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Gov. Brown deploying up to 1,500 National Guard members to help St. Charles, other hospitals

(Update: St. Charles now expecting 150 Guard members next Friday)

Initial 500 will be sent in a week, as COVID-19 hospitalizations set records; St. Charles CEO urges mask-wearing

SALEM, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Gov. Kate Brown announced Friday afternoon she will be deploying up to 1,500 Oregon National Guard members to support front-line health care workers at Oregon's beleaguered hospitals, including St. Charles Health System, struggling to handle a record surge of hospitalizations due to the rapid spread of the delta variant.

Beginning Friday, August 20, an initial 500 Guard members will be deployed to hospitals around the state to provide logistical support as materials handlers and equipment runners, as well as assisting with COVID-19 testing and other necessary services to support hospital operations.

The Oregon National Guard is prepared to provide logistical support for more than 20 hospitals across the state, the governor said. An aide to the governor said he did not have a number brakdown, but the initial deployment will be going to the St. Charles, Mercy, Asante and Providence hospital systems.

“This morning, I received the grim news that there are 733 Oregonians hospitalized with severe cases of COVID-19, including 185 in intensive care units,” Brown said. “I cannot emphasize enough the seriousness of this crisis for all Oregonians, especially those needing emergency and intensive care. When our hospitals are full with COVID-19 patients, there may not be room for someone needing care after a car crash, a heart attack, or other emergency situation.”

“I know this is not the summer many of us envisioned, with over 2.5 million Oregonians vaccinated against COVID-19. The harsh and frustrating reality is that the delta variant has changed everything. Delta is highly contagious, and we must take action now.

“We will get through this the same way we have before: together. So please, if you have been waiting to get vaccinated, go do it today. Vaccines are safe, effective, and widely available. And, when you go out in public today, wear a mask. Masks are a simple and effective way for all of us to help slow the spread of COVID-19.”

While the Oregon National Guard also has members with health care, nursing and medical training, many of those members are already hard at work for their civilian employers –– Oregon hospitals and health care providers.

St. Charles officials had stated earlier this week that the four-hospital system had requested National Guard help, while noting that the greatest need was for nursing staff, and those Guard personnel were already working elsewhere.

The health system announced late Friday that its leaders are "preparing to meet with Guard leadership in anticipation of the arrival of 150 of its members as August 20. Space at the hospitals will be dedicated to the Guard to set up and run its operations."

"As the majority of the 72 Guard members do not have medical certifications, they are expected to support the hospital in other critical nonclinical roles," the news release stated. 

“The stress on Oregon hospitals right now is truly unprecedented. Our resources are stretched woefully thin at the same time we are seeing a frightening rise in COVID cases,” said Joe Sluka, president and CEO of St. Charles Health System. “We are grateful for the Guard’s help.

"We look forward to welcoming its members on our hospital campuses to help see our health system through this public health crisis as we continue to work every possible avenue to secure more clinical resources to care for our patients at the bedside.”

In a statement issued earlier Friday, Sluka said it's expected that compliance with Gov. Brown's mask mandate will be "significantly lower this time around, for many reasons: "people are tired of wearing them, they believe the danger has passed, they’ve dug in their heels in opposition. Some people may simply be confused, or they may believe that if they’re vaccinated, there is no need to wear a mask.

"Today, I want to urge each and every person reading this to wear a mask in indoor public spaces and in crowded outdoor spaces," Sluka wrote. "In fact, I would say it’s never been more important to wear your mask during this pandemic than it is right now."

He also offered guidance on which type of masks work best.

KTVZ news sources



        1. Dumbocraps believe everything cnn reports. PCR tests have extremely high false positive rates and false negative rates. Answer this Mr communist, why did the cdc have to get a emergency use for the tests and why are they not extending that emergency use for pcr tests past December?

          1. Okay since we all get our info from CNN, please link us to where you got this info please. Thanks, I’ll make some popcorn. I guarantee you will not give a link because you do not have one! prove me a liar!

      1. Stop quoting Snopes ! “The co-founder of the liberal fact-checking website Snopes was caught plagiarizing in dozens of articles, according to an internal review.”… “BuzzFeed News reported on Friday that David Mikkelson, executive editor of the site, had lifted material from outlets like The Los Angeles Times, Reuters and The Guardian in various reports published between 2015-2019.” OUCH !!!

        1. This is a privately run station, and comment system. We have Terms of Service and my judgment calls are not “censorship,” go anywhere you wish and say anything you want. We are very, um, liberal in what we allow here, and many folks have told us this is a “toxic waste dump of lies” and should be shut down.

            1. Nope, a comment wouldn’t be deleted for that, of course. People can share their opinions all day long here, and if not offensive, it’s approved. I mean, look at the 1,000s of bghw comments, many personal attacks on me for allowing personal attacks on him, or claiming we “target” one political point of view and don’t allow him to speak, when his own many, many posts disprove his allegations.

              1. But you didn’t post my Santa comment and you accused me of posting lies. We are very, um, liberal in what we allow here, and many folks have told us this is a “toxic waste dump of lies” and should be shut down.” Your words. So Santa is something that we can’t comment because the I believe he isn’t real? Or was it the fact that I compared him to SNOPES in his basement and not providing evidence for his professional OPINION?

                1. Wow, twisting words about twisting words.
                  Learn to pronounce
                  the scientific study of language and its structure, including the study of morphology, syntax, phonetics, and semantics. Specific branches of linguistics include sociolinguistics, dialectology, psycholinguistics, computational linguistics, historical-comparative linguistics, and applied linguistics.
                  Nope, twisting words is not scientific. It’s taking what someone says and making it fit a point they were never intended to make.

              2. BGHW has been targeted for more than two months- posts “removed- re-directed- and delayed” by some entity that Z21 can’t identify. In contrast- Neverdumper-Kuya-DB have free rein here… more than twice the number of posts on a daily basis- yet are never targeted for “multiple postings”. Gee- why is that ? No worries- BGHW has a new handle- and Barns can’t find it- thanks to VPN and a complete identity wash… Muwahahaaa ! They call me tater salad !

                1. And yet 100s and 100s of your posts have shown up over that same time frame, disproving your allegations. Posts mostly falsely accusing me of falsehoods, or attacking me for letting others attack you.
                  You can have 20 handles, all agreeing with you. I couldn’t care less.

                2. Oh Wishey, there you go again whining about others who may disagree with you (and occasionally point out your stupidity). You really need to get your anger under control and enjoy life a little.

                3. “And yet 100s and 100s of your posts have shown up”… That doesn’t address the targeting- the delays- the re-directs- and the fact that you deny it’s you- but can’t stop it. You are not treating everyone the same- your bias and prejudices have gotten the best of you… and you no longer provide for equal opportunity. I really don’t care if your poor feelings get banged around or not- you chose to step on the court- now stop being a wuss and play by the rules as posted on the entry gate ! Yer embarrassing yerself and the station with your antics.

