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Dog shot 4 times, killed on walk near Cline Butte; owner devastated, DCSO seeks tips

(Update: Interview with dog owner, clarifying owner; petition begun to ban coyote hunting in public areas; county has no leash law)

'We will forever miss our sweet boy,' owner says

REDMOND, Ore. (KTVZ) – Stephen Richardson has gone for walks with his family's two dogs, Mateo and Maverick, off-leash dozens of times in the area near Cline Butte, without any real trouble. But their New Year’s Eve trip turned tragic when someone fatally shot Mateo, her Siberian husky, four times, then sped away.

“We have been there probably 50 times, and never heard gunshots – ever,” the “devastated” dog owner told NewsChannel 21. “Also come across 8-10 hikers with their dogs most of the time.”

Richardson said Mateo, the family's red full-blood Siberian husky, often chases jackrabbits, while his husky lab, Maverick, “doesn’t leave far from my side.”

While off-leash dogs can spark criticism, Richardson said it's a good area for such activity, and that “dogs deserve, when trained, to enjoy their element. He (Mateo) was no more than 100 to 150 yards away from me, and he had his training collar on him.”

He said the person who shot Mateo “was hiding behind a tree and shot him when my dog was about 20 yards from him, as I found the shell casings and footprints in the snow that showed he ran up to my dog after he shot him.”

Richardson said the shooter "then ran to his vehicle and sped out of there as he could hear me screaming, 'I hope you didn't just shoot my dog!' I could hear him peeling out while I was running up to my dog! Heartbreaking!"

While Richardson did not see the person or vehicle, he said it likely was an SUV or pickup – “sounded powerful, and his spin marks show pretty good-sized tires.” He believes her dog may have been mistaken for a coyote.

“We are so heartbroken,” Richardson said. “Many people use the Cline Butte recreation area, the gravel pit road. They all need to be aware and careful!”

"We will forever miss our sweet boy," he wrote on Facebook, where he also posted a link to a GoFundMe page to help pay for cremation costs.

Richardson said Sunday there had been no news on finding whoever shot Mateo. He said, "That dog was like my son. It was just devastating -- devastating."

Stephen Richardson's father, Mark Richardson, posted a comment as well: "The family is hurting so bad. Mateo was the best friend. Most calm, chill dog I've ever seen. … One of the first things learned in hunter safety course, or an avid hunter -- you do not pull (the) trigger unless you know exactly what you're killing."

Richardson's daughter, Savanna Richardson, clarified Sunday that she was not on the walk when the shooting occurred (her father used her Facebook account to spread the word), but said, "It’s the family's dog -- all of ours. We are all going through it. I wouldn’t wish this pain on anyone."

Stephen Richardson's father, Mark Richardson, posted a comment as well: "The family is hurting so bad. Mateo was the best friend. Most calm, chill dog I've ever seen. … One of the first things learned in hunter safety course, or an avid hunter -- you do not pull trigger unless you know exactly what you're killing."

Savanna also has started a petition at, calling for a ban on coyote hunting and shooting in public hiking areas.

"Hunting in any public area is wrong and dangerous and risks people or even children getting shot," she wrote. "There are many designated hunting areas for people to hunt. It makes no sense to us as to why a public hiking area with trails (would allow) hunting in general. Even if it is legal, there should be signs and warnings posted in the hiking area."

Deschutes County sheriff’s Sgt. Aaron Harding said they got the call around 9 a.m. Friday and that deputies have no suspect or suspect vehicle information.

Anyone with information that could help in the investigation was asked to call the sheriff’s office at 541-693-6911, and reference Case No. 21-72336.

Harding said the county has no leash law, but that other government entities such as cities and park districts do have rules or ordinances in place.

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    1. I agree, this story is very sad. That being said, our dog is 9½ years old and she’s never once been outside our fenced yard off-leash. Why? Because letting a dog loose is dangerous for the dog and dangerous for others.

