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Hummel vows to fight Cranston lawyer’s bid for murder defendant’s release on bail

Ian Mackenzie Cranston
Deschutes County Sheriff's Office
Ian Mackenzie Cranston

(Update: DA says he'll 'vigorously oppose' motion to release Cranston on bail)

Defense attorney says Washington 'committed violent, totally unprovoked assault'

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) – Deschutes County District Attorney John Hummel said Monday his office will "vigorously oppose" a motion filed by the attorney for Ian Cranston that seeks the release on bail of the Redmond man accused of murder in the fatal shooting of Barry Washington Jr. outside a downtown Bend bar last fall.

Late last week, attorney Kevin Sali filed an 11-page motion for his release, detailing what he says witnesses and video cameras showed happened that night.

Cranston has pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder, manslaughter and assault charges in the Sept. 19 shooting death of the 22-year-old Washington. He’s been held without bail at the Deschutes County Jail, since his re-arrest on the more serious charges, and a November 2022 trial has been set.

"We’ve been anticipating Mr. Cranston to file a motion requesting the court to set bail in the case," Hummel told NewsChannel 21. "We oppose Mr. Cranston’s release and in court will vigorously argue that he remain in custody until his trial."   

A motion hearing is set for Tuesday afternoon on the request by Washington's mother for return of some of his personal items, including his cellphone; prosecutors have now filed a motion opposing that request, saying the items may have "evidentiary value" for his upcoming trial, and the cellphone was seized under a warrant.

Sali is seeking a half-day hearing on his motion for Cranston's release on bail, claiming the evidence in the case "does not meet the high standard established under Oregon constitutional and statutory law for a defendant to be held without bail.”

Sali has claimed since September that his client acted in self-defense after Washington physically attacked Cranston and a friend after they went to the Capitol bar with Cranston’s fiancée.

In the more detailed description of what occurred, based on witness accounts and video footage, Sali said Washington, who also was at the bar, had been “behaving erratically and aggressively,” and that he was intoxicated, with a blood-alcohol level later measured at 0.195%.

He said Washington made obscene comments and gestures to a group of three police officers about a half-hour before he expressed an interest in Cranston’s fiancée, who told him they were engaged, showed him her ring -- and that he then gave her a brief hug.

Minutes later, after they all had left the bar, Sali said Washington again verbally propositioned Cranston’s fiancée, and she again declined, at which point the group asked Washington to leave them alone, but he “continued to press the issue” with her.

Shortly after midnight, Sali said, “Washington suddenly and without any provocation attacked Cranston … with two powerful, closed-fist blows to the head,” causing a head injury. The lawyer said “Washington raised his arm and made a series of threatening gestures toward him,” by which time Cranston – who had a concealed handgun license – was holding his gun, and displayed it to Washington to “deter … the assault.”

But the threats continued, he claimed, and Washington “lunged towards (Cranston’s friend) and punched him in the face.”

“Then, Washington turned at and squared toward Cranston, who was standing only a few feet away, with his handgun still drawn and visible,” the motion states. “It was at this point that Cranston finally fired a single shot at Washington. The round struck Washington in his midsection, stopping the assault.”

“Once it became clear that the threat had ended, Cranston immediately moved to Washington and began rendering aid and calling for help,” Sali stated.

The lawyer said the evidence won’t be enough for the state to prove there’s a “strong likelihood” of conviction on a murder charge, or “disproof of self-defense.”

“Washington committed a violent, totally unprovoked assault against Cranston,” Sali wrote. “Washington had absolutely no right or justification to do that. And Cranston had no legal obligation to allow a large, powerful man to continue viciously striking him in the head.”

“After Washington began the assault and gave every indication of an intent to continue it, Cranston had a clear legal right to draw his firearm in an attempt to deter his attacker,” the defense attorney says. “As the indisputable video evidence shows, the single shot was fired only after Washington – having clearly seen that Cranston was armed – disregarded that fact and, completely undeterred, continued his assaultive conduct.”

In a statement to media, Sali added: "On behalf of Mr. Cranston, and particularly in light of the false and inflammatory public statements made previously by the District Attorney’s office, we are immensely grateful that the events of that evening were comprehensively and accurately captured on video by multiple cameras. For our part, we will continue to make our case in court, where it belongs, and based on the evidence, as it should be."

