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Redmond man arrested, faces two counts of attempted murder in SW Redmond shooting

KTVZ file

(Update: Police, prosecutors identify suspect, release details, charges; victim in fair condition)

REDMOND, Ore. (KTVZ) – A 45-year-old Redmond man was arrested early Friday at a Bend motel and faces two counts of attempted murder and other charges in a shooting Thursday night in southwest Redmond that sent one man to the hospital, prompted a warning for residents to stay inside and closed Canal Boulevard overnight.

Officers responded shortly before 8 p.m. to the 2900 block of Canal Boulevard on a shooting report, Lt. Jesse Petersen said.

It was reported that Joshua LaForest, 45, shot a 30-year-old Redmond man with a handgun and fled before police arrived, Petersen said.

The shooting victim was taken by Redmond Fire & Rescue medics to St. Charles Bend, where the lieutenant said he was in fair condition at last report.

The shooting prompted police Thursday night to close Canal Boulevard between Volcano and Wickiup avenues and ask people via social media to avoid the area and residents to stay in their homes.

Bend police, Deschutes County sheriff’s deputies, the Central Oregon Major Incident Team and the Central Oregon Emergency Response Team (CERT) arrested LaForest around 1:40 a.m. Friday at the Holiday Motel on Southeast Third Street in Bend.

LaForest was lodged in the county jail in in Bend on charges of second-degree attempted murder, first-degree assault, unlawful use of a weapon and menacing, but also was being held without bail on an out-of-county warrant and probation violation, Petersen said.

Before LaForest’s initial court appearance Friday, the Deschutes County District Attorney’s Office filed an eight-count initial charging document listing two alleged male victims on Thursday and two counts of second-degree attempted murder, first-degree assault, first-degree attempted assault, two counts of unlawful use of a weapon and two counts of menacing.

Judge Raymond Crutchley set LaForest's arraignment on an expected formal indictment for next Friday at 1:30 p.m.

Redmond police thanked the other entities involved for their help in the investigation. As police continue to investigate the case, anyone who witnessed or has information about the shooting was asked to contact the Redmond Police Department through non-emergency dispatch, 541-693-6911.

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  1. Undoubtedly this story will prompt a thoughtful discussion on how our community can combat epidemic gun violence. Without the careful moderation KTVZ provides, this could devolve into a juvenile exchange of insults and a rehash of irrelevant topics

      1. Actually, I feel for you Barney. The analogy I see is a ship captain who’s been hired to transport passengers, but they don’t tell him where they want to go. This “ship” drifts rudderlessly towards complete freedom of speech, and when the wind changes it drifts towards censorship. I think KTVZ owes it to you and to their listeners to identify what they are hoping to accomplish by providing this forum. 

        1. Nah, I have full support from my superiors on tough judgment calls – and if you think making calls not to allow offensive posts is “censorship,” well, we’ve been called worse untrue things.
          If you post messages here wondering why comments should be allowed, I’ll leave the irony to others.

          1. Well I didn’t say your bosses weren’t supportive of your decisions to steer the “ship” to starboard or port. What I said was they expose you to criticism because they haven’t identified what the ship’s destination is. If there were a mission statement such as “to promote civil and concise discussions of news events” there would be a basis for which posts to edit and/or delete. And yes, I do believe that removing offensive posts is censorship, because that’s the textbook definition and I don’t believe there’s anything wrong with that practice.

            1. A mission statement for a comment section? Um, no. Terms of Service are enough. No mission statement would make the judgment calls, tough at times, any easier. Most people use censorship as a pejorative, as is obvious. They should have free speech – the evil other side should be censored. Etc.

              1. Despite KTVZ being comprised of accomplished wordsmiths, they need help with a few words. Chuck Todd is the MODERATOR of Meet the Press. The person who removes “offensive” material before the show airs is the CENSOR. Barney Lertern serves in both roles and is eviscerated by some for his CENSORSHIP however the overwhelming majority of viewers appreciate the job he does of removing vulgar/obscene posts.

                1. It’s Lerten. And censorship is usually used among the anonymous comment trolls as a putdown to indicate their free speech rights are being violated, or that the decisions on what to allow are based on a political view. Which we prove daily to be untrue.