                4. You are the Super troll that never shuts up, we all hate you and feel sorry for you at the same time. Your life must be truly sad!

              1. You can defend stoopidity till the cows come home- won’t change the fact that you and the Z are a part of the colluding media President Trump warned us about.

          1. OR is the ‘toxic waste dump of lies” Ktvz? Is that what all those folks mean when they say “it should be shut down? I have a photographic memory that serves me well, but I also like to get a really good insight into your words…One thing that sticks out linguistically is this “We are very, um, liberal in what we allow here”. So Liberal” is Allowed. Speake VOLUMES as to intent, You are a privately run “LIBERAL” station.

            1. No they are specifically talking about the mean, nasty awful comments – comments all the time in the Bend subreddit to that effect.
              And yes, that is ANOTHER meaning of the word liberal – as in “liberal application of” this or that.
              liberal: given, used, or occurring in generous amounts.
              over the top
              (of a person) giving generously.
              “Sam was too liberal with the wine”

              1. IT IS NOT YOUR JOB TO CENSOR PEOPLE> GO TO CUBA OR N VIETNAM IF THAT IS HOW YOU BELIEVE THINGS SHOULD BE RUN. We live in the USA and the reason we live here is that we have a constitution that prot3ects the freedom of our speech. It is not YOUR place to tell us what is ok to think or discuss…except in this “liberal” news station that is.

                1. A moderator job is to decide if posts violate a site’s Terms of Service. So you can call it “censoring” if you wish, but the VAST majority of posts get through. 119K since we launched here and (in part due to TECHNICAL issues) 1,354 are in the ‘trash.’ I’ve been doing this for many years and judge each comment the way I always have – NOT based on political viewpoint, but on the words used. We give GREAT latitude – some think we should allow no personal attacks, I dare say 80% would go away. Some have used the comment system to plead with us to get rid of the comment system, call it a stain on our community, etc.

                2. You (and Wishey) really need to take a sixth grade class in Constitutional law. Freedoms have limits. You can no more demand that they allow all of your comments, no matter how despicable as they may be, than I can demand to spray paint my thoughts on the side of your house.

                3. Some very good posts Mr. Cullen ! Baloney Lerten continues to over-play his hand day after day- has no respect- consideration- or empathy for anyone with a different political or philosophical opinion- a true hatin intolerant lib in every fashion- surely not the kind of person you want moderating a website like this. Keep bangin’ away- we continue to support and read your words- thumbs up across the board !

              2. So once again you failed to answer my question. Why did you censor my comment comparing believing in SNOPES to believing in SANTA? You speak of COVID Dangers and accuse me of lying when we all know Santa is not real. Oh wait..You probably still believe in Santa. So you are protecting your belief in Santa and SNOPES and FORBES as if they are GOD and telling YOU the truth. But you have no posts to back up their claims as evidence. SNOPES ANF FORBES continue to make claims about COVID that they don’t bother to back up with evidence and I am the one to be censored for telling lies> Right. You and the rest of the people that trust this are unbelievably stupid and are spreading false information and continue to be a danger to the rest of the world. GOD will be the judge, Barney. HELL is hot.

                1. That would not have gotten a comment deleted, must have been something else – and no, I’m not doing a post-mortem to argue the point. I spend too much time reading this stuff as it is. I’m very comfortable with providing legitimate sources of information.

                2. Don’t feel bad, Barney only answers the questions he wants to answer and ignores the rest. Barney still hasn’t answered my question regarding whether he’s a reporter or a digital content director. Still waiting Barney but all I hear are crickets. Democrats will only answer those questions they listen to and not the questions they heard. If you bring up opposing questions they just turn off the volume on their hearing aids.

                3. Huh? I don’t recall the question. I am both. Small-market TV, everyone wears many hats and does the best job they can.
                  I don’t answer nasty uncivil or leading rhetorical questions. Anything else – well there are many who think I shouldn’t be “allowed” to say anything, as a moderator.

              3. barney you are NOT a fair moderator. You are obviously leaning to one side and every one can see it. That is NOT the job of a moderator. It is the job of a social engineer. I hope they pay you well but in the end you will be judged by GOD for spreading false and dangerous information.

                1. That’s your opinion. I hear from many people who support and empathize with my having to deal with all the trolls. Most urge me to not respond to trolls, but COVID puts things in a new arena and falsehoods have to be refuted.

            2. Barney’s version of liberal is just that- “Liberal talking points and stoopidity get carte blanche treatment”… You come here quoting the OHA- the CDC- God !!! … you get treated like a second class citizen… I’ve challenged KTVZ to provide a single example of “equal” treatment on a story… so far- nada- zilch- zero… How embarrassing !

              1. Barney is NOT a “bipartisan”: moderator. He defends the “liberal left” ideology and he works to degrade any comment that does not support that ideology. I am sick of this double standard. I am a democrat and I believe that ALL voices are important and only if we hear ALL voices to we come to a common ground. Isn’t that the democratic mission?

                1. Nope. The VAST majority draw no comment from me. But amid COVID, dangerous misinformation, if not deleted, warrants a refutation from a legitimate news source. That’s a nice saying, but the devil – in fact the evil – is in the details. Some abuse their “voices” to spread fear and misinformation. That can’t stand unchallenged. It is way too dangerous.

                2. Cripes Barney- listen to yerself… “But amid COVID, dangerous misinformation”… The only ones posting DI is Kuya- Neverdumper-Tio-Martha ! Their hysterics have the average reader hyperventilating- thinking this “mild” virus is the same a sebola- did you not see the recent Oregon studies highlighting the surge in drug and alcohol abuse… the majority siting the “covid’ news as the main reason for their depressions ! Your personal bias has no validity here. Stick to the TOS and remove personal “offensive” attacks… It aint rocket science !

              2. I agree. Remember that there are not 10 people dead in Shanghai according to the CDC. How the hell can we call it a pandemic if the origin of the “virus” has less fatalities than anywhere else in the world?

      2. Snopes is bs. They recently got outed as being plagiarists as well. And Snopes is not as good an authority as the Nobel laureate that created the PCR test. He conveniently passed away before the plandemic. He explains exactly how and why the test we are using to shut down the entire world is useless for discriminating between covid, the flu, the common cold, diesel oil, kiwi fruit……and the cycling settings were deliberately set at a level to make as many false positives as possible. THE TESTING IS BS. Snopes is deceptive, telling the truth often enough to keep you coming back for more, like an abusive spouse.

