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Facebook announces yet another big Prineville Data Center expansion

A rendering of Facebook's ever-growing Prineville Data Center, with two newly planned, two-story buildings in the foreground
A rendering of Facebook's ever-growing Prineville Data Center, with two newly planned, two-story buildings in the foreground

(Update: Adding nearly complete trans-Pacific fiber-optic cable)

The two new buildings will total nearly 1 million square feet

PRINEVILLE, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Facebook, that behemoth of the social media world, announced Thursday that it's growing its Prineville Data Center yet again, this time with two new two-story buildings totaling 900,000 square feet.

"Since 2010, when we broke ground on our first custom-built data center here in Prineville, we have continued to build and expand, and we anticipate keeping construction crews busy for years to come, with approximately 1,000 workers on site at peak," the company's announcement said.

Once completed (if this, indeed, is completion), the 11-building campus—which, at nearly 4.6 million square feet is Facebook’s largest data center in the U.S.—will represent an investment of more than $2 billion, the company said.

The new buildings feature Facebook’s newest designs, with server halls on two floors.

Facebook’s said its data centers "are among the most energy- and water-efficient data center facilities in the world. Our Prineville Data Center is supported by 100% renewable energy, including two solar projects located right here in Oregon. We also have two water restoration projects in Oregon that are helping overcome the increasing demand for water and support the local community."

The move coincides with the company nearing completion of bringing a fiber-optic cable ashore in Tierra del Mar, Oregon. Crossing the Pacific Ocean, it will link multiple U.S. locations, including Facebook’s huge data center in Prineville, with Japan and the Philippines.

“Facebook has the need to expand its global infrastructure because of the growth in use of its apps and services,” Amy Hunter, a spokeswoman for the company, told The Associated Press in an email Thursday.

The company also announced a new $60,000 grant for Crook County School District’s K-12 robotics program.

"Facebook is proud to be part of the Prineville community and to support STEM education," the company said. "This is the third year of Oregon Robotics Tournament and Outreach Program (ORTOP), which is now at $150,000 in total support by Facebook.

"For over a decade, Prineville, Crook County and the State of Oregon have been great partners, and we look forward to a continued strong and fruitful partnership for years to come. Thank you, Prineville!" Facebook's statement said.

Facebook also provided two statements by local officials about the latest announcement:

Prineville Mayor Jason Beebe said: "Facebook has been an important part of our community now for over 10 years, and their continued growth here in Prineville is just a testament to the excellent relationship that we have together. I'm excited for this new growth and their commitment to Prineville and Crook County and the support they have provided for our community, especially the schools. Thank you Facebook for the partnership that you have helped foster with our community, and I look forward to many more years." 

State Rep. Vikki Breese-Iverson, R-Prineville, said: "Facebook Data Center in Prineville has consistently provided grants to local projects and non profits for many years. They have shown what a partnership between a small community and large corporation can be in Rural Oregon. I applaud their efforts, especially in their support of our school district here in Crook County. I am a founding board member of Crook County Education Foundation as well; I am excited about their continued investment in the K-12 robotics program with a new $60,000 grant.”

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          1. collusion? Sure, and they’re a U.S. company, eligible to do what they want to sway voters. Welcome to capitalism. BTW, does this mean you admit that this caused Biden to get more votes?

        1. Umm….maybe you should educate yourself on the meaning of, to accuse someone of being a snowflake. Your constant name calling and over sensitive reaction to a tongue and cheek comment by ‘kuya’ pretty much is the definition of being a snowflake….BOY.

          1. Once again- we see the same pattern of denial- that as long as the posters target one another- and not the Moderator in charge of cutting down on these offensive personal attacks- the schoolyard bullies are allowed to run rampant… which is why said Mod goes ballistic every-time the same tactics are used to dispute a KTVZ propaganda piece (which there are so many of)- nice community you’ve built here B !

  1. $60,000 grant? $2 billion invested so far? Just read about the “Dark Sky ” concerns. Facebook lights are disgusting. At the beginning it was said u their facility would not be seen from town, what a joke. Crook County has sold their soul to the devil!

  2. That is a fact.

    Change is coming to P’ville faster every day. Imagine how nice it will be in a very few years with a population of 50,000+. I wonder how many locals will actually be working on the Apple-Face data ranches. Soon the biggest of them all, the Big G Data Ranch will announce it’s coming.
    I hope to be moved to a small rural town out in the country before then.

    “Outside the limit of our sight, feeding off us, perched on top of us, from birth to death, are our owners! Our owners! They have us. They control us! They are our masters! Wake up! They’re all about you! …”
    Street preacher, They Live

  3. Facebook has become a light pollution issue as well as eyesore on the rim. Don’t they to be further from the rimrock?

    They could be more friendly to residents, the night sky, and the daily explosions with huge cranes it’s ugly.

    I used to support them.

  4. Facebook also could help out their workers and build housing or an RV park up on the hill. Seriously, they need to build housing up there and spare us the traffic circle

      1. Since you repeat your collusion claim, I’ll repeat my comment:

        collusion? Sure, and they’re a U.S. company, eligible to do what they want to sway voters. Welcome to capitalism. BTW, does this mean you admit that this caused Biden to get more votes?

    1. The $30 Million dollar tax free deal was done during the Obama years of hopey changey- I’m wondering why former City Councilman Beebe hasn’t said a word about the finances surrounding this new expansion deal… id Fakebook still being granted tax free status ? The writers of this story should have understood the main concerns of the Crook County residents instead of peddling this press release that anyone could have cut and paste of the F-book website !

  5. Facebook needs more room to store everyones information they collect and sell. Including those that don’t understand or believe they are giving FB all their personal info daily. From payment methods to your personal opinions to your life in general. They will have your medical records soon enough if they don’t already.
    Creates jobs while building but afterwards a data center does not employ that many people. If the world goes kerplunk someday those would make good food storage warehouses if ya swap put the servers for refrigerators.

  6. It is hysterical that all the complainers that are posting about a technology and Internet company are posting ON THE INTERNET. This is all supply and demand. If you don’t want Internet companies to grow, then stay off of Facebook and the Internet. I hear the Amish have a great spot for you in Pennsylvania. I did not realize the land between the landfill and the airport was so valuable to you. Must be a great place for a home to retire in.

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