                2. Apologies for misspelling your name….I get that no form of the word censor is ever used in a positive context e.g. “Barney you’re doing a fine job of censoring” but nonetheless that is the prevalent sentiment even if the “C” word is not spoken

            2. Just an honest question Riley O. Setting past “discussions” aside: did you really just imply that you support censorship? I’m honestly asking. Was that a typo? Did I misinterpret? If not then great we could still have a first amendment conversation. If so I wish you would identify yourself as freedom hating communist/Marxist so we know where your ship is going before wasting time attempting intelligent debate.

                1. Cancel culture, fake news, “personal responsibility,” false ulterior motives, etc etc. Lots of code words and methods to stereotype, over-generalize and in general write off people and ideas any more.
                  Community? Psh. How old-fashioned.

    1. Our community, or the folks in the comments section who melt at the first sight of a headline they dont like, cry loudly, but in reality are the actual minority?

      1. If only the victim had a gun. Then they could’ve shot it out in the streets like they do in the Stans!!! We desperately need more guns around to protect us like they have in the Stans!! What I and most gun kooks are hoping for is a community where everyone walks around with an assault rifle on the shoulder!! Just like they do in the Stans!! After all an armed public is polite public!! Just like in the Stans!! Welcome to Redmondstan!!!

        1. Finally some common sense. If everybody walked around with firearms, bad guys would quit attacking people or face the consequenses of messing around with armed people. If you take guns away, only bad guys have guns. Head scratcher isn’t it?!?

            1. This isn’t the proverbial “old west” DB. concealed carry, every time implemented, has a direct correlation with reduced crime in the U.S. think about it; anyone “flawed,” to use the popular term here, or let’s call it bent on harming, has to consider that element of surprise. If, hypothetically speaking, you’re intention is harming others, would you pick an armed society or a disarmed one to attack? To pick the former you would have to not only be malicious but also insane. To pick the latter… well you may… but at least then your would be victims have opportunity of survival. What are you advocating?

                1. Do you have a point? I have a bicycle, can you swim? Do you pack your lunch or walk to school? I thought you were “giving it a rest” a couple hours before you posted this? No? Children always need the last word.

                2. I said I would give kicking your *** a break, all I did was ask a question. Since you seem to know everything about everything, I was wondering if you’re also a responsible chl holder. The maga crowd here is always hyping their rights, but oddly never mentions the responsibilities that come along with this or any other privileges/rights in our society. I wonder why that is. Where did you get your information about conceal carry having a direct correlation with reduced crime in America? Would that mean that if we doubled the number of guns in America there would be a 50% decrease in crime?

                3. Ok Keyser, your response was a bit testy but I’m one who is honestly disturbed by gun violence, so I’ll give debate with you one more try. Please respect the fact I am using an inordinate amount of time, actually typed and sent a thoughtful reply once already, wasn’t logged in and lost it all. I am not just unemployed, so respect my time and thoughts, I will yours, and maybe we can have parler. Gun violence disturbs me as, by my own metric, I consider myself exceptionally well versed in firearms. I see thier misuse as a harbinger of our collapsing society. For that matter I consider the impersonal attacks under cover of anonymity on the internet daily against our fellow citizens the same. I have children and would like to give them a better America. I fear these attacks, guns, internet trolling etc… portends that Americas kyklos may be near an end. I have addressed many of your questions on this comment board. So, in interest of not just re-hashing what has already been said maybe take a gander at my discussion with Riley O. Here you and I actually had one as well around Christmas here. as I have learned more of your debate style I suspect you didn’t respond to my last comment there only because you didn’t see it? So perhaps it would make most sense for you to pick up where we left off there, and maybe we could have a civil discussion. If you’re a CHL holder, as am I, and a pilot, as am I, then I’d suspect we’re both more mature than the continued pablum and trolling in which we’ve both engaged. If two educated people of different opinions, both licensed to carry guns I might add, can’t do that, then I suspect even at a community level America is truly doomed.

                4. Accepted Barney. Thanks for the platform and your “censorship”. learned the less vulgar definition of that between you and Riley O. today. I have my stances, but I would like to think I’ll see the other side. If we can’t view our ideals through the lens of how our fellow man sees us… well emperors new clothes comes to mind. Anyway I’ve got a lot going on and I find this expends a lot of time, sucks me in like Facebook used to. If there is something constructive could be had I’m happy to continue. The irons i have in the fire now is my invite to Keyser and my challenge to HandsomeStranger. If these go south I’ll consider myself unable to better anything here and kindly ask you to delete my account.