  1. Wake up People! The LAB-FLU aka Covid is never going away.. I trust my immune system over KTVZ, CNN, Biden, Fauci, and all the profiteers of this Scamdemic.. All the sheep are playing right into there “Divide and Conquer” plan..

      1. The vaccine is not your immune system, you idiot. It’s mrna, which has never been used on humans before. Can you explain why we aren’t making vaccines like all other ones using killed virus that allows our immune system to naturally build immunity? Bet you can’t.

          1. It failed in HIV research. In fact, every single Animal tested died within 7 months, so there is NO SAFETY data past 7 months.
            Notice only left-wing commentators use derogatory speech like calling people names?

          2. Kary Mullis, who developed the PCR test for HIV knows full well that is should NEVER be used as a diagnostic tool the way it is being used today. And he rats our Dr. FOWCHI, as well. F-OUCHIE got rich on the AIDS business via AZT, and he is raking it in hand over fist in this pandemic – which he predicted would happen in January 2017, knowing full well that patents on its vaccines were already secured in 2015 and 2017. Look up and listen to Kary Mullis, David E. Martin and Robert Willner in bitchute….and weep at what a fool the rich greedy b*st*ards have made of you and everyone else. This isn’t a novel virus, and it has been in the pipeline for decades. And the PCR was set to cycle to create as many false positives as possible to further the plandemic t*rr*rizing of the human race.

        1. Because no one has isolated this virus. Any one who disagrees with this statement needs to show me proof that I am incorrect. Show me the evidence. There is no vaccine because the covid virus has never been isolated.

                1. This is the problem with our society today. We copypaste someone else’s claim as the truth and do no verifying of that agency’s claim personally. I hate the term sheep because they are cute, but the term is aptly applied to the way they follow each other so close and graze literally at the sheep in front of it’s ass. Eating of the offal and thinking it’s grass.

                2. Well it looks like you posted a reuters link to someone else’s post about the virus being isolated. As far as my research goes they still have not isolated the CV19 virus in a lab. I may have missed that documentation in my studies and so if it’s out there then I would be humbled to read it. I do not take offence for being wrong. I am a data annalist and am looking for the data to back Reuters claim.

                3. WE are entitled to both our own opinion and the ability to ask questions about the facts. Unfortunately, we are now being shut down for asking for real evidence., How can we tell if something is a lie or not if we are not allowed to aske questions?

                4. Questions aren’t the issue. Dangerous claims of answers that have been refuted by those with real-world expertise are. People who get the “real evidence” but refuse to believe it, well…

                5. Once again I MADE NO CLAIMS. I asked for EVIDENCE. Why do you keep accusing me of providing DANGEROUS information? I am asking a question and you are refusing to answer, hiding behind the same response. Obviously you have no answer.

              1. You are correct- the link reads like an opinion piece- could have eliminated the debate by simply showing the genome link- but they won’t even admit how many links are in the strand- to date I’ve seen small particles 35-40… but this kind of virus will have as many as 35,000 ! Sorry- not convinced.

            1. Reuters? HaHa give me a break. You might as well have posted a or a For all they are worth. Fact check? Right. Post the link to the actual study and I might believe it.

                1. They are a left leaning news organization. Why don’t you post something from the conservative side to BALANCE the conversation?

                2. I spend too much time on this already. Usually the link I post is refuting “the conservative side” and I don’t have time to go back and forth endlessly, never convincing the die-hard critics of anything.

          1. I’m waiting for that as well. They don’t realize that when a scientist says they have isolated the virus that the definition they use allows them to NOT isolate it.

      2. So, if you sterilize everything what good will your immune system do for you? You won’t be able to fight off the common cold. This is just an assumption but, you’re probably too young to know how most parents, back in the 60’s & 70’s, would expose their children to chicken pox and measles so you would build up an immunity. Now, just think, if everyone acted then like people are acting today, being bacteria paranoid, there would be more deaths then you could imagine due to a weak immune system.

        1. Maybe chicken pox but not measles, measles was causing blindness and was frightening to mothers. But just think how great it is that our parents were so stupid about chicken pox because after having it, we now are highly likely to get shingles. And I guess you forgot about polio and how we all stood in long lines, or at least it felt that way as a child, to get that sugar cube. Or maybe you never asked your mom why she had that scar on her arm from the small pox vaccine.
          There’s that new cartoon going around, something about “Freedom, How you can reject modern medicine and die like a medieval peasant, by Rand Paul.”

          1. Martha you were not around when people stood in lines for the POX. I got that shot and had to spent my next 2 years alone and away from my family. I still have scars all over my arms from that VAX. I still have skin issues from that VAX. Not all people are ok with being injected with these chemicals. What happened to “My Body. My Choice” ??? BTW I had several kinds of measles in the 60’s. No problem with blindness and my family was NOT infected.

          2. Scientists NEVER were able to prove that the polio virus caused polio. Nor could they transmit the Spanish Flu from sick to healthy people. Not the isolated virus. On the other hand, a lot of neurotoxic chemicals were concurrently being added to the environment at that time via new chemical “products.” And the symptoms of polio are neurotoxic. Maybe they killed or maimed all the canaries in the coal mine, and THAT is why the disease stopped “spreading.” Measles had natural remedies in some communities, but big pharma has been suppressing alternative cures for things for over 120 years.

            If you want a vaccine, fine. They kill canaries in the coal mine, they don’t necessarily protect them. Choice is good. Mandatory shots are not. New technology with a bad research record, like mrna shots pretending to be vaccines – I’ll pass. Especially since the inventor of the mrna tech is warning everyone not to do it.

      3. “The vaccine…it literally is your immune system protecting you”????? Wow! Really dude? You have absolutely no real intelligence, do you?

      4. NO !!! The data is clear- the vaccine can create an enlarged heart- blood clots- hypertension- a variety of side effects that geriatric and elderly citizens cannot withstand… what the hell are you saying here ? This is dangerous misinformation that should be deleted by the Mod !

          1. NO you are not seeing the fact that MORE women experienced a miscarriage after the VAX than children lost their lives from COVID. 600 kids dies (sad) but more than 1400 babies were sacrificed to the VAX

            1. “A CDC analysis of safety data on 2,500 women showed no increased risks of miscarriage for those who received at least one dose of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine before 20 weeks of pregnancy.

              Miscarriages typically occur in 11%-16% of pregnancies. The study found miscarriage rates after receiving a COVID-19 vaccine were about 13%, which is within normal range.”


              1. Look at the VARS reports Barney. Expand your brain. The data is out there. I am a data specialist and there have been more deaths of women losing their babies after the VAX than have died from COVID. Do you want to know or do you want to keep spreading dangerous lies?

