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Portland school board shuts down in-person meeting amid vaccine mandate debate

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PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — The Portland school board ended an in-person meeting amid controversy over a proposed COVID-19 vaccine mandate for children 12 and older after unmasked protesters showed up and refused to don a face covering.

The board that oversees Oregon’s largest school district resumed its meeting with online streaming Tuesday after protesters refused to comply with requests from security guards to put on masks, according to a statement from Portland Public Schools.

Some of the protesters were not from Portland but traveled from elsewhere in Oregon and Washington state, The Oregonian/OregonLive reported Wednesday. Earlier in the day, about 500 students walked out of class in favor of the proposed vaccine mandate.

Rules to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in schools, such as a statewide school mask mandate for all children, have generated protests in other school districts, and school boards and superintendents are often the focus of such actions.

In Redmond, critics of state mandates have crowded board meetings and dominated public comment periods. In Adrian, school board members voted to fire Superintendent Kevin Purnell when he refused to buck state policy, the newspaper reported.

The Portland school board is set to vote on the vaccine mandate for students older than 12 on Nov. 2.

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  1. Republican domestic terrorists being republican domestic terrorists isn’t even news any more, it’s just ‘Tuesday’. You all are a disgrace. Future generations will remember you as a cautionary tale of what happens when kids who all got ‘participation awards’ grew up being brainwashed by fox news to hate healthcare and voting rights and civil rights and math and gravity. Sad. Pathetic.

    1. Your handle says a lot about your sensitivity. The fear, the paranoia, the obsurdity of the mandates and masking of today is all orchestrated by the Demoncrat party. “WOW! Biden Spits On Woman At McAuliffe Rally!”. Where’s his mask, where’s his social distancing? BW, try researching your information before slamming conservatives on a subject you no little or nothing about. The drool dribbler, I mean spitter, that takes up space in DC doesn’t wear a mask and is video taped spitting in a woman’s face?! What excuse do you have to justify his behavior regarding that? Well????. The video doesn’t lie!!! Your party is trying brainwash the youth of today with their lies and fear mongering and the smart ones are fighting back.

      1. FoC… Your rant ~ sounds like just that … a rant. Similar to a past POTUS. Who by the way, could have changed the storyline on the pandemic but his ego stepped in. He who was more concerned about winning then the people.

        Go ahead, tell me now, “but but he got us the vaccine”. True that, but in the process by telling his supporters that this virus was a hoax he took us back a step.

        And no I’m not a fear monger, I don’t worry about the pandemic taking my life. I just value life.

        1. I’m not following what you are trying to say. I’ve always cared about how women are treated. And democrats seem to be on the top of the list of the ill treatment towards women. Bill Clinton, Jeffrey Epstien, Harvey Weinstein just to name a few. I base my political decisions candidate wise on their accomplishments not on personal hatred.

  2. And we wonder why there are so many school shootings. People modeling sociopathic behaviors for their kids – this is the result. This is exactly why we can’t have nice things as a society.

    1. Probably the reason we have so many school shootings is because schools pat themselves on the backs for their anti-bullying policies which aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on. Administrators look the other way when students bully each other (or worse, when teachers bully students), but they keep on citing their “zero tolerance policy” while tolerating all of it. School assemblies and other events are full of putting popular kids on display and ignoring the rest of the student body which is its own form of putting people down. Schools (and society in general) honor the extrovert, while at best ignoring the introvert, and at worst bullying and shaming the introvert and making them feel worthless. Some of those introverts, who can’t put up with 12 years of the cruelty in those fabulous “zero tolerance policy” environments, are the ones who pull the trigger. Yes, I suppose parents model inappropriate behavior for their children, but schools do a pretty fine job of it themselves.

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