Hahaha.

  3. How does opening things back up protect us from the new “Delta” variant form of the virus? The news articles on the internet today say those not vaccinated will definitely contract this new form.
    Health & Science Magazine states…
    #1-“The Covid-19 delta variant originally discovered in India is now spreading around the world, becoming the dominant strain in some countries, such as the U.K., and likely to become so in others, like the U.S.”
    #2-The World Health Organization said the variant had been detected in more than 80 countries and it continues to mutate as it spreads.”
    #3-“The variant now makes up 10% of all new cases in the United States, up from 6% last week. Studies have shown the variant is even more transmissible than other variants.”

            1. Sorry Former Republican, I am not brainwashed “buy” (sic) anyone. Maybe you shouldn’t have skipped grammar 101. The correct term is “by”.

      1. What supporting evidence can you provide that is counter to the WHO or CDC which is quoted in dboc’s post. You seem like a real imbecile science denier with absolutely no credibility whatsoever. Time for Barney’s kids to put up or shut up- whatchu got ???

    1. If you had truly investigated this, as you are trying to make it sound, you would know the vaccine wasn’t intended to stop you from catching anything, including the scary virus – it’s advertised effect is to lessen your symptoms when you do get it.

      1. So Barney, I posted a comment that included a link to story that fully vaccinated in Israel were testing positive for COVID and you did not post it?

        What kind of censorship is this??

      2. …Uh, that’s how vaccines are supposed to work; they don’t prevent you contracting the virus, they give your body a head-start in beating it.
        I guess good job on being right about something, even if you didn’t meant to, LOL.

    2. Yes and the new cases are being driven by the more than 3/10 Republican men who refuse the vaccine on political grounds. Some just don’t want to give Biden the success of a 70% vaccination rate. Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face!

          1. What term ? How many complained ?? How is that you missed it- yer the God of the TOS- outside voices be damned ! I think yer lying- I think Kate Brown forced you to change your stance- and that’s not how the American press works- maybe under Biden- but historically speaking ! Find yer nerve man- yer an embarrassment !

          2. Nope- Nobody complained at all. It was a CNN term from day one- they need to own it- as do you ! here’s your montage…. Media Called Coronavirus “Wuhan” Or “Chinese Coronavirus” Dozens Of Times Posted By Ian Schwartz On Date March 12, 2020″….…. Cmon Barney- you libs opened Pandora’s Box- now stop trying to deny the historic precedence !

    1. Agreed ! i find it odd that Brown has said nothing about the OSHA guidelines- which have been a real PITA- something the folks at KTVZ don’t understand- because they never followed the OSHA mandates to begin with ! The party (station) of do as we say- not as we do !

  4. How did that person become a governor?

    Only proves how foolish the masses really are.

    Seriously. Trump? Biden? Harris? Kate? This is this best we have to offer? Bernie? Warren?

    How do “we”, ALL of us stand for this. Absolutely pathetic!

    I’m for a Desantis/Manchin ticket!!

          1. Says the guy that saddled the nation with Jeriatric Joe and his boy Hunter- who just recently admitted that he used his old man’s credit cards to pay for hooker’s and ho’s while whacked out on crack… yeh- them credit cards full of cash from US taxpayer’s- cause China Joe’s never had a real job- he’s a career politician- dependent on 100% of your tax dollars to provide his salary and Hunter’s drug and sex addictions… Thanks FR- enjoy your Demokrat stay-cation this summer as fuel prices continue to surge and the consumer price index rages out of control ! Talk about dumb- I looked up the word in the dictionary and found the inscription… “See Former Republican” !

    1. You have a 98% chance of surviving an automobile accident, but that doesn’t mean you should drive like an idiot and get into wrecks every day. It also doesn’t mean that you’re going to be in the same health as before your wreck (or illness). You will likely end up with life-long issues that could have been prevented by being safe.

        1. IR is the social police ! Wants to dictate your personal lifestyle- your thoughts- your every move… Dude thinks he’s in Russia- China- or Cuba. Freedom drives him crazy- won’t even try to understand the concept of civil liberties- typical liberal half-wit… the kind that congregate here and try to sound smart !

    2. Correction: it’s 99.74% survival rate, according to CDCs best estimates as stated on their website. (By age group has differences, but that is overall.)

      1. Come on man, don’t let actual science guide the way. Our fearless leaders won’t be able to double mask and call Americans Neanderthals if we actually follow the science. This whole thing became a joke about a year ago, but at least we got the scary orange man out of office.

    3. Did you read that off of a handmade sign that one of your hillbilly cousins made and patrolled down the street by the hospital. You can read!

  5. Governor Kate has done a decent job getting Oregon through this pandemic with much less deaths than it could have been, or still may be. Something like this is not something that any state executive is prepared for and she had a shaky beginning but she grew into the responsibility and I have been impressed by her leadership through it all. I wish there had been better consistency but as a healthcare worker I know that we had it good compared to many other States.

