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Crooked River Ranch man comes home to find $16,000 camp trailer gone

(Update: adding video, new details, comments from victim)

Mike Bedford says thieves were caught on his security cameras

CROOKED RIVER RANCH, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Mike Bedford left work early back on Feb. 9 to make sure he was home in time for the delivery of his brand-new telescope. He was worried it might get stolen, if he showed up too late.

When he arrived home, the telescope was indeed sitting on his doorstep, but something didn't feel right -- that's because his brand-new camp trailer was gone.

"It was one of those things where you do a double-take," Bedford told NewsChannel 21 Friday afternoon. "The first second, you're not actually sure what's missing, but you know something is wrong."

Bedford had just bought the 2020 Rockwood 1640 ESP for $16,000 as a surprise for his wife.

"It's got a lot of sentimental value, to both me and her," he said. "Especially the way things are going nowadays, it was money that we maybe couldn't afford, barely afford. It was a step out. To have that taken away, that's pretty brutal."

Fortunately, Bedford has security cameras that cover the front of his house. They appear to show the thieves who are responsible.

First, two people scoped out his house, with a clear view of their license plate. Then, after 22 minutes pass, they return -- with the license plate on their vehicle gone -- and leave with the trailer.

"To me, that was just bizarre beyond belief," Bedford said.

A few days later, things got even more bizarre.

Bedford said he was driving through downtown Redmond on Feb. 12, during his lunch break, when the same car he saw on camera pulled up next to him.

He ended up following the vehicle, even blocking it in at one point, but Redmond police told him to ease up. So that’s what he did.

"If hot blood had ruled that day, it could've ended a little bit differently,” Bedford said. “Which is a very sobering thought."

Bedford said he was more upset at the fact someone had trespassed onto his property than he was about losing the trailer.

That's why he hopes the people caught on camera will be brought to justice.

"This wasn't someone trying to feed their family,” Bedford said. “It was someone trying to line their pocket. So, yeah, I would like to see them prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”

Bedford said the trailer is insured, but he imagines he'll still take a financial hit from the deductible and depreciation on the trailer.

This experience has opened Bedford's eyes to new security measures he will take in the future.

"Probably a chain through the wheels and across the axle, with either logging chain or heavy cable. Make them work for it," Bedford said. "Anything we get in the future, we'll have a GPS tracker on it. There's monthly fees involved, but nothing like losing the amount of money that we lost off of this theft."

Bedford said he filed reports with the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office and Redmond Police Department. Both agencies told NewsChannel 21 Friday the investigation is ongoing, but neither would offer any updates.

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Max Goldwasser

Max Goldwasser is a reporter and producer for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Max here.



      1. Wow. I felt bad until I found out this is you. You have a nice life, and nice stuff, and a family… why do you have to be so angry and disgruntled all the time?

    1. covid-21, it is not about the trailer, it is about the hours out of these people’s lives to pay for it, hours they will never get back. Unlike you, it is something they worked to get and from your comment, I would guess you have no problems with thieves which leads me to lump you right in with them, a waste of skin and air. But, Hey, No worries, China Joe Obiden will fix everything!!!

    1. Yeah, I’m a conservative.
      So is my wife, a first gen American who served proudly during Desert Storm.
      We saved and scrimped for years to buy that trailer.
      I don’t think anyone should be robbed… you seem to think it depends on how you vote.

      1. Might want to read all the comments then before you spread your own version of intolerance. Maybe you should try to realize anyone who regularly politicize everything is prob full of hate… Sorry your lost your trailer, thieves suck. Don’t care what your political persuasion is or that your wife served. Many of us many have served and don’t claim that as some form of patriotic clout, You should not claim your wife’s. Claiming that you served for gain has started to smack of an entitlement for free social back slapping and handouts at this point. Hope you get your trailer back and the dirtbags get jail time.

        1. Thank you powers, I’m totally on board with you. But please don’t blame this young man for expecting gratitude. It seems, with such a large variance in our society and the more than welcomed gratitude for our veterans, it becomes easy to fall into a entitled mode if, a veteran has never experienced the opposite. I’m a Vietnam veteran, and for 20yrs after I got out, us veterans were hated and disrespected. I can’t begin to tell you what a joy it was to finally see the over abundance of gratitude coming from society after 20yrs. And to this day, because of that 20yrs of hate and disrespect, I am more humble to receive the gratitude that I am awarded each and every time. I don’t expect any free handouts, however I am very thankful for them. And it brings me great joy and pride to hear someone say thank you for your service.

