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Redmond, Crook County schools voice frustration over Oregon’s new mask-in-schools order


(Update: Adding Dept. of Education's new guidelines, reaction from Redmond, Crook County schools, residents)

SALEM, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Gov. Kate Brown on Thursday directed the Oregon Health Authority and the state Department of Education to create a rule to require masks indoors for K-12 schools statewide for the 2021-22 school year, in line with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s recently updated guidance, and based on the latest science on the spread of the delta variant.

“The science and data are clear: the delta variant is in our communities, and it is more contagious,” Brown said. “My priority is to ensure our kids are able to safely return to full-time in-person learning this fall, five days per week and with minimal disruptions.

"With many children still ineligible to be vaccinated, masks are an effective way to help keep our kids safe in the classroom, the learning environment we know serves them best," she said.

“In the meantime, as we ask Oregonians statewide to mask up in public indoor spaces, we will continue working hard to vaccinate more people so we can finally beat this virus once and for all," the governor added. "Vaccines remain the most effective and best way to protect ourselves and our families.”

While Redmond schools announced initial plans earlier this month to not require mask use by students or staff, other school districts said they were awaiting more state guidance as they decided how to proceed.

“We’re frustrated, because we were told we would have local control over something like this -- and now we don’t," Redmond School District Public Information Officer Sheila Miller told NewsChannel 21.

Miller said requiring use of masks in schools comes with a set of challenges.

"You can’t see teachers' facial expressions. You can't see kids' facial expressions. It can be harder for us to hear kids or for us to hear teachers," Miller said.

When asked about how she feels families will receive the change, she said she expects mixed sentiments from parents.

"For some families, I think there will be some relief, because vaccines aren’t available for kids 5 to 12 yet," Miller said.

However, Miller also said that other families will be frustrated -- and she understands why.

After speaking with a few Redmond residents, this is what they had to say about the masks-in-schools requirement.

"I think it’s overrated. I mean, I think we’re coming to a healing point, so I think that’s just pushing it a little far," said Brandon Churchill, parent of a Redmond student.

Another Redmond resident, Clayton Biggs, said he opposes the mask policy and that it would be futile with students.

"They will just take the mask off as soon as they get the chance," Biggs said.

He said he takes care of his nephew and that kids have a habit of touching everything.

However, Redmond resident Lawn Lumpkin said he didn't mind it, because it protects him -- and it makes sense, since children can't get shots.

"I think it's a good idea," Lumpkin added.

Crook County Schools Superintendent Dr. Sara Johnson expressed surprise at the new requirement and indicated they want the local control over such decisions that was promised earlier.

Here's her statement:

Superintendent Dr. Sara Johnson to Push for Local Control and Decision-Making Regarding Masks and COVID-19 Protocols in Crook County Schools

"Crook County School District was surprised to learn of Governor Kate Brown’s mask mandate today for Oregon public schools after she announced in late June that all future decisions about COVID-19 protocols would be decided at the local level.

"Since the beginning of July, our school district has served over 1,000 students in the largest summer school program in the region. Students have been in school without masks, and we’ve reported no outbreaks or spread of the virus. This is why I fully support the opportunity to make our own decisions based on what’s happening with the virus at the local level and develop COVID-19 safety plans with our incredible partners at the Crook County Health Department.

"My goal is to allow staff and families to make their own health decisions about masks, while also fully supporting anyone who wants to wear one for their own protection. We also offer two robust online programs, Crook County Online Option & Grizzly Mountain HomeLink, for families who may have concerns about COVID-19. 

"I’m determined to retain local control and decision-making that’s in the best interest of our community and Crook County School District," Johnson said

Statement distributed by the Oregon Dept. of Education:

Dear Oregon School and District Leaders:

Thank you for your steady partnership as we navigate the challenges and shifts in preparation for next school year. 

Today Governor Brown directed the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) and the Oregon Department of Education (ODE) to create a rule requiring face coverings in all indoor school settings, both public and private, for all individuals two years and older, including all students, staff, contractors, volunteers and visitors. This decision is in response to the sharp uptick in the spread of COVID-19 in Oregon and the emergence of the highly transmissible Delta variant of COVID-19.

This rule will take effect upon adoption. Summer school and other summer programming students and staff will also be required to wear face coverings when the rule is instituted.

