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Deschutes County Health ‘expected’ rise in Covid-19 cases; some events, businesses feeling impact

(Update: Adding video, comments from Deschutes County Health, Bicycle Film Festival)

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Two hosts for the Bicycle Film Festival in Bend, one of them Robert Crocker, have contracted Covid-19, pushing the event back two weeks.

“For me, luckily, it hasn’t been too bad -- just fairly inconvenient, I would say,” Crocker said Thursday.

Crocker is the main host for the event, which features cycling-related films from Bend and many other countries, to raise money for Oregon Adaptive Sports.

The 22-year old festival, which travels all over the world, will now come to Bend on Thursday, May 19 at the Tower Theatre.

“We’ve been in about 30 cities across the country without a hitch, up until today,” Crocker said. 

Though they haven't reached critical levels, the rise in cases around the state is having an impact, including public and private-sector organizations already hit by staffing challenges.

The Oregon DMV had to close its offices in Prineville and Madras at least one day this week due to staff illnesses, although the agency did not specify what illnesses were involved. 

With mask mandates gone and life seemingly back to normal, Emily Horton, the Covid-19 program manager for Deschutes County Health, said cases around the county and state are starting to rise.

“We expected the numbers to go up, certainly, after many variables changed at the same time,” Horton said.

On Monday, Deschutes County reported 120 confirmed Covid cases, the most the county has had in a single day in more than a month.

There’s been a gradual rise in both county and statewide cases over the past few weeks.

However, hospitalizations across the state and county are much lower than they were in previous spikes.

Horton said high vaccination and booster rates, plus natural immunity, are keeping people out of hospitals, and allowing them to make their own choice, in terms of safety.

“These decisions are personal decisions, at the business level or individual level, if I'm going to go out and about and expose myself in these different risk situations,” Horton said. 

Something Crocker believes is the only way forward.

“I had certainly hoped that we were out of this phase," he said. "I think we are entering a different phase, more of an endemic phase, where this is going to be a part of our lives for a long time.”

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Noah Chast

Noah Chast is a multimedia journalist for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Noah here.



    1. This could all be stopped if you just prayed more! Jesus could kill the virus and he could stop all the hate….but you have to pray more! Jesus won’t strike them all down without your thoughts and prayers. Keep up all the hard work you do for this area.

    1. Jonasty did you, as a science expert, receive the Johnson and Johnson vaxx? Please explain the science of how it was reported safe and effective for 2 years, now is pulled due to clots and reduced platelets.

  1. Kovid Kate destroyed our state economy and helped put this nation on a path towards economic ruin and a global recession just because she personally suffered from TDS- deniers have a hard time understanding that a mere 150 Oregonians over a two year period fell victim to the virus alone- “ALL” the rest were due to underlying conditions- those people continue to die from this virus- go ahead- check the data- there are still deaths “related” to the CV19… and that will never change. Demokrats in Salem failed the state- Kovid Kate will go down in history as Oregon’s worst Gov ever- and all apologists ca now just shut up and face their own financial ruin that they brought upon themselves… what’s to complain about- all good !

    1. this guy who made his living spraying disinfectant in businesses against covid for the last couple years while moaning about the economic ruin the pandemic wrought is peak qanon stupidity

      1. Nope- I never made a living spraying HOCL for businesses- I helped train and certify professionals do to so. Your economic ruin can be placed at the doorstep of Pfizer- Moderna- and any other company that conned you into taking an unverified-tested-and approved vaccine… the Q stoopidity is on you sucka ! My clients are on record- no major CV19 outbreaks to report during the two year scamdemic… I’m good !

      1. Somehow making a joke about myself got poofed sheesh how is a deprecating joke about yourself considered a violation of the tos?

      1. You do the same every day. Want me to cut you off? Want me to decide “who started it” in 5-year-old fashion? Sorry, too busy for juveniles who have nothing better to do than attack others.

        1. Gee Barney- really ? Is it really that difficult for you to “decide who started it”… in a written forum ? Where you can clearly identify a response targeting the poster and not the post ??? Sounds like a lame excuse to enable liberal lefty Demokrat angry and hateful behavior to me.

            1. Once again yer talking in nonsensical circles ! The topic was your inability to identify the original aggressor- now yer saying it doesn’t matter- but when I step in to defend myself- your personal bias (judgement calls) results in the attacked being harassed by your deletions and mouthy excuses- like yer doing now. You should step down and let an automated system do the moderating- it works on numerous sites without all the slanted and twisted rule making we see here.

              1. Automated moderating of the likes of you? Not going to ever happen. Judgment calls are crucial when under attack with falsehoods. We’re not about to spend time investigating your false allegations of mistreatment.

                1. IMHO… You lack the technical skills and personal integrity to refer to yourself as a “Judge”… many of your deletions are based on personal bias and political leanings.

                2. You are entitled to your opinions, but as they say, not your own “facts.” If my moderation bothers you so, feel free to find another site to share your opinions.

                3. Everyone is entitled to their opinions- in the US its called freedom of speech- try letting some of that happen !

                4. Says the man who posts dozens of comments a day, 1,000s of comments a month, 95 percent allowed through (though I have taken to refuting falsehoods about myself and my workplace).

  2. There seem to be a lot of whiners around here that just won’t let go of the hoax- the con- the lie… it’s over kiddies- and guess who lost… just look at the turmoil in Washington- then look at your pocket book ! Yup thems be the losers !

