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Deschutes County

‘Our lives are being threatened’: Violence, aggression reported at homeless camp near Sisters

(Update: adding video, woman's comments on experience)

Alleged arson attempt, battery, and threats plague camp residents

SISTERS, Ore. (KTVZ) -- There are many people who live in the woods right outside of the Indian Ford Campground in Sisters. Several residents are alleging recent aggressive behavior at the site.

Lindsey McAnulty of Central Oregon told NewsChannel 21 her family moved out of the area immediately after their camp was almost lit on fire.

"This whole area is known for being relatively safe, especially for the homeless community," she said. "I have so much experience in this area -- never was messed with at all. Then, all of a sudden, our lives are being threatened. Why? I'm pregnant, and we have dogs."

Community members began posting their experiences on a community watch Facebook page. Another woman said her father, who lives at the camp, was threatened to be killed with a knife. A man posted he was chased while riding on his horse. He said he was beaten and his life also was threatened, and alleged the attacker tried to break his horse's legs.

The Deschutes County Sheriff's Office was notified of these incidents. They said there was not enough evidence to tell if an accelerant was used in the fire.

It's unclear if these incidents are related, but McAnulty believes it's not the same person, rather a broader, social problem.

"Over the years, we've never really been totally messed with. Not threatened or anything. It's just the area -- there's always people up to no good," she said.

Authorities say they don't have any open investigations at the campsite.

In January, the sheriff's office investigated a shooting at a homeless camp west of Sisters. Deputies say a vehicle parked next to a tent had been shot at several times.  No one was hurt and two 19-year-olds were charged in the incident, which happened off Forest Service Road 1510.

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Carly Keenan

Carly Keenan is a multimedia journalist and producer for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Carly here.



  1. The bums in sisters are just upset that the bums in bend will be getting free trash service while they still have to float their garbage down whychus creek and toss it in the woods like the rest of the hobos in central oregon. Or maybe the peacekeepers could go talk to them about what’s got them all riled up??

    1. Learn to speak w meaning and conviction bcz your embarrassing yourself w your limited and ignorant vocabulary! It isn’t cheap to be poor, let alone homeless! Get your attitude together tweaker bcz your friends and family are praying for it! Be a better human bcz you’re acting like a “bum” by definition! #godblessthepoorandneedy

      1. So choosing to be a bum costs them or???? Not sure I or most other people follow your “vocabulary”. Maybe your making some kind of a “deep point” or excuse for people that treat themself’s and others like crap. In stead of “being nice” how about you start being productive. Your no philosopher yourself.

    2. Meanwhile, following a BMW on the Bend Pwy. Window rolls down and lunch waste from McD’s tossed. Any BMWs parked at any of the homeless camps?

      1. I’m putting up every bit of trash ever thrown out of every BMW vs. one mid size encampment. By weight or volume, I’m betting I have a smaller amount of trash. Im not counting any BMWs owned by those at a homeless camp.

    1. I think porta-potties might be more important. Does anyone ever think about all the human waste that these camps produce. And I am sure they are not burying it.

  2. There’s been a 14 day camping for decades to stop squatters on public lands. IT’S A LACK OF WILL BY THE U.S. FOREST SERVICE TO INFORCE THE LAW

      1. That sounds appropriate maybe even preferred by the “woke” elite that have turned that nice little town upside down. Still saddened by its demise though…

    1. My thoughts exactly! I don’t have a home but I got this sweet flower and musical notes tattoo!! So ridiculous! And I wonder who is paying for this child you are bringing into the world.

  3. Was this article meant to help, because giving their location is the exact opposite of that. Let’s not forget this camp was photographed in the Nugget just a couple of weeks ago and then this happens. Stop taking pictures of camps and announcing their locations.

    1. You are dreaming. Homeless encampments are trouble magnets. It is one of the more dangers places you can live. It’s not like they are some secret to start with. Follow the cop cars and discarded junk. Take a left at the burned out mattress, and continue just past the busted down RV with a blue tarp for a roof. Found it!

  4. It’s so sad that this beautiful community (and surrounding communities) are being vandalized and trashed by this recent influx of homeless people. It’s sad for all….those suffering from homelessness and those affected by their violence and drug use. I hope the police figure out how to clear these camps before they ruin our town like they’ve done in Portland, Seattle and San Fran.

    1. It’s crazy how fast the homeless population grew. It’s almost like they are being bussed here. If you are ever near the bus station when they unload multiple busses, full of the most nomadic looking tweakers, you have to wonder what is going on. I hate what is happening.

      1. I am pretty sure that our new police chief brought them down from Portland so he could feel more at home. Notice his people do nothing to stop it.

          1. Thanks Lester. I wasn’t aware Sisters was not in Bend PD’s jurisdiction, I feel so much more educated now. I mean there are no homeless losers in Bend so I couldn’t be referring to that. At least the Sisters bums in this article aren’t set up in the middle of town.

    2. This has been going on for quite a while in that area just outside of Sister. The local officials have not and will not be doing anything to make it better. The taxes you are paying in Oregon help to continue that dystopian entitlement state. Many have moved away because of this…

      1. I moved and never looked back. Now, no homeless problem, no race problem, no liberal problem; just a bunch of people minding their own business. Sucks to be you living with the Central Oregon Peacekeepers and their chaotic ilk.

  5. I am so sick of the spineless do nothing bleeding hearts that are in charge in Central Oregon. We will be overrun by homeless soon because the words out u can live here, break rules, get fed, & be cleaned up after! What the hell has happened to Central Oregon!?!?

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