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Redmond man gets 13-month prison term in 2020 DUII hit-and-run that killed 90-year-old

Anthony Vasquez
Deschutes County Jail
Anthony Vasquez

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) – A Redmond man was sentenced Thursday to a 13-month prison term in a fatal drugged-driving hit-and-run crash that killed a 90-year-old Redmond man who was crossing a downtown street in November of 2020.

Anthony Vasquez was 19 and under the influence of marijuana at the time of the crash on Northwest Sixth Street when his SUV struck and killed Leroy Hall, who also was hit by a second vehicle.

The second driver stayed, but Vasquez fled, police said.  He was arrested less than 10 minutes later on charges including manslaughter, criminally negligent homicide, felony hit-and-run and DUII-controlled substances.

Circuit Judge Wells Ashby accepted a plea deal agreed to by Vasquez and attorneys on both sides in the case, admitting to the hit-and-run and DUII charges in exchange for the other charges being dismissed.

Deputy District Attorney Kyle Pearson said, "This was an incredibly difficult case, and situation, for everyone. Many factors contributed to the recommendation and sentence from the court, and ultimately I believe this was the resolution that was appropriate, after weighing all the factors."

Pearson said some friends and family of Hall were in the courtroom, along with some family members of Vasquez.

The victim’s son, Loren Hall, gave a statement expressing sadness about what happened, the prosecutor said, but also expressing forgiveness toward Vasquez, saying he hopes he will learn from this and be a good father and member of the community after he serves his time.

Vasquez also spoke briefly, offering his apologies to the victim’s family. "After the hearing, Loren Hall and the defendant shared a moment that seemed helpful to Loren and hopefully powerful and impactful to the defendant," Pearson added.

The prosecutor said the judge noted that Vasquez "appeared to be hearing the statements and genuinely sad for his actions."

The agreed-upon sentence also includes three years post-prison supervision and a five-year driver license suspension, as well as drug evaluation and treatment and a $1,200 fine.

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Barney Lerten

Barney is the digital content director for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Barney here.



  1. 13-month sentence and dropped the manslaughter & homicide charges? So obviously the DA really does not care how stoned or impaired one is behind the steering wheel. Guess it is time to order a couple extra at happy hour in Deschutes County (or is this just part of Hummel’s “restorative justice” farewell tour).

  2. Apparently so dboc now will 🙈 if brown grandstands from him in August at least none of the blue supporters are saying the power of forgiveness is a powerful thing and if he learned from it he deserves a second chance even if he serves 2 of the 13 months.

  3. He “appeared to be hearing the statements and genuinely sad for his actions” only after his attempt to flee the scene of the homicide failed. Worthless DA. Gutless judge.

  4. Seriously? 13 months is a slap on the wrist. That’s all this man’s life was worth? This kid should be doing 10 years for manslaughter 1. He never even stopped to see if the old man was still alive, or suffering. The kid didn’t care. Had the police not caught up with him then what? Leniency is for people that compassionately care by stopping to see if this older gentleman was ok but, that never happened. This is not justice when others in the same situation have done the full 10 year bid and they may not have fled. While the victims family was ok with the verdict I doubt the community is.

  5. Huh, seems as if this is a very light sentence for killing someone on purpose. He knowingly drove “impaired” and killed a guy, this should have been a vehicular homicide/manslaughter conviction at the least. I have to think driving a car down the road “impaired” should carry the same level of threat to the public as standing on the road and firing a round from a firearm down the street. Try doing the firearm trick and see how many lifetimes behind bars you will get, the only difference is so many of the overlords and families drive “impaired” and do not want to have to do hard time if caught.

      1. Thanks, Barney, interesting read. I can not help but put “firearm” in place of “impaired” in this situation and wonder how people would feel towards this man and the light sentence then.

              1. I support the court system but not an imperfect one as you state you support over rude and nasty comments. I’ll take a rude comment any day over someone getting a ridiculously light sentence for killing someone. Yes, this thing called the internet and social media has led to the downfall of civilization. And being soft on crime is causing the death of civilized society for sure.

              2. So your implying that the lenient 13 month/396 day sentence handed down is more than fair? Sheesh what could you say to the grieving family that’d make them feel better losing a loved one.

            1. I guess we’re the evil ones in society for trying to extrapolate meaning from what he says. The family of the victim feels let down by the justice system.

    1. Spot on. That’s also why they don’t do speeding enforcement or even make roads difficult to speed on. Hint: if you want to harm someone, use a car! But yeah, driving irresponsibly is customary and normal in America. Everyone is doing it is what they’re trying to tell us, why should we punish this guy?

    1. You get more time for riding an emu through a crowded supermarket while guzzling rumpleminze out of platypus 💀 and trampling people.

  6. I know a guy who recently completed 3 months in jail and 10 years driving suspension for 3rd DUI and that’s with no damage to life or property.(Oregon)
    This guy is in Redmond won’t even get it that bad. Perfect storm of judicial woke lunacy meets protected class=corruption.

  7. OSP trooper I knew once quipped “If you want to kill somebody, use a bumper not a bullet.” 13 months for killing someone while driving impaired is insane. What a travesty of supposed justice. Shame on the DA’s office and shame on the judge.

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