          2. NO- You are over-emphasizing the whole virus- as described by the CDC- The OHA- to be “mild”- that definition has not changed- yet you show up here everyday and allow Martha to compare it to small pox- death on everyone’s doorstep- no different than Ebola- Anthrax ! No wonder drug and alcohol abuse is through the roof since Brown shut the economy down- closed schools- initiated undeclared martial law- all through your portal of fear- gloom and doom ! Give it a rest already- the damage is done- why pile on like a jerk ? Just askin’ !

          3. Rare or not a side effect is a side effect, regardless of the number of people who encounter the side effects. Whether it’s 1 person or 1,000,000 people it’s still significant. That is, if you’re a Demoncrat that 1 persons fear is insignificant. Even 1,000,000 people’s fears are insignificant.

              1. Complete and absolute BS ! VAERS is linked by the CDC. Coming from a Digi-con-traitor that’s website relies on CNN for “trusted numbers” … is an absolute joke- just not a funny one !

      5. No thanks.. Id prefer for my Family and I to ” Stay Safe” lol and NOT be a lab-rat for these new, unapproved vaccines…Based on our age, health and exposure we feel the odds are so slim that it would actually be risker to take an experimental vaccine. We are active, eat healthy and and have fairly strong immune systems…

  2. I was just at St Charles Bend today for business and their parking lot is curiously empty. I have also been in the hospital many times in the last few months and would never have none we were in a global health pandemic if it were not for the fear mongering media. People who believe this BS are just suckers, bottom line.

    1. Mr F Niceguy: My son was in the hospital a few months back and I was at St Charles everyday. Of course the parking lot was empty. You are only allowed 1 visitor each day. So no family gatherings, kids, animals, etc. Only Covid people in the hospital.

        1. Mossy…yes you are right, 5 covid patients I believe and critically short staffed and not enough rooms for patients. Stacked up in the Emergency Room.

          1. That’s what happens when you reduce the number of rooms available and pay people to stay home. Gee math is difficult for some. Those pesky word problems are tough aren’t they?

      1. You are soooooo wrong about only Covid people in the hospital. Where’s your data to support that claim. Wow Barney! No links to support this claim? This is how misleading info becomes misleading facts.

        1. didn’t catch that last line. It’s pretty clear in the data we posted daily that’s not accurate. But it’s also clear many are there because COVID delayed their treatment and they showed up in worse shape with other issues.

          1. So why are you reporting this crap in the article???? “Oregon’s beleaguered hospitals, including St. Charles Health System, struggling to handle a record surge of hospitalizations due to the rapid spread of the delta variant.”

              1. Really Barney?? You also said in your next reply it has other issues regarding limited patient spots. But at times you make it sound like it’s all covid.


              2. So are you saying 30 patients are causing such a healthcare crisis we are calling in the National Guard? I am confused. Want to be clear when I screen shot this crap and post it all over social media. KTVZ moderator claims to be a virologist????

              3. Hahahah! Every news media outlet that is ALLOWED to say anything. There are others that aren’t allowed to report and you know it. You can’t even report the truth if someone gives it to you because. in your own words, “I am only allowed to report what they tell me to report”. I bet you don’t post my comment either, but I will photograph it and post to other social media.

              4. I am not twisting your words. They came out of your mouth just like that when I asked why we couldn’t report the news and it had absolutely nothing to do with privacy policy. You said you would lose your license if you reported the news I sent you because you can only report what you are told to report. Once again I am screen saving this to post on other social media.

                1. “BL- Only report what we are told” ??? Good Gawd Man- that’s not journalism- that’s rumor mongering !!! Stop telling us how all you do is quote the experts ! They are not experts- the data is ! The data don’t lie- the people you are quoting do- and you expect us to be dumb enough to buy their bag of kats ??? Arghhh !!!

                2. They ARE the experts. YOU are not, and you twist the data to fit your preconceived, untrue notions. If what you claim about the data was true, why would others not be calling it into question? Because they don’t twist it.

              5. We live in the US and we all know that media is being censored if you don’t speak the “narrative” they want us to speak. Most people don’t know why but those that do are censored. You know it’s true. Just because the left does not agree with the right does not give one side the right to silence the other, but it’s happening and it will be the rein of a once free country. People come from all over the world to escape the policies you are now mandating.

                1. We live in a Blame Society, full of hate for the Evil Other Side. And freedom of speech or the press are not unlimited. Reckless unprovable or unproven “facts” can get you in trouble – and rightly so. Way too many people believe only their side is good and true and the other is evil and wants to destroy the country. That wasn’t true before anti-social media and the ability to go online and choose which set of so-called “facts” you want to believe and bash people over the head with. That’s the real problem with society, the polarization and hate. My only “censor” is to accurately state facts and yes, others’ opinions, but carefully because it’s very true that misinformation is toxic. People who believe only what they want to believe are frightening.

                2. Wow Barney- I mean really- just… Wow ! “We live in a Blame Society, full of hate for the Evil Other Side.”… So tell me in 20 words or less how KTVZ has reached across the aisle to provide for both sides of these issues ? Go ahead now- think hard !

                3. Complete BS Barney ! Your snitch-mobile squealed on Mom and Pop shops (Black bear diner- Coffee shops) for months ! You never once provided their side (small business) of the story- which you need no interview to proceed with. You joined forces with OSHA to scare- intimidate- and frighten “legal” business operations… never once providing insight from those businesses just trying to stay afloat ! Disgusting behavior- I’m surprised your offices weren’t picketed… maybe next time !

                4. Untrue. We visited 1-2 times after OHA already had done their investigation and issued penalties, and saw what we could see from a public street. And we ask, of course, but cannot make businesses talk to us. You twist the truth as usual.

              6. They are probably on the hard drive of my last computer. I will dig it up. In the mean time I will give you a hint. About 5 years ago there was an incident out in that community by Millican and I emailed you saying I had a scoop on the incident. You said “I can’t report on anything I am not told to report. I will lost my license”. I replied “then Journalism is dead as we once knew it”. In the old days journalists were fighting each other to get the scoop on stories. Now you are just a mouthpiece for a political agenda. I will find that email.

                1. I don’t have a “license.” Our station does, but I’d have never put it the way you claim. But of course we avoid reporting unsubstantiated information. I do my job the same way I have for 40 years, with better tech and great sources. But often “scoops” have more than one or even two sides to them, and if one side won’t talk, that’s also a challenge to fairly telling it. Then there’s the call of if they are worth a story or can be confirmed. Speaking in general. Not every tip is worth pursuing, or pursuable for a wide variety of reasons.

              7. Ahh gotcha. It’s okay for one side to tell a bunch of lies, but the other to do the same or question it is not ok. AND You are the person that is GOD and gets to decide who is able to speak and who is not able to speak. And yes I do remember saying that it was the station’s license. Your job depends on you to toe the line. I apologize for my misspoken report on that.