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Barney Lerten

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    1. So the ‘liberal media’ have all reported in details this description of events from his attorney. Why would we do that if we were as one-sided as you claim? And only one brief video apparently was made public, to a firestorm of criticism.

        1. Unfortunately, he is an elected official and cannot be fired. He is an embarrassment to his profession, repeatedly getting way ahead of the facts in many cases. He is so sorry, that he was passed over for the Oregon Federal Attorney job, even though they had to appoint an Interim, for lack of qualified candidates. Hummell’s goal the past couple of years was to get that job he failed. I hope he does not reconsider his resignation. btw KTVZ’s only bias is their constant coverage of the Washington protests and memorials. They cover almost no local news, except stuff like that. Watch the Sunrise show and you will get 60% National news and feel good stuff, 30% Bob Shaw, and 10% actual local news. We live in a media wasteland.

          1. If little ian hadn’t had a gun that night he’d sitting at home with his mother and mr. Washington would be the one sitting in jail. Good thing he was out late drinking with a loaded gun in his belt. Worked out great. Enjoy the DCSO gourmet cuisine ian!

            1. I think you’re overlooking that Ian’s gun was the equivalent of having a big tough friend who could step in if Ian started to lose a fistfight.

              Without the gun to embolden him, I’m not sure there would have been a fight

      1. Barney. Long time reader, first time commentor. Question. Wouldn’t you want to be considered an unbiased newsource that reports on facts as well as the advantage of looking at a story from both parties point of view? And why would you label yourself the liberal media and completely alienate yourselves from half of the town? Its seems like the news has shifted from reporting facts and which allows people to draw their own conclusions to storytelling hour.

            1. Feel free to specify what “facts” on public record have been left out, not opinions or presumptions. Any story is revisable, if need be. (I say often as a fact, not an opinion or excuse – there’s always “more to the story.” It’s editorial judgment and a reporter’s judgment how deep to go on any story of interest, what facts are key or unneeded in an article, etc.)

      1. The videos are out on other news outlets and on the www. Why do liberal elitists such as yourself assume that people from the BIPOC community do not have access to the web?

        1. Thank you for the link CardiacSpike. It was refreshing to read Mr Walkers insightful well researched article regarding the subject. Old Barney and his crew of “reporters” could learn a thing or two from Mr Walker about legitimate news reporting. I can’t wait to see the day this disgrace of a DA Hummell crawls back into the hole he came out of and also the day the grifter known as Richter grifts his way into a another town to grift and race bait…

        2. A very insightful article. This article is what true investigative journalism is and what a true investigative journalist does. They don’t just post news releases. The investigate first then, and only then, do they write the news articles. Anyone who believes, or disbelieves, in Cranston’s guilt should read this entire article. But should certainly not listen the D.A. Hummel. Hummel has no credibility left. If he ever had any to begin with. Truth be told.

      2. “What Does Tiozo Mean?

        “Above all people with this name place their trust into logical thinking.

        “They are conscientious, diligent, dependable and real action takers. Their great love for details usually results in coworkers estimating them very highly.

        “Praising yourself is however not something you would ever do.

        “Also in love life they have an inclination to keep control, while they themselves do not want to be restricted.”

        That said – it would be well within your profile to begin citing Sources for your thoughts and opinions – which would likely make them far more interesting.

    2. He’s trying to pull a ritty. He’s about to find out what “Duty to Flee” is the same as Castle Doctrine. You dont get you get to shoot someone for throwing fists.

      1. Danube are you a bot. Thought about responding differently, but your post is so unintelligible, disjointed and full of self refutation; I can only conclude you’re not a sentient hominid. At best I’ll grant you a point as an anonymuncule.

      2. I have no Duty to Flee. I have the right to “Stand My Ground”. You have no knowledge of our right to self defense. Cranston may or may not have been acting in self defense, but at the end of the day, he has the right to defend himself. If I fear for my life, I can and will pull my carry to defend myself. Even against fists, because even a fist can end a life. You liberals know little about the concept of self defense.

