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Crook County sheriff prepares for worst-case scenario if 17 deputies quit over vaccine mandate


They indicated they would do so in recent poll; no one has given notice

PRINEVILLE, Ore. (KTVZ) – Crook County Sheriff John Gautney is preparing for a "worst-case scenario," in the event it loses over a dozen deputies who have said they will resign rather than follow the state’s COVID-19 vaccination mandate by the Oct. 18 deadline.

In the event the agency loses that many deputies, Gautney is asking the county to issue an emergency declaration. That would include gaps in patrols of up to 14 hours a week, limiting the number of inmates booked into the jail and cutting public safety and inmate programs.

Gautney said the deputies’ association ran a poll in which 17 said they would quit, rather than be forced to take the vaccine.

“This is a worst-case scenario, and no one has given notice of their intent to leave employment,” Gautney told NewsChannel 21.

“If this issue ever is forced, it would be devastating to small rural counties like Crook County that are already short-staffed and on a tight budget,” Gautney wrote. “We would be forced to cut services in many areas of public safety, including the jail and patrol services.”

“Having said that, I do not intend to risk the public safety and will continue to provide law enforcement services to the county to the best of our ability,” he added.

In an order and resolution up for review by the county court at a work session Tuesday, the county lays out the impact of such deputy departures.

"Their concerns are not idle petulance, but deeply held convictions that the administrative rules are wrong, unwarranted and foolish," the resolution states.

The proposed order calls on the Oregon health Authority to modify its rules, lawmakers to "adopt sensible, bipartisan legislation" and Gov. Kate Brown "to restrain the adoption by executive branch agencies of counterproductive administrative rules, especially through emergency processes without regular involvement and review by the general public."

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  1. Doubtful it will come to that.

    What is too bad is that the union, apparently, leaked or released information that should have remained internal. Such votes are often emotion driven and not objective.

    With the OSP lawsuit and current law in Oregon the key is to “wait and see”.

    In the meantime bills must be paid and food put on the table.

    Nothing to see here. Move along, move along, please?

      1. Remember when the big fat,failed and fired new york city trust fund baby lost the Iowa primary to lyin ted cruz and immediately claimed it was “rigged”!!!! The obese orange snow flake has been a lying, crying, sore loser failure for years!!! But the poorly educated and failed tank tops, Ivermectin and discount smokes trump borg believe him and the russians and the chinese!!!!

        1. Well, I guess my response to garbage was too offensive to be posted. I’ll just say I hope you’re here when the Arizona audit results are released.
          Barney – I said nothing that violated the TOS…not sure why my last comment didn’t make it.
          Look at what the guy said above me…how did that get approved but mine didn’t?

      1. Just so I understand you and your pal above. Are you okay with cheating? These people are saying they’ve been told they already voted when they showed up to vote. Not sure if you realize this but they haven’t counted the votes yet…so the whole accept losing doesn’t apply.
        In regards to the fraud that occurred in the 2020 election – you realize Arizona has already released a preliminary report. Just one small part of item out of the report showed there were 84,000 ballots that were never mailed out but counted. They haven’t told us which ways the ballots voted…but pretty sure we all know.
        How about the canvass that was just released? Is the information gathered in the canvas that further proves fraud also something that “just losers do.” The Arizona report will be released soon…looking forward to continuing this convo then.
        Oh I almost forgot it was you and the Democrat party that claimed Trump colluded with Russia to steal the 2016 election. Remind me again of the evidence that supported this claim?

          1. Many of the cases brought forward by the Trump campaign was in the form of sworn affidavits. Some of those cases were dismissed, some were victory’s and some are still pending. The forensic audit in Arizona will undoubtedly end up in court where the full extent election fraud will be exposed.

            1. he and his band of now failed and forgotten lawyers filed 63 lawsuits in 2020 and lost 61 of them!!!! His top lawyer kook was sydney powell who now is facing a 1.2 BILLION dollar defamation lawsuit from Dominion!! Her defense? “evrything I said was so preposterous that no reasonable person would believe it so how can that be defamation”!!! ROTFLMAO!!! big fat failed and fired donnie was going to make her special council for the Whitehouse!!!! Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much losing Karen!!!!

          1. I find it ironic for someone from the Democrat party to use the phrase “fake news” when referring to voter fraud in the 2020 election. Flash back a few years ago and Trump was guilty of colluding with Russia to steal the 2016 election with zero evidence.
            We have already learned of the preliminary findings in Arizona …more coming soon. 😀

    1. Much to do about nothing. A simple computer glitch and the sweet old lady was still able to vote. Kinda sad that the GOP agenda is so unpopular and morally bankrupt that they now believe the only way they can prevail in elections is to dispute their legitimacy. According to them, even Republican election officials are working for the Dems. You can’t make this up.

