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Texas man charged with hammer attack on federal officer at Portland protest

Portland hammer attack GAINES, JACOB MICHAEL
U.S. Attorney's Office; Multnomah County Jail
Jacob Gaines faces federal charge in alleged hammer attack on deputy U.S. marshal

PORTLAND, Ore. (KTVZ) — U.S. Attorney Billy J. Williams said Monday that a Texas man has been charged with assaulting a U.S. Marshals Service deputy with a construction hammer during weekend protests at the Mark O. Hatfield U.S. Courthouse in downtown Portland.

Jacob Michael Gaines, 23, a Texas man currently residing in a recreational vehicle in Portland, has been charged by criminal complaint with one count of assaulting a federal officer.

According to court documents, at approximately 1 a.m. on Saturday, Gaines was observed using a hammer to damage a barricaded entrance at the Hatfield Federal Courthouse.

At the time, federal law enforcement personnel were staged inside the courthouse to protect the facility and respond to incidents. Law enforcement attempted to exit the courthouse to prevent Gaines from breaching the barricaded entrance.

While attempting to detain him, Gaines struck a U.S. Marshals Service deputy three times with the hammer, Williams said. The deputy deflected the blows to prevent serious injury, but in the process was struck in the left shoulder, lower neck and upper back.

While being struck, the deputy managed to hold onto Gaines while other officers handcuffed him and placed him under arrest.

Gaines made his initial appearance in federal court Monday before a U.S. Magistrate Judge and was released pending further proceedings.

The case is being investigated by the U.S. Marshals Service and Federal Protective Service. It is being prosecuted by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Oregon.

For several weeks, the Hatfield Federal Courthouse has been a repeated target of vandalism during evening protests and riots, sustaining extensive damage.

U.S. Marshals Service deputies and officers from the Federal Protective Service, Homeland Security Investigations, and U.S. Customs and Border Protection working to protect the courthouse have been subjected to nightly threats and assaults from demonstrators while performing their duties.

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    1. Proof of his political leanings beyond being a violent fool please. I doubt that he’s a card-carrying Democrat from Texas, but stranger things have happened. Whatever he professes to be, he deserves using his hammer on a rockpile somewhere, along with everyone else who believes violence is a Constitutional right.

      1. No way is this guy a Republican. If anyone arrested for these riots claimed to be a Republican the bias news networks would be all over it. More is said without any coverage, than is spoken. These are your people, this is what you want in Washington DC. Have you heard a single word from any of your hero Democrats wanting these riots to end? Crickets. Trump might be bad, but our nation run by politicians that accept this type of behavior is far worse. Go to Portland and cheer on your team, they will be at it again tonight.

          1. Prejudices?? Really?? You said “I doubt that he’s a card-carrying Democrat from Texas, but stranger things have happened” Is that a prejudice? Texas only has redneck Republicans? I live in Oregon, a pathetically liberal state, and here I am a Republican. There are a lot more Democrats here in Oregon, and look how they are taking care of our state. These people in Portland riots are not Trump supporters, what does that make them? We both agree on the fact that this guy should be busting rocks with that hammer for at least 5-10 years. Violence is not a constitutional right, either are riots.

            1. Anyone who protests against that orange sleazebag {his personal life history proves this) cares more about America than anyone who supports him. Now this clown, whatever he is, at least we know where he’ll be for the next 10 to 20.

            2. No, it isn’t prejudice. I’m specifically expressing doubt but leaving it open for further facts to come forth. And you should also note that I did not state he was or was not a Dump supporter, although you state that he and his fellow rioters were not. You are the one who lacks the facts to support your statement, relying on your prejudices.

    2. Probably buddies with “crazy ben carson” as big fat lyin donnie called him during the republican primaries in 2015. And then of course appointed him secretary of H.U.D. !!!! ROTFLMAO!!!!
      Sooooooooooo much whining!!!!
      Golf and whore anyone!!! trump / putin 2020!! LYING-DENYING and DYING!!!!

      1. Festering Hemorrhoids,
        Speaking of fat, it sure looks like your buddy Jacob pictured in the photo could use a low calorie diet just like the rest of your fat slob progressive buddies.
        Your dirt bag buddy Jacob will hopefully get years behind bars and perhaps a little excercise?

  1. Another fine Peaceful Marxist. It doesn’t look like he has missed any Oregon taxpayer funded meals. I would send him to prison for 15 years and have him use that pretty new hammer to bust some big rocks into small rocks. All you leftist hacks out there wanting to comment… this is your fat baby boy.

    1. Should they do the same to “crazy ben carson” big fat lyin donnie’s appointee to secreatary of HUD!!!
      Soooooo much losing!!!! ROTFLMAO!!!!
      golf and a whore anyone!!! trump / putin 2020!!! DENYING-LYING and DYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I don’t hear Kate, Tina, Wheeler or Wyden condemning this attack. Why is that? Surely we can all be non partisan and say this is unacceptable???

    1. This does fit the agenda so it will be swept under the rug, so to speak. Most likely he was given fuel money to leave town for a few days, look for him in Seattle next.

  3. I i can repeatedly smash a federal cop with a 5 pound hammer…and I’m only gonna get charged with assaulting one. and not with attempted murder or use of a deadly weapon on an officer or any other serious crime? Boy it sure pays to be an out-of-state kate supporter. Funny how all the haters on here flipped out about the proud boys coming in from out-of-state, and protesting WITH PROPER PERMITS, will say nothing about the texas fatty

  4. BYOH to the peaceful protest. Who brings a hammer with them, and does not plan on inflicting some damage. They need to look into how a guy from Texas ends up rioting in Portland. What organization paid his travel up there? That is the root of this problem.

  5. Funny how KTVZ and Barney are going out of their way not to label this guy as a protester when he obviously was one. Instead using “at a protest” and highlighting that he is from Texas in order to try to convince you he wasn’t a protester.

    1. He was not a “protestor” by any strech of the word, he is nothing but a criminal who attempted to kill a law enforcement officer. To bad he survived, DB of no use to society.

      1. Barney can only cut and paste CNN articles, and can only give an opinion on these blogs, which are very liberal, and protect CNN/KTVZ. He’s no different than us on here, he has an opinion.

        1. We don’t ‘cut and paste” the national news content – like AP’s national content, it’s an automated feed. (We do some ‘cutting and pasting’ of the state regional AP wire, for technical reasons, and often add additional content, such as the source news releases etc.)

            1. No, sorry. I don’t even believe Fox – and we are a Fox affiliate as well, we run numerous Fox News pieces on our newscasts – offers a similar national news wire service to its affiliates. NBC only offers a video service, not text.

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