    1. Indeed. Missouri is in a big mess right now with the new variant, and as long as people continue to resist getting vaccinated, a lot of people in the South will suffer. It’s a real shame.

    2. Oh yeah Brown did an astounding job helping destroy the economy via unnecessary lockdowns according to “experts” that were never relying on actual data, but instead what they felt was correct.

    3. Nonsense ! Kovid Kate Brown defied the CDC and the WHO- she made unilateral decisions that will harm Oregonians for decades to come- mental illness- crime- unemployment- bankruptcy… all on her record- and a lot of that has still been hidden from the public- just last week the regional economist Damon Runberg refused to accept the fact that hundreds of CO jobs have been lost- and they are never coming back… that’s lib think- they deny the facts- the data- seek “alternative” explanations. It’s all complete BS- Buck snort in a snotty kind of way !

    1. Explain what is so great about Kate and Joe- I’m confused ! I mean- as far as I know Biden had no Wuhan Bat Virus plan- he just copied what President Trump did- what data do you have that proves otherwise ? And Brown ??? Has completely destroyed the state- has never “flattened the curve”- go ahead- prove me wrong !

    1. Speaking of weakness … Did you ever contract the Wuhan Virus from China ? I mean- do you actually have a real experience with the subject matter ? If so- tell us about it… if not- shut yer yap ! I’ve interviewed dozens of actual infected’s- who all say the same thing- “minor annoyance- gone in four- five days” ! So come clean- fess up- either you have a real world experience- or you don’t ! Which is it ???

  6. Yes- Yes… Kalamity Kate is as giddy as a school girl on prom night- hopin’ nobody remembers that absolute pain and misery she forced upon 4 million Oregonians for more than a year. Lets be clear- she mucked it up big time ! She failed to follow the CDC guidance on numerous occasions- her shut down of schools before Senior citizen centers will forever be proof of her participation in the west coast skam to coup a President. Kovid Kate’s hysterics will go down in history as Oregon’s worst moment in time- as she berated- hollered and humiliated herself in front of the nation as she made demands of our President who chuckled- waved his hand- and produced every damn thing she belly-ached about… truly an embarrassing moment fr all Oregonians- who appeared weak- fragile- such gullible minions ready to lemming themselves off a cliff of stupidity ! Now Kovid kate wants you all to just forget it… like it never happened- the fines- the threats- the knee to the throat ! The data has yet to clear- to what extent did Brown destroy our culture- our social order- our economy ? How many lives have been forever altered because Kate had a political agenda. We know the media has forever ruined it’s rep- it’s standing with the US Constitution- Blue Bloods like Barney Lerten will take this to their grave- completely dishonest from day one- taking advantage of those who trusted Z21 for accurate and reliable news- only to be spit on- kicked in the groin- snarled at… because there were bigger fish to fry- one DJ Trump ! The evidence is clear- the archives don’t lie… have a look before KTVZ yanks it down… it’s all right there from day one- the lies- the propaganda- the daily dose of misinformation- as if Russia-Russia-Russia wasn’t enough- the B Lerten’s of the world doubled down on their hate- and the rest is history… and it’s a sad one at that. Enjoy your Joe and Hunter Biden administration- we know they are ! Fools !!!

      1. Here’s a point… according to the OHA- now that this is all said and done- only 3% of the 2761 deaths “related” to the Wuhan virus were “solely” from the virus… the other 97% were all mainly due to “underlying conditions”. So in reality- the Wuhan Bat Virus was responsible for 82 deaths to Oregonians over a 15 month period- which averages out to 5 deaths per month ! We clearly see more auto fatalities, more home accident deaths and more suicides a month than that ! So there’s yer “point” ! Kovid Kate and the West Coast Governors colluded with an angry mob of media degenerates to lie- con and hoax you into a year of fear- anxiety- and stress… which will also shorten your life span. Hospitals cancelled preventive surgeries- and elective operations to the detriment of our society… where is the outrage Stoned-one ??? And make no mistake- this virus- with 200 plus new cases a day- mutating by the minute- will continue it’s ugly little tirade no matter what Kate Brown says ! She’s a complete disaster and she needs to be removed from office !

  7. Back to normal? Oregon will NEVER be back to normal. The Keizer killed it. Now she thinks shes Jesus and can raise it from the dead. Typical Messiah Syndrome.

    1. Nice analogy- I may borrow that ! “Hey Kate… Hey- can ya get some of this water into wine- we got a big family gathering this weekend- need more Merlot… Cmon now- clap them hands- make it happen” !!! Brilliant- I love it !

  8. Just because you say someone or some people are racist doesn’t make it true. Based on that comment alone, I’d say you are the one brainwashed.

    1. I feel the same way to a degree. Only mine is that I am 60 years old and think i am old enough to take care of myself. I quit having my hand held about 50-55 years ago or so.

  9. Bummer,I liked most of the restrictions. Now we can go back to even more traffic, tourists and rude people ramming grocery carts in our ankles!

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