      2. – what exactly does that label you give yourself “conservative” mean? – so far, your posts have never displayed your tendency to conserve anything – you promote the consumption of everything, as long as it’s you doing the consuming? – what exactly do you conserve?

        – of course no one should be robbed, it’s not ethical – whether it is a sneak thief in the night, or a billionaire fleecing millions in a “clean” way – it’s when we make distinctions to serve some weird ideological compulsion that the train goes off the tracks

        1. Good morning, Tia.
          Nice little rant. I’m not at all surprised to see you defending thieves.
          Nor am I surprised to see you struggle with the definition of “conservative”.
          When theft becomes a political issue instead of a community concern, things have really reached a low point.
          Thank you for illustrating what we already knew, that you are an idiot.

        1. They did, but couldn’t locate them on the side streets.
          Like I explained to KTVZ, I have great respect for law enforcement, and them asking me to back off was the correct call. Things could have escalated quickly, and I understand that public safety has to be their #1 priority.
          My wife and I did this story hoping the videos would help catch them.

      3. Remarkable restraint.
        I saw a person who had stolen a new expensive mtn. bike from me riding it many years ago when I was on the road and I wanted to run the gentleman down with my truck.
        The sheriff didn’t want to write the initial report on the theft and when I told him who did it they still weren’t too interested.
        I am still glad he lost me in traffic or I would have a criminal record for manslaughter today.
        I hate thieves.
        Used to hang horse thieves in more honest times, now we give them a nearly free pass to continue the lifestyle.
        Remarkable restraint.

        1. Thank you.
          I guess the years have mellowed me out a bit (with the help of an amazing wife 🙂
          I was armed at the time, as I later told the Redmond PD, and I have no regrets about following their orders to step back.
          Being a responsible gun owner often means knowing when NOT to use it.

          1. Um, why even bring this up? Whether concealed carry or at the house, a firearm is never for protecting material things. Your firearm is only for protecting yourself and your loved ones from life threatening physical harm. I carry every time I leave the house as well. Glad to hear you exercise your second amendment right, I hope you have a chl.

            1. Nonsense Snorze ! The only thing you “carry” is an ignorant attitude- a hash pipe and just under enough marijuana to stay out of trouble ! My concealment ends when you violate the law at my expense. Pollo chose to walk away- and that is his decision- I respect that. others might welcome the discussion with these two petty crooks ! I know I would- and the concealed wouldn’t be concealed very long- it would be open carry right from the opening line… “hey fellas- we need to talk” ! You’d be surprised at how many will just sit right down on the curb and wait till the police show up… and I’m speaking from experience when I say that making a citizens arrest is not that damn hard !————- (1)A private person may arrest another person for any crime committed in the presence of the private person if the private person has probable cause to believe the arrested person committed the crime. A private person making such an arrest shall, without unnecessary delay, take the arrested person before a magistrate or deliver the arrested person to a peace officer.————- (2)In order to make the arrest a private person may use physical force as is justifiable under ORS 161.255 (Use of physical force by private person making citizen’s arrest). [1973 c.836 §74] !!!

            2. I brought it up to illustrate that not all situations call for the use of a firearm, even when it’s readily available.
              Yes, we both are licensed. And I’m glad folks like you are legally armed as well.

      4. I thank your wife for her service! And so sorry your trailer was stolen. I applaud the fact that you are showing this video to try to catch the thieves. Too much of this selfishness is happening in our country these days. And it doesn’t matter whether you scrimped and saved to buy the trailer or you bought it with a paycheck, or even the stimulus check. It was your money to spend, and your choice to buy the trailer! So anyone that feels different about that, is either selfish, entitled, jealous or has no concept of the freedom we are supposed to have in our country… Which is to make our own choices! I hope they find these thieves. Too much crime including murder, and other crap going on in central Oregon, that the DA is not handling properly. So if they find them I hope they get punishment. But sadly I won’t hold my breath. It seems these days no matter what the crime, it is just catch and release.