Maintaining Continuity of Learning By Maintaining Health And Safety

Universal and correct use of face coverings keeps kids learning in person, which we all agree is best for students. Two of the most important tools the state has to control COVID-19 are vaccination and face covering. However, currently children under the age of 12 are not eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccines authorized for emergency use. In order to protect students under age 12, individuals who are not vaccinated, and those with underlying health conditions that make them more susceptible to complications from COVID-19, as well as to minimize the disruption of student education in schools because of exposure to a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19, requiring universal use of face coverings inside schools is necessary.

The rule will include include provisions for:

  • Eating or drinking.
  • Playing a musical instrument that requires using the mouth.
  • Swimming or other water sports.
  • Engaging in a sport in which wearing a mask could be a strangulation hazard such as gymnastics or wrestling.
  • Nothing in the rule is intended to prohibit a school from complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the Rehabilitation Act, or the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).  
  • A school that violates the rule will be subject to civil penalties. 

The Ready Schools, Safe Learners (RSSL) Resiliency Framework will be updated in the next few days to reflect this change.

I realize this is a significant shift in direction. The vast majority of the recommendations in the RSSL Resiliency Framework remain advisory and in control of local decision makers. It is noted within the framework, “Changes in the amount of community transmission of COVID-19, the severity of illness associated with new variants of the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19, or the availability of vaccination for children younger than 12 years old may warrant changes to the state’s recovery efforts during the school year. The Resiliency Framework will be updated to reflect any changes...ODE and OHA will continue to monitor guidance updates from the CDC, and will continue to align this recommendation framework as needed.” It is imperative that we remain nimble as state and local partners to address the impacts of the global pandemic. 

I understand this update may bring questions. Our hope is to provide you with the assistance you need to implement this new requirement with fidelity. Please contact ODE at with any questions.

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Bola Gbadebo

Bola Gbadebo is a multimedia journalist for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Bola here.



  1. My wife and I decided, on the one year anniversary of “2 weeks to flatten the curve”, that public school wasn’t going to ever be back to what it used to be. That’s why our child starts private school this year. We thought we were getting an education for our child, but after they went back to in person learning, we found that the educational aspect of school had been replaced with indocruination. We looked for a place that would educate our child and not teach her to categorize others based on skin color, and we found that to not be public school anymore. Also, we needed a place that followed actual science in regards to our kids health, and that place isn’t public school. We will see how private school goes, considering this is a new thing for us.

      1. The indoctrination is the rewriting history with a racist bias to teach children and teenagers, based on their skin color, how they should relate to one another. One supposedly has the advantage of “systemic racism” and the other “historical oppression”, none of which has been debated in the public space and has been slipped into the curriculum with nice sounding euphemisms. Seems like you missed the lessons teaching why racism is bad, without exception.

      2. You truly are a real piece of manure aren’t you Stink_Harder? You have no clue what truth is anymore. You have believed and repeated their lies so often you wouldn’t know truth from fiction if it bit you in the ass. If you like Marxism so much move to China, Venezuela, or maybe Cuba. It would certainly be a good riddance to you.

      1. With that 99% survival rating? they’ll probably be perfectly fine and actual get education and not taught to be a brainwashed Marxist like you.

        1. Well actually those less than 34 have a 99.996% survival rate in the US according to the numbers I am able to find. That rate is actually less than automobile fatality rate, so if people are will to let their children ride in cars, why are they so worried about something that is even less risky?

          1. Assuming none of them are vaccinated, and the survival rate is 99% for everyone, but the survival rate is 99.7% for all ages. For those less than 34, the survival rate is even higher as cited above is 99.996%. Only about 405 children have deaths possibly associated with C19 in the US.

          2. Might want to check your math as only 337 kids under the age of 12 have ever died of this virus out of around 80 million. Your numbers are not even close.

      2. Perfectly fine. Because we’re not insane brainwashed sheep leftists. I’ve personally NEVER worn and mask and NEVER will. Nor will I be told by the government or people like you that I have to. Not to mention your little shot in the arm.

      3. you do know is not even a classified vaccine right, experimental and not FDA approved, sounds as if you took tye jab..let us know how it turns out.

    1. Bye, too bad your child won’t learn about how racism has shaped our country since day one. You can deny it all you want, but it doesn’t change the truth. Hopefully they will grow up and learn about racism and the real world.

      1. What you speak of is a lie. However if you say it enough people will start to believe the words that you were brainwashed into saying.

      2. Wrong. And pathetic. Take a stroll in Iraq, China, Afghanistan, most European/Asian countries if you want to see racism. You have to be a special kind of stupid to make that statement. Are you a public school or college teacher?