                5. It was actually you who didn’t respond to my last comment. Right?

                  Speaking of debate styles, I’ve noticed yours is to not answer my questions using as many words as possible, and to throw in something latin or greek so people think you said something important. Your latest response went like this: My dog at my homework, think of the children, something greek, links to dead threads nobody wants to re-live, and finally you say you have a chl. Why on God’s earth did I need to go through all that garbage just to get to what could have just been “yes, I have a chl”. If your intent was to bore is all to death, mission accomplished.

                  So, I actually sat and read your Wikipedia links, because I trust much of what I read there. One of your fav talking points is “America doesn’t have the highest suicide rate”, which I guess is technically accurate. We do have the 4th highest suicide rate among developed nations, following only Mexico, Turkey, and Estonia. Why would that be, in the ‘Greatest Country on Earth?” We’re #4! We’re #4!
                  If you look at the “Gun Violence in the United States” wiki you linked, I found many of the talking points you repeated in both the threads you also made me read since you don’t want to actually talk to me because you’re too busy lol. In response, I would ask that you please consider the State Legislation / Right-To-Carry section. It was pretty interesting. Of course, exactly NONE of this talks to average American gun owners taking any *responsibility* to learn the laws surrounding the use of their weapon, the use of the weapon, any tactical training to secure their homes or gain the upper hand in a conflict, how to not let the weapon get into the hands of children, safe storage, or any of the moral questions about actually using the weapon. Because you always demand we have a civil conversation with you, but then you act cool and write a bunch of word salad and completely blow off our points and our questions. I need to answer every question you ask and read every link you post, but you’re *too busy* to even acknowledge I said anything. Why would any of us want to talk to some guy that never hears what we say?

                  Also, Barney, I’ve seen you thank this guy three separate times on three separate threads for his ‘civil’ discourse. I get that ktvz desperately needs cult45 members who can speak in whole sentences, but plese quit fawning all over this guy. Maybe next time thank Martha or one of the other still-employed nurses who are way more civil than this person.

                6. I don’t keep track of who I say it to. But will continue to do so as warranted, to encourage civil discussion focused on topics and discourage the personal attacks. Perhaps if we move to an upvote/downvote community-moderated system, the trolls will separate themselves out.

                7. Maybe you’re right Keyser, I’ve come to a similar notion that little of what I say here is heeded by those with whom I engage. I only speak one language fluently, I consider it only fitting to know that language the best I can. Language is our means of conveying what we think, feel and perceive of the world to others. The better command parties have of it, the more thoroughly they can communicate. It does break down over text though; if we were face to face over, say a beer, you could hear inflections, see emotion, empathize, identify with, be angered by or laugh. Here, if I misspell something, autocorrect doesn’t interpret correctly, or err on punctuation (admittedly a weakness of mine), then I may incite when I meant to engender. My perception of your response to me is that (at least on a comment section like this) we can’t have civil dialog, let alone shed any light on a salient subject. I’ll not bore you any further Keyser, if we ever meet, over say a beer, perhaps we’d find more commonality. Hell, ya might even stop calling me a “guy.” Cheers!

          1. Accidental shootings far out-number the GoodGuyWithAGunSavingTheDays. If everybody walked around with firearms, we’d have even more accidental shootings.

            1. Hmmmm Bablaugh… may wanna look at some stats there. To cut and paste an excerpt from another comment I had with another member, who now won’t talk to me: -details and data are hard to quantify or qualify. estimates range from 55,000 to 4.7 million times a year guns deter bad guy. One survey in there suggests 137,000 times a year the perpetrator was killed or wounded. Then this: accidentall gun deaths have been declining over the last century, but they now account for less than 1% of all unintentional deaths- so what do ya think Bablaugh, you not gonna talk either?

                1. Indeed, just wondering if this is how diogenes of sinope felt. Gotta get me a lantern emoji.

    2. O Riley… I’ve tried a “thoughtful discussion” with you concerning guns. care to pick up where we left off? Or are you satisfied with “juvenile exchange of insults and a rehash of irrelevant topics?” Believe ball was in your court with five questions: 1: barrel longer than 18″, so no handguns? That would greatly reduce concealed carry, are you against defending yourself outside of the house? 2: single action? Your shotgun is a pump action. Did I misunderstand? 3: are local, state police and sherrifs held to these same restrictions? 4: do you think if the Winchester Defender were the only gun available it would continue the track record you say it has? 5: if, as I say, guns searve as a deterrent to over reach of government as well as foreign governments, is your criteria adequate? Your turn.