  1. So sad for the dog. It’s unfortunate it had a irresponsible owner. I always had a leash on my dog. It doesn’t matter how many times a person gets away with walking your pet off leash. It only takes the one time to make you sorry you did. And a “GoFundMe”, really, something sounds fishy to me.

      1. Regardless of this person’s response to defend their actions, central oregon has laws for reasons. Whether it’s 15ft or 150yd, the animal was out of the owners sight, and physical control. I’m sorry for the dog, not the owner.

        1. You just can’t stop yourself, can you? Do you have no control over your own actions? Are you not a compassionate person? When you put your hands together, is it just to keep them warm? Or do you kneel and pray? Since this news posted, I have said many prayers for Savanna Richardson. Have you even said a single prayer? What has happened here is a tragedy. And all you want to do is lay blame on the victim. I pity you and those like you. Yet I will also say prayers for you to see the error in your ways. And that someday you too will see the light. Blessings to all, even those less righteous, for even they are not beyond redemption.

            1. There is more than one victim in this tragedy. And to answer you question, Prayer works very well for me. My prayers won’t bring back the dog. My prayers are for the dog owner to find ease in her pain.

              1. I send condolences to the owner and empathize with her loss. However, I hope she understands the lesson in responsibility her sweet fur buddy paid hard for.

          1. Yes, I’m sure “thoughts and prayers” will certainly make this all better. Regardless of the right, wrong, or indifference of anyone, thoughts and prayers are nothing more than a way for you to feel superior and feel like you’ve actually accomplished some good. News flash, you’ve done absolutely nothing for anyone but yourself. Bravo.

            1. Almost deleted this as offensive. You can speak for yourself, of course, but experience shows such well-wishes are welcomed by many – I’d say most people in times of grief or struggle, surely more than the armchair QBs and political debates.

              It’s always best to do more than just that, if one can, but dismissing or criticizing such simple acts of human kindness and caring for others is unfortunate, IMHO.

            2. that is so rude. no matter your religious convictions, there are many reasons and ways people pray. i pray for you, frankly, and that you find some compassion for others.

        2. There is no law in Deschutes County requiring dogs to be on leash, or to be under physical control. A dog trained to verbal control is perfectly legal. That said, if it was wearing a training collar then it was under physical control. People have every right to enjoy public BLM lands with their pets and not be attacked and killed for doing so. Some sick lowlife shot and killed this animal for no reason other than he could. I hope he gets caught and prosecuted for animal abuse, although that sounds unlikely.

      2. “Attacked” is an interesting term considering Siberian Huskies are one of the most dangerous breeds and responsible for multiple unprovoked attacks on humans yearly.

      3. Seems that if KTVZ is going to report that the dog was off-leash they would tell readers whether that was lawful or not.
        As written, it makes the readers guess.

            1. depends on the area too – for instance, the old mill does not have a leash law. step outside the old mill, the city has some leash laws.
              regardless of whether the pup was on/off leash, this should not have happened.

            1. Says you. Any dog trained to come when called is under complete control. And one wearing a training collar is even more so. There’s nothing illegal or wrong with a dog being unleashed on a multi-thousand acre piece of public BLM land. City/suburban folks like yourself may not understand that but it’s commonplace and normal in most of rural Central Oregon.

    1. Wow! Truly you have no true heart. To shame the owner like that shows how unconscionable some people can be. I see it time and time again on this site. It’s truly a sad day when one cannot walk there dog on or off leash without this kind of tragedy occurring.

      My deepest sympathies to this lady in the loss of such a precious friend and family member. May God be with you Savanna Richardson.

      1. The issue is off leash, not on leash. This dog owner made a bad choice. I would never subject others with the invasion of their space by letting my dog run free. And nor would any other responsible pet owner.

        1. “Stand firm with what is right and true,” “The Bible calls it righteousness—don’t let that word scare you—it simply means to do the right thing with integrity: against tweets, against blogs, against any intimidation, do the right thing.”