        Can you at least explain to me why there are so many brown skinned individuals desperate to get into this country?????? If it is sooooooo bad.

        Racism did not shape this country. Strong men and women did. Of all colors and creeds. Far better then you in every way. Thankfully you are of no consequence. Take your virtue signaling elsewhere.

          1. Indeed, we did learn about manifest destiny in US history and how that led to atrocities against Native Americans. But that isn’t the common denominator for our entire history. You are aware of the rest of our history that isn’t negative and that in sum, the US has been a very positive force in the world? Is perfection the enemy of the good? No one is saying out history is pristine and everyone acknowledges the harms and evils of the past. But does this mean everything is for naught? Are we today irredeemable? I personally learn from the past and yet manage not to live in it.

          2. It fools such as yourself who blame the present for the past. Racism was at it’s all time low until your holy saint Obama was elected president. You king of divisive racial division. Barack and Michael Obama were and are the biggest racists to ever enter the White House. Our present can certainly be blamed on the piece of history. This country is as, if not much more, racially divided as it ever has been. Thanks to people like you and you ilk. Kuya, stop and look around you. Who is it that you truly hate so much. My belief is that it’s the person you see in the mirror.

            1. The old Tea Party “Obama caused racism” line, claiming there wasn’t much racism till he was elected. Actually what happened is racist folks got scared to death and became more vocal, and us intelligent people who realize we are all the same inside have been fighting the emboldened racists (Trump is on the racist side) who are speaking out more. Racism was still there when Obama was elected, but they were just quiet about it, but when a black person became president they freaked out.

      3. Since we are all ignorant of how racism has shaped our country from day 1 from your perspective, it is up to you to provide your evidence that statement is based on otherwise its just propaganda which can be ignored. I don’t read minds and I am not prone to manipulation by guilt.

        Can you give even one example of what hasn’t been taught that would shed light on what you are talking about? How would the lessons learned make a difference? US history taught a bit of everything and just because every little detail about some aspect wasn’t taught, doesn’t mean it wasn’t important to some degree. Perhaps you like the cudgel of “racism” to wield on inferior people who look different than you?

      4. I can’t totally disagree- the fact that major institutions- the NBA- the NFL- BET- BLM are still allowed to openly function and flaunt their racism is most disturbing.

    2. The order is all K-12. I suggest you home school at this point. That is the only way you can truly indoctrinate your children the way you want.

    3. We are going the home schooling route. Just reading the comments on here is a clear indicator that most people have lost their minds and are full of hate. Keyboard warriors who only have the spine to spout hate and ignorance on a chat group.

    4. Exactly how I feel. After the exposure of the adoption of CRT by the Oregon of Education and the ignoring of the science for the transmissibility by children of Covid. “Follow the science” is being completely ignored by the teacher’s union. They’re not concerned about the safety or the education of the children of the United States. Supported by our ranking in the world among the industrialized nations of the world of skills across the board in all measurable standards.

    5. Glad to see the truth is pushing more and more people out of main stream society. Everyone that chooses to leave is one less potential problem for the rest of us later.

      1. You mean like you people that move into nice mountain towns like Bend and destroy it. With your evil ideology. Bums. Drugs etc. You’re all the problem. Notice all the horrible living conditions and violence are only going on in places you disgusting leftists move to…..

      2. By the way. I will never wear a mask. Or get vaccinated. And I hope that makes you feel terrified every time you leave your home. See ya around town. You’re brainwashed into thinking a cold that is 99.9 percent survivable is going to kill you. Have fun living in fear.

        1. Do us a favor and go on vacation to Missouri, Florida, or another hot spot. Go to bars, restaurants, anywhere the unvaccinated morons are, breath deep, as it might be the last deep breaths you take.

    6. Good decision. I’m glad my kids are done with that garbage. Thinking individuals may as well start looking for freedom in other locations. I was born here and love Oregon with all of my heart but it is being destroyed and wont be able to hang on much longer.

    7. There is just one issue with you choice. Turd Brown ordered all schools, public, charter, and private schools to face diaper you children. These face diapers cause diseases, they do not prevent them, and the turd in Salem knows this is the true science. That is why she wrote the order.

    8. “We looked for a place that would educate our child and not teach her to categorize others based on skin color”

      lol, the right-wing media is melting your brain

    9. Maybe you should home school your children, that way you could completely control what they are taught and who they associate with as well as controlling their environment.

