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Bentz, Spenser win 2nd District; Redmond Fire levy passes, La Pine parks levy fails

(Update: Adding video, updated results)

Thatcher, Hass win in race for secretary of state; Chang easily wins Democrat race for Deschutes County Commission; Jefferson County room tax hike loses

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Former state Sen. Cliff Bentz of Ontario Tuesday night won the high-profile, high-spending four-way race for the Republican nomination to succeed veteran GOP U.S. Rep. Greg Walden in the sprawling 2nd Congressional District.

In the primary results, as of Wednesday morning, Bentz had nearly 31 percent of the vote to more than 22 percent for Bend former state Rep. Knute Buehler, nearly 20 percent for former state Senator Jason Atkinson and 18 percent for Tumalo businessman Jimmy Crumpacker. Among other candidates, Travis Fager had about 3.5 percent, Jeff Smith about 2 percent and Bend City Councilor Justin Livingston had 1 percents.

When the results became clear, Buehler issued this statement Tuesday night:

"A few minutes ago I called to congratulate Cliff Bentz on his victory tonight. Cliff is a good man and a strong legislator. His deep roots in CD will serve us all well in Congress. I strongly endorse Cliff and encourage all Republicans to rally behind him to keep CD2 Republican in 2020. Congrats to Cliff, his family and all his supporters."

Walden also issued a statement of congratulations:

"I want to congratulate Cliff Bentz on his win tonight to be the Republican nominee for Oregon's Second District," said Walden. "Cliff is a friend who I have had the pleasure to work with closely on many critical issues confronting the constituents of Oregon's Second District; including combating the opioid epidemic, ensuring access to public lands, and modernizing our federal forest policies.

"I know that Cliff, a lifelong Oregonian, will be a strong advocate for our communities, families and the way of life that we treasure. As a rancher from Eastern Oregon, I know that he understands the needs and challenges of our rural communities better than most. Beyond the ranch, his experience as a lawyer as well as a state  legislator showcase his ability to navigate policy and politics.

"This job is no walk in the park, and with such an expansive district the windshield time and the miles tracked are substantial, but I am confident Cliff will excel at the task. Oregon's Second District Congressional seat is sure to stay red and with Cliff I know it is in good hands. I am confident when I say that Cliff is sure to be the Second District's next Congressman.  Congratulations Cliff!"

On the Democrat side, it remained a tight race between the top two of four candidates, with Alex Spenser moving from behind to lead at 32 percent to just under 31 percent for Nick (Nik) Heuertz, separated by less than 1,000 votes, followed by Chris Vaughn with about 18 percent and the other two candidates, Jack Howard and John Holm, at about 8 percent each.

Drawing little attention so far this year is that Sen. Jeff Merkley is running for re-election, with four Republicans -- Paul Romero Jr., Robert Schwartz, Jo Rae Perkins and John Verbeek -- vying to take him on in the fall. Perkins won with 49 percent of the vote to about 30 percent for Romero, about 11 percent for Schwartz and about 8 percent for Verbeek.

Although former Vice President Joe Biden, the presumptive Democrat nominee for president, had more than 67 percent of the vote, Bernie Sanders took nearly 20 percent of the vote and Elizabeth Warren almost 10 percent, despite ending their campaigns weeks ago. President Trump had nearly 94 percent of the GOP vote, with about 6 percent write-ins.

As for the secretary of state's race, Kim Thatcher easily won the Republican nod, with 85 percent of the vote to Dave Stauffer's 14 percent. Among the Democrats, state Senator and former TV reporter Mark Hass led with 36 percent to fellow state Senator Shemia Fagan's 35 percent and Jamie McLeod-Skinner's 28 percent.

In Deschutes County results, Phil Chang had a commanding lead over two other candidates for the Democratic nomination to take on GOP county Commissioner Phil Henderson this fall. Chang had nearly 85 percent of the vote by Wednesday to about 11 percent for Greg Bryant and about 3.5 percent for Ron (Rondo) Boozell.

Despite the economic uncertainty of the times, Redmond Fire and Rescue's first local option levy request to maintain service levels passed handily by a 2-to-1 ratio, nearly 66 percent yes to 34 percent no.

The Black Butte Ranch Service District's five-year local option levy to maintain 24-hour patrols gained even stronger voter support, with nearly 76 percent in favor.

But La Pine Park and Rec's five-year local option levy request was defeated, with 58 percent of voters in favor and nearly 42 percent opposed.

In Jefferson County races, county commissioner Wayne Fording lost to challenger Kim Schmith, 44 to 34 percent, but both candidates head to a November runoff, since neither garnered the required 50 percent for an outright primary win. Kenneth (Kenny) Bicart garnered about 21 percent of the vote. A proposed room tax increase was defeated, about 58 to 42 percent.

