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DCSO seeking whoever abandoned malnourished horse west of Bend

Abandoned horse DCSO
Deschutes County Sheriff's Office
Horse found abandoned, tied to tree between Bend and Sisters has been named Silver Moon by sheriff's deputies

(Update: More info; horse may have been stolen in Klamath County)

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- The Deschutes County Sheriff's Office sought the public's help Wednesday in finding whoever abandoned a malnourished horse between Bend and Sisters late last month.

The filly, named Silver Moon by the sheriff's office, was found tied to a tree near Peterson Ridge Road and Trout Lane on the morning of Thursday, April 23 by a nearby homeowner. who reported it to deputies.

She is being cared for at the Sheriff's Office Rescue Ranch in Bend, deputies said.

"There are many possibilities of how Silver Moon came to be found where she was," the sheriff's office said in an update posted to its Facebook page. "We will follow up on any leads or information we receive and do our very best to determine how this happened."

Deputies in a later update said they were "following up on the information that she was stolen out of Klamath County."

They also shared that the filly scored a 2 on the Henneke horse body scoring system when she arrived at the rescue ranch and noted one photo showed Silver Moon tied to the tree and the others were taken very recently, more than a month later.

The sheriff's office thanked the public for its offers to support care for the horse and said they would advise if there's anything she needs that they can't provide.

"We serve an amazing community," they wrote, "and we are very thankful for your support."

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  1. This behavior infuriates me to no end… How can anyone look at that face and not
    fall in love with this horse ?
    I will never understand how a human being could tie this horse up, or any animal for that matter, and walk away, knowing that they would never return for it.
    They could have had the decency to notify one of the local agencies that could come and rescue this poor horse if they could no longer care for it. Instead they chose to let the animal suffer for who knows how long, and then left it to continue suffering.

  2. If you dont want a horse anymore just give it away. If you want to abandon it like that dont tie it to a tree to starve it to death, just turn it lose. Someone will find it but in the mean time at least it can forage for food. When people do it this way its on purpose. They want the animal to die.

  3. The possibility that the horse was stolen adds more questions. Was the horse stolen because it was malnourished and being neglected ? Doubtful. All they would have had to do is report the
    owners. Why would someone go to the effort and risk to steal a horse that was healthy, and then neglect it, and leave it to die ?
    Back in the good ol days they had a way of dealing with people that stole livestock.
    Sadly in our current liberal, pacifist society, they would just get a slap on the wrist and told not to do it again…

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