        1. you mean like surgeons get who work at the best hospitals in the world that wear them, sometimes 2, for up to 14 hours a day doing intricate surgeries. you mean like that cognitive damage? fascinating. what an observation, thanks for that.

        2. I’m having a hard time believing anyone actually believes that, because that’s absolutely ridiculous. Nobody is getting “CO2 poisoning” from wearing a mask.

      1. Setting aside for the moment that no one’s “self esteem” is more important that preventing a disease from rendering the human race extinct:

        If a kid’s self esteem can be damaged by wearing a mask, then they had none to begin with and their parent has failed them.

        1. Preventing a disease from rendering the human race extinct? Remember, 99.9x% survival rate?

          You need to book an appointment with the soonest available mental health advisor. Guess what, the vaccine isn’t working all that great! Read the news in Britian and Israel (I am sure other countries at this point).

          VAERS deathcount up to 11,000 this week not to mention the huge number that might as well be dead.

    1. Wrong. The %’s are skyrocketing for vaccinated people coming down with Covid. Look at Britian and Israel. Look at the US. 25% of cases are for those vaccinated? And the VAERS counts continue to rise.

        1. That number is all hospitalized from the start of the year when the vaccine wasn’t even approved for the majority of age groups! You people are so stupid to be fooled with stats that easy.

        2. You need to read deeper into the statistics. As soon as you read more than the headline you will begin to see the truth for what it is.

              1. The flu vaccine changes every year due to the variants. Has this vaccine changed since day 1 to account for the variants? Hmm, don’t think so.

    2. If it’s ok for illegal immigrants to roam free without masks or covid shots why should it be a big deal if a citizen does? Covid infection on the border is up significantly and they have been being transported throughout the US with NO mandate of any kind, mask, vaccination or isolate. A family was recently picked up in a restaurant, coughing their heads off, they admitted they had tested positive for covid, but there they were. If it’s so very bad wouldn’t you think our spectacular administration would apply the same rules to everyone in the country?

      1. only thing i can figure is that they are at a maximum of 4% of the population, more likely closer to just over 3%. so at least 96% of the population are legal. usually when spending time trying to get something handled you work on the 90%+ group if there is one.

      2. “If it’s ok for illegal immigrants to roam free without masks or covid shots”

        Nobody who thinks you need a vaccine is going to say that it’s okay for immigrants to not get one. Stop inventing fake examples of hypocrisy.

    3. My pleasure. Once again thank YOU for consenting to a medication that is not tested for safety. You are a TRUE lab rat. When is that booster? I’m sure the half of the healthcare personnel in the country that are smart enough to follow true science and wait for fda approval thank you too.

        1. Not by the FDA- so what standard are you trying to promote- one from engineers who designed the Titanic ? You seem so confident and arrogant with your finger constantly on the “delete” button ! You need to go quiet.

          1. And when it is approved you wackos will start screaming that it was rushed or politically motivated so that the “big Whine” will just continue and more people will become sick and some will die because they believe the big Whine.

      1. It was widely tested in multiple countries with large groups of volunteers with very few, if any, side effects that aren’t shared with every other vaccine. The final FDA approval is coming in a few weeks.

  2. Oh boy…prepare for the snow flake freak out!!! My child has been regularly wearing mask since they were a baby due to a medical condition….I promise kids will survive and be just fine. There is a whole world of people experiencing a disability that this is their norm… Nevertheless the fringe right is going to lose it!

    1. All while also making fun of, and ridiculing the Capitol Police officers. I don’t get the GOP game plan, lie, tell stories, lie, protest stupid things, lie, do something stupid, lie, complain about something else, but never, never give ideas on policies to change things. Morons all.

      1. I can see both sides are whacky. You can’t? If you can see it on one side but not your own, that’s called suspension of disbelief, which should only be used at the movies. The BLM protests were much more destructive and 11 people, including black officer David Dorn, were murdered. They too also attacked federal buildings. This is called “pot meet kettle”. How much financial damage did the capitol rioters cause compared to BLM/Antifa? Here’s are pro-tips when dealing with police by Chris Rock:

        1. Except it wasn’t our Nation’s Capitol building that they were ransacking, and it was the President of the United States that was egging them on with lies in an attempt to destroy our democracy and it was policemen, Blue Lives Matter, that they were physically attacking. Lot of hypocrisy going on.

    2. Snow flake freak out? So how about the kids that have a medical condition like yours that have difficulty breathing? Their just supposed to tough it out right? Whatever pleases your agenda I guess. You are correct though, the right is going to lose it because they are not brainwashed yuppies from California who do and please as the government tells them. I bet you watch a lot of CNN too.

