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SW Redmond girl, 7, discovers bag of drugs in front yard, family says; police say likely meth

(Update: Adding video, comments from girl, family)

Family looks to move: 'This doesn't really feel like a safe neighborhood any more'

REDMOND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- A 7-year-old Redmond girl found a bag of what police say was likely methamphetamine in her front yard after a bike ride with her sister Saturday night around 8 p.m.

When the girl brought it to her mom, Brianna Rushing, thinking they were harmless little crystals, the mother said she immediately called the police to confirm what she thought to be methamphetamine.

“She likes to collect rocks, so she assumed it was some type of rock," Rushing said. "[The police] were worried about her possibly opening the bag, maybe she had ingested it, so they asked if she needed an ambulance and that kind of put the fear into me of how bad it really was," Rushing said.

The family has lived in their home off of SW Reindeer Avenue for five years, but said it’s a time for change.

“This doesn’t really feel like a safe neighborhood any more," Rushing said.

When the Redmond police officer arrived after the call, Rushing said he told her fentanyl is commonly laced with other drugs, making them even more lethal. She was relieved her daughter didn't open the bag of apparent methamphetamine and ingest the substance or get it on her skin.

"I’m really happy that I didn’t open it," seven-year-old Savannah said.

If her four year old son found the bag, she said things could have been a lot worse.

As far as how the bag of drugs could have landed in her yard, Rushing has no idea.

"I've had a lot of theories," she said. "We have the Ring camera, and I went through all the footage from that weekend and couldn’t find anything. I mean, I was checking cars driving by, to see if anybody could have tossed it out the window. I was checking people walking passed my house. I honestly have no idea. People said that it could have blown in by the wind.”

She plans on taking some precautionary measures.

"I’m wanting to add a camera to this side (of the house), right here," Rushing said. "We have a lot of traffic that comes through here.”

And like her neighbors have done, she’s also considering a fence.

Within four miles of the family's home, a Redmond man living near the Hayden Park area posted on that his puppy chewed up the syringe of a used hypodermic needle, and he spotted a bag with remnants of white powder that he believed were drugs.

He said he went into his backyard Wednesday night around 11:30 p.m. to let his puppy inside, and saw the shredded pieces. After realizing what it was, and finding the used needle, he called the veterinarian and was advised on what symptoms to look out for, in case his dog got anything in his system.

In addition to the cameras he already set, he's planning on putting up motion-activated lights that turn on if someone gets within 10 feet of the yard.

The whole situation he said, surprised and angered him.

Had his children, ages 2, 4 and 7, managed to get pricked by the needle, he fears it could have put them in jeopardy. In this case, it's a fortunate thing his kids dislike needles he said, because they'd be unlikely to pick it up.

He urges people to keep an eye out for risks like his and Rushing's family encountered.

“We all know that drugs are around, I just never expected it to be this close to home in my front yard," Rushing said. “It was scary, really was a scary moment for us.”

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Bola Gbadebo

Bola Gbadebo is a multimedia journalist for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Bola here.



      1. Meth was around and a problem long before decriminalization, just like you were around well before the middle of the last century.

        1. TrumpsTinyHands, making excuses for the drugs and druggies, just because they were around for the last 50-plus years does not mean they have to stay around for the next 50-plus.

        2. And the backward and failed little brother of Bend rears its ugly head once again!!! Decades of regressive and evolutionary policy from poorly educated good old boy community leaders have resulted in a stunted failure of a town still run by trump loonies!!!

          1. Seriously? Why must you resort to political vitriol regarding this? Do you not have the mental capacity to respond with something rational? Drugs are a problem in society-every society. Making drugs easier to access doesn’t help. Oregon is primarily a democratic state, run by democrats. So, you comment is really irrational. I am trying to be nice in my comments.

    1. Tiny brain will never admit that his beloved town of Bend is over ran by drug addled thieves. All enabled by the dumb liberals that have no clue about real life. They really are the dumbest of the dumb.

      1. It must be frustrating, constantly getting outperformed in work and life by a group of people you consider idiots. I can’t begin to imagine how that would feel.

        1. If you call “out performed” as a quality of life then it’s you that’s the idiot. Your “out performed” is out performing your own community members out of house and home. Bravo. But hey, your bank account looks good huh? Afterall that’s all you liberal trash thinks matters. Alot more to life than your money buddy. By the way I own my property outright (by my hardwork), do you?

          1. First of all, your written English is barely comprehensible. My bank accounts and portfolio are great! Thanks for asking. I own most of my properties. Some, given recent interest rates are financed and I’m going to make a bundle on them. I also donate a lot of money to various charitable causes. Do you?

