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Downtown Bend ATM theft attempt fails; machine, stolen pickup left behind

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) – At least three people used a stolen pickup truck to try to steal a downtown Bend bank’s automated teller machine early Sunday morning, but they fled the scene empty-handed before officers arrived, police said Monday.

Police were dispatched around 3:40 a.m. to the Chase Bank on Northwest Franklin Avenue after a witness was awakened by a crashing sound and saw at least three people in a Ford F-250 pickup truck, trying to steal the drive-up ATM, Lt. Juli McConkey said.

The witness saw them run off, leaving the truck at the scene, along with the damaged ATM, which McConkey said had been pulled off its base but was still in the bank parking lot.

Officers arrived about four minutes after the call came in and found no one in the area. The pickup was still running, with a tow strap attached to the ATM, she said.

Police determined the truck had been stolen earlier in the morning from the 100 block of Northwest Florida Avenue. The owner, who was not involved in the theft attempt, recovered the pickup, which was not damaged, the lieutenant said.

The ATM has been secured at the police department.

Anyone with information or video surveillance of the attempted theft was asked to contact Bend police.

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  1. Case in point to a person who posts on here as “Middle Way”. As the number of Democrats, Liberals, Progressives from big cities move to central Oregon because of its safe (used to be) neighborhoods and the natural beauty of our area of maybe to escape dangerous gangs and filth? the more central Oregon is seeing now. Gee, wonder if this is merely a coincidence?

      1. I lived here “way back when” if 50 yrs ago qualifies. I don’t recall locals stealing pickups with the intent to rip out ATM’s from our Banks. As far as fights Downtown the one’s I remember were settled without pulling guns.

        1. This seems like a fairly safe story to repeat what I’ve said before – one big reason everything was so much better wherever you lived 30, 40, 50 years ago – is that you were 30, 40, 50 years YOUNGER. Everything’s better when you’re younger!
          Too many people discount that. We remember the good times and … not so much the rest.
          I’ve only been here 30 years and wouldn’t go back in time, personally, even if we could. Miss some aspects? Sure, but not others.
          You can’t rewind time, only fight getting sour about today (and tomorrow!) It’s not all bad.

          1. Not true. We’ve been here since 98. It’s completely different now especially the attitudes. With more growth you will bring in more people hell bent on destroying what use to be a beautiful place to live. 20 years ago Hunnel road was not a long term homeless camp. Keep on believing what you want, Central Oregon is quickly becoming just another place to run away to and destroy

          1. That’s not a gun fight. And I have lived here for a while.
            Gun fight=2 or more people shooting at each other. Otherwise it’s just a shooting doesn’t matter if there was a fist fight beforehand.

    1. You mean except for the biker bars downtown where the bikers and the millworkers had so many fights 30+ years ago ( before Bend became a tourist town) that a lot of locals avoided downtown after dark? Those the good old crime free, conservative only days you’re recalling fondly? ‘Cause I was here for them.

    2. ​Ah Horsesense ~ there you go again. Blame is your middle name. ​​

      Crime exists ~ has and will continue.

      Here’s a couple of events (40 plus years and more). ​Were the ​liberals to blame back then? ​I was under the impression that this area / region used to be pretty “RED” as in conservative Republicans. I know Redmond, Madras and Prineville are still pretty red/ conservative.

      A​ bit of history for you —- in the case you are remotely interested.

      1977 — Redmond

      ​1924 – Bend Lava Lake​​

      Unsolved – cold cases​

      ​​I am pretty sure you will have some sort of rebuttal/ comment – so have at it and enjoy.

    1. Drugs legal and decriminalized because of demonrat politicians. This state is a one party rule that rams everything down the citizens throats. Demonrats only care about power over the citizens.

    1. Twobullz — back in 1999 – 2000 + timeframe – there was a rash of car / auto thefts. Right out of people’s drive-ways. And it was a much smaller population (Bend) and pretty red.

      Crime is crime – an independent malicious act. Not related to Red or Blue parties.

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