      1. Your right mask wearing for people with certain disabilities and health conditions is very hard. But so is doing weeks at a time at the closest children’s hospital 4 hours away from their home. The trade off is a B. We all have to protect each other. Masks are no big deal. Either is the vaccine.

        1. Studies have shown that children wearing masks constantly does cognitive damage and emotional damage to children. CO² overload is harmful and especially to children.

          1. Cirevoks1 you can take your BS else where! No such “study” exists!!! Sadly we see the best specialists in children’s medicine the US has to offer. We have had conversations about the crazy lies like the BS you are trying to spread. At least any smart person sees your propaganda coming a mile away.

            1. Get a CO2 monitor and put the sensor inside your mask. Tell me the CO2 levels do not rise above safe levels. You claim to be Hospital Girl, if you actually work in a hospital then you should have access to one of these CO2 monitors. I’ve seen this test performed on a child wearing a mask. The monitor topped out at 9999 mcg then went back to 0000 and started climbing again. this bring the reading to over 10,000 mcg. Safe levels being around 1000 mcg. Try me some more on you science.

            1. They saw it on YouTube, the videos are there, fake videos, but they are out there. Usually a “Dr” saying how masks are bad. But of course intelligent actual doctors debunk the videos, but Trumper sheep believe anything.

          1. “During the current period of COVID-19 vaccination, a high index of suspicion is required to identify thrombotic episodes following vaccination. However, it is important to remember that these side effects are rare and much less common than both cerebral venous thrombosis and ischaemic stroke associated with COVID-19 infection itself, as illustrated by a recent large epidemiological study.”

    3. It’s not the Right, it’s white racist elites such as yourself that are trying to eradicate populations of color by falsely claiming it’s the right driving falling vax rates, when in fact it is POC! Force the counties to submit equity plans that work and don’t drive rates backward! Follow the science not the lust for power! The data is posted on the OHA site but please stop asking for sources unless you are willing to pay for it.

      1. You’re out of your mind if you believe that. But par for the course for you to scream racism when you are unable to argue a point with facts.

      1. Gee… “Russia-Russia-Russia”- Brett Kavanaugh raped women- Bill Klinton didn’t- Illegal FISA Warrants to spy on Americans- Hillary… No Intent- a mild virus with a 97% survival rate”… All Kinda Come to Mind !

    4. Biden in May “If you are vaccinated you don’t need to wear masks”. I’m amazed at how much “science” changes. Like every month, changes.

      No mask, one mask, two masks, no mask if vaxxed, mask if vaxxed. Respiratory viruses including coronaviruses have been around a long time.

    5. Why should healthy children be forced to wear crutches- a back brace- a hand splint ? Is this some sick kind of revenge because your kids do ???

    1. I feel sorry for you. Nah not really. You are a super spreader. The vaccinated can still catch and spread. So yes wear three or four masks please.

      1. Your rules? Your services? Spoken like a true communist. First off, I don’t needed “services”. I’m not homeless and I don’t need any government assistance or services. Also, this is a free country. Don’t like that? Move to a China, Cuba, or NK. You will fit right in. Life, liberty, and freedom aren’t for communist sheep like you.

        1. You dont need or use any services provided by modern society? Interesting. The fact you are communicating on the internet says otherwise.

          Eventually the FDA will approve the vaccine…

        2. LOL, look at this self-made man here. Doesn’t need roads, police, schools, food, etc. Must be living out in the woods using his own self-built cell phone and cell network.

        1. So you admit that the vaccine you got doesn’t work and is probably slowly killing you via thousands of tiny blood clots and capillary inflammation?

          1. Like one person died of an adverse reaction to the J&J vaccine out of millions vaccinated. Guess how many die of out a million unvaccinated people? 10,000.

      2. Bluedanube really pushing for the mark of the beast. Soon he will be posting pics with his new forehead tattoo drinking his grande soy latte and man bun.

      3. “Your rules” ??? Your “rules” do not trump my Constitutional Rights- Americans have gone to war to protect those- is that what you are suggesting ?

  3. Good Call, at least up through 6th as they can not be vacinated.
    Yes, it is an inconvience for the child to wear a mask. Yes, it is inconvient for one child to die from the virus. Where is the balance? One dead child? Two? Three?
    Seems like zero dead children is the better choice. Wear the mask.