        1. Sorry Martha but God wouldn’t need to help us, and I’ll leave it to your conjecture as to whether or not he’d/she’d/they’d help the drunk. Maybe don’t be a drunk throwing fists, we call that assault. Or a drunk repeatedly making unwanted sexual advances, we call that harassment at best. Where I will agree is that he has a right to his day in court. Beyond that is speculation, mob mentality, knee jerk reactions, Monday morning quarterbacking, and frankly irrelevant opinions.

          1. Then walk away, call the police and have him arrested for harassment and/assault. Last I heard neither of the offenses warranted a death penalty. Common sense says don’t drink and drive and don’t drink and carry.

            1. Agree with you 100%! Everyone is so gun happy and gun crazy, too many people have guns. Just like alcohol doesn’t mix with driving, it does not mix with guns. If you feel so threatened for your life that you have to carry a gun on your person wherever you go then perhaps you should just stay home.

        2. I’d like to see everyone here parroting “hE bRoUgHt gUn to a fIsT fIgHt” take a hard punch to the head. People die from single punches all the time. Washington used deadly force and it was returned upon him. He got to be tough guy until he became dead guy..

        3. Oregon Law
          Though Oregon does not have a stand your ground statute, the state supreme court has held that there is no duty to retreat before using force in self-defense in public

          1. Not me, ET.

            I do the roughly 5 minutes of research plus read the appropriate linked material before sharing.

            Otherwise we are simoly posting opinions and like a certain part of the human anatomy…lower body…everybody has one.

    3. That is all debatable and will be settled in court. What is clear is that Cranston has never made any attempt to flee, has ties to the community, and, if he had killed a White guy, who had no cadre of media-savvy supporters, would be out on bail in a New York minute.

      1. It seems to me that under the previous administration, America was constantly winning. Yet under the present administration we seem to be constantly losing. Aren’t you tired of losing yet? You support the loser in the White House so I guess that makes you’re the one with the low IQ.

        1. Winning what exactly? What did American’s win with that ding a ling trump in office? It truly amazes me the mentality of people who think Donald trump was a good president, he is not even a good human. He made fun of war heroes, yet you all still worship him! He is a misogynist who loved snuggling up to the likes of Putin. He is a liar, a cheat, a tax evader and a stupid human. My dog has a higher IQ. LOL, I’m sure you wear your “let’s go Brandon” t-shirt proudly, just like a child.

            1. Just proves your mentality, you ASSUME that Biden is my guy, as a matter of fact I did not want either one! You can’t put people into boxes and label them because of a comment they make. Just to give you a little heads up: Both of my grandfathers served in WWII, my father is a decorated Vietnam Vet and retired police officer, my brother is retired from the Navy, I am a woman, I own guns, I enjoy shooting those guns and am actually a pretty good shot, I support the death penalty. I believe in a woman’s right to chose, I believe climate change is real and is happening before our very eyes. I do not support raping our planet for greed, I do not support democrats or republicans, I believe there should be a 3rd party. I believe our entire government should be dismantled and rebuilt. If you want to run through life being labeled and boxed into a certain way of thinking on account of your voting party then have it, I choose to not be so shallow and to see the greater picture.
              You know what they say about assuming, it makes an ass out of you. Good day

    1. This is a bar fight gone horribly wrong, with one person losing their life and another facing legal consequences for their actions. What makes anyone a patriot?

    2. He is certainly not a hero, but he is entitled to a fair trial whereby all the evidence is reviewed, not just social media posts and news stories

    3. I’m grateful you have no say in this whatsoever other than a ignorant statement about a coward being a patriot. Don’t know if I should be scared or feel sorry for you?

  1. Only now do you report on the facts in the case. To date, this outlet has not released any video that supports the facts of a woman being assaulted by an aggressive tourist in an alcohol fueled rage; with the only criticism of the video being released by the fastest growing news outlet in C.O. is from the DA and you! Your own viewers have called you and KTVZ out repeatedly regarding the lack of transparency! Firestorm of criticism, what a joke!

      1. Really? on what day or week for that matter, did you post any of the videos captured by one of the victims? Other news outlets have posted the raw video. KTVZ has posted nothing but pressers from Hunnel!