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Barney Lerten

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      1. He and his family donated bigly to the Clinton foundation and invited the Clintons to his 2nd or 3rd wedding. Of course that was before he decided it was more profitable to become a regressive, lying orange snow flake!!! Definitely not a conservative or a republican!!! Total loser!!!

    1. You are right about Knute, as he should run as a Demoncrap, as for Trump, I’m looking forward to four more years of you, and you comrades, hateful comments.

  1. Welcome Bentz and boo hoo for Portland liberal Haas for Sec of State Only good thing took out McLeod-Skinner. State will still be controlled by the left again and forever Blue state. Tax and waste remember Kate 5 million for climate change and watch for all the new taxes coming because of poor planning in the past and left will blame it on TRUMP 2020.

    1. Perhaps you should move to one of those perenially poor and failing parasitic red states. You know like West Virginia where they’re NOT “working there asses off” as big fat lyin donnie promised!!! Or maybe you’d prefer America’s most obese and poorest state Missisisippi!!!! Lots of 8th grade drop out, diabetics there for you to share your government handout with!!! Don’t let the door hit you on the way out sweetie!!!! ROTFLMAO!!!!

      Golf and a whore anyone!!!! trump / putin 2020!!!!

        1. “Poor and failing” CA (with a larger economy than most countries) and NY have been sending tons of money back annually to the federal government who then bails out red states like Kentucky and Tennessee which have been supported by blue states for decades in these “United” States. Check it for yourself! Of course, in today’s Doublethink world of Trump, “ignorance is strength.”

          1. Large doesn’t always mean successful – for instance it hasn’t been that many years since New York declared bankruptcy and asked the federal government to bail them out.

    1. That’s because you see strength in him (because you’re so weak), and cannot see that he’s a total phony. In turn, Trump makes you look like a total idiot. It’s a bad deal for you, and it’s the art of the deal for your leader. Read his book.

      1. You are clearly not a business owner or operator- if you were- you would understand the huge improvements President Trump has initiated to “unshackle” all the policies Obama had initiated that literally locked-up our economy.

        On the home front- Obama’s mandates- forcing me to join his Obamacare fiasco- or face “criminal” action was an historic first ! At no-time in our US History had a President threatened the citizens with mandatory purchase of a Government provided product- under the threat of legal action.

        Now my question to you- how exactly has your life diminished- been harmed- been negatively affected under President Trump ?

        1. Would you say you spend as much time trolling KTVZ as you do operating a business? More? I’m guessing more by about 100%! Your mom wants you to clean your room and take out the trash!

        2. My quality of life has diminished because the cost of goods for the business I’m in has increased due to a pointless trade war with China. The increase in domestic terrorism and nationalism has me concerned about the safety of my family throughout the country, as well as those that I don’t know (because, you know, compassion). I am disgusted to see human beings treated like animals because they want to try to make a living in our country, but are seen as criminals by the ignorant and xenophobic (again, nationalists). The increase of acceptance with the misinformed that “fake news” and “alternative facts” are actually a thing. Also, the fact that the current administration is full of literal criminals and felons, comfortable with openly corrupting and damaging the foundations of our government. No, Trump isn’t directly responsible for all of our country’s issues, but he is a product of a failed capitalist system and is a catalyst for the decline of our country’s standing in the world.

          1. “the cost of goods for the business I’m in has increased due to a pointless trade war with China.”

            Then you have become too dependent on big government to provide for your supply chain, to set your price margins, and promise you contracts… that you should be out generating yourself !

            I actually work in numerous industries that “forbid” Chinese made products and goods due to their poor quality and lack of standards.

            It is pretty clear to me that you have put almost all of your eggs into one basket- and now you want to blame the US President for addressing the trade imbalance between the two nations- one that clearly favors China- at the expense of your fellow Americans.

            Many Americans would demand to know why you rely on China for your goods instead of utilizing American companies ! Sorry- but yer not gonna get a sympathetic ear for screwing your fellow countrymen out of employment opportunities.

            More to Come…

          2. “The increase in domestic terrorism and nationalism has me concerned about the safety of my family throughout the country”

            Since the Wuhan Corona Virus outbreak…. how much “domestic terrorism” has flooded your nightly television screen ?

            Gee- what happened to all those domestic terrorists- they all self quarantine ? Or maybe the media has had “other” agendas to promote.

            Not to mention- I don’t see the relationship between domestic terrorist attacks and any Presidency- especially not here in Oregon.

