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Portland murders break record; 2 dead in Old Town, suspect arrested; 19 shootings over weekend

Bullet hole in glass window; semiautomatic black piostol
Portland Police Bureau
Bullet hole in glass window; semiautomatic black piostol

PORTLAND, Ore. (KTVZ) — Portland police say two people were killed at an Old Town apartment building on Sunday, and a Portland man was arrested on murder charges as the investigation continues.

Police said they responded at 6:25 a.m. to reports of shots fired inside the building on Northwest 6th Avenue. The two victims were found at the scene.

Portland Police homicide detectives booked Michael S. VanDomelen, 45, of Portland, into the Multnomah County Detention Center on two counts of first-degree murder.

The victims, an adult male and adult female, will be identified after the Oregon State Medical Examiner confirms their names and notifies family of their death. The M.E. will determine cause and manner of death, but these are expected to be the 71st and 72nd homicides of 2021 in Portland. (The record of 70 was set in 1987.)

Portland Police Homicide Unit detectives continuing their investigation.

Portland Police Enhanced Community Safety Team said it is tracking 19 total verified shootings beginning Friday through early Sunday morning. At least 95 cartridge casings have been recovered connected to these incidents. Several injuries, several arrests, and the recovery of several firearms occurred.

For the full news release listing the incidents:

KTVZ news sources



  1. See either story got updated or all the prior comments got taken down. Sad to 👀 Portland deteriorated this drastically but when wheeler and brown defunded the police saying they were the evil killing the 🌹 city this was inevitable.

  2. Remember when Portland was awesome? I do. Now, I see very little reason to go there. It has turned into a violent filthy mess. On a more depressing note, it’s a glimpse into Bends future if our leadership doesn’t change. Maybe that is a reason to go there. It’s a canary in a coal mine. Is this what we want Bend to turn into?

  3. Who is the Mayor of Portland? Leftist Ted Wheeler
    What does the Leftist District Attorney do with criminals? Catch and release.
    What city dictates to the rest of the State their leftist policies? Leftist Portland.
    They like to be called Progressives or Liberals. They are neither…. MORE LIKE REGRESSIVES AND THEIVES OF MONEY AND LIBERTY.

  4. Portland is the perfect example of the progressive agenda in action. The city is dangerous, filthy, destroyed, and now they have instituted a 9% city tax in those making over 190k to rebuild downtown and house the homeless thus encouraging the tax base to move as quickly as possible. Really wise government……..not

    1. Bend is getting there faster than u know. I was born & raised in Central Oregon and it kills me what a joke it’s turning into. Thank you Brown and all the Liberals just like her

  5. The murder rate was much higher in 1987 when the republicans were in control. Instead of blaming a party, we should find the root causes of the problem. These include Late stage Capitalism, a pandemic, and of course Black Lives Matter versus The Proud Boys. Both groups have bad apples among them. Black Lives Matter has good merit behind the movement while The Proud Boys are a hairy version of the skinheads of the early 90’s. When you can’t see this reality, you have no say in what is causing this issue.

    1. I’m surprised you didn’t supply any links for your “facts,” so here are a couple for you. According to this article, Portland is currently on track to surpass the all-time record of 70 homicides in 1987, when the city was in the midst of a gang siege.

      If you don’t like that article, this one states the 67 homicides to date in Portland surpassed the previous number of 66 in 1987:

      And you realize Alicia Garza, co-founder of BLM, is a self proclaimed trained Marxist, yes? “Good merit” and Marxism don’t really go hand-in-hand IMO. Oh, and here’s the link for that statement:

  6. Surely it’s because the liberals haven’t defunded the police quite enough yet…
    The leftist leadership that ruined Portland is growing rapidly here in Bend. Get ready for similar results…

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