  2. If Cranston’s not a flight risk, he should be allowed to post bail. I’m sure the Peacekeepers will whine about it. They’re not into innocent until proven guilty, evidently.

    1. What are you talking about? It appears it was a verbal confrontation until Washington threw punches. Blood alcohol level of .195! Lots of people saying Cranston should have walked away. But, when did Washington have the responsibility to walk away? Sadly, if either had walked, Washington would most likely be alive and Cranston wouldn’t be in jail.

  3. Wow, and now the other shoe drops. Better late than never. Let’s gets one thing straight in this comment section. Neither of the guys are heroes. No side should be claiming either one is. What this case will rest on is whether or not Cranston was in fear for his life. If that can be proved he’ll be walking on sunshine. If not 25 to life.

  4. How did Cranston end up with the black eye and swollen face? If Washington and friends didn’t beat up Cranston then it must have the Bend Police. Just asking for a friend.

  5. Barney, everyone knows you lean just an itty bitty bit left but you did run this story and were fair to list what his attorney said and his points. I will give you credit for that. At first all we saw was Hummel running for Attorney General of the SJW foundation when it comes to this case. Is Barry Washington Jr’s actual real legal name Barry or is that a nickname to keep people from looking up any criminal history he might have?

    1. We also posted, linked here, the attorney’s similar statement at the time of Cranston’s arrest. So your memory may be faulty. The over-generalization and “always/never” falsehoods may also be a product of faulty memories, biases or just the Blame Society at work. Yes, that was his name. Middle name Khristiano.

  6. So his lawyer wants him out in the streets with credible threats of vigilantism. The coward should stay behind bars for his own interests, the streets don’t play fair and he’s a pretty high profile killer and more vulnerable now than he was in that altercation

  7. I was under the impression that self defense did not include using a gun in a fist fight. I fail to see Cranston having risk of loss of life for himself. There was an option to leave. There was an option for the fiance to call police and report harrassment, if things were getting out of hand. I know a local female who, while pregnant, killed her husband in self-defense. She served many years AND it was known her safety was in jeopardy. Cranston did not act in self-defense. This was poor decision making while under the influence. Cranston was also intoxicated.

    1. So an enraged, drunk man weighing significantly more than you is intent on pummeling you. Do you wait to find out the consequences of his intentions especially when he is after your fiancé?

  8. What are the science-based effects of an essentially .20 Blood Alcohol Content on someone, especially a 21-year old male?

    “Sali said Washington, who also was at the bar, had been “behaving erratically and aggressively,” and that he was intoxicated, with a blood-alcohol level later measured at 0.195%.”

    .10-.12 – At this level, you feel euphoric, but you lack coordination and balance. Your motor skills are markedly impaired, as are your judgment and memory. You probably don’t remember how many drinks you’ve had. Your emotions are exaggerated, and some people become loud, aggressive, or belligerent. If you’re a guy, you may have trouble getting an erection when your BAC is this high.”


    It is interesting Mr.Sali’s brief, apparently, does not provide his client’s BAC level. Especially as at the onset of this case John Hummel made this public statement. “Hummel said there is no evidence that Cranston was mentally impaired at the time, and though he had been drinking, there is no evidence that he was significantly impaired or that he was impaired to any degree based on blood alcohol levels.”

    If Mr. Cranston had been drinking and his BAC level was below .08 which Mr. Hummel’s statement suggests, Cranston’s thought processes might have looked like this. “.02-.06 – Light and moderate drinkers begin to feel mildly relaxed and maybe a little light headed. Your inhibitions are slightly loosened, and whatever mood you were in before you started drinking may be mildly intensified. Your behavior may become exaggerated, making you talk louder or faster or act bolder than usual. You may also feel a mild sense of euphoria.”

    The cell phone video taken by Mr. Cranston’s fiancee was first aired by Central Oregon Daily News. In short order the Central Oregon Peacekeepers stormed their offices in protest, an action requiring the Bend Police Department to respond. Then, during the Cranston arraignment, the same group led by Mr. Luke Richter, then targeted a CODN film crew covering the arraignment and aggressively, both physically and verbally, attacked them.

    CODN –

    The video was finally taken down in Central Oregon however it remains available both nationally and internationally for viewing with audio.

