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    1. I remember happier pre-spin days, when colors were just colors and not political labels. I mean, the Oregon state seal/flag is mainly blue…. and that dates to pioneer days. And the American flag has both colors, plus white! I’m sure you know what they all represent.

    2. You Drumpf-kins like to claim fraud, but Walden has been the guy this side of the Cascades for years. How does that hold up with your Dear Leader’s claims?

  1. I like the format being used. Although it takes awhile to scroll through all the ballot measures and districts for the state, it’s all there and clear. Thank you for the work that went into this.

    1. The Secretary of State’s Office has been fine-tuning this for several years and it’s gotten pretty good. Beats reinventing the wheel. It did stall out some right after 8 amid all the traffic but soon got back on track (knock on wood);-)

      1. You’re going great work, B. You always have been. We all agree on that, other than the troll who created a username based on you. He can kick rocks.

        1. Thanks. So now you have to swear on a stack of BGHW Bibles that we don’t know each other, or forever be labeled one of “Barney’s Kids” for daring to not worship the great you know who and give him the respect he denies others:-)

          1. I have been messaging you for years with corrections when you were moderating for and then when I was working at bbb. Although KTVZ is NPG owned and we were adversaries in the bbb years(call your provider), I have always been your advocate. I will swear on a stack of our bibles to affirm that BGHW is just a troll and his carriage-return “—” carriage-return is just nonsense!

            Cheers! And my best!

  2. Although I am a registered Democrat, I would much rather have Cliff Bentz represent me east of the Cascades than Walden, Jimmy Carpet-Bagger, or Buehler. He should probably show up to work or give away his pay rather than walk out.

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