                1. Nope, not God. Just an imperfect moderator who gets to spend much of his time reading 100s of comments a day and making judgment calls – some easy, some not. And often ruing when I take the bait of trolls and defend myself, but get into discussions that waste my and everyone’s time, because they are just trying to get my goat and score points. I bet I would defend to the hilt whatever I said back then, but highly doubt it’s as you remember. Spinning someone’s words to use against them is not new to social media, that just fuels it more. Why do you think I use my real name on Reddit? I don’t hide, and don’t make up different versions of “the truth” to tell different people.

              8. In a true and free society, the one that our founding fathers envisioned, was to have a free press and people can speak their minds. It is not anyone’s right to tell another person that they can’t speak their opinion. I understand that you job is with a “Liberal” private station and that as a private company you have the right to censor comments based on the political agenda of the private company. We are seeing that in all of the social media sites. What is WRONG is that it is ruining America. The founding fathers created the CONSTITUITION to protect us from the idea that we silence people that we don’t agree with. The freedom of speech means that we all have the right to have an opinion and voice that opinion. People can either agree or they can disagree. They can weigh the evidence and see what resonates with their own ethics, convictions and experience, and then kame decisions based on that understanding. For people to think that they get to control what people are ALLOWED to think or do is NOT WHAT THE USA was built on. That is Communusm.

                1. The Founding Fathers didn’t envision many things, including social media where people can twist words and repeat untruths to make them seem like facts.
                  It’s never been easier to start your own blog or website and make whatever points you wish.
                  Of course you can share your opinions. But if they are built on dangerous misinformation, someone needs to insert the truth.
                  That’s not censoring. It’s being responsible for the impact of your words.

              9. The reason that people may not use their real names is that there is a concentrated effort to target the conservative people as terrorists. We all want the same things..A chance to raise our families in a safe and productive society. I have to protect myself against an increasingly aggressive society that wants to vilify and eliminate the conservative voice. Your station is in that group.

                1. Few people ANYWHERE on the political spectrum use their real name, because of the hate and blame that comes from ALL sides these days in our Blame Society. Those who think their side is holy and never wrong and the other evil side is never right – that polarization is what we must fight against, or this never ending foxhole mentality will sink us.

      2. Yeah? well my mother was also in the hospital recently for two weeks. Only one visitor permitted per day. The parking lot was not empty then.

        1. Direct quote from the article. “struggling to handle a record surge of hospitalizations due to the rapid spread of the delta variant.”

          It is being portrayed that the hospital is full of the scary delta. It’s a staffing issue. Wait until Brown’s order to have all healthcare workers vaxxed goes into play 9/30. As I predicted before and stand by what I said, the biggest healthcare crisis we have ever seen here. No staff

            1. Because of this quote barney. “Oregon’s beleaguered hospitals, including St. Charles Health System, struggling to handle a record surge of hospitalizations due to the rapid spread of the delta variant.”

            2. And the fear they used to say that children are getting sick and are now 3x as many kids sick…guess what they neglected to say? The 1 child who was sick prior is now 3 children sick. A LOT LESS Convincing when you throw the numbers in instead of the 3x more, which doesn’t accurately represent the issue. It’s all a play on words. They aren’t really lying…they just are omitting enough facts to make it plausible to the masses.

                1. Infections of what ??? The PCR test does not- repeat- DOES NOT differentiate between the flu- a cold- or the Wuhan lab bat ! There are only two symptoms to ID the Bat- shortness of breath- loss of taste and smell. Children are not dying- geriatrics mysteriously exposed are !

            1. Wait until the the over rule of our stupid governor….state law says hospitals can’t mandate vaccines since the 1980’s. Now she over rides that crap . Guess what…..we walking. Working for states that want us. enjoy the chaos.

        2. The impact is that they just had a failed job fair. They are struggling to fill vacant employee spots. Too many people know too many people who work or have worked for St Charlie. It’s an employment nightmare. Over worked, under pain and under appreciated. They offering a $4,000 sign on bonus but are offering nothing to those who have stayed with them through this entire ordeal. No incentive to stay.

            1. Yes, even Express personnel failed a job fair. as are many other small businesses. But that’s not due to covid. That’s due to lame unnecessary shut downs. Not every state shut down, and those that stayed open are thriving. Those that shut down are struggling. It’s not the fault of the virus. It’s the fault of the fear mongering Democrat governors. And the fear mongering lemmings.

    2. Good to hear. We hear a lot of these stories of empty hospital parking lots along with some stories of heavy patient loads. Seems as though folks with the V are sitting ducks for the variant.

  3. Please to all the people who think that all these hospital workers who are doing a job I would never be able to do are making up the numbers of hospitalized and the crisis they are in…calling people sheep because they actually care about others’ lives and are not selfish….GO TO THE HOSPITAL AND ASK FOR A TOUR OF THE COVID WING. ASK THE HOSPITAL TO VOLUNTEER….DO something instead of sitting on your butt, typing comments about things you don’t know anything about. See how this is affecting people with your own eyes…not what your read or see.

    1. Maybe we do work there Sandy….maybe we think 30 patients for the national guard is blown out of proportion. Maybe it is more of a staffing issue and population overgrowth problem Sandy. You think 30 patients should cripple a health care system that has multiple hospitals in Central Oregon??? What’s the name of the covid wing???? geez

    2. “Se” how it is affecting people with my own eyes…not what I read or “see”??? Should I believe what I “see” or not??? Maybe I shouldn’t “always believe what I “read”, and believe me, I rarely believe what I read on the MSM, but I most certainly believe everything I “see”. And what I see is a hospital struggling for lack of employees. And, yes, I know many who are employed with St Charlie. So I “hear” plenty as well.

    3. Ask how many got the V, were overweight, are on anxiety or other medications, etc. Ask what they did, and more importantly, what they did NOT do at the onset of symptoms. People need to stop being sheep and start dealing with the disease logically instead of fearfully, listening to folks who withhold therapeutic approaches and wait for you to get really sick before doing anything of consequence.

  4. No Nat Guard for the zombie hoard defilement of Portland but no problem to trot them on stage for her scamdemic psycho drama.What a disgrace! Get back on your formaldehyde drip, Brownout.

  5. “I know this is not the summer many of us envisioned”….Sorry Brown, this is the future you envisioned. Unquestioned abuse of power using slanted numbers and tests that aren’t accurate. Less than 1% of Deschutes County actively testing positive, how is this a crisis? Oh 30 patients at St. Charles? We are calling in the National Guard for 30 patients???? Wow, whoever believes this really needs a lobotomy. Did you forget last month when there were 5 covid patients and there wasn’t staff for patients and they were stacked up in the emergency room?

