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NE Bend manhunt fails to find food truck robber, prompts lockout of 2 nearby schools

(Update: Adding video)

“I understand that we're all human, and we all fall on hard times,' alleged victim says

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) – A wide-ranging police manhunt failed to find a man who staged a strong-armed robbery of a northeast Bend food truck Friday afternoon, officers said. The crime and search led to the precautionary lockout of two nearby schools.

Police responded around 11:45 a.m. to the reported robbery near the intersection of Northeast Second Street and Greenwood Avenue, Corporal Scott Dickerson said.

Police and Deschutes County sheriff’s deputies responded to the area of Fourth Street and Olney Avenue and searched for the suspect near his last known location, but he was not found, Dickerson said.

 “The incident is still under investigation and there is no concern for the public safety,” he added

Bend school resource officers contacted nearby Juniper Elementary School and Pilot Butte Middle School to conduct a lockout while the search was underway, for about an hour. During a lockout, exterior doors are locked, but people can leave and school activities can continue.

Dickerson said that based on what occurred, the suspect is likely to face charges of second-degree burglary and third-degree theft and robbery.

Police have not identified the 26-year-old victim, who was uninjured, or the business involved, but NewsChannel 21 learned it was the El Taquero food truck and spoke with its owner, Hansel Chavez.

Chavez said he was preparing to open the truck just before noon but found the door open, and a man stuffing his pockets with bills from the open cash register.

Chavez said he asked the man to put the money back and leave, but the man became aggressive when Chavez took his phone out to call police. Eventually, the man dropped most of the money as he ran away, toward Fourth Street.

Chavez said his family uses the nearby market and food truck to help people in need, and won’t let this event shake their faith in humanity.

"It doesn't change my mind with any homeless people,” he said. “I understand that we're all human, and we all fall on hard times, and everyone just needs a little bit of help sometimes. It just makes me feel more alert to obviously lock my food truck up when no one's in there and just be a little more aware of our surroundings."

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Barney Lerten

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    1. Police used the term, and based on what the alleged victim told us – no other media has had that, I’m aware of — it fits the definition:
      “Another category of robbery charges is called “strong arm robbery”. Strong arm robbery, also known as common law robbery, is a specific type of larceny wherein the defendant does not use a deadly weapon to commit the criminal offense. Instead, the defendant will either use intimidation tactics, a threat of force, or actual force to intentionally deprive a victim of their property. In many cases, a defendant may also use personal weapons (e.g., hands, feet, etc.). ”

      1. By that definition, every time a child has a toy taken away from them it’s a strong arm robbery… simple theft with perceived intimidation.

      2. Barney, I do not know what it is going to take to make you understand something so simple but he wasn’t asking you anything. Just because you have the password to this garbage WordPress site does not mean anybody is asking you questions. This is so embarrassing you think people are constantly talking to you and asking you things when almost nobody does.

          1. He’s kind of correct, you answer rhetorical questions while generally standing on the left side. Just shut up and let the comments flow, no matter how they hurt you.

                1. You’ve completely missed the point. My opinion about this comment section and Barney has nothing to do with the 1st Amendment.

          2. It’s bothersome because you live in some imaginary world where it’s still the year 2004 with the garbage pop up ads and comment section. This is Bend and KTVZ should be up to date on how websites and news is broadcast. You are delusional in the way you talk to people and try to add your 2 cents on every comment. It’s quite embarrassing that you think anything you do is necessary on this website. The comments section is a joke, this isn’t the year 2004, Barney. What’s sad is you don’t realize this and it looks terrible on the community.

              1. That’s the hilarious thing, Barney. I look at this website once a day, maybe for 6 minutes. You’re the weirdo thinking he is controlling some comment section on a 2nd class news channel. KTVZ needs to do better, plain and simple. There is a reason why you people cannot keep “talent” on air. The minute you guys hire someone who can read a teleprompter, they leave for a better opportunity. It’s happened for years.

                1. No Barney ! “Training” is what University is for. You are way beyond “on the job training” and are at a point where professional journalism is expected- you now have legitimate competition- and failure to acknowledge this will be your downfall. Let’s stop pretending that you are some small scale newsroom with limited accountability. The regional population can swell into the millions over the summer and winter months- and you need to adapt accordingly. Anyone “moving on” does so because they are not “satisfied” with what you provide- whether that be in compensation- or in journalistic philosophy… My conversations with previous employees have been the latter of the two… Yes B- contrary to what you promote- I’m closer to an insider than what you want to believe- tell em “Lars sent me” ! Oh My- way too much info for a sleepy Sunday afternoon ! But there ya go- my critique- have at it- as is !

