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Redmond man arrested in Terrebonne after brief pursuit

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TERREBONNE, Ore. (KTVZ) – A Redmond man led Deschutes County sheriff’s deputies on a brief pursuit on Highway 97 late Monday night and kept going after hitting spike strips, but his pickup truck was found abandoned,  then the driver was located and arrested while walking in Terrebonne, deputies said.

Just after 11 p.m., dispatchers told the sheriff’s office of a Ford Ranger leaving an area where a crime had just been reported, Sgt. Jayson Janes said. He did not have the specifics on that crime, but said the pickup was reported to be speeding north through Redmond.

Based on knowledge of the pickup from a prior incident, deputies believed it was heading to Terrebonne, so they set up “Stop Sticks” on the highway south of Terrebonne, to get it to stop before entering the residential area, Janes said.

A deputy spotted the Ranger being driven without headlights on Highway 97 near milepost 119 and followed it at a distance, without lights or siren, as other deputies were waiting in Terrebonne with the Stop Sticks, the sergeant said.

The pickup driver, identified as a 21-year-old Redmond man, continued into Terrebonne, where the Stop Sticks were successfully deployed, Janes said. The deputy turned on his lights and siren to stop the pickup, but the driver sped away and turned into F Avenue.

The deputy lost sight of the pickup and turned off his lights and siren, but deputies kept looking for the truck. They found it later, parked and unoccupied, in the garage of a home under construction in the 9000 block of 18th Court.

The driver was found walking in the area of Northeast 13th Street and was arrested without further incident.

The 21-year-old was booked into the jail on numerous charges, including DUII-alcohol, felony and misdemeanor attempt to elude, reckless driving, felon in possession of a restricted weapon, reckless endangering, second-degree criminal trespass and second-degree criminal mischief.

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  1. If he’s not back on the streets already. Wonder if he was as white as a 👻 when cops arrested him and he tried to use the story of just out getting some fresh air.

  2. next time just pull over and take your medicine kid, anything else is only going to cause you more grief. best case scenario is an extra laundry list of charges, worst is you kill a whole family, a cop, or yourself for a measly duii or warrant. grown-ups don’t run away from a problem they created themselves, they stop, fix the problem, then move on.

  3. Felon at age 21. He has only a $5000 bond for all these infractions. Fortunately, the probation violation is keeping in jail until his hearing today. Maybe they will waive it and let him out

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