          “At the end of the day, do what you know is right and you’ll sleep good, and you’ll become fearless because you will have done the right thing.”

        2. granted i have to share that hiking the river trail, where there are leash laws, can sometimes be scary. my lab and i were biking the trail and there was a pit bull off leash who chased us, for about a half mile after we passed, growling. it can be scary recreating with some off leash dogs. the owners in my case, seemingly did nothing even when as we biked up to them, I hollered that we were there.
          but off leash or not, this dog did not deserve to get shot.

        3. There’s nothing irresponsible about legally having your dog off leash where allowed on public land. They’ve just as much right to run and enjoy it as we do. And any responsible dog owner allows their dog that freedom. The only person to blame here is the idiot with a gun.

    2. You have to be kidding me, have you ever owned a real dog, or do you just prefer lap dogs that you can control? A real dog lives for a life off leash. And you think a shooting is justified if they are off leash? You sound like a psychopath. Hope you don’t ever own a dog.

    3. Have you no shame. You are not in a position of judgement over others actions. I’ve read many of your posting here. You have some backyard cleaning to do before you make rash judgements over others.

      1. – you present yourself to the public with a handle like that,and write stuff like “Have you no shame.” [sic] – is that a incorrectly punctuated question or an incorrectly structured statement? – this is a joke, right?

    4. Many of us have hunting or livestock that run off leash while doing their job. I’m sure a clueless wonder like you has more idea what that is or what it’s about. I hope you stay in town. If you ever said anything to me about my dog being off leash we’d have a real problem. I’d suggest you do as your name suggests and mind your own business. Sick of imports like you and the opinions about how others run their life that you brought with you. Nobody invited you here. Remember that.

      1. I’d bet the ranch the vigilantes shooting up off-leash dogs – or Hunnell Road – don’t come from Liberal California. Sounds more like something a GreaterIdahoBitterBendLocal would do…

        1. Can you ever tear yourself away from your politics. Is that all you have? You should endeavor to find more meaning from life. It seems that so many people commenting on this site do nothing but make political comments. The division didn’t start with individual citizens, but it’s the individual citizens who the ones that need to stop it. Do you truly believe that we are represented by the elected officials on either side? Politicians do nothing but lie their way into office. Then they lie some more. Too many people fall into those political lies. Come together as one and we may survive as a country, as a people. There is a vast amount of truth in the saying, “Together We Stand, Divided We Fall”. Jesus said to love each other. Nothing comes from hate but more hate.

          1. To believe all politicians lie sort of goes completely opposite to “coming together as one.”
            But cognitive dissonance is widespread.
            If we believe all politicians are crooks, how do we come together as a community/country? Grassroots movements are great, I support many such as Braver Angels. But governance is a necessary fact of life. Better governance is achievable.

              1. – there you go again, judging where you have no information – aren’t you the one who said other people shouldn’t do that? – Jesus would not approve

            1. Barney, the irony of your comments about “coming together as one”, “come together as a community”, and or widespread cognitive dissonance. In my opinion, that is coming from someone that supports a one party liberal authoritarian fascist form of government, on a network that supports the same! “coming together as one” under forced liberal authoritarian fascism. “Grassroots”, that is laughable! When half of the population in the country, most mainstream media, corporations, big tech, and most social media supports the same liberal agenda, and even funds most of these activist organizations, and yet democrats still believe that it is a grassroots movement. DEMOCRATS ARE THE INSTITUTION! Even when their matching political talking points is literally spelled out in UN and WEF SDG’s lists. And here is their version of freedom. “UN Declaration of human rights
              Article 29: Duties and limitations.
              3.These rights and freedoms may in no case be exercised contrary to the purposes and principles of the United Nations.”
              And also you will own nothing and be happy according to the WEF slogan. Because liberal democrats are control freaks, obsessed with racial and sexual identity, and politicizing it as a weapon for control while they themselves are mostly exempt from accountability. Of course the right is clueless also, on some version of christian sharia law, spouting slogans, arguing about issues, and offering no solutions. Happy new year!

