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Bend man with several airsoft guns arrested in downtown parking garage

Concerned citizen brought police to scene

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) – A 911 caller’s report of a man in the city of Bend’s downtown parking garage armed with three guns Thursday night brought police to the scene, closed the structure and led to a Bend man’s arrest as officers collected several airsoft replica guns in his possession, police said.

A citizen called Deschutes County 911 around 8:30 p.m. to report seeing the man with guns in the Centennial Parking Plaza on Northwest Oregon Avenue, Bend police Corporal Jeff Frickey said.

The caller said the man had a handgun, was assembling a rifle and had another gun of some kind. Frickey said the man was sitting on the ground between two vehicles, with body armor on the ground next to him, and was looking out in an area of downtown bars.

Officers rushed to the area and found the man on the third floor of the parking garage that matched the caller’s description Frickey said. At one point, officers said he placed a gas mask around his neck, as if to access it quickly.

Officers quickly closed public access to the garage and people were diverted away from the area, the corporal said.

Once more officers arrived on scene, the subject was directed to show his hands and comply with the officers. He was contacted and detained with the help of K-9 Rony and partner, Officer Victor Umnitz. Frickey said the man was not bitten or injured and cooperated with officers.

Officers found several airsoft-type firearms, replica guns used in sporting events, all black in color and very closely resembling “live” guns, Frickey said.

The 38-year-old Bend man was taken to the Deschutes County Jail on a charge of disorderly conduct. Police collected all of the firearms and other items, and reopened access to the parking garage.

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  1. I was not aware that it was illegal to carry airsoft / toy guns in public. Disorderly conduct charges for that? I wonder if it will stick in court.
    And “airsoft-type firearms” is kind of a silly expression since the projectile is not propelled by combustion.

    1. i’m sure they dont have any intension of making it stick in court. it sounds like a charge a concerned officer would give to someone they want evaluated mentally.

    1. You either violated the TOS- or your over-use of on-screen name-changes has worn thin !

      Cmon people- “one” handle- and stick with it- for better or worse- yer not fooling anyone ! Right DB- Bison- Martha- Miss Elly- EDDY !!!

  2. I hope we get a followup on this. There is too much weird here.
    Body armor gas mask – maybe a trial run for a real attack?
    Airsoft guns are not a firearm, and only a danger to the owner.
    Good way to get killed if the police think it is real.

  3. Was wondering the same thing about airsoft guns. O K so someone got scared when they saw them. So then the guy gets arrested? Really???? WTF! Very bad reporting by Z21 once again. Please come back with a follow-up when you have all the facts!

    1. that the arrest was made is a fact. There is a differnece between descret open carry of a firearm and the brandishing of a firearm or somthing that looks EXACTLY like one. Walking around downtown and getting coffee & such while open carrying 1911 in a proper holster is musch different than doing the same with an AR 15 or replica in your hands while wearing a gas mask. It’s about one’s conduct.

  4. Yeah the guy deserved to be arrested….what bothers me is why not arrest these bums laying around town sitting in piles of garbage, shooting up heroin in broad daylight, “camping” on the sides and below highway and parkway, parking their trashed trailers all over the city streets while draining waste and gray water down the street while a noisy, fumy, generator runs in the back, sitting in a broken lawn chair half way out in the street flipping off and yelling profanities at traffic driving by.

  5. Whoever wrote this up calling them “Firearms” is an idiot. They do not even come close to meeting the definition of “Firearms”. But then again…..the same people think the leftists professing to come to our neighborhoods and burn us out don’t exist, and an ARSONIST is just a poor mental instability case with matches that got cold….get ’em some help and cover it up by denying it and saying it doesn’t exist and is only an idea. That’ll fix everything

    1. You are so stupid that it would be painful if anyone ever gave a damn about what you said. Go arm yourself! George Soros has given us our orders! We’re coming to eat your babies! We have a can of soup with your name on it! Moron.

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