      1. Wonder why these computer glitches always work in favor of the Democrats? Notice how quickly the media swoops in and claims no “issues here, move along,” but fervently supported the Russia hoax for years with no evidence.

        1. Um, 7 of big fat failed and fired donnies top campaign managers and lawyers and fixers were indicted, 4 convicted of lying about contacts with the russians. little rudy guiliani’s buddy just plead guilty to trying to solicit russian money for campaign donations!!! trumps totally failed lawyers filed 63 lawsuits in 2020 and lost 61 of them!!!!! Sooooooooooooooo much total failure Karen!!!!! ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          1. Aw. That’s neat. I won’t argue that some were charged with “lying” about speaking with Russia. Bringing up the fact that some were set up, or that after the meeting with General Flynn memos from the FBI stated he was telling the truth. Nah – you were already told what you’ll “know.” It’s easier to fool someone than to convince them they’ve been fooled.

            I will repeat no one was charged with colluding with Russia to get Trump into office. How many FBI agents were caught discussing via text/email falsifying about their desire to remove remove Trump from office?

            As for the court cases…again what were told to think is wrong.

            While I have your attention please let me know what policies Biden ran on that made you vote for him? What has Joe done to better the lives of American citizens?

  2. The same is happening in healthcare. If this mandate is enforced there will soon be a time that you will receive no treatment if you need it. This is due to the government mandate not the unvaccinated

      1. So you are willing to gamble with your health care and potential safety? You do realize that many that oppose the mandates are vaccinated themselves? There used to be freedom of choice…..

        1. – need to learn some history – remember George Washington? – check out his epidemic mandates, and penalties for non-compliance, just as an example (y’all are into using the founding fathers as examples of how thing should be – right?)

      2. Don’t bet on it. This is how strategic lawful protesting really works. Not the lawless rioting the BLM’rs and ANTIFA crowed did encouraged by the Demoncrats through their do nothing policies. I’ve never seen a president (let alone a Demoncrat) loose so much approval ratings in such a short amount of time. This has to be a proud moment for the Demoncrats.

        1. ROTFLMAO!!!! little failed and fired donnie had the lowest approval rating “in the history of the nation” Had zero legislative agenda other than “stick it to the libs”. Passed zero meaningful legislation unless you consider giving massive corporations the biggest stock buy back “in the history of the nation” at taxpayers expense meaningful!! Or perhaps his complete disaster on NAFTA. Can’t buy Canadian lumber anymore so would prices are through the roof. Excellent comrade!!! Or maybe big fat failed and fired donnie’s love afair with kim jong un is what you call “American Exceptionalism”! Then there was the “good and easy to win” trade war with china!!!! Perhaps you enjoyed watching him play golf for 4 years while he did nothing about Afganistan as American soldiers were dying by the dozens!!!! Soooooooooooooooo much losing karen!!! LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!

      3. Want to make a bet? You realize hundreds of nurses and healthcare workers have been forced to leave hospitals in Oregon already right? Look up peace health nurse shoes. The only thing that’s going to fold is the State of Oregon when police, nurses, paramedics and more lose their jobs and you can’t get any help at all. I will offer some sound advice, after Oct 18 DO NOT GET IN A CAR ACCIDENT!!!

      4. Oh I guarantee you they won’t fold. The overreach of this ridiculous state is driving the lifelong, educated blue collars to more red states. These people have a spine and they’ll stand for thier liberties. Unlike the leftist “I’m owed and government will take care of me” mentality, we are self sufficient, have stored money for emergencies, and can ride out the tyranny. I and my family are currently in process of doing just this. With our departure Oregon loses a nurse of 20 years, a heavy aircraft wild land firefighter and bout a fifth million a year in taxable income. All for a push over a vaccine we DON’T WANT! My responsibility is to me and my families safety. I have educated ground to refuse this vaccine and you’d better believe my kids aren’t getting it. Others perception of the vaccine safety is their choice. I won’t tell them not to get it, and I expect them not to tell me what to do. Your health decisions are your responsibility, mine are mine. Take the warning, after this wave of professionals leave, hope you don’t find yourself needing them. You can’t blame COVID, this is the atlas of our society, and we’re about to shrug.

    1. The Oregon National Guard has been called up to take over the unskilled, kitchen, cleaning and other duties in hospitals because of people quitting over vaccine mandates, with a bit of extra unemployment thrown in…next in line, emergency responders.

      1. Thank you to both of you. We appreciate not being treated as murderers in the community as we often are. Funny thing is, we were the ones wearing 1 paper mask (not n95) for days at the start of this whole thing, now we are demonized.

        1. I have trouble believing the Prineville community treats you people as murderers. Folks out there respect LE, as do almost all of the rest of us. Myself included.