    Chris Menahan @infolibnews
    “Indisputable” video evidence shows Barry Washington “assaulted Ian Cranston without provocation, resulting in head injuries that required the police to take [him] to the hospital where a brain scan and other procedures had to be performed,” Cranston’s attorney reports –

    And – UK Daily Mail –

    Still, the COPK website offers their continued Intent to intimidate not only the Daily News but by extension any and all other local media outlets.

    “Access Revoked!
    “Updated: Dec 17, 2021

    “Even after everything they have done, and every terrible decision they have made in the last month…Central Oregon Daily News decided that they should send a team of their “journalists” down to cover the rally at the courthouse on October 1st.

    “They knew it was inappropriate for them to be there. It was obvious they knew that, because unlike every other news team on site today, CO Daily sent an armed security officer to follow their team around.

    “We don’t know how to make this any more clear to the Central Oregon Daily News. Your access is revoked.”

    Regardless of this video the investigating officers collected multiple security camera videos that have, apparently, provided filmed evidence of the confrontation to a degree Mr. Sali is confident enough to see his client released on bail and, upon jury trial, exonerated entirely.

    As for Mr. Hummel his silence at this point in time is both appropriate and long overdue.

    1. Thanks for the summary. It is particularly concerning what the childish “peacekeepers” are saying. Their actions suggest they are not peaceful and should be considered a potentially violent group.

      1. They have never been peaceful as incident after incident involving them shows (i.e. Powell Butte riot).

        They have simply been protected by DA Hummel for reasons of his own.

  9. Stupid people with guns kill people. Stupid testosterone filled males should not be allowed to carry firearms if they cannot think rationally. Ian pulling the self defense card is so typical of an entitled white male.

    1. And Peacekeepers pulling “He’s being shot for being black” is about absurd as your last sentence. Attack someone and it may go worse than one expected. Attacking a guy who’s drawn a firearm is just stupid.

    2. So here “trumpsachump” we see you are 1: anti military. 2: anti law enforcement. 3: anti constitution. 4: racist. And apparently a licensed psychologist as well as fortunate teller. Long as you’re so aware of all that happened in this case, based on you expert observations above, how bout telling us the future and how his trial goes?

    3. Stupid people who drink and drive kill people, regardless of their race, religion, ethnic preference, and so on.

      Teenagers killed in car crash by alleged DUI driver –

      Whatever point you were seeking to make could be said of any and all tragic deaths brought about by the combination of deadly and potentially deadly instruments (i.e. cars, guns, prescription drugs, etc) and “stupid people”.

  10. The peanut gallery has spoken, but the court will ignore all of that and do its job. Better government issued justice than social media fantasy jurisprudence.

  11. Hopefully the defense attorney will request a change of venue, perhaps Prineville or Madras, Cranston will not get a fair trial in Deschutes County as long as Hummel is the DA. This is evident since Hummel is refusing to grant him bail even with the criteria that has been legally put in place for him to be able to post bail.Hummel certainly doesn’t want to upset his buddies the Peacekeepers ( what a stupid name for these anarchists) who are ready to riot and threaten anyone who opposes their views.

  12. First time Hummel has ever fought for anything. It is interesting to see his BAC was more than double the limit, does that mean the police will be checking to see who overserved him? maybe the bar needs a visit? Is it illegal to flip off 3 cops, them to * off and the give them the finger? Just curious why this kids wasn’t arrested for drunk in public when he got in the cops face and told them to * off with his middle finger up? Maybe if the cops had done their job and arrested him for drunk in public he would be alive today?

  13. Of course, John Hummel will oppose the motion for bail.

    The DA overstepped himself with his theatrics, as pointed out in this and earlier stories, and there is little doubt he is getting an earful on this from, among others, the “peacekeepers” he so vigorously applauded 24 hours before they attacked a Central Oregon News Daily film crew outside the courthouse.

    And it is odd the DA is just now attempting to hold onto specific items like Mr. Washington’s cell phone, or more accurately its SIM card. Bend PD has long had the capability of “cracking” cell phone SIM cards and in real time and while on-scene. That the DA’s Office has apparently not had BPD download the SIM card as of yet, Hummel & Company might simply “get ‘er done” so the family can regain the deceased’s personal effects en toto?