    1. There has been a grand total of 369 children deaths during this pandemic. Nine if the details if Covid was the primary cause of a single death. Get the facts at the CDC website

      1. I’m sure it’s a lot of comfort to the parents of the kids who have died that their kid wasn’t “healthy”…look in the mirror, that’s what a total ass**** looks like.

  4. Follow the science, wear a mask.
    Follow the science, get vaccinated, no mask.
    Follow the science, you are vaccinated, wear a mask.
    Putting little kids in nmasks is ridiculous, somebody please show me one study the shows any kid dying of Covid the didn’t have previously diagnosed co-morbidity issues.
    I got the shot but I know rich/poor, highly educated and not so fortunate the reduse to get the shot.They just want to be left alone and are willing to take the risk. IF YOU WANT TO WEAR A MASK THEN PLEASE WEAR A MASK AND LET THE REST OF US SIT BACK AND WATCH THE SHOW.
    I swear to whomever that this all started with bike helmets and trophies for all.

    1. “They just want to be left alone and are willing to take the risk. ”

      And if they were the only ones they were risking that would be fine. But they arent.

      1. If you are vaccinated- what is your risk ? Don’t worry about the rest- they are none of your business. We are not a commune- we are rugged individualists- take your whiny bum to Venezuela- if they’ll have you !

    1. On both sides. Truly follow the science. There is no science supporting masking children at all. None if the private schools masked and there were no deaths or transmission of Covid at those schools.

  5. As a nation of immigrants from all over the planet this was bound to happen some day. One of the big differences between the US and other countries is just this. As a nation of people from various different backgrounds we don’t have a collective sense of history and community built around hundreds of years of traditions. There no longer seems to be a “we” in “we the people”. It is all just “I”. So when we need to act together as a society to solve a major problem things naturally fall apart and everyone heads to their own little safe corner. Sometimes that corner is your social media feed but often it is the news/entertainment industry that is making a fortune on our behavior.

  6. This comment section seems like a liberal competition to see who is the most virtuous person in C.O. My family and I have been triple masking, had all three vaccines and had Covid. Does this mean I win.

    1. Sad to see people consider doing the right thing as virtue signaling, but then again its just an alt right dog whistle phrase so it doesnt really matter.

      1. Pumping a combination of non-FDA approved chemicals into your body is “not the right thing” ! Why can’t you wait for FDA approval- wait for the science to guide you- shut yer divisive yap and stop nagging for a spell ? Why-Oh-Why ???

  7. Indoctrination…sheeple…whatever.

    Point is, the science does show that kids are unlikely to suffer serious effects from C19. And if their parents and grandparents are concerned, they can take the vaccine.

    This really makes no logical sense.

    1. Kids have been dying from the virus. And they can infect others. Cant wait for the FDA to stop stalling and approve the vax so schools can mandate it.

        1. “More kids have died falling off their razor scooters than from COVID.” I dont know which would be more fun, asking you for your sources or pointing out the fact that accidents arent contagious.

      1. How many kids have died from the virus vs other risks? 300 kids since the beginning of the pandemic. They can infect others who should be vaccinated? Choose to skip the vax, let natural selection do its thing. Don’t start with the handful people in Bend who can’t get the vax for other reasons. Thats an anomaly. An understanding of statistics should be a requirement to interact with other sentient beings.

        Now use the same data and look at suicide or accidents or whatever other cause you’d like and compare. People die. It sucks. Get the vaccine if you can. This is not killing kids. Locking them down is killing them with suicide.

        1. True statements. Automobile deaths are higher than covid associated deaths as well, but most people seem okay with letting their children ride in cars.

        2. You are correct- this is not killing kids- and Z21 should start removing these constant false posts by Nevertrumper-Kuya-and Blue Dingbat ! All the same person- never quotes the OHA-CDC-or John Hopkins. Just a ding-dong Doosh Kounty Lib who got removed from Fakebook and found a home here ! Disgusting !

      2. kids represent about 0.000167% of all covid associated deaths or about 400 out of over 600,000 deaths. No, the research I am aware indicates children aren’t spreading the virus. Finally, anyone that wants the vaccine has had plenty of opportunity to get it and proactively protect themselves much more than any nearly useless mandatory measure.

      3. Cmon Dumper ! Not a single healthy child has died from this man made lab virus in the state of Oregon. More young people have died of suicide due to Kalamity Kates unprecedented closures than from the Wuhan Lab Bat !