          1. Alec Baldwin would disagree. The gun in his hand killed that lady. He claims he didn’t pull the trigger. Therefore the gun had to have killed her. Right? Laughable at best. He pulled the trigger. If it were a criminal case he would be laughed into prison. A weapon is a weapon. If there is a person who wants to do harm they will do harm with any type of weapon that happens to be at their disposal.

        1. There is no such thing as gun violence! Violence is a human emotion. You have to understand the real problem before we can get a solution. As long as we keep blaming a tool we will continue to have the violence.

          1. – violence is an emotion? – better grab a dictionary, and maybe polish your game a bit if you want to be taken seriously – “There is no such thing as gun violence exclamation point”, indeed – it would appear that getting your emotions under control before approaching the keyboard would be beneficial

            1. Perhaps you should try to learn something: “the World Health Organization’s definition of violence as “the intentional use of physical force or power, threatened[4] or actual, against oneself, another person, or against a group or community, which either results in or has a high likelihood of resulting in injury, death, psychological harm, maldevelopment, or deprivation.” No inanimate object can perform an intentional act. Therefore a gun cannot be violent. Only humans.

            1. FathersChild… if in the presence of a “deadly weapon” a person becomes flawed; 1, what constitutes a “deadly weapon?” 2, does flawed need stopped? 3, if in the presence of a a “deadly weapon” persons become flawed: who is to to stop number 2? And lastly; how?

                1. I don’t usually agree with you Bablaugh, but here I think you’re getting it. Yes we’re all flawed. Thing is; some have a better compass of morals and ethics than others. Nature of a civilized society is: how do we all live together? What is to be done of those “more flawed”? Who’s judge, jury, executioner? Ideas?

              1. There is no human alive who has never made a mistake. So, yes, every single one of us is flawed. We all have mental, emotional, physical and spiritual triggers and lapses of judgment. Some more than others.

                1. Yes, yes, yes and yes FathersChild. Who’s post were you saying answered questions better than you could have? I’m not sure if you’ve seen any answers proposed here, if so I’m curious what they were? I’ve seen a lot of questions, lot of irrelevant axioms, but no proposed answers; say for maybe the Gropengoofball that wants no one to have guns. Aside from that blanket absurdity I’m curious what answers I’m missing?

        1. Ah… OK Riley. A debate can’t really be redundant if one party averts questions entirely, really that becomes a string of ignoratio elenchi leading to argumentum ad nauseam. I’m sorry if an honest offer of debate is so tedious to you as to request the moderator edit the side you don’t like. If the subject is so boring then why do you comment? Being consistent really isn’t a virtue if the only thing you consistently do is banter, complain and offer no solutions or even entertain debate. So at the risk of being inconsistent Riley; how bout that “thoughtful discussion?”

          1. Perhaps following the RNC recommendation that Republican candidates skip the traditional debates because the nonpartisan committee that runs them won’t kowtow to the RNCs demands for changes. Of course, when you ignore the real issues in favor of lies, then there’s really no reason to debate them, right? Debates are too much work. Easier to entertain at a rally.

            1. FathersChild… what does any of that have to do with answering ANY of the gun related questions I posited to Riley? How at all? Speaking of ignoratio elenchi.

                1. Ah, OK I get the disconnect. You stepped into an ongoing tete a tete, really isn’t one cause Riley doesn’t want to talk. You may notice I addressed his name twice in the post you responded to. I was speaking directly to where this article has gone, and invoking a past exchange he and I had; specifically concerning gun violence. Mass party affiliations and who avoids debate for what reason in our current political system… unfortunately is an outgrowth of our individual disconnect. Politically I’d say George Carlin got it right with his “big red, white and blue” quote. But to return to subject at hand; you seem juxtaposed to my thoughts, what say you for a solution?

          2. This guy googles ‘big word for boring’ etc as he says nothing about anything while trying to shout down normal people who use normal words to tell him he’s a complete boor who is also a bore. Also, he’s drawing unemployment because he didn’t take the vaccine, so St Charles fired him.