  6. “St. Charles President and CEO Joe Sluka said it’s expected that compliance with Gov. Brown’s mask mandate will be “significantly lower this time around, for many reasons: “people are tired of wearing them, they believe the danger has passed, they’ve dug in their heels in opposition. Some people may simply be confused, or they may believe that if they’re vaccinated, there is no need to wear a mask.”

    No Joe, it’s because our stupid governor and federal government keep moving the goal posts, you idiot. Remember just two short months ago, if you have the vaxx you can’t get covid (Biden). If you get the vaxx no mask????? If 70% are vaxxed we win??????? Do any of you remember when we were allowed to drop he mask mandate by her all powerful Brownstain that she quietly extended her emergency powers until December???? You fools probably didn’t pay attention did you. Now, here they go again with their agenda. People, I suggest you wake up before it’s too late.

    Things you can do….ignore the illegal mask mandates….I know this time people are done. NO MASK NO VAXX NOW KISS MY ASS!!!! Sorry it’s still America you china wannabes.

  7. Can someone (not barney) without looking reply with how many deaths you think Deschutes County has had from the beginning of the plannedemic? I want to see what you think based on the news. Also, what percentage of active cases do you think are in Deschutes County currently? 60%? Please post without looking at data. I will update later.

      1. A false picture???? Seriously Barns?? Total deaths in Deschutes County. 88 = 0.04%. Active cases 0.5%= less than 1% of our population actively infected. You and the mainstream media are twisting the number barns…You should be ashamed.

          1. Barney…are you saying we should be masking kids and masking adults and probably going to shut down again because 0.04% of our local population died and 0.05% actively have covid??? I could understand if it was 50% actively infected, but less than 1%????? This is not using science. Sorry you are part of the problem. Go ahead and twist it again.

            1. I love how no one brings up that we’ve had less then 3000 deaths in Oregon since it started. It’s only jumped up a few hundred since I check last time which was months and months ago.( I wanna say around March) it’s slowed down and they want to just keep pushing this Covid train to control people, create more of a divide between people, and of course make money. Ktvz was thumping hard over the Covid train for that dolla dolla bills y’all.
              Have a good day everyone

              1. Like I said- we haven’t seen a double digit daily death count since June 10th- more than two months ago now. Herd immunity has kicked in- these children with a bad case of the sniffles for a few days are lighting the way to recovery- and Kalamity Kate is going all in hysterical- taking Z21 down with her. Damn people- all hail the herd- say “NO” to the chemical jab that has libs on this board acting all rabid with hate !

                1. Sorry Barns- your post is off topic to my comment- why the spin ? Do you deny that Oregon has not seen a double digit daily death rate since June 10th- more than two months ago ??? The virus has weakened- herd immunity is much more powerful than your non FDA approved chemical concoction ! Why the blatant attempts to mislead the public ? The side effects from the jab continue to roll in- weakened heart valves- walls- blood clots- even death “associated” with the vaccine ! Go ahead- prove any of that wrong !

      2. Why don’t you report on this Barney? This is all local news related. Help put people’s minds at ease with the local data instead of regurgitating press releases. Do some local news investigating. You refuse to report on local statistical data…, why is that?

        1. Report on what? I’d be curious if any Oregon media outlet has done the “digging” you claim would expose all sorts of uncovered info.
          Local data is available through what we post. We have covered these issues from many angles over the past 18 months.
          If you think a blizzard of MORE numbers and data (really works well on TV, not) will “put people’s minds at ease’ as opposed to either be more confusing or twisted by people trying to blame or score political points… I disagree.

          1. Then why not report ONE night of a percentage of active infected Deschutes County……You don’t have the guts to have a news report that says “Only 5% of Deschutes County are Actively Positive With Covid out of the 209,500”. You, Barney, are a coward. Because, that is any local news person would do. Instead you report the TOTAL of all cases EVER…blah blah blah.

          2. I already replied above but here is the TRUTH of the figure twisting.
            It was reported by a St Charles Rep at the school board meeting that there is an increase in sick children by 3x what it was. Actual Data…1 kid sick prior, 3 are sick now.
            Stating the numbers is a fact. Stating it is a 3 fold increase is deliberately misleading.

            1. “Sick” with what ? How are they defining a positive covid diagnosis when the PCR test doesn’t differentiate between the flu- a cold- or the Wuhan bat ? I know co-workers who went to the hospital and came out with nothing more than “over-the-counter” cold and flu medicine ! Talk about misleading- the hoax in full view ! Say “NO” to the jab- with enlarged heart issues- blood clots- needing a booster in just a few months ??? WTH !

          3. “Report on what? I’d be curious if any Oregon media outlet has done the “digging” you claim would expose all sorts of uncovered info. Local data is available through what we post.”

            I never claimed it would uncover covered up info., I do believe I said z21 is not reporting all the data that is available.

            You’re not reporting local data, you’re just regurgitating press releases. Report on local data that SH was talking about. Better yet, Here are some specifics for Deschutes County: How many people (since the outbreak and the recording of data) have died due to Covid19? How many of those people had underlying conditions (most?), what were those conditions and what were the combinations of those conditions? How many people (post vaccine) got Covid19 that weren’t vaccinated? How many people (post vaccine) who got Covid19 were then vaccinated and got a breakthrough case and what were their severities? z21 is not reporting on any of this. Why is that?

            z21 needs to show some initiative and be the first to do it. No personal info is required to report statistics. Unless you want to claim that one’s sex is personal info.. I have provided you with links (3 times) to the Journal of the American Medical Association regarding Covid19 and the Pfizer vaccine. The study was done regarding those who got vaccinated, those who got Covid19 then got vaccinated and you refuse to let your readers see this. What are you, or I should say, what is z21 afraid of? Your readers may decide that the JAMA is correct and this is nothing more than hype? If you have nothing to fear than you should have no problem in posting this. Again, here is the link.

            Should this be a no post (once again) it is clear to me that it doesn’t fit the liberal narrative that z21 is pushing and that the Demoncrats do have something to hide. Have the backbone to disclose all facts that no one else is reporting on and not just what suits z21’s agenda. You have taken credit on stories as a reporter but your title says Digital Content Manager. No where do I see anything that claims you are a reporter, of any kind. So I have to wonder, are you a reporter, digital content manager or both. If you claim both I have questionable reservations as to how much reporting you’ve really done. A true investigative reporter would pick this up and run with it.

              1. Really Barney?! You’re going to hide behind HIPPA? I guess that means I don’t have to show anyone proof that I’ve been vaccinated or not. That would be a violation of my right to privacy. No different than a dead persons right to privacy.