      4. Not true. There are no reported cases of healthy kids dying from covid. Fat, diabetic, sick with other pre existing conditions yes. Keep fat kids home.

  8. I recently read about a lawsuit by Catholic school student parents in Michigan whose partial complaint is a claim that wearing a mask is a sin because it covers God’s image. But isn’t the whole human body supposedly created in God’s image? Giving this mask/image thing credence could set a precedent. Naked kids in a Catholic school? Considering their history, that is a horrifying thought.

    1. Generally speaking these people only see their arguments in such a narrow way that only THEY can benefit from what they seek. They are truly bad at understanding ALL the ramifications of the things they claim to want, most of the time.

  9. Child abuse! Kids don’t need masks that don’t work!! The PCR machine cannot tell the difference between Covid and the Flu. They have been lying the whole time, that is what democrats & Rino Republicans do. At least protect your kids from these communists or move to Cuba. Holy dictators! Now you see what happens when democrats take over, destruction of everything!

    1. True! And they were spinning the PCR machine high in the beginning to trigger more positives. People that spoke of this online were banned.

  10. The masks work, then they don’t work, the vaccine works, then doesn’t work.
    Solid science there, the science is only working when it fits a narrative, period!
    CRT! United States a racist country??
    There are lots of people smarter than me, for sure,so those people I’m counting on to help me understand what I read in a history book about a civil war and emancipation proclamation,
    I read that white men and black fought side by side to free the black man from slavery, I said WHITE MEN fought and died to free black men from slavery, so does that make that white man that died for the black man’s freedom, a racist??
    Anyone? Anyone at all?

  11. And the fruit cakes found their own therapy post again. Blah blah blah blah blah. At what point do we decide that this thing is going to run on us and take personal responsibility? If you are not vaccinated by now, you are choosing not to be. So why impact the rest of the community for your choice? Yes, kinds can’t get vaccinated under 12, but they are less likely to get or have any significant lasting effects. Yes, even with the Delta. It’s time to move forward people, and those that don’t want their kids in school or want them to be masked can have them stay home or do so. It’s that easy.

  12. The science is clear, kids are unaffected by covid. What is also clear is that the dems are going to lose politicaly for decades because they are incompetent liars.

    1. They won the popular vote for president in 2016, won the popular and electoral vote in 2020 and flipped both houses of Congress while Trump was in office.
      Trump and his apparatchiks have been mumbling about a red wave for years, while at the same.time losing elections. More proof of the delusuon that grips them.

        1. Yeah thats why judges Trump appointed refused to hear the BS cases people like Rudy were bringing.

          Try some more tin foil on your hat.

  13. Hey Brown, we want more free stuff. How about if you offer $1M to each individual to get the experimental jab, then the half of Oregon that hasn’t been suckered by you may consider it.

  14. Another asinine overreaction by our idiot leaders. Keep punishing the vaccinated. That’s a great way to try and get more folks vaccinated. Morons!

  15. So all this masking for a virus was never political for me, more science based. As a fire/medic who knows all too well about proper PPE and respirator wearing practices, whos married to a doctor who administers vaccines on the daily, ann who’s mom is an RN, I saw the absurdity of cloth mask wearing from the beginning and knew this was some BS. But here we are a year and a half later and I’m appaled at how many people are now pros at mask wearing and vaccines and virus transmission. We did years of schooling to know what we know, yet a year and a half of mask wearing and everyone’s a pro. Now, its political. You can tell what side of politics someone’s on based on their comments. I’ve noticed Republicans, Independents like me, and all the rest seem to debate about facts and try to discuss what’s going on in society today. Democrats just start teasing, being mean, calling names, picking out spelling errors from posts with talking points that they disagree with, and are just overall nasty to everyone. Isn’t that called bullying? Are we the adults? You know our kids are watching us and how we interact with each other. Why not practice “unity” insted of division? Not everyone who questions what they are told is a “Trumper”. Some people just think for themselves and thats ok.

    You know what would be nuts? I’d love to see everyone here in real life, with “hello my name is” stickers on their shirts with their ktvz handle on the sticker. I’d love to see the conversations go on face to face. Can you imagine?

    People, we are all on this planet together. Regardless of your skin color, or political leaning, we should be civil to each other and converse as adults to move toward a common goal. Let’s stand together, like we used to. Because when come to your house to save you or a family member from a medical emergency, I see a fellow brother or sister ad that’s all that should matter.

