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PD: Bend Uber driver used stun gun, pepper spray, baton on drunken assailant

Deschutes County Jail
Mark Mastalir

Suspect arrested, jailed, later released

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- A Bend Uber driver fought off an attacking, intoxicated passenger with pepper spray, a handheld stun gun and a collapsible baton late Saturday night, leading to the man’s arrest on kidnap, assault and other charges, Deschutes County sheriff’s deputies said.

County 911 received a call shortly before midnight from an Uber driver reporting she had just been attacked in her car by a passenger, Sgt. James McLaughlin said.

Several deputies responded to the area of Gateway Loop and Skyline Ranch Road in southwest Bend, where the alleged victim was waiting.

McLaughlin said the driver told deputies she was transporting an intoxicated male, later identified as Mark Mastalir, 52, of Bend, to a home on Skyline Ranch Road. The passenger did not give a specific address on the road, only a general area, and that he would give a specific address when they were close, the sergeant said.

While en route, she said Mastalir attacked her by pulling her hair and grabbing her right arm, causing her to swerve her car dangerously into oncoming traffic and onto the road shoulder, McLaughlin said.

Mastalir allegedly continued attacking the driver after she stopped her car. As both got out, Mastalir began to slam the driver’s head off the asphalt road, she told deputies.

The driver successfully fought off Mastalir’s assault with the use of pepper spray, a handheld stun gun and a collapsible baton, McLaughlin said. Bend Fire medics treated the woman at the scene and she was taken to St. Charles Bend by personal vehicle.

Deputies quickly found Mastalir near the scene and took him into custody, McLaughlin said the suspect suffered severe cuts to his head and was treated by medics on scene, then taken to the hospital for further treatment.

Upon his release, Mastalir was booked into the county jail on charges of second-degree kidnapping, second-degree assault, unlawful use of a weapon, coercion, menacing, reckless endangering, first-degree criminal mischief and resisting arrest.

Mastalir was booked into the county jail around 3 a.m. and released shortly before 9 a.m. after posting 10% of his $145,000 bail, a jail officer said.

Barney Lerten

Barney is the digital content director for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Barney here.



    1. Nope no way… I don’t want anything to do with them as a rider or a driver.
      Sure a lot of people are fine, but it only takes one bad one to really ruin your day.
      It’s also the reason why I won’t even bother with sprays, stun guns and other devices.
      If I’m in a really bad situation, I’m not going to play the process of elimination game.
      I’m going to use something that will actually get someones attention and end the situation…

      1. bla, bla, bla – you guys have nothing to say about the piece of work that attacked someone who is probably just trying to make a living – go stroke your gun

      2. i’m with you on that one, she is a very lucky lady the attacker was intoxicated. obviously the lady did pretty good fending for herself, but a real predator she would have been very fortunate to get 1 weapon out. pepper spray and stun guns don’t work on everyone, batons only work if you can get a swing in. her having a gun as well would give her that much better chance if the poor thing decides she’s going to continue with that line of work.

    1. Good on the driver? On what alternate universe would a woman in her right mind even consider picking up a random stranger in an Uber without any knowledge of where the random stranger wanted to go or be dropped off. I’d call it a near deadly mistake that she’s lucky to have gotten out of.

      1. If a woman is working for Uber & using the App, then its not possible to pick up a fare without any knowledge of where the random stranger wanted to go or be dropped off. The App used by drivers will not allow it.

    2. No. Completely wrong. Any regressive gun kook will tell you that the driver should’ve had multiple weapons locked, loaded and accesable. Driver is totally to blame for not being a rough and ready gun kook! Guns make us all safer. We need more guns, just ask the national redneck association. They truly care for Americans not gun makers. I’m sure of it.
      I carry tons of loaded guns so I’m fine saving money with Uber!!

      1. You don’t seem to know how clueless you are but let me try to give you a little help. Uber strictly prohibits their drivers from carrying guns. End of story. Nice try though. It was the drivers fault for picking this person up without a destination. Uber drivers are supposed to know where they are going before giving the ride. This has nothing to do with guns or should she have had a gun, that was not an option, old man.

        1. That’s right. It also prohibits them from diving passengers “off the books” & the software used on the Uber driver app requires a location, not a “general area” this story stinks!!!


          I am referring to the story, not the reporting.

  1. Teetotalin’ is not near as bad as you’ve imagined, Mark. In your case it’ll save your life since you’ll never be a “social drinker .”

    1. The 8th Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America. To your point though, I think this guy is a flight risk because according to sources, he lives in San Francisco. He also seems like he could be a threat to others and this should also be considered a “severe” crime. My guess is they gave him what they thought was a high enough bail to where he could not post it but he did… In my opinion, this guy should have gotten a million dollar bail.

      1. Fake news!! From the published article-

        “an intoxicated male, later identified as Mark Mastalir, 52, of Bend” More disinformation from another Ruskie troll!!!

  2. Wierd! I ride uber when I travel and I am not aware of being able to request a ride to a “General” area. And from a quick perusal of Uber P&P for its driver, do so of the books is against their policy.

    I think we will hear more about this…

  3. Hat’s off to the Uber Driver This guy needs to spend about a year in the Gray Bar Hotel & get 3 hot’s & a Cot Glad she did what she did Hat’s off to her

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