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Warm Springs police chief: Despite M. 110, reservation will still enforce drug laws

Warm Springs Police car

Chief Bill Elliott says they 'will not tolerate even casual drug abuse'

WARM SPRINGS, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Despite Oregon voters' approval of Measure 110, to decriminalize hard drugs, Warm Springs police won't adopt that policy and will enforce drug laws on the reservation, Police Chief Bill Elliott said Wednesday.

Here's Elliott's full statement, issued Wednesday afternoon:

"The Warm Springs Tribal Police Department wants to notify the public that even though new laws will be coming into effect in the State of Oregon regarding the possession of controlled substances, on lands that are under the jurisdiction of the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs (CTWS) the current tribal and federal drug statutes will remain in effect within this jurisdiction.

"The WSTPD will continue to vigorously enforce these laws, which in turn could subject violators to federal criminal prosecution, and/or civil process within the power of the tribe that could lead to the loss of property, such as vehicles, used in commission of these offenses. We hope that the public take these facts into consideration if they intent to be in possession of any amount of controlled substances while coming onto, or transiting through the Warm Springs Indian Reservation.

"Even though the Warm Springs community and government embraces prevention, intervention, and rehabilitation as the ultimate means of bringing about a drug safe environment, it also strongly believes in the rule of law as part of its governmental doctrine.

"As such, the WSTPD continues to work closely with all facets of the drug abuse and mental health agencies operated by this tribe, but will not tolerate even casual drug abuse within its jurisdiction.

"If you would like further information about this matter, please feel free to contact Lt Josh Capehart at 541-553-1171, or Chief of Police Bill Elliott."

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    1. so, the people on the reservation are able to think for themselves because law enforcement tells them what is what? – your “political” proclivities cause you to write some really stupid shtuff

      1. Your right people should be able to choose for themselves. I bet crime goes down 500% now that it’s legal to be a drug addict. You know because drug addicts don’t break any other laws.

          1. Exactly tom, it makes sense that overall crime will drop if we stop wasting time on street drugs and focus on felonies instead, the stats are pretty clear on this

      2. No! Those of us that live on the REZ and are subject to Federal law. We also don’t pay state income tax for money we earn on Indian land.

        BTW we certainly respect law enforcement! What we don’t respect are white liberal elitists that think they know better than us what we will or won’t think!

      1. You SOB! You stole our land! The money we get from the US Government is from the trust that was created when we signed treaties with colonial bastards like you! You are a real slimy racist pile of filth! Come on up and visit little boy troll walking around in men’s underwear!

      1. I wouldn’t call it a butt-kicking! 6-3 SCOTUS!! No Senate means no packing! Except for the packing you will get tonight! Oh and let’s see, lost seats in the house as well, no gain in Governors, along with a real bad look attacking minorities that don’t “think” like you! The future is bright! And it ain’t going to be orange! ITS RED!

  1. M 110 should never have passed. Now that M 110 has passed law enforcement is no longer required to notify parents of their children being caught under the influence of drugs. You vote for that? If you did you have caused a lot of potential harm to our youth as well as addicts not being compelled to seek treatment.

    1. Crazy that parents won’t get notified. Such a dumb idea that will have massive side effects. Kitzhaber warned of this part of the law in Oct and the media just blew it off.

  2. Only dope users, dealers, and profiters voted yes for this measure. Watch the explosion of homeless drug users drift to Oregon now. I hope the cities are up for all the bum camps they are about to have, hopefully, the new influx of bums will head for Dopevill on the Willamette. Insurance rates will go up due to the auto issues with wrecks and uninsured drivers. Home insurance will go up due to all the thefts and burglaries. Health insurance will go up due to all the emergency room visits for bad drug issues. The cops will have to have cases of Narcan in their trunks to deal with all the new issues, free for the druggies on course. What is the next step, free drug exchange, and testing at the local labs?

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