    5. Irresponsible dog owner? Really? Youre an idiot. She was way out in the sticks and shouldnt have to worry about some jackass with an itchy trigger finger. Apparently this moron cant tell the difference between a wolf and a husky. And a husky looks nothing like a coyote. Hopefully they can get the gun traced back from the firing pin strike on the primer. This dirtbag needs to be caught

      1. Thank you !! One of the great things about Central Oregon is there are still areas that are open and far away from “people”. Big dogs need to run around, stretch their legs and get some exercise. This dog was being managed very responsibly. I’ve had radio-collared hounds belonging to “coyote hunters” running around on my private property. Good thing those dogs’ owners only had me to deal with and didn’t run up against this armed idiot. The only “bad dog” in this story is that imbecile wandering around with a gun and shooting at animals that he/she couldn’t even identify. Stupid and very sad. I do hope the shooter can somehow be ID’d and prosecuted.

    6. I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt. That area is not a park, or even vaguely parklike. It is wide open, rough, typical high desert. So, letting your dog off-leash does not endanger anyone or anything, unless it is vicious. Now, the Go Fund Me remark, I understand. Not necessarily fishy, but strange. If you can afford to drive out to Kline Butte, then you can afford the $250 for a dog cremation.

      1. It’s about $386 for a cremation of a dog this size.
        Additionally if she took it to the ER to try and save it (I’m sure she did) well that could be thousands of dollars.

    7. What a mean thing to say. A dog off leash doing what a dog loves to do and some idiot shoots the animal for no reason. And only a truly cold person would shoot the dog which was not causing any issues. Mistaken for a coyote? Only somebody making a comment like nonyabysns could possibly mistake this animal for a coyote.

    8. It was an off leash area So there was nothing wrong with her having her dog off leash, comma plus she had a training caller on her dog. Do you think that maybe if she had had the dog on leash unleash if the dog had been close to her that person would have I think it would have possibly shot the owner owner?

  2. Sorry for your loss, he was a beautiful dog. Hope they catch the coward, no way anyone could think your dog was a coyote at 20 yards. Regardless, the shooter should have told you if that were the case.

  3. This makes me so darn angry and upset. Only an unfeeling ass would so such a thing to an innocent dog. There’s no way one could see him and think he’s a coyote. Just a jerk who felt like a big man to hurt a pup for no reason. I am so sorry this happened to Ms. Richardson. So sad to lose our babies, especially this way. Healing thoughts to Ms. Richardson.

    1. It was only a matter of time when some lunatic would start picking off dog in off dogs that were walking with their owners. It is a sign of The Times and decay of morality.

  4. People who own animals have no concept of real love. Love people. Not animals. Animals belong loving other animals of the same kind. Not the lust of human affection. Or humans and the lust of animal. Grow up.

    1. I’ve had cats and dogs for over 50 years, there’s plenty love involved, only a sick pervert would even think there would be lust involved.

    2. Seriously ? That’s truly a stupid statement. People can love other people,
      and they can also love animals. Animals are devoted and love their owners
      unconditionally, and they can tell when something is wrong with their owners.

    3. Lust? Really? There are different kinds of love, ya know. You can be sure that I don’t lust after my much adored and beloved pets. And, I sure don’t lust after my kids, who I would die for. I only lust after my husband, thank you very much.