      1. Moderator warns again: Make your case on the vaccine and why you shouldn’t have to take it. But try again to post about ‘laughing” when people need medical care and can’t get it, for whatever reason, and it is very clearly offensive and will be DELETED.
        Please be civil when making your case, or take your offensive comments elsewhere.

          1. If you really are a Prineville cop than lead your community to better health and less death. People look up to you and you can help them make better decisions. Is it your right to not get the vax, yes. Is it your right to quit and leave your little town struggling, yes again. But is that the honorable thing to do, no. Do good, be good lead Prineville out of this morass.

            1. Thank you. That’s how I was raised. Those in public service should be role models for the people..Do your part to mitigate this pandemic by doing the obviously right thing. Get your vaccine, wear your mask, distance when possible. So simple. Very sad that all of this malarkey about some crazy subterfuge is believed by a few misinformed and gullible folks. Apparently, they signed up to be the comic book characters in an otherwise very serious situation.

        1. Dude, you guys deleted my comment when I tried commenting on Biden’s 100 million crap. All I said was my CAPTCHA was to find the stairs, straight up comedy and you couldn’t handle it. How do you sleep at night? How is that against the TOS? Does CNN filter your comments? Was it offensive?

    1. Not sure why my response to Bob got deleted. To the left talk is cheap: no concerns about backing lies they never meant to keep. On the right; first we ask, then we tell, then we do. Too proactive for you snowflakes?

        1. Response was to Bob Bablaugh stating that “talk is cheap.” My statement is that; talk IS cheap, when you never intend to back it up. First ask, then tell, then do, in context here is about these people quitting. We’ve asked the governor to reconsider, we’ve told the governor we’ll quit, now we’re going to do it. If the courage of convictions equals a “threat of violence” to you then you’ve earned the snowflake award. All these commenters crying about “doing the right thing” and “leadership” don’t get it. That’s what we’re doing, leading, if ya can’t follow we’ll LEAD YOU BEHIND.

  3. It started out with “defund the police”, now they won’t have to because they are leaving voluntarily. The beauty of all this liberal controlled chaos is.. It’s going to backfire as it is already starting to show. When everyone leaves their jobs due to liberal fear mongering and obsessive over reach for control, when there’s no one to protect Demoncrat politicians, then, and only then, may they realize just how badly they ****** everything up. Obimbo jacked up his 2 term watch and the Drool Dribbler (is my mom here, where are you mom, comon man don’t play hide & seek with me) hasn’t even made it 3/4 through his first year and he makes Obimbo and Jimmy Carter look like Saints.

      1. The governor and now president are doing illegal medical mandates and the cops aren’t complying with it because it’s unconstitutional. I stand with them and hope they stand up for their rights until the end.

      2. Any time an entity dangles the ultimatum carrot over your head saying “if you don’t do this, this is what’s going to happen”, it IS all about control and nothing less. Tell me how this ultimatum isn’t about control the people. And, please, don’t tell me it’s about the science because there’s nothing that is being done that is science based.

    1. C’mon man, that’s uncalled for. I often stop in Prineville on my way to the Ochocos. The people there are friendly and courteous, and don’t deserve the snark.

  4. Whatever happened to protect and serve? Not a new concept. They wonder why their profession is being challenged so often? Well this selfish attitude won’t help.

  5. It is so sad to see so many “My Body My Choice!”. But their choice has and will drag this on and on and it affects everyone’s life not just theirs. All hospitals could end up like Norther Idaho where they will choose those patients they save and send the others home. I say vaccinated come on in not vaccinated sorry we have no room, it is the persons choice just like so many in the ICU’s today. Get your shot, wear a mask and now go wash your hands.

        1. They never gave advice, you’re just chiming in with your liberal ways. All you ever do is show everyone how left you are. If you’re a news source, you should be bipartisan, however you get all your articles from CNN and the AP. Nice job Barney, I’m glad I’m not paying your wages.

          1. Well, if you hang out here, and time on site is one of the metrics we sell ads for… yes, you sort of ARE helping pay my wages, so thanks! (BTW, so AP also is on your enemies list, what news source – sorry, we’re probably limited to “mainstream” – would you find acceptable?)

    1. “My Body, My Choice” Funny how that slogan fit the narrative of the liberal left when they fought for the rights of women choosing to kill an unborn human being. But… God forbid, that slogan be used for someone choosing not to put something into their body in which there is no conclusive evidence there won’t be some form of long term effects 10-20 years down the road. Just look at how long the tobacco industry fought the Surgeon General regarding the effects of smoking has on people. Nothing different here. Take your masks off, use common sense and go about your daily life. I have.

