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Police: Vancouver homeowner shoots, kills burglar

Vancouver intruder shot killed by homeowner 2-13
Police on scene of fatal shooting in Vancouver, Wash.

VANCOUVER, Wash. (AP) — Authorities say a man was shot and killed by a homeowner Thursday night while he was breaking into a home in Vancouver, Washington.

Police responded about 10:20 p.m. Thursday to the 600 block of SE Beach Drive.

Police said they got reports that an unknown man broke into a family’s home while they were inside. The homeowner confronted the suspected burglar with a gun, eventually shooting and killing him.

The suspected burglar was pronounced dead at the scene. The homeowner and his family were not injured. An investigation continues.

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  1. Sorry the homeowner had to use lethal force.

    Proof once again the Second Amendment ain’t about hunting. Glad the homeowner was prepared to protect himself and his loved ones.

  2. This situation brings a saying to mind that many don’t understand but should. “I don’t carry because I hate what is in front of me, I carry because I love what is behind me.”

  3. Total bull. You have every right within the law to shoot someone charging at you. There is nobody that is “unarmed.” You can end a life with a punch with the right technique. Good job homeowner. Luckily he was armed and had access to his weapon or else this story could have ended much differently. Somebody willing to break in and than charge at someone would have eventually hurt someone or their family had this not happened on this occasion. Good riddance.

  4. look at all the cheerleaders – yea, by all appearances a thief and a home invader – think about the guy who fired on him – he’s probably not feeling too good right now – all y’all are posting about yourself and your fantasies – that’s not real life

    1. He probably doesn’t feel great about having to kill someone, but I bet he feels
      really good because he was able to eliminate the threat and protect his family…
      It’s not cheer leading but anyone that breaks into another persons home while someone is there, deserves exactly what this guy got…

  5. No cheerleading involved or needed. I am just glad it turned out the way it did versus the alternative of an innocent family suffering a trajectory loss. Having access to a defensive firearm is not a fantasy, obviously since we are discussing something that actually took place and will continue to do so.

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