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Sen. Wyden visits St. Charles Bend, thanks caregivers

Senator Ron Wyden met Thursday morning with nurses and doctors at St. Charles Bend, along with National Guard members, thanking the "health care heroes" for their efforts to keep everyone safe, despite rising COVID patient counts and 850 still-open staff positions.

KTVZ News Team



    1. Yes, we need to get the transcript of the phone call between Taliban Joe and Zelensky so we can start the impeachment proceedings. Isn’t that exactly what they did to Trump?

  1. You should not of fired those Nurses and support staff that had already developed natural immunity. I feel that part of St. Charles staffing issues are self inflicted.

  2. No VAX and tested negative = FIRED

    VAXXED and tested positive = Please come back to work..We are short staffed.

    This is disgusting! St. Charles deserves what they created.

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