          1. It took a little while, but the catering trailer stolen from the Black Bear Diner in Madras was recovered from the thieves in Sandy (?) with the help of ODOT trip cameras. Maybe they’ll find yours too.

      5. Why do you keep bringing up your wife’s military service? I was a volunteer fireman for a while. My wife leads international Christian mission trips. So what? Should people feel extra-bad if something bad happens to us too? What does that have to do with someone taking some brand-new year-old stuff out of your front yard? I would build a fence if I lived on the busiest road in the ranch, btw.

        1. “Why do you keep bringing up your wife’s military service?”
          Because I’m proud of my wife and what she’s done, Keyser.
          Odd how you chastise me, and then go on to applaud yourself.
          A fence has been a long time dream, great point.

    2. Gifts can have immediate sentimental values.
      So much for the ballyhooed empathy of D’s, eh Neuro?
      Really cool trailer, ELPV, hope you get it back and the thieves get caught.

      1. Thanks! We did a lot of tent camping, this was our first camper.
        Having lights and a fridge? Amazing!
        And you’re right, little setbacks like this really do showcase the mindset of liberals (as can be seen by some of the comments).

        1. Thanks, Bob.
          Once the insurance gets worked out, we’ll be back in the hills!
          The important thing to us is getting these thieves out of our community, hopefully someone out there knows them and contacts law enforcement.

        1. So people that read your hateful comments shouldn’t care if you, or any other
          Liberal have something stolen ? Liberals may not be the only ones that hate, but
          they have proven time and time again that they are very self-absorbed,
          self-serving, as well as having the delusion belief that they are
          morally superior to everyone else…

          1. Yeah, don’t care what you think! he brought politics into the thread, so whatever! I am realistic about morality whereas so many of you seem clueless about it! I mean trump was the most immoral leader we’ve ever had you and guys worship him! what does that say about you!

            1. My morals are just fine thank you, and while I voted for Trump, I certainly
              don’t worship him or any other politician from either party…
              Even if I did worship Trump, why would that be any different than liberals
              that continue to worship Obama, the most unpatriotic President this country has ever had ?
              At least Trump didn’t sit on his butt and refuse to send help to Americans that were being killed…

              1. Trump sat on his butt and refused to acknowledge a pandemic that will end up killing over half a million Americans through incompetence and reliance on magical thinking. BTW, never has our country ever come so close to losing its democracy than through Trump’s lies and actions. It doesn’t get any more unpatriotic than that.

            2. Another lie from you, how shocking.
              I did not bring politics into this. The point of the story was to catch thieves and remind folks to secure their property.
              Even you, Ever Trumper.

          2. By self-absorbed and self-serving, you mean liberals want everyone else to have a living wage, and everyone else to have health care, and everyone else to have the right to vote, and everyone else the right to be paid enough to live, and everyone else the have a clean environment, and everyone else the right to get married…
            Yeah, we sound pretty self-serving and hateful. Moral superiority is in the eye of the beholder, but I wouldn’t want to be arguing that point right now if I was in the party of insurrection and conspiracy and bankrupt casino owners. But you be you.

            1. Keyser Sozy, a few things…. We all have the right to vote, we have healthcare, a pretty clean environment, especially compared to China and India, and the right to be paid enough to live…but, with rights, come responsibilities.

              Americans are responsible for themselves and their behavior. If they want to earn more than they can get at an entry level job, then THEY are responsible to achieve that, through hard work, ambition, good decisions, education or training. It is not the job of government to subsidize people who choose to not better themselves through the avenues above, unless they are mentally ill or deficient in some way, and cannot fend for themselves. Those people are entitled to government help. Others, who are content to stay in entry-level, part-time jobs forever are not entitled to that government help. We are not passive humans that life just happens to; we have brains and are expected to fend for ourselves, if able. Same with health insurance. If you do not have it, then you need to take action to get it. Contrary to what some believe, Obama care still exists, as do state and federal programs, like Medicare and Medicaid. If one has a life threatening emergency or illness,even illegal aliens have access to ERs, who will give proper care.