    In the end it will be how the judge in this case reviews the law after both the Prosecution and the Defense make their arguments. No amount of showmanship on either attorney’s part will impress the Court. Cranston will either remain in jail or he will be ordered released once bail is posted, period.

    If released, both the Defense and the Prosecution should be expected by the Court to ensure those who might not agree with the decision (i.e. the “peacekeepers”) understand any unwanted attention, stalking of the defendant, or a continuation of harassment / intimidation of Media coverage will be handled accordingly by local law enforcement and the Court.

    1. Greg, you’re a law enforcement expert, so I’m curious: Can you recall any defendant charged with any degree of murder being released on bail, here or elsewhere?
      I can’t, but my memory can be faulty, for sure.

      1. Barney…you betray your ignorance of the judicial system. You can charge a potato with 2nd degree murder. If the defense attorney applies for bail, it will be granted immediately, because a potato cannot commit murder. Hummel can level any charge he wants and oppose bail. The defense has the right to appeal that denial of bail, based on the strong likelihood that the DA has overcharged. btw in your update, you attribute comments by the defense attorney to Hummel. At least, get your updates correct.

        1. I didn’t say they don’t have the right and was making no judgments whatsoever. I simply said that I don’t recall a person charged with murder in a local case (or elsewhere, really) being released on bail, that’s all I said and all I asked about. I also don’t see any mis-attributions, if you can please be specific I’ll address it immediately, of course.

          1. In the Update at the top of this article, you say and I quote “DA says…. he committed violent, unprovoked assaults”. The correct wording should have been “Defense claims he committed violent, unprovoked assaults”.

            1. OK, here’s the deal. It was an update of an initial story that was about the attorney’s motion. I neglected to add words in front of ‘Says’ in the subheadline of the article. It didn’t say the DA said that, but … anyway, revising, thanks.

  14. First off Capital doesn’t allow canceled weapons. Secondly it was definitely excessive use of force. I’m sorry but if you’re out that late you’re not just drinking one or two. Everyone involved was likely intoxicated, getting hit in the head isn’t fun, definitely more was said than leave us alone. This was an excessive use of force, by someone that should have not been carrying a firearm. Leaving was an option. Calling the police was an option. Walking away was an option. Shooting someone that was being an ass while drunk is stupidity and they should be held accountable for the life they took.

    1. If he was just ‘being an ass’, I agree with you…if it can be proved/shown that he inflicted the damage to the defendant’s face, then your argument goes away.

    2. Victim shame much? Do you ask rape victims how much they had to drink? I mean, she probably had more than one or two right? What was she doing out so late anyhow? She should have left earlier, right? Everyone was drinking, so he is not entirely to blame…..

      The concept isn’t really any different. I wish that Cranston would have left earlier. I wish Washington would have left earlier. I wish neither of them had gone out that night. But, they did. It will be up to a jury that hears ALL of the evidence to decide Cranston’s fate. If the evidence is as Hummel had presented, Cranston should hang. If it shows that the defense attorney is more accurately portraying the facts, he should be a free man. If you decide to physically attack someone, you run the risk that they will (quite legally and morally) defend themselves with deadly force. Mess around, and you might not be around…

  15. Why would the DA oppose bail? Is Cranston a flight risk? Put an ankle bracelet on him, require he surrender his passport, and see him in Nov. for his trial.

    Can’t wait for Hummel to be out of office.

      1. There’s supporting, remaining neutral, and vigorously opposing. The latter is the choice of our woke and grandstanding DA. I wouldn’t expect a prosecuting attorney to support release on bail, but neutral would fit the concept of innocent until proven guilty.

    1. Or just leave your drunk hands off the pretty girl? …and maybe not start punching people when they call you a bad word because you won’t back off…?..

  16. like SOOO many others, this is a clear case of self defense and the left has reversed all cases of such if and only if the person who died had an increase of melanin in their skin. Its not whether you are guilty or innocent, its how much melanin content do you possess? Reverse skin colors in this case and the picture would be 180 degrees different. There would be no liberal BLM memorial on Wall street. Nothing.