                2. Ummm- NO ! In the real world- you accept criticism from all parties. Yeah- I know- we all get it… you all down at the station have not been affected by Kate Brown’s mandates ! Nobody in your office has lost a job- been put on unemployment like so many “average” Oregonians ! You elitists and “privileged” (like Jordan, Arielle, Rhea ) have no idea what the common folk have been put through with shutdowns- school closures- never ending mandates to comply or face punishment and fines from the Guvs office. Those are facts- I would challenge any minority hire on your staff to step up and tell us all how racist America is under these circumstances. Yet you promote that hate whenever possible- and I’ll continue to call you out on it !

        1. Wow! When my dad told me to be choosy about the battles I pick to fight, I think he could have used you as an example of what not to do.

    2. They use the term “Strong arm robbery” because it sounds more violent than “grabbed money left unattended and freaked out and ran away without violence when the owner started to call the police”. Remember they need to upset stories to make money.

        1. “The incident is still under investigation and there is no concern for the public safety,” Why doesn’t the local media push back on this? I think u do a good job w the facts Barney, but a D- in asking the hard questions, ie: strong armed robbery sounds serious, can explain in detail why we shouldn’t be concerned? I’d follow up by asking for an update on the double murder case in wich they sd the same thing. I’m very concerned we are getting lost in the comments section and ignoring local government accountability journalism. Wich is what u swore to do with your journalism degree. I do like reading your stories though.

          1. It’s been an odd statement in several police releases of late. Clearly they know more than they are going to say publicly at this point. “Pushing back” may not have the impact you’d want. I fill holes in and ask questions about police releases all the time. We don’t just “cut and paste.”
            Thanks. (I don’t remember being sworn in on my journalism degree, though…)

    3. you are confusing 2 completely different charges. strong arm robbery, and strong armed robbery. as the owner stated he was preparing to open up, one of the biz opening up rituals is getting a till ready. the z does have a few quirks, but it doesn’t suck nearly as bad if you read more than just the headlines

  1. this day and age guy is lucky the thief was just after the money. surprised hasnt happened to hansel before since it said he is gonna be more alert and locking his truck up when noone is around.

      1. So anytime a human shows understanding and compassion for another human is virtue signaling now? And here I thought it was a sign one has taken the teachings of Christ to heart and evolved from Neanderthal.

    1. Soon the homeless camps will have their very own food carts! They will be paid for by the tax payers and Luke will be there to supervise and taste test to make sure the baked goods are of suitable quality to be served.

      1. May God bless all those suffering in these hard times. Judge not as we all die and no matter what u believe in, it’s your obituary that remains. #bebetter

      1. Robbery might not have been close to downtown. But there was a boatload of cops with guns drawn in a standoff with some fellow. They had a section of Bond street blocked off to keep passersby safe. When I asked what was going on to another person being held back, he said it had to do with a food truck robbery.

  2. So refreshing to see a business owner like Mr Chavez take personal responsibility and show thoughtful compassion towards someone who wronged him. Someone was raised right! Thanks for being a great role model Mr Chavez and best of luck to you and your business.

  3. Bend is on a roll & it’s not going to get better. Officials better get rid of the Mandy pandy outlook that they’ve got And get serious. Everyone is running to the defence of the homeless which some I agree need help but the majority of them that are showing up here are not even from here. I would like to know when local officials city and county will step up to the plate and protect the people that have lived here their whole life and those that are trying to make a life here. Democrats republicans independence’s all better step up to the plate.

  4. I just have a couple questions. Why did the owner leave cash in his food truck? Why didn’t he lock his food truck? If he is here for “those down on their luck” why didn’t he just gladly give the homeless guy the money and a taco to boot and encourage the homeless in our neighborhoods to just take what they want without ramifications like the politicians are encouraging. Unfortunately this isn’t the Bend of ten years ago when you didn’t have to lock anything because people were honest and trustworthy. This is progressive, “woke” Bend

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