              Also, I, for the life of me, cannot figure out why people think they do not have a right to vote!?! It is in the Constitution, for cripe’s sake!!

              Lastly, I cannot get over how mean most of the commentators are on here! I see lack of empathy, because this victim has an asset purchased with his own discretionary income, and maybe you do not! I see people attacking the victim, even though he has been victimized by the thieves AND the Redmond Police, like he deserves that! I also see people judging whether he is entitled to be upset and spread his message, based on past postings by him! What is wrong with you people!? All of you who posted unhelpful and/or negative comments should be ashamed of yourselves and just be quiet! You are all better than that, and you are contributing to the conversion of our society from a polite one, to a despicable, rude, intolerant, impolite one. Just because you are not face to face communicating does not mean you are entitled to be mean. We need more kindness, NOT more petty meanness. Whatever happened to the edict that if you cannot say anything nice, don’t say anything at all!?! Grow up, people!!!

              1. You have the right to vote because you live in Oregon, a blue state.
                You have health care because your job gives it to you, otherwise you would never be able to afford it.
                I’ve been to India and China, I am well aware of the differences. If you want to talk about clean water, go to Flint Michigan and let’s talk. If you want to talk about clean air, go to Garden City Kansas (20k people and 100k cows with 3 cow killing plants running 24-7, the smell is unbelievable).
                So many people in America work much harder than you and don’t get ahead.
                Voting is conveniently not clearly spelled out in the US constitution, which is why many states make it so difficult to vote.
                Lastly, this guy is a tool. We all know him too well, and the fact that something unfortunate happened to him is not cause for us to all suddenly ‘unite’ and sing Kumbaya. He’s one of the most hateful people on this platform, and exactly zero people actually care if his insurance company inevitably screws him over like you know they probably will. Being kind to horrible people is for Buddhist monks; the rest of us think mean people suck.
                But hey, welcome to the ktvz comment section. I hope you will be a force for good, and not a MAGA cult member like most of these ‘very fine people’. Stay safe.

        2. What is hateful about saying he hopes that these get caught? He didn’t say he hopes they get killed! So someone being punished for crimes is hateful?

      1. I’m thinking isn’t a liberal issue as much as people like to stir things up. Which mostly has become very inappropriate and changes how we treat each other.
        Example, this is a human interest story, maybe can help the thieves be caught, remind us to use security around our possessions, and more. This story had me better securing our motorcycles. For this I am grateful. Honest people sometimes forget others aren’t.
        I’m sorry about the camper. I’m sorry about the personal comments/attacks. I hope they catch the thieves and I hope you are able to get the trailer back in ok shape or get another one without a huge out of pocket expense.

        1. Thanks, RR, and that was a big part of why we asked KTVZ to run the story.
          Not just to catch the thieves (I hope folks out there recognize the people and the Jeep), but also as a reminder to secure your belongings.
          Happy riding!

      2. I support all your other comments but not so much this one. Liberals hate no more than conservatives. Unfortunately a good number of “people” across all spectrums who post are just trolls with nothing better to do than make speculative judgements they know nothing about. Sorry about the theft, some people just suck.

        1. If you look, I was only responding to the hate Dave.
          You are 100% right, this is not about politics. Scroll through the posts and see who kicked that ball… it certainly wasn’t me, but I will defend myself.

      3. Saving up for something special and having it stolen sucks. Thief’s are the most annoying kind of person. I imagine you and your wife were having fun planning all the fun trips and places you would go in that new trailer. Hope you get your trailer back and have fun camping in it. Oh, I’m liberal and a veteran, and I don’t hate.

        1. We hope to meet you out in the sticks this year, gotrailgo.
          Thank you for your service, and I’ll let you in on a little tidbit… we have many liberal friends.
          My apologies for using such a broad brush, maybe some day I can buy you the beverage of your choice and we can enjoy the finer details of humanity.
          At least our telescope avoided being pinched. Looking at the sky tends to put all our petty differences into perspective.