            1. Keyser, in over your head, WAY over your head! Figured you’d search out further confrontation, the small do. Not all need Google to command a higher education of the English language. I wasn’t indoctrinated in the public schools of America. I’m largely autodidact, look it up you’ll learn something. Awful lot of assumptions made there about pronouns Keyser, awfully non progressive of you. Troll elsewhere Keyser, # over your head!

                1. Keyser Keyser Keyser. Since our little tete a tete went largely unnoticed as it had gone off the home page let’s just bring this one back: if any care to read through the comments they can be judged of who came at whom, as well as whether they are “normal people” or prefer some substance to a conversation. Really Keyser, you’re like debating a kindergartener, it’s easy, but kinda just makes me feel sorry for you.

                2. People didn’t stop paying attention to your drivel because it fell off the home page, they all just had to go to work. Speaking of which, it’s time I left for my job now. Hope you enjoy another day of unemployment, while the rest of us work to the pay taxes you get to live on.

                3. Welcome to the age old issue the right has had Keyser. The “cult” you’ve spoken of is beginning to play your game. Read Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand then get back to me. Pro tip: get a dictionary, youre gonna need it. See ya in a year.

                4. Nice to see you were able to respond in the middle of the afternoon. Every day is Saturday for you, after all, right? Honestly bro, dunking on you is too easy and has become boring. My foot is starting to hurt from kicking your *** all the time, so I think I’ll give it a break and let someone else have their chance. Enjoy your free time and my free money. /ownij

    1. WOW! Deep thoughts! “Local” code word for never leaving the “bubble” therefore narrow in views and ideas. I now how it is, I was “Local” where I’m from for 40 years until I arrived in Bend almost 20 years ago. It’s not your fault,it happens when you never leave.

      1. It would be nice to know whether it was stolen, straw purchase, borrowed from a relative, taken from the victim. Maybe others should be charged, but then that would violate their 2nd amendment rights to be careless.

          1. joe_bidens_nose; Your misspellings and obvious adynatons are not engendering anything constructive to the cause of our second ammendment rights. Please stop.

        1. Why your repetitive notes kept going to the trash is NOT censorship. It’s a technical bug. I bet whatever system we go to – if we keep comments, unlike most media outlets – won’t be perfect either. None are. No one is.
          Oh and … Redmond police have still not released any details due to the active investigation, they say. Yes, that allows rumors to fly and fester socially, but when info is released, we will share it, as long as it follows our editorial guidelines.

      1. Not sure what is happening to my comments asking you about an update from another story that you covered in the same area a few weeks ago? Car crash into pole?

  2. It appears this guy has an extensive rap sheet- 4 arrest alone in 2020. Why is this guy out on the streets? Meth is obviously his drug of choice- but wait- it is basically as legal (if not more!) as speeding.

  3. For all the anti gun people…. when there is a proven way for drug abuse to stop, then you might have a valid point. But until you bright intelligent people can figure that out (by voting for dems that legalize drugs) take a back seat in the gun conversation. Guns don’t kill people, people with guns kill people. If you outlaw guns, only outlaws will have them. Take a stance by fixing the addiction issue, then you can bring up logical ways to fight gun violence. Until then I’ll keep retyping my 2nd amendment rights.

      1. Drugs were not legalized. User amounts were decriminalized. Meaning that it’s still a misdemeanor to possess user amounts. But a misdemeanor doesn’t compel someone to enter a treatment program. Treatment can be recommended but now they will neither be obligated nor compelled to do so.

        1. They are more legal than a speeding ticket. They will not issue a warrant for those who fail to pay or those who fail to seek the health assembly. In other words- LEGAL! No real penalty.

      2. Interesting point. However there is nothing in place yet to “help” those addicted to drugs. Cart before the horse so to say. “Imagined” rather than put in place and based on facts/evidence.
        And the “help” is voluntary rather than compulsory. Name the last time an addicted person voluntarily sought help? Or a case study (don’t name a small European country as your example!) when this has worked.
        Mr Lerten, you are showing how gullible you are to propaganda.

        1. If I had to choose between a bit gullible and way too cynical… I know where I land/stand.
          And thicker skin, too. Reading 80K of these kinds of comments a year… it’s a survival mechanism.
          Have a good weekend.

    1. Do you?
      If you did, did you expect this to happen?
      What is the reason that you are asking?
      Why not ask if anyone knows the victims? Or better yet, how they are doing?

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