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Redmond School Board asks Brown, OHA about mask mandate review, return to local control

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'We need hope, a light at the end of the tunnel'

REDMOND, Ore. (KTVZ) – The Redmond School Board is sending a letter to Gov. Kate Brown and the Oregon Health Authority, asking for details about the state’s promised monthly review of its school mask mandate and when local decision-making on such issues will return.

The board noted that a promise in June to return to local decision-making models, with advisory state guidance, changed a month later to require masks in K-12 schools statewide, among other mandates, as the Delta variant-fueled surge in COVID cases hit.

“For going on two years now, our schools have been disrupted by this virus,” the board said in the letter they voted to send at a previous meeting and reviewed Wednesday night.

“We understand the dangers, and we respect that districts must take precautions to keep our students and staff safe,” they wrote. “However, here in Redmond as in other parts of the state, there is a great deal of COVID fatigue.

“We need hope, a light at the end of the tunnel – and more than that, we need some guidance from the state leaders who have put these restrictions in place,” the board letter states. “We need clear information about when we can expect local decision-making to return – what type of metrics our county needs to meet, for example, in order to see masks left up to our capable school leaders.”

Here's the full letter:

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  1. Letters, begging and pleading are useless in provoking dialogue or common sense response from a mindless commie drone such as Brown.
    Do not comply or opt out.

    1. The idea of getting the flat earther, science deniers’ kids out of the public school system so they don’t affect my kids’ ability to learn seems like a win for everyone.

      By all means, “don’t comply.” Just go away.

      1. Think_Harder – Our country made up people with varying beliefs, views, etc. Just because people don’t think the same as you, doesn’t mean they are wrong. It probably does your kids good to know there are others out their that don’t think the same as their parent(s). When you wonder why things are going bad in our country, take a look in the mirror.

  2. Pretty simple. Un-vaccinated, wear a mask and stay out of public enclosed space except schools. Vaccinated, no mask required.
    Masks worked great for “flattening the curve”. COVID is everywhere now so there is no longer a curve. And those that actually like wearing a mask, feel free to continue doing so.

    1. The data is quite clear that the transmission rates are equal btw vaxed and unvaxed so your “simple” solution makes no sense if we are going to follow the numbers.

    1. It is more embarrassing when one puts a paper thin mesh in front of its face and thinks it will achieve anything other then its own delusion of “saving the world”.

    2. Suzuki- I am proud of the Redmond School Board for what they are doing! The town of Redmond has nothing to be embarrassed about. Bend on the other hand……

    3. Which Town are you referring too? Tumalo? Alfalfa? Terrebonne? Redmond? Since I’m sure you are aware of the communities that comprise the district; please try to provide salient points Brandon.

  3. For you hateful vaxxer’s , your beloved bible NPR posted a story on October 26th, by Kate Wells, titled ER’s are swamped with seriously ILL patients, but many don’t even have Covid. The article says hospitals were not this full during the beginning of Covid. By the way we didn’t have the vaccine then. And all of the symptoms they list in the article are what people have reported to the Vaers reporting system. So run right out and get your boosters and let us evil so call anti-vaxxer’s and let us know how well you like your side effects as well as the organ failure!

  4. Masks don’t do squat, otherwise we would be out of this “pandemic” already. Of course the clueless will continue cheering mask mandates with the delusion of “I’m saving the world”.

  5. I generally hold out on commenting. However, I do read comments on many topics to get a feel for our community, and I will say “it’s concerning”. Most are derogatory and slandering no matter what the story is. Whether it’s a positive or bad report for our county, state or just the season we are in, there is always an argument of inadequate opinions. Maybe mine is as well. Point is, the Redmond School District is following chain of command and the respective steps. Secondly, our governor has (by constitution) exceeded the limits of authority that clearly states a limited time frame. To point the fact that no state legislature (at a federal level) has signed off on any mandates that the governor implies. I support our school board in this letter. Those that state anything of freedom of choice is ignorant, I ask that you take a second look at your values.

  6. Hi Barney. My opinion. Main stream media only allows a one sided view of world concerns. I ask you, what is your world view? Beings KTVZ is a “fox affiliate” why does this channel only concern its self with CNN, NYT, etc..? My option and view of course, you “Barney” are mostly objective to the GOP. However, as a social media objector, you have stepped up in a way if you will. This is not about you Barney. “Public mandates” or “state of emergency acts” only allow a two week allowance.

    Your turn.

    1. I try hard to provide facts and not opinions. CNN has a text wire for affiliates, Fox does not. We use pieces by both networks on the air all the time, along with NBC of course.
      Will keep trying to prove those who blame the media and claim we’re one-sided wrong, every day in every way I can.

      1. Cognitive dissonance. You believe you are a good person and I would agree that you are. But often when people believe they are a good person they also believe that everything they believe is also correct because they are a good person, therefore they would never be taken in by something that was not true. I am not saying you are a bad person in any way. But anyone can see you are not impartial no matter how hard you try to be. You have your beliefs and that is great, but a moderator should not be in arguments with those commenting. This behavior is making the comment section seem biased to many people and it certainly is not healthy for you mentally. You should switch to a comment section where the commenters can say whatever unless it violates the TOS and you stay out of the discussion as moderator. Then if you want to comment, use a different name like the rest of us do and put up your comments as an individual and not as the moderator. You have a right to your opinion as anyone does, but giving your opinion as moderator is not a good look. So give your opinion under a different screen name for your sake and for the sake of the integrity of the comments section. When you do this you will then see how much time you spend moderating and how much time you spend commenting.

        1. Thank you for your advice. I will continue as I have Feel free to go find another TV news comment system that will do as you direct. Doubt you’ll find one.
          I am very careful in what I say. I share official information and reputable links.
          The “integrity” of this system is hurt not by me but those who abuse it with borderline nasty hateful incivility, false/unproven claims,etc.
          I get plenty of support for what I have to put up with.
          I will NEVER sign here under another name. It enforces caution, which I am human and give into at times.
          We may go to a more community-moderated upvote/downvote system like Reddit. I told you before, folks drag me into debates with bad info and accusations and questions, then claim I should shut up.
          I ONLY enforce the TOS on “offensive personal attacks” and other clauses. If I enforced “hateful,” 90 percent of comments would disappear, and you know it.

  7. Again. What is your world view. Most of the comments here are hatful regardless of the topic. If someone says they’re Christian, they are hated on, if someone says they are fund raising, they are hated on. It doesn’t matter, all your regular posters hate everyone.

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