      4. 1. Thieves suck, no matter the victim. I’m sorry that happened.
        2. Thanks to your wife for her service, and to you. Married to someone in the service has its own challenges.
        3. You lose me with your “liberals” comment. I’m not an extreme liberal, but I support some of what people to my right would call “liberalism.” I don’t “hate” conservatives or their views, despite the demonstrable harm they have caused recently. Hope you get your trailer back, but hope more that you can think about a more balanced approach to people with different opinions than yours.

        1. Much appreciated, evenkeeled.
          I’ll again apologize for the broad brush, it was aimed at those attacking me and my family.
          Nothing about this crime was about politics, my comment was solely intended for the minority of people who loved the idea that conservatives were ripped off.
          Thieves are thieves, better to not have them in our community.

      5. With your above comment, it appears you, a self proclaimed conservative, also knows hate. Let’s be honest, people in both political parties can be rude, hateful, and downright disgusting human beings. People in both parties can be kind, generous, and all around amazing human beings. Do you really believe that “liberals only know hate?” I’d really like to hear your answer.
        So many people that make comments on KTVZ have similar attitudes, not just about political parties but……let’s just say hate and severe judgement runs strong here. In another comment you mentioned the “mindset of liberals,” which is like the pot calling the kettle black. Oh, before you label me, I’m registered as an independent. I do hope your trailer is found and it’s in the same condition it was prior to being stolen. Those 2 men? Prosecute to the fullest.

        1. No hate here, pnwldy.
          Well, maybe a little… for the thieves.
          I never injected politics into this, only responded to those who did.
          As a fellow independent,thank you for a great post.

            1. That was a top-notch misquote. Awesome job.
              As for the thieves you so like to defend: I know where I’d like them sent to, and at the risk of being repetitive it nowhere close to my driveway.

      1. About halfway through the video in this story you can see the vehicle.

        It’s white and the lower body trim is gray (or perhaps faded black). It also has silver cast aluminum wheels.

    1. Perfect. When morons like those posting their “you can’t touch me” comments to stories like this –

      Share with the world who the thieves might be –

      Thank you for your sacrifice and service serving our nation in time of war. I hope the trailer is recovered and/or is replaced.

      1. Many thanks, CardiacSpike.
        My wife has been floored by some of the negative feedback. All we want is justice. Your kind words put a smile on my wife’s face.

    2. Color? It’s easier to spot a vehicle by color, that way a person doesn’t have to look at all of the Grand Cherokees from that era, because there are a lot of them…
      I’m assuming that it’s an Oregon plate ?

      One of the easiest and cheapest ways to help secure your trailer is with a simple lock on the hitch lever, or you can get an actual heavy duty hitch lock that locks into the
      opening where the ball goes.
      They are easy to find locally and really good locks can be had for under $50.00,
      with very high quality locks being under $100.00…

      1. Sorry for that incomplete reply.
        Oregon plates, ZZA 754. Kind of a dirty grey color,, and black trim.
        Thanks for the security advice, we’re taking it to heart.

  1. The real story here… a complete failure by Redmond Police to nab these guys that Bedford says he had “blocked in” ! No comment from local police I guess ? In the meantime- anyone wondering what kind of money these union guys can make by poaching jobs in Prineville- where- here ya go… clearly mixed emotions here.

    1. That was my initial thought as well. Then I remember the times that I called police in similar situations. They will almost never respond to a property crime unless it appears someone is at physical risk. One time, I had my credit card number copied by a gas station cashier, who was part of a crime family that manufactured credit cards. Within 24 hours, they had made a card, and driven from Oregon to L.A. run up over $12,000 in charges. I called the police, told them I could name the station, describe the cashier, etc, and they just yawned and hung up. True story.

    2. You are 100% wrong.
      As I told Max (KTVZ reporter) the police have done a stellar job.
      I had them blocked in at CJ Printing (he was picking up a girl), and if not for the wisdom and professional disposition of our local heroes (read: cops) shots might have been fired.
      Redmond PD quite possibly kept me out of prison, and rightly put the safety of the community as top priority.
      I did have them blocked in, and thank God saner heads prevailed. Maybe now they can be caught, we’ll be camping this year, and folks will spend some extra time securing their property.
      I didn’t see you there, so maybe shutting up would be a good path for you to take?
      BTW, many thanks to KTVZ for airing this. I may not be the biggest fan of the cnn feeds, but as I’ve said before their local news is amazing.