    4. That is actually a fascinating topic, given our society’s obsession with pets. Without getting into it too much, it is clear that love for a pet is different than love for a fellow human being. Why? Because true love involves identifying with the love object in some way. It is impossible to identify with a pet, because you cannot know what it is experiencing or feeling. You can do all the research you want on pets, but it will never really tell us those things. Experts, though, will tell you all the good things that you get back from your pet; obedience, friendly looks, cuddles, even protection, etc. These things are misinterpreted as ‘love’, because they are the same things we would want from a human, and, therefore, we feel tender emotions (love) for them. Pets provide a substitute for what we don’t get in human interaction, and also accounts for all the ‘human’ qualities that we ascribe to our pets, when, in fact, we have no idea what is going on inside their brains.

        1. I don’t need your help. I was not searching for a word, and am quite familiar with that term. I am a former psychotherapist and writer, and I always try to scale my grammar to my reading audience. I could use all kinds of multi-syllable words and lose my reader. Readers here come from many educational backgrounds, as is obvious from reading their comments. So, I try to tailor my words to the largest audience.

    1. The idiot mistook her dog as a coyote.When he realized what he did he ran instead of manning up to his mistake.If you’re going to run your dog.Have a bright orangecollar.And east of town this time of year.There will be traps out on blm and fsn lands.

      1. That would explain for the dog getting shot one time. But the shooter supposedly shot it 4 times. Presumably the last 3 were at close range. Its not like the dog would have just stood there while somebody shot it 4 times. And even coyote hunters don’t usually shoot a coyote 4 times?

    1. Always impressed by how many read these stories and make it about themselves. No one cares what you can imagine. The fact is that a woman’s pet was unjustly shot and killed by a cowardly POS who then bailed from the scene.

  5. I have a feeling some city slicker transplant thought it was a wolf. When I was a kid we used to have a problem with city slicker hunters thinking our range cows were elk!

    1. – your feelings are entertaining, but really fly in the face of what happens around here – are you sure you’re not a recent transplant? – seriously, who wanders around here armed, randomly looking for something to shoot at? – you have a problem with “them”? – has anyone from any city ever shot one of your cows and told you they thought it was an elk?

      1. If you need a gun for protection from one of the species you just listed, chances are it will be a surprise encounter or they will be hunting you. Very likely that bear spray will work much better. I carry when I hunt. Otherwise a gun is just too unwieldy and a pain in the butt to drag through the woods.

  6. It’s good to see people are outraged at this death and want to stop this from happening again. There were 3 other recent deaths in Bend that were equally senseless –2 were from heat exposure and one froze to death. Let’s all commit to making sure shelters have insulation and tolerable temperatures.

    FYI– the 3 were humans on Hunnel Road

        1. You can split hairs if you like Hummmp69, but when you look in the mirror you’re still going to see a guy who’s indifferent to a fellow human dying of exposure

      1. Given that it was 130 degrees in those tents, I’m not sure any of us can take much comfort in parsing the ME report.

        Through our indifference, we allowed people to die and had we allowed a dog to die like that we would have been prosecuted and it would have been front-page news

          1. Yes you’re correct and I should have said there would have been intense interest in that story like there is for this one—I’ve asked several people if they know of deaths on Hunnel Road and most didn’t recall hearing anything

  7. I apologize on behalf of responsible firearms owners. Shooting a dog roaming about, unless it’s attacking, is cowardly. A dog being a dog in the outdoors is a wonderful sight. Sorry for the loss of your four-footed companion.

    1. It certainly is cowardly, and according to the story, this dog was not
      being aggressive in any way. In the area that we hunt, they run sheep
      every year towards the end of hunting season, and they have probably close
      to 10 big white dogs that run lose. I’m having a brain fart and can’t remember
      the breed, but typically they aren’t aggressive, but there was one time I had
      an encounter with one that was very aggressive. It started charging me from about
      60 yards so I put the cross hairs on my scope on the dog and was just about ready
      to shoot it but the dog stopped. It stared at me for probably 30 seconds and then
      tuned and walked off. I was glad that it stopped because I really didn’t want to
      shoot it, but I definitely would have if it had kept coming towards me.

