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C.O. drug agents, SWAT teams conduct 6 raids, make several arrests in biggest-ever Jefferson County drug bust

JCSO drug raid 1
Jefferson County Sheriff's Office
CERT, SWAT teams were part of several Jefferson County drug raids Tuesday
JCSO drug raid 614-2
Jefferson County Sheriff's Office
Marijuana plants gathered in Jefferson County drug raid Tuesday
JCSO drug raid 614-3
Jefferson County Sheriff's Office
Collected marijuana plants in one of several drug raids Tuesday around Jefferson County
JCSO drug raid 614-4
Jefferson County Sheriff's Office
Armored vehicles were used by tactical teams in series of Jefferson County drug raids Tuesday

(Update: Sheriff Heckathorn releases more info)

Public asked to avoid locations while operations underway

MADRAS, Ore. (KTVZ) – A long-term investigation of a drug-trafficking organization culminated Tuesday with Central Oregon drug agents, several law enforcement agencies and SWAT teams conducting six simultaneous raids across northern Jefferson County, making several arrests in the largest drug bust in county history, Sheriff Marc Heckathorn said.

The Central Oregon Drug Enforcement Team said drug agents, assisted by Central Oregon Emergency Response (CERT) and Deschutes County SWAT teams, support aircraft and several law enforcement agencies, conducted the raids Tuesday morning in the Culver and Madras areas, and asked people to avoid those locations while the search warrants were being executed.

The CODE Team said it was being assisted in the raids by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the Jefferson, Deschutes and Crook County sheriff’s offices and Oregon State Police, Sgt. Kent Vander Kamp said.

Heckathorn said in a news release at midday that detectives were still processing and collecting evidence, after the properties were cleared, and that “by all accounts, this will be the largest drug bust in Jefferson County history.”

Heckathorn, who has resigned his position effective next Monday, said he “wants to thank not only all the agencies who sent us personnel and resources from across the state to assist us, but to the community as a whole for their patience in waiting for us to properly develop the case.”

“Organized drug trafficking cases are extremely complex and dangerous investigations,” he wrote. “Additional investigation will be occurring and multiple arrests were made today.”

More details will be provided in a later release, likely Wednesday, he said.

The CODE Team detailed four of the search warrants in two Culver locations – Southwest Ford Lane near South Adams Drive, and Southwest Feather Drive near Jericho Lane – and two in Madras, Southwest Dover Lane near Highway 26 and Southwest Bear Drive near the Culver Highway.

“There are no outstanding suspects or dangers to the community at large,” Vander Kamp said in an initial news release Tuesday morning.

However, he asked that people avoid the areas while the search warrants are executed and noted there could be "some minor traffic delays.”

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      1. And Mexico is paying for it right? Another lie by the Orange peel that his blind followers ignored. I’m ALL for the WALL but sick of the political propaganda. Bow down to your Messiah! Nice thing is No way us Real American Patriots are gonna elect the biggest loser in presidential history. But at least he’s a stable genius like y’all.

        1. Sometimes life can be lonely and you feel abandoned by those you thought loved you. And in your despair you turn to your keyboard for solace. It gets better with time. You might also consider moving out of your parents basement, lay off the sugary drinks, bathe and look for a job.

            1. Cha-Ching! The only thing worse than a Dem is a Repub. Bloods and Crips! Two sides of the same coin! But thanks for replying. It validates my material as I workshop. As the Moderator has reminded us all before; Hopefully the new platform will not only self regulate out the hate and snark but also mute the entertainment value for those that are here for entertainment purposes only.

              1. Well, if they’re getting ready to regulate the hate and snark, I guess we won’t be hearing from you for a while. I’d like to say you’ll be missed but I hate to lie.

          1. Nice point by point refutation of the truth about the wall lie people are apparently still swigging like free booze.
            Not. just rants about people’s basements. Full on 8th grade, eh?

            1. Hey the basement shtick is my post! Why are you giving that post credit? Do you need assistance with how to reply to posts? It can be tricky. The good news is change is coming! Full on Back Bacon, eh?

        2. Well, to be fair, tRump did get Billions of US tax dollars to his criminal buddies to build a Fake wall that parts of which blew over in the wind, and the entire boondoggle can be cut through in less than a minute with a Sawsall.

        1. And I thought liberal goody goody’s said that “decriminalization” of heroin-crack-and meth was “goody goody” for our community. Why are these officers even wasting their time here- there must be a crosswalk violation out there somewhere ! Ya’ll voted for this- now enjoy the fruits of your labor.

            1. Read the article again… especially that part that says… “biggest ever”… which means “No”- you haven’t had a drug bust this size here… “Eva” ! Yeh- so right.

    1. Hopefully we WILL hear all about it. Our “news” isn’t exactly detailed and since our supposed local news is directed by the POWERS THAT BE, we will likely hear only what they want to allow us locals to hear. Always glad to learn of more drug busts. So many parents or people who don’t keep up with what is going on regarding Fentanyl and just how many of our young people, especially, are taking it daily or often, think some of us are overreacting to its dangers and availability here throughout central Oregon. It is available everywhere. More dangerous than heroin too, since just a tiny bit can lead to an overdose and death.

  1. Patience, not Patients….

    Good! Thank you authorities! I have to say that its a curious thing that a lot of stuff that should have been going on all along is now starting to uptick with 5 months remaining prior to midterm elections. However, I have it on good authority that the incoming Jefferson Co. Sheriff should pay attention more to whats going on under his own roof.

    Consequently, you first 4 commenters are a continuing part of the problem impeding the quality of life here in Oregon.

  2. Bummer, the druggies in Bend will have to wait for their 9 pm shipment instead of the noon one. Hang tight people, the cartels will keep you supplied.

  3. Nice point by point refutation of the truth about the wall lie people are apparently still swigging like free booze.
    Not. just rants about people’s basements. Full on 8th grade, eh?

  4. Another record broken under the watchful eye of Queen Kate, and Old Joe. seems to be a lot of “Biggest drug bust ever” here in Oregon over the last year.
    Some may wonder, why has Oregon become one of the go to places that these cartels think they can get away with this kind of activity, but most of us know why. Lack of leadership, and failed policies.
    But as luck would have it, we still have a law enforcement who cares if our communities are being destroyed. Thank you, and Good job.

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