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C.O. Drug Enforcement Team arrests alleged Bend meth dealer

Bend meth bust GINN, JIMMIE
C.O. Drug Enforcement Team; Deschutes County Jail
Central Oregon Drug Enforcement Team stopped, arrested Jimmie Jinn, says they found 1.2 lbs. of meth, cash in SUV

Finds 1.2 pounds of drug, 'large sum' of cash in SUV after traffic stop

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) – A Bend man who police say was hitting the road and returning with large quantities of methamphetamine to sell was arrested in a traffic stop that yielded 1.2 pounds of the drug and a large sum of cash, drug agents said Monday.

Central Oregon Drug Enforcement Team agents, assisted by Bend police, wrapped up a short investigation when they stopped Jimmie Ray Ginn’s Dodge Durango and arrested him around 6 p.m. Friday at Highway 97 and Grandview Drive, CODE Team Lt. Ken Mannix said.

Police surveillance teams were monitoring Ginn’s travels on Friday, which included witnessing him conducting drug sales, Mannix said.

A search of the SUV turned up the meth, some individually packaged for sale and concealed, the rest hidden in the engine compartment, the lieutenant said. The drug team also found the large sum of cash and other evidence of drug sales and distribution.

Ginn was taken to the Deschutes County Jail on drug possession, manufacturing and distribution charges. He was being held on $500,000 bail after an initial court appearance Monday and is due back in court next Monday for arraignment on an expected formal indictment.

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  1. Grandview Drive is on the north end of town. He must have been heading to Redmond. Bend doesn’t have this type of crime. Bend should not have been mentioned in this story.

    1. What? Bend has a history of this type of crime decades in the making. Almost world famous…

      Oh I get it, wink. wink. nudge. nudge.
      “The median price for a single-family home in Bend …. $529,000,”
      -coughed self depreciatingly.
      Your a property owner, no need to say more, I think any sensitive individual understands your meaning.

  2. Dear police officers. When you tell us to the gram how much meth he had, but state a “Large sum” of money was found, this does not build trust. Those that follow this debacle know that cash keeps many of you guys going in this business. It is corrupt. To the good cops, you need to speak up. How hard would it have been to counted the cash while you weighed the meth? Trust is earned.

  3. And people are worried about legal, regulated and taxed cannabis farming and processing.

    That 1.2 pounds of meth is just a drop in the bucket of the meth supply in this tweaker paradise.

  4. My calibrated eyeball guess-timated about $2K. Granted, “large” is relative, but berating the police for not giving you the exact amount is disingenuous. Perhaps the story writer forgot to ask what a “large sum” meant. Perhaps the dealer recently purchased the stash. The story also does not mention the street value what was recovered. Is that also a problem? Since the missing details could be oversight or failure to ask the right question(s) on the part of the reporter, I hardly lose trust or attribute any corruption toward the police. The caught the guy red handed and removed this garbage from the streets.

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