  8. I’m surprised that people aren’t wondering why this guy just happened
    to be hiding behind a tree with a rifle. Some have mentioned that the
    person might have mistaken the dog for a coyote, but that dog didn’t resemble
    a coyote in any way. It makes me think that there is more to this story.

  9. what a horrific turn of events that some nut job would shoot her dog on a routine daily walk!!! don’t care about leash laws or this or that – what the person did is just inexcusable. i cannot imagine her pain over losing her dog on an daily walk. what was a normal activity is not a trauma. what is wrong with people???

  10. Poor dog shouldn’t have been that far away it’s owner…100 yards is the size of a football field. Not everybody loves dogs and some are afraid of them. Shooting the dog was completely unnecessary which could’ve been easily prevented. The “GoFundMe” is very poor taste in my opinion. Asking for $300……feels more like, asking for attention. Poor Animal.

  11. Poor puppy😢 We have a husky and can’t imagine that happening to him. I feel for the lady. What a tragedy. You should be able to walk your dog off leash in the middle of no where.

  12. Yet again I am in shock of these petty insensitive **** talking about leashes. What the actual hell? Why does that matter?? You’re insinuating the dog deserved it because it was off leash?
    You should think about that for a minute, and reflect on who you are as a person.
    There is actually a designated off leash area right there!!
    Even if there wasn’t it makes absolutely no difference whatsoever in any way, shape, or form.

    Put yourself in her shoes!m right now and think about how you would feel if people were saying to you the things you are saying about the situation on here hiding behind your computer.

    My heart goes out to this family. It is extremely saddening to realize there are such evil people out there.
    And, that there are those even on this thread not much better by blaming the victim. Thank
    Shame on all of you, I have pity for you because you have to look in the mirror everyday as you are.

    I am not an angry, violent or even rude person but you mess with animals, or trash talk one of them being murdered….if you weren’t hiding behind your phone or computer you’d meet my fist real fast.

    1. “I am not an angry, violent or even rude person”. Yes, you are. Your vocabulary leaves much to be desired. I can’t believe Barney even allowed your comment. Probably, just because you’re a girl.

  13. Way too many details unknown from this story to draw any of the conclusions made here. Aside from the humorous tete a tete between the hypocritical religious guy and Barney, as well as the threatening chick with ever changing costs on cremation, there’s really only opinions, anecdotal musings, really bad typos, and an initial dejavu of Smollett. I’m not necessarily saying it’s false nor that what I say is any more than anecdotal, more evidence or info could help though. What caliber was the weapon, where were the casings and how fast were they fired? That would help determine action and location/movement of alleged shooter. If out of sight: how does she know he was hiding behind a tree and not walking only to retreat to the tree, i.e. being chased? Big tires and powerful engine describes 50% of vehicles around here, depending on how you interpret that, probably not ones you’ll find at dog parks. However, if she was so near to her dog; how did this person get to her dog, run from her dog, to a rig, all in snow, and peel off without her getting even a vehicle description? It’s the go fund me though that I agree makes for the most doubt. As for tracing weapon by action or primer strikes, go back to CSI. RabidRight waiting in ambush for random dog, then moving out at what would seem superhuman ability, mmmm??? IF that were the case, then yeah, we got a nut job to worry about. I’m sure DCSO has more info to work with. At current, I don’t fault this person for having a dog of leash here, but there are a lot of aspects to the narrative that don’t pass the proverbial “smell test.”

  14. What kind of trash hunts dogs?…. Wild or domestic bunch of ignorant weak male’s with low self esteem and education achievement as usual I assume

    1. Wow ease up on the assumptions long timer. I’d make some of my own about you but as you’ve so brilliantly illustrated it makes a person look really ignorant. Let me educate you: Obviously you’re not a farmer or rancher. Never had your livelihood threatened by what the likes of coyotes can do. You think all dogs are warm furry companions. What you’re doing is called anthropomorphic. You wouldn’t ask the dog though, “why do you pack hunt those sheep?” Drag em down by the hind quarters and dismember em. Or, “why would you tear a calf out of its birthing mother and kill both?” But then you’ve probably never seen that cause your education achievement is so high. Often years there is a bounty on ear pairs from coyotes. Paid because they are such a problem. But your probably not weak, ignorant or male enough to know that are you?