  17. Shooting someone is a good way to project and reenforce your insecurities about someone talking to your GF…. I guess Washington didn’t know he was so insecure in his relationship and lacked self confidence and control

  18. In response to your question, Barney.

    The arresting officers at Bend PD, after their initial investigation at the scene, rendered an appropriate charge of Manslaughter in the Second Degree. “Police arrested the 27-year-old Cranston and booked him into jail on suspicion of second-degree manslaughter with a $100,000 bail. He has since been released. It wasn’t immediately known if Cranston has a lawyer to comment on the case.” – KTVZ21

    This allowed for Mr. Cranston to be released on bail to include his having no prior criminal record; carrying the firearm legally (CHL); and additional information provided to the BPD officers involved regarding the incident.

    And in a follow on story – “Shortly after his arrest, Mr. Cranston paid the bail amount previously established by the Deschutes County Circuit Court for people charged with the crime of Manslaughter in the Second Degree and he was released from jail on the condition that he appear in court on October 5, 2021 at 9:00 a.m.”

    Then Mr. Hummel offered this. “Since the arrest of Mr. Cranston, additional evidence has been obtained. Much of this additional evidence was obtained from members of the public who came forward and shared information that was not known to the police when they arrested Mr. Cranston.

    BPD refuseal –

    Per Hummel and founder of the Central Oregon “Peacekeepers”, Mr. Luke Richter, the “shared information” brought to him by the “Peacekeepers”, by their own FB page and website, were purported images and content the “peacekeepers” defined as being racist. “Doxxing” by this group is a well known practice and they have “doxxed” nearly everyone in Central Oregon who falls prey to their ire. This to include not only local law enforcement but the Bend city manager, Bend’s mayor, its city council, the Deschutes County commissioners, and local media (i.e. Central Oregon Daily News).

    It was reported that not only Cranston but his fiancee’s FB pages were shut down as a result, in part, to the “doxxing” behaviors of the “peacekeepers” and the intimidation that comes from this practice. And indeed Mr. Cranston’s fiancee has been “doxxed” by the group, unfairly and some could say with clear malice.

    And both BPD and the DA’s Office are likely very aware of the following. “Screenshots can be a useful source of material in the Trade Marks Office (where the rules of evidence do not apply) to show infringing conduct or trademark usage. However, great caution is required if it is sought to be relied on in court, because such evidence does not always go unchallenged and if objection is taken, there is a risk it will be excluded.

    “If a person seeks to tender a screenshot as evidence of the truth of a statement it contains, it will be excluded as inadmissible hearsay. However, if it is tendered to establish the fact that the relevant statement or representation was made, then it can be admissible as direct evidence. The use to which the evidence is to be put is therefore an important consideration.”

    Any “evidence” submitted by a member of the “peacekeepers” could see that member called to the witness stand to describe how and why he/she/they collected it and then submitted it to, in this case, the DA. Given the group’s history a Defense attorney would have a field day with such testimony for the benefit of his client and the jury.

    COPD –

    It is of great interest to note Oregon has recently passed a significant law regarding “doxxing” – in reference to mugshots being made public – and it will be interesting to see if Mr. Cranston, as has Mr. Kyle Rittenhouse, will utilize this law in the future.

    “By House Bill 3273 — sponsored by representatives Janelle Bynum, D-Clackamas, and Brad Witt, D-Clatskanie — came in part as a response to concerns from people who were negatively affected by doxxing — publicly disclosing an individual’s personal information like an address or phone number, making them a target of harassment — during protests over the summer of 2020.

    Some of the instances of doxxing, Bynum said, resulted from mugshots.num simultaneously sponsored House Bill 3047, a measure allowing individuals to take civil action in instances of doxxing. That law went into effect June 15. “It’s time for our society to move past them,” Bynum said of booking photos during testimony on the legislation. … There are a few exceptions to the measure.” –

    Finally, DA Hummel chose to align himself with the “peacekeepers” in 2020 to include agreeing to be interviewed by them for their website(s). His press conference regarding the Cranston case included a complimenting the group at the expense of BPD’s investigators, which back-fired almost immediately when they went after the Central Oregon Daily News offices and then one of its film crews in the manner they did.