    1. So you think that America would of been in a bubble if Trump led the way through this pandemic. You think he would of un globalized America in a mere year? You are insane. When was the last time you took a Natural Resource, Social Science, or Econ class? I’m guessing never and that you were born in the 50s.

      1. Lets try this again- as Jonasty has his data all confused- FACT- more Americans died in a shorter amount of time under Biden- who had full access to the CV19 vaccines- than under President Trump. Trump was well on his way to un-globalizing America- pulled out of the Paris Accords- set the timeline for an organized withdrawal from Afghanistan- told NATO- the WHO to put up or shut up. Had the Germans and other Europeans on the ropes about not “paying” their fair share of global responsibility. I guess Barney won’t allow me to call you names like you do me (insane ?) I’ll let the facts speak for my sanity.

        1. So you support expensive gasoline. You argue with someone that has degrees in Natural Resources and economics. That is the problem with America today. Instead of listening to an expert on something, you become your own expert by doing bad research. Conservative economists know that if we want to keep the price of certain commodities down, we need to depend on a global economy. Do you think putting embargoes on Venezuelan oil was to punish the country? If you do, you are a fool. They have more crude than any other country. The problem is it’s heavy and needs to be mixed with lighter crudes. Oh yeah, we will reap their crude in due time.

          1. Expensive gasoline came along when Joey Biden showed up- I supported DJ Trumps America first oil and energy policies… Venezuela is a failed socialist experiment… you should know that… and have no reason to drag them into the conversation. Nobody here is interested in a bookworm with worthless degrees. When was the last time you added up to date certifications to your resume- ongoing education- something besides what you were taught in the 80’s ! Venezuela ??? Hopeless- illogical-irrational diatribe ! Now you’ll have to excuse me… I got some “Joe Biden did that” stickers to get out !

              1. Yup- as you act and sound like someone with limited life experience. A victim of a liberal education system that has been hating on America since 2000. Let us all know when you’ve put yer book learnin’ aside- and have to provide for a family- pay for a mortgage- have real day-to-day responsibilities… you know- live life outside the University bubble of socialism and hopey changey dream-worlds.

  3. Any one of you that believes our government on this Covid malarkey is a brainwashed lemming. Just think they funded it in “China”, released it on us all, then stole all our tax paid money for their pet projects and to take your rights away. They also use everyone just look at the POC, Alphabet lemmings, elderly that trust government. Our government are thieves, liars and sexual predators. The government needs ended #FACT

      1. No proof of what? Of our thieving government? Lots of evidence Barney, just look around. Bit that might cost you some of that cushy cash they’re feeding you eh? Can’t bite the hand that feeds you.

        1. Denny, that’s a false allegation. I get one paycheck, from a family-owned media company and they make money off advertising revenue, mostly local, as media outlets have for decades. But spin and blame and hate has gotten worse. We’re still doing the same job, earning folks’ trust day by day, story by story. We are beholden to the FACTS. And accurately reporting the views of elected officials, and a wide variety of folks.

          1. Sooo Barney- gimme one of your fool proof- no doubt about it “facts” (not opinion) that we’ve seen go through this portal in the last 48 hours… should be easy enough.

              1. Your insistence that the CDC does not recognize the validity of the VAERS program is a good start. Your position is false- the CDC has “acted” in accordance with reviewed and confirmed data through the VAERS program to shut down J&J vaccines for a second time.

                1. I’m not “insisting” anything. I am quoting them about their database. The statement I provided indicated that what I posted was accurate – an issue arose via those reports and they acted on it. Totally 100% what I posted/linked to.

                2. Spinnin’ it faster than the Mad-Hatters wild tea cup ride at Disneyland !

                3. The CDC maintains the VAERS database to provide “raw” I repeat “raw” data for researchers and government agencies to analyze to look for patterns and trends. And that was what they did and found that the incidence of blood clots was slightly higher than what was expected. That does not mean that all the other data in VAERS has any value. Some more will when analyzed but the vast majority will not. When I looked at the VAERS data base for deaths after receiving a Covid vaccine on the first couple of pages I found a woman how had killed herself and a 95 year old man who was comatose in hospice when he received the shot and died the next day.

      2. The FBI had proof that the Steele Dossier was complete garbage- made up horse hockey… did you or any other “journalist” demand to see proof- or did you just allow that junk to flow through this site unchecked for four years ? Can you spell “find some integrity” ?

  4. Wonder if this count includes all of the false positives they had earlier this week due to contamination of the tests, all of which proved to actually be negative when the tests were re-run..

    1. The tests aren’t perfect. Especially the home tests. But last fall my wife and I got tested at the SCMC parking lot. The first time we tested positive so we went back the next day and we tested negative. I do suspect we were both positive due to the loss of smell for a few weeks which isn’t something a common cold usually does. So who knows? COVID is real but it’s just a virus like the flu or common cold. It’s not going away. As for the vaccine, time will perfect it but the current ones in my opinion aren’t true vaccines but do help the seriousness of COVID.

      1. A lot of what you have written is true… which is why Brown should have never forced her executive orders on anyone ! “That” is at the heart of the CV19 response- government over-reach and heavy handed tactics akin to a dictatorship. The vaccines are dangerous- proven time and time again to be unstable- cause serious side effects including death- who is Kate Brown and a colluding media to tell us how to care for ourselves… they have no right ! It’s written into the US Constitution- and Americans will have their voices heard this November !

    1. Yeah. He has such a tough job. lol. Try being a nurse of 20 years and getting fired over a non fda approved vaxx that now is pulled because it causes clots. That’s tough. Trust me.

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