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Coalition launches campaign for $190 million Bend transportation measure

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BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- A partnership of business, environmental and community groups announced Thursday it has joined forces to support Bend's $190 million transportation bond measure on the May primary ballot.

The GoBend2020 coalition will hold a kick-off event at 5 p.m. on Monday, March 16th at Embark NWX, 2843 NW Lolo Drive, according to the group's news release, which continues below:

“Bend’s economic vitality and community livability depends on a well-functioning transportation system that is safe, gives people choices, and improves traffic flow” said Katy Brooks, [resident and CEO of the Bend Chamber and co-chair of the coalition. 

“We believe that this measure is a strong and reasonable response to the transportation challenges we face,” she added.

Top priorities of the bond, Measure 9-131 on the May 19 ballot, include improving neighborhood safety, increasing east-west connectivity and improving traffic flow. Funds will improve safe access to schools and support other neighborhood safety projects, the coalition said.

Dozens of major intersection fixes will improve traffic flow, including a new railroad crossing overpass and a roundabout at Reed Market Road. The bond will also make transit improvements and build walking and bicycle routes, improving transportation choices for Bend residents citywide. the coalition said.

The projects included in the proposed $190 million bond measure were identified through a two-year, community-based process that included neighborhood workshops across the city, community meetings, online surveys, and a large, diverse citizen advisory committee.

To ensure the funds are spent as promised, the Bend City Council will establish a citizen oversight committee to review the use of bond funds and to report back to the council and the public. 

“This measure will help keep our families safe and protect our quality of life for years to come,” said Mike Riley, co-chair of the coalition and executive director of The Environmental Center.  “We urge all Bend residents to join us in voting ‘Yes’ in May.”

Go Bend 2020 Coalition Supporters 

The Bend Chamber of Commerce

Brooks Resources

Central Oregon Builders Association

Central Oregon Conservation Network

Central Oregon LandWatch

The Environmental Center

Hawthorne Avenue Neighbors

Hubbell Communications

St. Charles Health Care

Tierney Booker

Bart Bowen

Richard Brandman 

Anthony Broadman 

Katy Brooks 

Neil Bryant, Fmr. Oregon State Senator 

Lou Capozzi 

Lisa Goodman 

Ellen Grover

Todd Grover

Karna Gustafson 

Sam Handleman

Chad Hildebrand 

Steve Hultberg 

Sally Jacobson

Suzanne Johannsen 

Melanie Kebler

Chuck Kenlan

Susan Keys

Jay Lyons

Moey Newbold

Don Paumier 

Barbara Pettersen

Darren Powderly

Mike Riley 

Richard Ross 

Kathy Schroeder

Mel Siegel

Iman Simmons 

Sid Snyder

Stephanie and Rob Uetrecht

Glenn Van Cise

Scott Wallace 

Jackie Westover 

Ruth Williamson 

Bend City Council

Sally Russell, Mayor of Bend

Bruce Abernethy

Barb Campbell

Gena Goodman-Campbell

Justin Livingston

Bill Moseley

Chris Piper

Casey Roats, Former Mayor of Bend

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      1. I’m too busy paying off all the previous bonds for Bend-LP Schools, Urban Renewal Districts, and other folderol. I will be voting no on this bond for pork and encourage others to do so as well.

        Let LandWatch and the Enviro Center pay for their pet bike, ped, and transit projects.

  1. More is the pity that it isn’t at all surprising that Bend’s politicians, bureaucrats and fellow travelers are doubling down on their previous failures. Vote no. A yes vote will do no good and will encourage them.

  2. Shows that smart thoughtful people on both sides understand the need to improve transportation around the city! It’s good that the few idiots who don’t support it are mostly posting useless comments on this website!

    1. Hey never trumper,
      It’s been my experience when people like yourself who use name calling (idiots) to pre-judge others usually resembles your own words. Be careful, but If you’d like to send our local municipalities or even the beast in D.C. extra checks feel free.

  3. Ill say it If I spent my money, like you spend my money Id be broke too. Maybe stop putting roundabouts in and then adding lights to it defeating the purpose. Do traffic studies before adding developments…the list goes on.

  4. I’ve been a team player in this community for years, BUT I’m gonna say no to this one. Find the money elsewhere or become better stewards with the money you’re already receiving from the taxpayers.

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