      1. You used a lot of words defending stuff that has nothing to do with this situation. Bottom line is, if you can’t tell a husky from a coyote, you shouldn’t be hunting. One of the first things taught about firearms is to know your target. This dogkiller might not be able to tell a hunter from a bear either, just shoots at any old silhouette, shadow or rustling brush. Lost a good hunting dog to one of those kind of “sportsmen.”

      2. BSBYMHCancel

        I in fact owns ranch and farm….
        You are an officially a moron
        Just another undereducated transpant without land running his mouth like he’s a agricultural land owner….

  15. I used a lot of words, intelligibly I might add, to respond specifically to Long Timer. Try to keep up. He said any dog, a coyote is a dog. As for your other accusations read my “lot of words” post just above Long Timers last one. It’s all addressed FathersChild, problem seems to be reading comprehension.

  16. Ok so looks like my calling out FathersChild was deemed too confrontational? Just seems insulting to you Barney that thier likes are clearly not reading but merely trolling the comments of articles. I could have maybe been more PC in my calling BS, but looking at the trend of comments from the likes of FathersChild, Herr, Martha, Bablaugh, Keyser… they have a propensity to post some innocuous pablum only to then run and troll elsewhere avoiding any honest discourse or intelligent conversation. They’re just stirring up ****. Ive found the surest way to shut em up is two or more sentences of well constructed argument with at least one triple syllabic word. I honestly wonder how many of these are bots, as thier posts are often wrought with typos, ignorant of ongoing dialogue and or article content, sometimes nearly plagiarize something recently posted, and reuse trite ignorant buzzwords or bumper sticker logic. Now I’ll grant that there are other handles; Barneygetshiswish, bidens nose, Trump4life etc… they all exhibit similar behavior. Just makes me wonder if the commentership here is really comprised of this many inept debaters, are they just people looking to stir it up, or are they even people? Just some observations, and you’ve let me honestly try and call people out so I’m not accusing you of censorship, I suspected my last post may get deleted, so, fair enough. It just really makes me wonder if anyone here has interest in dealing across the isle? Or if ya’ll just need your dose of keyboard commando confrontation?

    1. “Thier posts are often wrought with typos”. 🤣🤣🤣. So funny. You can’t make this stuff up. Pretty sure you want “fraught” not “wrought” too. Let’s start with words of a single syllable, Scooter.

      1. Very good Neuro, I indeed meant fraught, and I’ll try better to mind my contractions. Now aside from pedantics and childish emojies can you rebut any of the content? Maybe add a sentence or two of intelligent dialogue? Or are you just one of the aforementioned trolls?

  17. This story just keeps morphing. It’s not unusual for a Facebook post to get a virulent reaction, oft fueled by something as emotional as a dog murdered in Bend. This gets to news and law enforcement level though and the OP all of a sudden doesn’t know what to do. And maybe this didn’t start as a social media airing, I don’t know. But, this immediate mob reaction to an allegation… I’m not calling anyone a liar, but I’m not seeing evidence for a culprit. Meanwhile; petitions, calling for restrictions on hunting areas, a go fund me… starts to sound like an agenda… remember Jay Barbeau?… let’s just let emotions cool and see what DCSO “comes up with.”

  18. To the person that shot this dog: Your actions are the actions of a spineless coward. Criminals run from the scene of their crime. Law-abiding citizens stay to face the consequences of their actions. Turn yourself in.

    To the family of the dog: My sincere condolences on the loss of your pet. You should never lose your pets to the reprehensible actions of a criminal.

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