  6. What a bunch of sissies. You Prinetucky rednecks are some of the worst in Oregon. Sad that the articles next to this one talk about all the new cases and deaths in Oregon, and the overwhelmed hospitals in other Red states and here are the guys that work with the medical staff day in and day out when things go wrong. What happen to brothers in arms? Bunch of weak minded Trump antiAmericans

  7. I would like to believe that peacekeepers would be the first in line to vaccinate as a show of bipartisan solidarity, respect for the larger community, and as leaders. What an alarming thought that these positions of authority would set a negative example and disrespect ER and ICU partners by disbelieving doctors within their own community; public health experts from their local hospitals. I want to believe these folks are educated enough to bring in a microbiology or public health expert from a local college or university, someone people respect locally to explain Mrna vaccine technology and 40 year development, as well as to show the science behind the safety. These should be on Zoom, given the power dynamics in the community with the ultra far right. Put aside your alliances to leaders and do the right thing. If you cannot, that says more about you than words and you absolutely need replaced asap. I hope to see the next story of all of them proudly vaxxed. That truly would be courageous leadership that would absolutely save lives as others would actually listen. Blue lives, show your love of community no matter the aisle. Speak out. Save lives.

    1. You are posting some very thoughtful and powerful posts. I am aligned with many of the things you say. I got vaccinated as soon as possible because I have contact with the families and would never want to spread disease, just as I am vaccinated for other diseases. Kids have been required to be vaccinated for diseases our entire lives, the military is the same. This is to protect themselves and others.
      I’m rural and totally get personal freedom. I do not agree with personal freedom that risks my friends, neighbors and family’s lives. Period. 100’s of millions of people have been safely vaccinated. Period. I work hard for my community. I love my community. And I quietly got vaccinated for my community. I don’t mean I don’t tell people I’m vaccinated, I simply mean when offered a vaccine I stepped in line and received one. Having this allows me to do the work in the community with a higher level of safety for the people I love, for my family and friends, and for myself.

  8. I’ve been so upset by the destruction of anti-vacinnated on our health systems and economy. I’ve even thought maybe they don’t deserve health access when it comes down to triage, but in truth, these are just human beings who have been misled about the vaccine, a public health measure that protects us all. Instead, they are frightened and angry. Police should take a stand for public health and education, at minimum, because that lowers crime. You are confusing people who need you to be strong and do what is right.

  9. The army national guard came here to help vaccinate and to staff the hospital. Respect their service, your brothers and sisters. They are counting on you too. Bring civility back. Bring honor back. Bring Respect back.

  10. No force is an island. These officers are not communicating with their partners in Healthcare or education. If they were, and they actually trusted their partners like they want the general public to trust and respect them, they would take a breath like they advise others and seek out information from their community partners about the importance of their leadership in steering the broader community out of a crisis. Get the facts. Be courageous. Consider your friends in military who served and are still serving to help with Covid-19. Do not deny their lived experience because you haven’t yet dealt with the up close and personal fight of this disease. How can you not see your partners need you as much as you need them. Do the right thing. If thus happens, however, of course people at large would be called to boycott Prineville for more reasons than lack of police which would also tank their local economy eventually. People wouldn’t visit Prineville with limited police and willful disregard for public health and community experts. That is simply not a place to raise children. That’s a dangerous indicator. I wouldn’t move there, that’s for sure, nor would I work there after seeing this, the school board meeting, and the armed rally juxtaposed to kids protesting for black lives. I just simply would discourage all business with Prineville all together.

    1. You may want to change your name to Control Wins. What you have said only applies to what you are willing to love. If Love truly wins you would love without bounds.

      1. In case you missed it, yes, power for good or power for evil. Thats politics. Who has power and who doesn’t. Who has resources and who doesn’t (because people divest and reinvest elsewhere). Sometimes love is having boundaries and rules, like vaccine mandates in schools. Teens are often not developmentally ready to understand the difference between authoritative. authoritarian, permissive, or neglect. So, Clayton, best outcomes are authoritative approaches. This is a teachable moment. Natural consequences for making your community feel unsafe is that people stop investing. Leaders who want to attract healthy educated workforce, in a land with millions more jobs than applicants, trending with larger gaps than local leadership is willing to recognize, may want to consider safety as well as partnership rather than a narrow focus of willful ignorance. and party politics. Eventually, it will all work itself out as people decide what kind of leadership and community they want to live under. In the next 5-10 years, the community will look different. Twenty years will be extremely different.

  11. Facebook- if these officers abandon their duty to protect and serve the community, consider two options: invest in law enforcement, social services, education, public health, and environment to attract higher educated workforce; OR, two. divest from the community. Stop expanding there. Move to a region who appreciates your investment into community and the economic opportunities therein. Take a financial stand one way or the other. Same with other businesses. Vote with your money.

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