              2. HIPPA does not prevent the release of data and information. HIPPA prevents the release personal names linked to the data and information. When no person’s identity is released with the data and information, the data and information is not protected by HIPPA. Stop hiding behind the untruths.

                1. Policies in place around the country limit how much individual patient information is released – names or no names. Prove otherwise, but I don’t think you can. Show me an article where, without a family’s involvement, any specifics about a COVID-19 death/hospitalization has been published.

          4. Dude…. You have to be the worst person out there. You help create the divide all because you like money. The lives you ruin because you think you “report the facts” is horrid. Now I think we see why you work for such a crappy media outlet.

        2. My spouse is COVID positive right now. It’s smooth sailing here in our household. Our kids and i had it a month ago, it was waaay milder this go around! The first COVID infection early last year was a lot more hardcore than this round. This time there’s just some general weakness, mild chills and sinus troubles. We all recovered 100% in about 3 days. How did we all survive? We took vitamins, cut out dairy and sugar from our diets, got good rest, stayed hydrated and drank lots of tea and made sure we got at least an hour of outside time each day with ample sun exposure. Follow the science everyone and you’ll be safe. Not the mainstream science, but real science.

  8. Sandy C has said it perfectly. It is idiotic to continue to deny the fact that COVID is real or to
    believe that health care professionals are making up the number of cases. If you were to see what it’s like to be intubated and on a vent, it would scare the socks off you. Get the shot, wear a mask. Keep our businesses open and let the kids get back to school in just a few weeks.

    1. Have you ever seen a craniotomy in person. I believe that would scare the socks off you as well. Have you ever seen your own brain visible to the outside world? I have seen both. I have seen the video of my own craniotomy and my own brain visible to the outside world. I have also been intubated and on a ventilator. I have had more surgeries than I care to remember. I’m still here and unafraid. You want to try some more fear mongering??? In my opinion, your opinion does not matter miopinion so you should try keeping it to yourself.

      1. “She takes it off at the start of the video so she can be heard clearly by all.” Your last eight words implies that deaf people can hear. Barney, that comment is the most ignorant comment I’ve ever read here. And there’s plenty of ignorant comments here. Working at a TV news station you must be very, very young. In case you haven’t heard there’s something that has been around for.. what, 50, 60 years now?, it’s called “closed captioning”. Common Barney, I want to believe you’re smarter than that but with this comment? WOW!!!

  9. will all the people helping be required to vaccinate? seems to make little sense to run off the staff who has not or will not get vaccinated to replace with others who are not vaccinated in national guard. if the problem is so bad and we need all the staff we can and extra from the guard get why not pull back the mandate for heath care workers to vaccinate. they will lose more staff and be in a worse spot if they dont

      1. Yes! And that’s just one more step closer to a Socialist/Communist regime. Oops, my bad, we already have the regime in position. It’s now a question of whether the GOP has a *** **** big enough to stop them. 12 senator’s need to be fired. And the RNC has the nerve to solicit for donations.

  10. In that video, ktvz posted of brown, she has a mask on then takes it off…..WTF???? PROPAGANDA!!!! She should keep it on though in my opinion so we don’t have to see her nasty face.

  11. To mask or not to mask, that’s the question. To vax or not to vax, that’s the question. I believe that this virus will become as common as the flu or cold. It’s here to stay.

  12. Boy the gov sporting the Harry Potter glasses is going full out drama on this one. Can’t let go of that emergency powers act. You can bet this is payback for the disrespect she got growing up.

  13. My FREEDOMS!
    All these boneheads you’ve been reading will tell you ‘Freedom isn’t Free’ but they just mean YOUR freedom isn’t free. Their freedom should come at no cost and no other moral obligation. Very Boomer of them, right? Exactly like Jesus taught, no? These people have no concern for their own kids or grandparents, so don’t even think they give one single bleep about you or anyone else. Stop arguing with them, don’t even give them a thought, they will be dealt with by the insurance companies and the hospitals shortly, and then they will be banned from flights and movies and concerts shortly after. Then, magically, they will ‘decide’ that they are fine with the vaccine and get it. It’s going to happen in the next couple weeks, just watch.

    1. Hey dumb ass, it isn’t about freedom. Many people have gotten many vaccines. Maybe just a little concern about the speed, testing, and approval?

      What is abortion about? Freedom? Choice? More on the left would gain credibility if they were consistent with their opinions on if the government should step in to save lives. Democrat is spelled Hypocrite….

    2. Freedom isn’t free! People died to give us the life we had in America. I am ASHAMED of everyone that disrespects the flag when people died trying to protect it for us all. It is NOT selfish or immoral to TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF and your family. Go ahead and get the Experimental Vaccine. Did you know your life insurance policy wants you too? If you die of ANYTHING that is suspected to be from the Covid Experimental Jab, your life insurance policy will do EVERYTHING in its power to NOT pay your loved ones. Go ahead, Verify it. Experimental anything VOIDS your life insurance policy.

        In fact, life insurers cannot deny a death benefit because the deceased is vaccinated against COVID-19, according to the American Council of Life Insurers (ACLI). “The fact is that life insurers do not consider whether or not a policyholder has received a COVID vaccine when deciding whether to pay a claim. Life insurance policy contracts are very clear on how policies work, and what cause, if any, might lead to the denial of a benefit. A vaccine for COVID-19 is not one of them,” Paul Graham, ACLI senior vice president said.

        1. Say Barney, In your first link it says “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said the COVID-19 vaccines authorized for emergency use are safe and effective.” Well if it is so safe, why then was Big Pharma exempted from any financial liabilities from long term effects? Or so the rumor goes.

    3. I don’t have a problem with vaccines. As soon as the create one for covid I will gladly get that injection. The mRNA jab is not in any way a vaccine. My dad was stationed in Germany, we all went overseas with him. I have been vaccinated for just about everything. There is no vaccine for this virus. I have had blood clots in the past. The jab can cause blood clots and strokes. The risks out weighs the benefits. I’d rather risk getting the virus, from which I will recover, than risk death by covid jab. So shut up about a vaccine until there is one.

  14. Instead of deploying the National Guard there comrade brown (not my governor), stop handing out this welfare bs and force people back to work. Like working in the hospitals and running logistics for the couple of covid patients. I am so done with these irrational liberals, taliban running afganistan again and liberals running this country into the ground faster then Nazism took over Germany.

    1. No, they have been working on the destruction of America for many decades now. It has taken the American Communist Party many years to enact their long game of turning America into a crap hole country like Cuba

  15. My only comment: If hospitals are so Understaffed…why are they forcing Healthcare workers who WILL NOT get the vaccine, to be tested or quit? Wouldn’t you think that you would want to KEEP your workers who have been exposed for over a year now, many without getting sick? Instead, let’s force vaccinate! If you refuse, let’s force you to have a stick shoved into your brain 1-2x a week every week as punishment for working without the vaccine.