            1. You donate to charity’s for tax breaks and nothing more. Stop trying to act like you’re a Saint. You’re a greedy liberal like the rest. All you think of is money, money, money. Maybe that’s why where you live alot of your community craps on your streets. Your liberal utopia at work but, money, money, money.

              1. Actually “Dennydizzle”, you have no idea of the financial situation of “Neuro” or why he would donate money to charities. If I ran a charity I’d be happy to get a donation and really couldn’t care less whether it was for a tax benefit or not. After all that money has still been made by the hard work of the one who donated. They just don’t pay with after tax dollars. You obviously have a real problem with money and those who make a good living. Most of them do it by hard work and dedication. Bend and Redmond have drastically changed with respect to crime, drugs, and liveability in the last several years. I would think we could all join together to improve where we live not spew hate to others on an anonymous basis.

              1. You would need to recognize “truth” first. As you make so blatantly obvious, you and “truth” don’t even have a fleeting relationship. Like the kids say. Haters going to hate.

      2. Seriously? DennyD ~ you are one rude individual.

        Last I checked there were lots of ignorant people running around. I don’t assign stupid or ignorant to political parties, just human beings. The world is full of them last I checked. Ya’ know what I mean?

        And then there’s rude!

      3. What’s really funny is I live in Deschutes Co. , not Bend Denise. Meditate on that for a minute. Also, who’s dumb? You can’t spell, don’t know what grammar is, and you live in a Blue state with blue representation. Wake up.

        1. but we can build a proper wall at the southern border and stop the vast majority of the drugs. … say Republican dominated like its a bad thing

    1. The puppy is totally fine! That was my dog and I found it before she swallowed the needle or baggie. She had only chewed up the plastic part of the syringe before I saw.

      1. Good save. Sorry you had to deal with this close call. Heads up: You might find some teeth out there as well… Tweakers lose a lot of those. Oh and if you find any weed, I’d be happy to dispose of that for you 🙂

      1. Its hilarious that they try to associate meth use with “liberals” when its pretty much the drug of choice for the cleetus crowd if ya know what I mean. Now if they had said cocaine maybe but meth is the hillbilly drug of choices.

  1. This happens around the US. Back when my sons were young, they came across needles and drug paraphernalia in the park across from our home. What was considered a “good neighborhood” ~ high school close by. Today that same neighborhood is out of control cost-wise for real estate.

    It’s not a political issue in terms of Republicans or Democrats it’s a people issue.

  2. Within four miles of the area? Where exactly in Redmond isn’t within four miles of the area? I hope Savannah and her family can find a safe place to live. The way things are going, family compounds or Gated Communities are about all that is safe here in Oregon. I am aware of multiple HOAs in Bend and Redmond that have ongoing discussions regarding the implementation of private policing for their communities.

      1. I am not aware. I am aware of the Government of the United States murdering women and children that lived in cult compounds. This has happened multiple times and the the government was found to be at fault for their actions. You live in Awbrey Glenn and its gated, so you know the deal…

  3. At least there’s nowhere near the amount of meth that you’ll find in the red states in the SE. You can’t even walk across motel parking lots in Florida, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, Missouri, Mississippi, etc.. without seeing this garbage everywhere. You ignorant folks blaming this on libs, dems, progressives.. get out of Oregon and go to your homeland near Trump. Then tell me how nice it is here. This incident is rare comparred to the Republican states.. ironic don’t you think? Get a freaking clue, or stay dumb.

    1. Yes they are. Libs love to keep their “slaves” as high as possible. It makes them feel superior in everyday to hand out crumbs to the less fortunate while they reap their rewards of money.

      1. Needle handouts keeps the cases of aids, hep, and other diseases way down. You know, diseases? Those things conservatives think don’t actually exist?

        1. Great work BD! Sadly, the data shows the opposite. Which is why needle exchange/give away programs in the EU have been eliminated and most here in the States are being phased out. The data used for this post came from Statista. A source used by multiple outlets owned by News-Press Gazette.

  4. This is backwards.
    “Rushing said he told her fentanyl is commonly laced with other drugs, making them even more lethal.”

    Other drugs are laced with fentanyl to make them stronger. Fentanyl is not laced with other drugs.

  5. – have we gotten any farther than someone saying it was “likely meth”? – hate to throw cold water on this hoot fest that so many have invested so much time into, but who knows? – yea, it could be meth, and that is horrible and wrong for a kid to find (grateful that the girl is safe and sound) but this emo fest over something that no one has confirmed is all about the burning desires of key tappers, and may have nothing to do with reality

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