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Prineville woman, alleged meth and fentanyl trafficker, stopped and arrested at Madras truck stop

Central Oregon Drug Enforcement Administration

Search of SUV turns up meth, counterfeit prescription pills

MADRAS, Ore. (KTVZ) – A Prineville woman accused of importing fentanyl and methamphetamine from the Portland area and distributing it in Crook County was stopped and arrested early Saturday at a Madras truck stop and taken to jail, drug agents said.

Central Oregon Drug Enforcement Team detectives concluded a long-term investigation around 3 a.m. Saturday with the arrest of the 42-year-old woman, Sergeant Kent Vander Kamp said.

The traffic stop and arrest followed a multi-day surveillance operation throughout the Portland area.  CODE Team detectives, assisted by Oregon State Police troopers and Jefferson County sheriff’s deputies, made the arrest, Vander Kamp said.

The woman was lodged in the Jefferson County Jail on charges of drug manufacture, possession and attempted distribution.

A search of the woman SUV located commercial quantities of meth and counterfeit prescription pills made of fentanyl, as well as evidence supporting the investigation, the sergeant said.

Detectives have identified several associates of the woman, and more arrests are expected as the investigation and more arrests are expected as the investigation continues, he added.

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  1. Good job L.E. Maybe it’s time for the legislature to consider stiffer penalties for those who traffic in meth and fentanyl. I don’t see why they are ever let out of prison.

      1. Denny… why are you so “Dense?” your lack of intellect is glaring! anyway, Prinetucky is going downhill fast! Good job by Drug Enforcement!

  2. Decriminalization, as it is currently being practiced, equals legalization. Criminal justice reform means that no names are listed. I am sure she had no idea how meth and counterfeit prescription drugs including fentanyl got in her car. I am sure the CO Drug task force must have planted them after a two year investigation because they couldn’t find anything. Catch and release.

  3. Good to see Jefferson County puts people in jail for possession of these dangerous drugs, more than Deschutes County can say.

    1. Common Sense? LMAO! Prinetucky is in CROOK county! You “Dump Disciples” aren’t the sharpest TOOLS in the shed are you? Thanks for proving it daily! Lol! anyway great job Drug Enforcement!

  4. Lots of dealing going on by certain teens out of Madras’s Sahalee Park. Cars drive up or pedestrians pass through and deals are made right out in the open with no fear of what used to be the “long arm of the law.” When LE is called, they are there for about 20 seconds, they and the teen dealers have a good laugh, and the dealing and/or drug use continues as soon as LE leaves. There’s even a guy on a bike who travels around town playing loud music with mostly filthy lyrics and who comes and deals to the skateboarders out of his backpack. It’s infuriating for people living near the park. The parents of these kids drop them off or allow them to come after school and don’t care what the kids are doing for hours without adult supervision and, when confronted, refuse to believe that their kid is doing or dealing drugs or vandalizing or completely out of control, shouting obscenities that can be heard from blocks away. This is a family public park where little kids are just a stone’s throw away. It is not just a lack of respect for the law, but a lack of decency, civility and consideration for others. I hope LE busts more and more of these distributors. Maybe disruption of the supply chain will get these teens back to playing sports instead of dealing, but I doubt it.

  5. Sounds like a shortage of dope for a short while in Bend, but no worries Bendites, the next shipment is already on the way or already in town.

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