    That said – KTVZ21 accurately reported the following -“The next step in the process is for DA Hummel and his deputies to present the matter to a Deschutes County Grand Jury. Pursuant to Oregon law, no person shall be held to face felony criminal charges unless a grand jury issues the charges.

    What any Grand Jury hears is a District Attorney’s version of events which are supposed to include testimony / claimed evidence of the crime or crimes involved. Grand Jury indictments are imperfect – as is seen in case after case where once the case goes to trial a jury, hearing from the Prosecution and the Defense, makes a decision of “Not Guilty”.

    Sadly, this case was turned into political grandstanding by the District Attorney whose motivations and affiliations have long been the subject of controversy. If the Court finds Mr. Cranston is a viable candidate to be released from jail, under strict provisions and guidelines, then he will be. If not, he will remain in jail, period.

      1. Barney, there is such an ongoing and clear difference between how the Central Oregon Black Leaders Assembly (COBLA) is conducting truly remarkable service and work here in Central Oregon, to include in Jefferson and Crook counties, and the “peacekeepers”.

        One only has to read their Facebook pages to see how radically different the two organizations are.

        That the DA (John Hummel) aligned himself as he has and in his official capacity with the COPK, on this as well as other incidents and issues, has resulted in a compromise of All Those Concerned as well as the citizens of Deschutes County, too.

        What has been the outcome of the charges brought against the individual alleged to have struck “peacekeeper” Michael Satcher during the Pilot Butte incident? A blow described by the DA as having been one of the best sucker punches he’s ever seen?

        Or the status of the individual alleged to have pointed a handgun at “peacekeepers” among others during the same incident? A warrant was issued. Has it been served and if not, why not?

        And where is Mr. Satcher, whose civil trial in Bend and criminal trial in Crook County, orignally set for December 2021, are now on hold as Satcher is said to have moved back to Austin, Texas?

        And I haven’t seen any member of COBLA either involved in violence or arrested as a participant in a criminal action. Why is that? Nor of those other organizations representing our Native American, Latino, LGBTQ populations among others in Central Oregon.

        That being said – is anyone at KTVZ21 aware of who Mr. Washington was partying with at the bar the night he was shot and killed? That would be very interesting as one can predict they will be called as witnesses for the upcoming trial.

  19. Where is the “no means no” crowd now? Of course when you raise a segment in a way that everybody owes them, they cannot handle a simple rejection without resorting into rage and violence. Great jobs libs.

  20. You would be wrong.

    You, nor anyone else but those now directly involved in the upcoming trial, have not seen “those videos”. The additional security camera and citizen hand-held videos collected by law enforcement as evidence have yet to be released to the general public.

    And apparently you didn’t read the article you provided a link for.

    “Now, some people might think: “Well, Jocko, I don’t want to run away if somebody wants to fight me. I want to fight them.” Well, let’s think about where that might end up for you. No. 1: You don’t know if this person has a weapon or not. What if they have a knife? What if they have a pistol? What if they’ve got three or four friends? And now you’re getting either shot, stabbed, mutilated, or otherwise maimed and killed. That’s not what you’re looking for on a Friday night as you’re walking down the street.”

    In short, it was Mr. Washington who should have provided himself with the training in self-defense that says if the other guy (or gal) has a knife or a gun…and you are able to…run away.

    Cranston is reported to have taken several blows to the face and head before drawing his firearm and DISPLAYING it so his alleged attacker could see it…and make a better choice. Instead, the assault continued and the single shot was fire with Cranston again reported as immediately attempting to provide First Aid as 911 was being called.

    This is why we have courts of law to determine the facts under the law with a jury deciding the outcome of a trial. Not a mob.

    Reread the article you referred us to.

  21. Hello Mr. Lerten, I don’t have a dog in this race regarding this trial. I was looking for an update and your story was the most recent. My issue is with the headline, I don’t know how else to say it, but it is very badly written. I literally read it 7 times before deciding to create an account and tell you. As written it makes one think Washington is the murder defendant seeking release on bail. Honestly there isn’t even a need to mention Washington in the headline. Just say “Hummel vows to fight Cranston lawyer’s bid for murder defendant’s release on bail” or move Washington “Hummel vows to fight Cranston lawyer’s bid for Washington’s murder defendants release on bail”. Good luck with everything.

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