    1. I love your comment SanBend. I have to admit I was ready to fire off on people but you reminded me that we are all fallible human beings and I need to reevaluate what’s important and decent. Thank you

  16. Oh and this website, for some reason, is a pain in the butt to leave comments on from my phone. Not user friendly, doesn’t register all my typing and to scroll up and edit my posts for the Dems is also a pain, so use your imagination and figure out to the best of your intelligence what I meant to type. Thanks.

    1. WHAT???? Not one reply? Not one person demanding the vaxx and saying the non vaxxed are causing the delta variant can explain in easy to understand terms and a link on how a person is diagnosed with the delta variant? No link to the delta variant test??? Amazing. Don’t worry I’ll continue to ask the hard questions.

  17. Wear a mask, don’t wear a mask, wear two masks, get the vaccine, don’t get the vaccine, close schools, open schools part time, crt, kids in masks, kids don’t need masks, etc etc etc. Seems to be quite the distraction from some serious issues we should really be concerned about. We have an unhealthy President, an unqualified do nothing Vice President, a Presidents son making shady art deals, a huge immigration crisis at our southern border, and a multi TRILLION dollar infascrewus bill that Congress is trying to pass that will be what really hurts our Children.

    1. The censorship of differing opinions from experts in the viral field is truly amazing. Barney allows aloes uneducated people to spout almost anything they want, yet won’t allow links to be posted from experts in the virology field that have differing opinions. This is how poor decisions get made and mistakes happen. Unreal.

  18. I used to worry about the covidiots but really is thinning out the gene pool such a bad thing? The anti vaxers and the anti maskers will all be getting Covid this fall. Take care of yourself and the ones you love. Even with the masks I doubt if the school year will run that long- maybe a month.

    1. WOW! You’ve really sucked in their narrative and spit it back out quite nicely. I hope, for your children’s sake, you don’t choke on it.

  19. Don’t 🐝 lieve he’s scared to hear it Redmond he doesn’t want to hear a differing opinion. Our lovely governor wants all left leaning news outlets that pledge fealty to her to think a certain way. At least we’re not in New York where diblasio says the unvaccinated are criminals.😕

  20. education is segregation. (racist) weeding out the slow minded that scrubs toilets. to genius making bombs for war. earth is the only thing a child should learn. the rest comes naturally. put seed in ground, add water, shut up. is that so hard to understand? or do you all want to enslave us all for a delusion of someones idea of education? or is it entrapment by education? all viruses are created by humans proven in the past 25 thousand years. aids created in a lab in the U.S. Hantavirus created in a lab, bird flue created in a lab, anthrax, Ebola, and many others created by the educated. evil will always blame the animals. black plague created by people living in filth and throwing the dead in open graves. herpes has been around for thousands of years, humans created it by not cleaning themselves downstairs, ever.(if you know what i mean.) and people gave that virus to the animals. (Gee, golly, I wander how they did that?) grow up and learn what is real. not the fake education the evil ones want. POWER!

    1. You used “education” in your post several times, you keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means.

  21. I’m personally rooting for the virus.
    Less people, less problems. More resources for the rest of us and will give our planet a break.
    And since the majority of those who will die are the willfully ignorant, truth denying Trump dingleberries…so much the better.
    Let the variants run through the entire Greek alphabet and cull the human herd.

    As for these students? Well, wear a mask or stay home. Get your shot or stay home. What does it matter anyway? If they come from a science/history/ denying set of parents, they’ll not learn anything or believe anything taught anyhow. Let them wallow in sickness and ignorance and let nature take its course.

    1. Mr Scientist. Please tell us the name of the test they use to diagnose the delta variant. Thanks.

      While you are at it, how effective is the PCR in diagnosing covid? Thanks.

      Also, can you confirm the total percentage of deschutes county that has ever tested positive for Covid ( this will include false pcr positives, presumptive positives, and people that tested multiple times in a short time frame already with a positive test) Thanks again for using science based data!!!

  22. Education is the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, morals, beliefs, and habits. Educational methods include teaching, training, storytelling, discussion and directed research. Education frequently takes place under the guidance of educators, however learners can also educate themselves.
    a brainwashing tactic used by the filth of earth. teaching a kid to pee is sick. showing them how to be human is sane. live as human. not by others forcing you to be something you are not. (the difference within education and living.) telling people they will all live in wooden homes because wood is a renewable source. is a educated brainwashing tactic. a discussion and directed amongst educated leaders. we are losing our forests because of this. THE COUNCIL OF KINGS! fake forced education is killing earth.

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