    See how STUPID our Governors Mandates are?

      1. Why can’t you just remain neutral? Yes, there are many states with worthless governors. We, however, happen to be near the top of the list. Portland and Eugene are the only reason Kate Brown was elected. Why can’t you realize that the majority of the people east of the mountains do not support her and do not believe she has our best interest in mind.

        1. Not trying to convince anyone who hates Kate Brown to feel otherwise – I couldn’t care less. But when it’s easy to show from a reputable source many governors are acting similarly, a link might be of interest to some. But yeah, I should stick to refuting potentially dangerous misinformation with legitimate-source links, when I can.

          1. Many Governors have killed the economy- created years of misery ahead- children scarred for life ! Is that your excuse for colluding with these haters ?

        2. No, they have been working on the destruction of America for many decades now. It has taken the American Communist Party many years to enact their long game of turning America into a crap hole country like Cuba

      2. BARNEY…..well it’s obvious. dumbocrats are in bed together. PLEASE POST A LINK TO Deschutes County NURSES AND STAFF GIVING PATIENTS COVID AT HOSPITAL….YOU STUPID HACK!!!!@!

      3. Whoever said she was unique or alone? She is the worst governor Oregon has ever had. Unique? No, there are quite a few lame liberals just like her. Newsom, Inslee, Lightfoot, Whitmer, just to name a few. By the way, Oregon is a red state with a few blue cities. The majority of counties in Oregon are red. It is my belief that even some of the blue cities will turn red by the next election cycle. And I’m not talking about BLM or ANTIFA freaks

  16. If you’re a politician, journalist, or on social media pretending to care about the spread of COVID, and you don’t mention the border crisis – you really don’t care about the spread of COVID.

  17. If you don’t like the reality you see just make up another one that suits your own world view and live in it.

    Donald the Trump was reinstated as Grand High Poobah of America yesterday. If you believe in it strongly enough you can see him smiling down on us from his golden throne and will receive a free dose of the experimental drug Remdisivir from the Governor Trump State that will cure what ails you. If you will only believe.

  18. I doubt this has anything to do with the fact that st. Chucks is understaffed by 1000 people. Its covid theater. I’m mad for the soldiers having to support a private business.

  19. Wearing a mask and getting some shots is a small price to pay to help control a serious public health crisis. This is not a political issue. The pandemic is actually happening. My aunt died from Covid. Everyone show your fellow Oregonians some love and respect. Wear a mask and get vaccinated, even if its a pain. Thank you.

      1. So kissing Trumps butt is bad but kissing Biden’s is good> Gotcha. One wrinkly ass bet against another wrinkly ass is still just a wrinkly ass. Happy smooching.

  20. Super spending taxpayer money on a private business. Yep just like Obama, help out businesses like scmc so the ceo can make their million. How about the executives take a pay cut and entice more workers to help with logistics. I’m sure there are a few people that would like to work at scmc and make $30 per hour to do logistics work.

  21. Guys and girls, get some perspective. The Spanish Flu killed 50 million people world wide with a world population in 1920 of 1.6 billion. The Wuhan Flu has killed 4.4 million people with a world population today of 7.8 billion. The Wuhan Flu is 50 times less deadly than the Spanish Flu, which all pandemics in modern times are measured against.

    Something else is driving the Wuhan Flu Delta variant story.

    Could the new Delta Variant just be the latest excuse government will use to pump more money into the world’s ever increasing failure of the fiat money financial system? Is the world financial system in a ever inflating death spiral? BEWARE

    1. ahha! Are you aware of the story posted on the CDC website that Fauci and his team resurrected that Spanish Flu? Verrry interesting article. It was also glorified in Sports Illustrated. Talk about Gain of function activities. That takes the cake. Worth looking into.

  22. Nice to see the Conservative voices step up ! Lots of newbies on board now that have had enough of both Kalamity Kate Brown- and the colluding US media- even right here locally ! Keep up the good work- shout down that NeverDumper- Kuya- DB- Martha… all the same person… and of course the Mod- who doesn’t know when to admit he’s wrong ! Just be prepared to be targeted and have your posts routed to the trash bin- where the Mod will deny any involvement… don’t believe it- just keep posting !

      1. Gramps, that may be true but I think that Never Trumper has multiple handles also. If you take a look at all of the posts, they are very similar. There are several on here that are genuine however. I for one enjoy a healthy debate.

    1. Amen bro! The silent majority needs to speak up. I got my post comparing Santa to Snopes deleted because I was “spreading dangerous lies about COVID”

    1. Oh goody! What is the new conspiracy theory y’all Trumper sheep want to start now? Aren’t there enough for you? Oh wait, let’s see, Gov Brown and Biden are going to use them to take over Central Oregon and round up anyone who is a Trumper? Or, maybe some other moronic theory?

        1. Your comment makes about as much sense as Trump suggesting disinfectant inside the body. Congratulations, you have achieved Trumper nirvana!

      1. You have not presented a single FACT. You have merely posted FC leftist opinion articles. If I were to do that you would call me out on it. Hypocrite much?

  23. Wow, lots to read. I’ve been reading these comment sections and see a lot of anger. Why not debate without calling people names, like Stoopid or Sheep? Who here believes the election was stolen? Who does not? I’m honestly curious, what would you think or how would you react if you irrefutable evidence was found proving the opposite. I asked this of two hard leaning people I know, one right and one left. They BOTH just decided to ignore my question. Why all the hate?

    1. Unfortunately we are very divided. There seems to very little common ground, however I will try to answer your question about the past election from my point of view. First, I’m a conservative registered Independent. I think that there are many questionable things such as voting machines not working properly, brand new mail in ballots in many States and polling areas not allowing proper inspection by certain people. This all leads to suspicion of voter fraud. Right after Biden was elected I posted on an article stating that Biden would be everyone’s President. I said that I’d give him a chance to prove it and would see in a year if his promise would come to pass. I am starting to think he’s just a puppet of the far left.

  24. Since I can’t respond to you comment due to the limits of this garbage called WordPress, I’ll have to repost your comment and make my comment on it.

    “Policies in place around the country limit how much individual patient information is released – names or no names. Prove otherwise, but I don’t think you can. Show me an article where, without a family’s involvement, any specifics about a COVID-19 death/hospitalization has been published.”

    It’s called the deep web Barney. Not the dark web and the browser to use is called TOR. Media outlets as well as law enforcement use it all the time and it IS perfectly legal unless you are using it for illegal purposes. The information is out there you just have to be willing or tenacious enough to seek it out.

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