        1. I will, Barney.
          Please pass it around that me and the Missus still consider KTVZ to be an awesome local outlet.
          Thank the team, they really knocked it out of the park.

      1. Really no need for me to “shut up”- my comments remain accurate- as BL has stated- “no comments” from the Police still stands- and I might add- no arrest. As for my Union jab- that too is a fair observation. I’m no fan of outsiders coming into our parts to poach jobs- ignore the local community- get all high and mighty with your false sense of entitlement. CO is a fairly small community- you never know who you might cross paths with out there.

        1. I didn’t see you there. So yeah, maybe you should shut up.
          The police made a good call to ensure public safety. Our camper is not worth people dying for.

          1. Safe to say you have no idea “where” I been. But I can tell ya- you wouldn’t be the first to ever look down the barrel of a loaded weapon during or after a robbery ! I respect your decision to serve in the armed forces- but there are many Americans who have served this country outside the military and have faced similar threats both at home and abroad- and have survived. Your politics don’t bother me either- you tend to swing both ways- but when you start the personal attacks or bullying- you can expect kick-back from me. As a tolerant traditionalist- I give free rein to address the issues- not the messengers.

            1. I’ve never served, where did you get that from?
              And **** on your “free rein”. I don’t need a weak-kneed, long winded keyboard cowboy granting me permission for anything.
              Your comment is rambling and has nothing to do with the story or the posts.
              Loved the quote marks.

              1. “I’ve never served”…. I consider family members of those that have enlisted to have also “served”… I’d love to hear your argument to the contrary… In any case I stand corrected !

  2. KInda makes you wonder if the cops are involved we need a full investigation . Also into Pelosi and the capitol police nowadays our servants are the criminals

    1. Redmond police should already have these guys in custody….they have the flipping license plate number, they can easily call up DMV and get their address…like wtf….unless the license plate or jeep was stolen too. Also, you liberals on here need to be ashamed of yourself. You don’t care if someone has tons of time/money/property stolen if they are a republican, you don’t care if they are physically hurt if they are republican, you don’t care if they or their families are killed if they are republican. You have no sympathy to human beings if they are republican, so what makes you think you should ever receive any help if something happens to you? You deserve no respect.

        1. This is coming from a local comments moderator who sat back and watched his employer engage in 97% negative-hateful-angry stories about the last President…. and never said a word about showing some respect !!! That’s not an IMHO- that’s a fact !

        2. Your reading comprehension is rather low Barney. I clearly said “you liberals on here”, based on their comments on this thread, I didn’t say all liberals.

            1. I am a middle of the roader I voted for Obomba and I actually didn’t vote for trump I voted working party , But my common sense can see the corruption in the media and the idiocy of the fake left

                1. Not half as funny as watching your never-ending TDS control your life while your guy in the WH goes about putting millions of Americans out of work- loses control of the Southern borders- has US military back in saber rattling mode- is on the verge of an economic meltdown worse than anything the China Virus created. Watching China Joe get yelled at by Xi- ignored by the rest of the planet-threatened by the Iranians- scolded by the Israelis. Listening to CNN now call him a liar on all things Immigration- the economy- his China Virus Pandemic Plan- sky-rocketing fuel prices which will very uickly trickle down to consumers triggering fears of a great depression ! Oh Yeh- MAGA seems to be something in the rear-view mirror… for now… Bumblin’ Biden has the US on a collision course with a huge brick wall with massive graffiti written all over it that reads… “I told Ya So” !

  3. Ive been accused of rampant liberalism , and I’ve not agreed with his comments on here before many times. But to say it is karma or say it serves him right is just contemptable. Grow up people. Crime is crime. We should all be angry such theft happens as we could be next. I certainly wouldn’t have had the restraint he did to back off. I’d have kept them blocked until the cops arrived and used anything I could to do it. My worry is the bad guys are now aware he knows who they are and now they will take off leaving the P.D with no recourse.

    I hope he gets his trailer back. It’s only right.

    1. I dunno- the way Biden is tanking the US economy- $16k for a roof over yer heads in the woods somewhere- away from the stupidity- doesn’t sound so bad !

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