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Family attacks, Hummel defends state move to parole Terrebonne killer

Terrebonne's Rod and Lois Houser were brutally killed by Mark Wilson and Randy Guzek at their home in 1987.
Family photo
Terrebonne's Rod and Lois Houser were brutally killed by Mark Wilson and Randy Guzek at their home in 1987.

(Update: Adding family, Hummel comments)

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- The family of the Terrebonne couple who was brutally murdered 32 years ago is devastated that one of the two men convicted could be released from prison. But the current district attorney, who favors that move, is defending his recommendation of parole.

Oregon's parole board this week concluded Mark Wilson, now 50, "is likely to be rehabilitated" and may be eligible for early parole.

An April 16 hearing is set to decide a tentative parole release date for Wilson. Before the parole board makes a final decision, Wilson must complete an exit interview and undergo a series of psychological tests.

Wilson was 18 when he murdered Rod Houser by shooting him with a riffle 20 times at the couple's home. Housers wife, Lois, was killed by co- defendant Randy Guzek, who shot her in the head, stomach and heart inside of the home.

The nephew of the Housers, Dan Hally, told NewsChannel 21 on Friday that the family feels devastated and betrayed by the state government and Deschutes County District Attorney John Hummel, who recommended Wilson get parole.

"There's no argument that he (Wilson) hasn't done well in prison, that's quite common," Hally said. "We frequently see people do well in prison. He's certainly taken the steps to improve himself -- but what he could not do, and did not do, is exhibit an understanding of the harm he's caused. He could not articulate what he did and why he did it, when he shot Rod 20 times."

Hally said Wilson should be required to serve out the complete 40-year sentence before being considered for parole.

Hummel and the board both said they recognize the educational efforts, prison work programs and work record of Wilson in his effort to maintain merit while being incarcerated.

Hummel also told us Friday that by recommending Wilson for parole, he's upholding the deal made when Wilson was sentenced years ago, when he pleadedguilty and testified against Randy Guzek.

"The statute is clear," Hummel said. "This is the standard. Iif you meet the standard you are eligible for parole."

"Mr. Wilson has done everything that was asked of him; he's exceeded the Oregon statutory requirement. If the parole board were to have said, 'Mr. Wilson, you're not getting parole,' in essence, the parole board would've ripped up the statutory law and said, 'In our world, we're now legislators, and in advance we determined that no one will be paroled in the history of Oregon.' Well, the parole board doesn't make the law --Oregonians make the law."

Hummel said he understands the position of the Houser family and said their feelings hold merit as to why they do not want Wilson released. He also said that overall, this has been a hard decision to make.

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Arielle Brumfield

Arielle Brumfield is a multimedia journalist for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Arielle here.



  1. This really makes my blood boil. That scumbag should have lost his chance to live
    free when he pulled the trigger over and over, brutally taking innocent lives.
    I truly hope the board shuts this down and makes sure this piece of crap never gets out…

    1. he should have gotten the death penalty, old school sentencing bias. it was considered a more heinous crime to shoot an unarmed woman than an unarmed man

  2. Brutal murderer and parole NEVER belong in the same sentence. The only sentence brutal murderer belongs in is, “true life sentence, no parole”.

    It’s truly sickening how Oregon has turned into the “the poor murderer” state and the hell with the victims. And yes, I have been in court, face to face with a murderer. The one who murdered our only child in a brutal, senseless act.

    Murdering a person, shooting them 20 times should equal zero chance to ever live freely in society ever again.

  3. I don’t agree with using “preponderance of the evidence” for the standard of proof. It is a lesser standard. Beyond a Reasonable Doubt was what it took to put him in Prison, it should also be the same level of proof that is required when considering his release.

    1. So, I watched the video and read the article. I heard no reference to the standard called “preponderance of evidence.” Where are you getting that? That is the standard of evidence used in civil trials, not criminal. I think there’s some confusion in your post.

  4. Hummel responded to Thursday’s decision, telling the newspaper the board “reviewed the facts, considered the law, and rendered the verdict that was required by the facts and the law. The staff at the Oregon Department of Corrections is to be commended for working with Mark Wilson to help him get this this point in his rehabilitation.”

    “I respect and understand the reasons why Rod and Lois Houser’s family do not want Wilson released at this time and my thoughts are with them as they process this news,” he wrote ”

    No the ODOC doesn’t need to be commended for getting him to this point in his rehabilitation. They shouldn’t have wasted time and taxpayer money on someone that should
    have been executed, and should never have ANY chance of freedom…

    What a line of garbage. Hummell, you don’t understand how the family feels, nor do you care. You are an embarrassment to the people who live here, and should be removed from office…
    If potential release of this cold blooded murderer follows the guidelines in Oregon,
    they damn sure need to be changed, NOW. Of course the spineless,disgusting liberal Governor won’t support any changes because she doesn’t want criminals to feel bad,
    and she wants to make sure they are well taken care of and happy while they are incarcerated, and are able to be released as soon as possible. Even if people did vote in changes, she would ignore them…

  5. Shot 20 times. not an accidental event in the commission of a crime, rather an intentional, brutal crime. If he is rehabbed, great, let him work with other prisoners with lesser levels of crime to get them paroled while he spends a lifetime in prison. He does not belong in society, free to pursue a lovely life, the Housers deserved that. He took that from them, so let him pay his debt to society by training others less evil to return to public life successfully

  6. Not good. Intentional planned attacks on these people and should never be outside of the walls again. Too bad the same can not be done to drunk drivers who kill someone.

  7. Yea, you would probably vote to replace him with Matt Blevin, a true American hero and sore loser in Kentucky, who would just go ahead and pardon him. Repubs are so much more righteous.

  8. “I respect and understand the reasons why Rod and Lois Houser’s family do not want Wilson released at this time and my thoughts are with them as they process this news,” he wrote.
    How does he respect them? Just how? And how are his thoughts with them? These words mean absolutely nothing. I don’t believe there is any respect or understanding of this family’s concern or suffering.

  9. Also, What better does a convicted murderer have to do in prison but spend his time to convince people to let him out? What, he seems like a nice guy now? It’s okay to do a brutal murder if he promises to behave now he can go? Murderers from now on should just get a “Time out” maybe? So they can consider what they have done and try and do better on a “do over”. Seems that the best thing would be to go ahead and be rehabilitated and stay in prison. Maybe help some kids from there or something.

  10. I remember this being in the news. I was 36 at the time. Not hard to forget the brutality that happened because back then people just didn’t do stuff like that around here. Apparently they are overlooking what these two scumbags did to the couple BEFORE and AFTER they murdered them. It takes a sick minded person to do what they did. It wasn’t just some dumb teenager pulling some stupid act. This was planned.

  11. I rarely write responses to these things but this can only be described as a gross miscarriage of justice. The details of the crime- not to mention common sense- override ANY interpretation of policies which allow this person to be free to roam amongst law abiding citizens who have a reasonable expectation that the criminal justice system should, at the very least, provide society with mitigation of threats to its safety.

  12. We need television stations to quit protecting people like him. He’s big enough boy to make these sort of moves and claims and statements he’s big enough boy to face us all. The part where he made the claim it was time for him to uphold his end of the deal to the perpetrator really pissed me off. That means this early release was predetermined

    You need to take us seriously mr. D A man

    1. I’m so sorry for the family having to relive all of this again. None of them should have lived to see another day. If they were an animal & killed someone they’d be put down. I for one believe an eye for an eye. That is what the death penalty is for. OH BUT WAIT! The stinking liberal governors of this state don’t believe in the vote of the people. Sickening

  13. I remember when this happened, word traveled fast in a small community and people were saying Houser was begging for his life while he was repeatedly shot by this monster. I wonder if Wilson understands compassion or what it must feel like to be shot 20 times while begging for your life? I would think anyone who did this and somehow developed the ability to feel compassion wouldn’t want to be released at all. Remember this isn’t someone who accidentally backed over someone in his car after a few beers and feel’s remorse, this wasn’t someone mistakenly defending themselves either. This was clear and extremely deliberate, heartless, cold and evil.

  14. John Hummel is DA in name only. He has never personally tried a major case, never a murder and his involvement in the murders of Rod and Lois Houser has been to try to expedite their murderers’ release. He’s tried to help Guzek’s team and despite never speaking to the victims’ family, Hummel claims to have read “all the transcripts,” yet he ambushed the Houser family last month by announcing his support for the immediate release of Mark Wilson, who personally shot Rod Houser over 20 times. Wilson got a 40 year sentence, on the agreement that he testify in court against Guzek. He did in the first trial in 1988, then refused in the trials in 1991 and 1997, and finally testified in 2010 only after being warned by the Parole Board he might not get out if he continued to refuse to testify, as he originally agreed.
    In 2010 at Guzek’s last Trial Wilson did everything possible to prevent (unsuccessfully) a dark sentence for ringleader Guzek. Hummel knows nothing about the case other than what the killer told him. Voters should remember Hummel lies and betrayal of the victims.
    I tried Guzek three times in 1991, 1997 and 2010.

        1. We asked him to explain his decision, he did. You don’t like his explanation. What would you have us ask him? Reminds me of folks who think if we berate any elected official they’ll break down and reveal… I don’t know what.

          1. Ask him to explain why he showed the family so little respect and professionalism by not talking to any of us and explaining his position. That would be an appropriate question.

  15. The more I see this article the more I have an issue with the headline. “Family attacks”. This is just wrong. Makes the family look like they are the aggressors, and Wilson & Hummel are victims. Wrong!!!! The Housers’ family is defending their right to have justice for their family. Wilson was the aggressor that brutally murdered their family members. Hummel is trying to destroy, and take away, their right to justice. The court told them Wilson would have to serve at least 40 years. Now this weak DA is ignoring that promise, and, making the murderer seem the victim that ‘deserves’ to be set free because he has put on the front to appear as a good guy. Wrong!!! Just Wrong!!!!

  16. There is no way to determine how someone who commits such a violent crime like this at such a young age is going to act on the outside. He’s been in prison from a young age. I hope Hummel doesn’t think he should be released to Central Oregon thinking his life his going to be fine. I also hope he doesn’t plan to give him a new identity.

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