          3. “the fact that the current administration is full of literal criminals and felons, comfortable with openly corrupting and damaging the foundations of our government”

            You mean like how Obama used the IRS to target Conservative groups- Or how Eric Holder set up a gun running scam called Fast and Furious- only to have his guns land in the hands of Mexican Drug Cartels- that end up being used to assassinate American Border Patrol Agents ?
            Or Maybe you have recently been totally disgusted to learn that Obama’s FBI teams actively and illegally spied on the incoming Trump Administration under code name “Cross-fire Hurricane and Cross-fire Razor”… we now know all the sordid details that lead right to Obama’s front door- and what is sure to go down in US history as the first failed attempt by a former President to organize and initiate an attempted Coup-De-Tat against a sitting US President… an “Unprecedented Attack” !

            But in the end- you have failed to explain how any of that “personally affects” you ! You are not going to jail are you ? You are not involved in any way are you ? I believe that the source of your anger is found more in the media stories you read- rather than any actual harm against you.

          4. (President Trump) “he is a product of a failed capitalist system and is a catalyst for the decline of our country’s standing in the world.”

            Capitalism has been directly responsible for pulling more than a billion global citizens out of poverty. Take a look at South Korea at night- and compare it to North Korea… one has lights- is all lit up- is a thriving metropolis… and it ain’t North Korea !

            The US remains the most respected- honored and revered nation on the planet. “Nobody” is beating Canada’s door down to get in !

            I’ve read your post- and in the end- none of what you have written has demonstrated how this President has negatively affected your life whatsoever- In fact- I’m willing to bet you took his stimulus check with a smile on your face and a skip in your step !

            Tell me any other President in the history of the US- who has sent you that amount of money… just because !

        3. Well…let’s see…we are all living (and dying) through a pandemic that could have been curbed or minimized in countless ways if the big orange baby would have acted on his intelligence briefings long before this became an issue, then dismiss it when it did come, and now not leading us through the problem but instead blaming everyone but himself. So yeah, our lives have been diminished since Trump took office.

        1. Please elaborate on how it has improved, I am genuinely curious. Do you think if an earlier response from the White House to this global pandemic would have continued the improvement?

        1. Try and keep up!! Poor little knuterus lost because he criticized dear leader!! Your average Central Oregon diabetic, hillbilly gun kook will not tolerate fake news(anything that is not complimentary of dear leader) being spread by republicans. Bents is seen as part of the hillbilly, trumpanzee Borg collective.

          Golf and a whore anyone!!! trump / kim 2020!!!! true love!!!!

        2. That’s the real problem. Any republican is not good. There are good and bad, but people vote along party lines so strongly that we often end up with unqualified bafoons in office. Vote for the person who will do the best job. Sometimes that is a republican and sometimes it is a democrat.

  2. Is media coverage out here in Oregon really that bad ? Where 30% of the state’s Dumbocrat voters still don’t know that Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren dropped out months ago !

    Republican voters got it right… “President Trump had nearly 93 percent of the GOP vote” !

    “Golf-and a Micro-brew”… Winning !

    1. Don’t tell King Trump he didn’t get 100% when running unopposed. He’ll send Barr, his Sheriff of Nottingham equivalent, to search and destroy the remaining 7% who care too much for our nation to vote for and support the 15,000+ lies and corruption.

      1. So being the child of a father… if you came home with a report card that said-

        67% (D+) Like Joe Biden
        94% (A) Like President Trump

        Just which would land yer tail end in the woodshed (bent over a stump) about to get a switchin ?

          1. How does that change the fact that there is only one Democrat candidate in the race- the other’s have all dropped out.

            Like I asked- “Is media coverage out here in Oregon really that bad ? Where 30% of the state’s Dumbocrat voters still don’t know that Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren dropped out months ago?”

            You know- for someone who constantly whines about my responses- you sure do follow me around a lot !

            1. I have to read your stuff, remember? For every useless reply I send I resist on 6-7 or so, otherwise the troll wins.
              Wikipedia definition: “In internet slang, a troll is a person who starts Flame wars or upsets people on the Internet by posting inflammatory and digressive,[1] extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or blog) with the intent of provoking readers into displaying emotional responses[2] and normalizing tangential discussion,[3] either for the troll’s amusement or a specific gain.”
              I wish you made valuable contributions here, but instead …

              1. “I have to read your stuff, remember?”

                Not sure why ! I’m clearly not one of your ‘pets” who you allow to insult others with offensive comments- vulgarities- and off topic attacks.

                And you certainly are not required to respond to anything I write- just send EddyB !

                1. You do far more insulting than anyone else here, by far. And please, don’t use the kindergartner’s “they started it.” I send no one to tell you anything, because I know more than any of them how useless it is to try to have civil dialogue with you.

        1. Geeee… I dunno ! Looks like some guy named “write in” crashed the party !

          What I find real interesting is that even though President Trump was running uncontested… more than 300,000 Oregonians still took the time to vote for him !

          As for Joe Biden- more than 170,000 Oregonians went out of their way to “not” vote for him !

          Talk about a back-handed compliment ! Havin’ fun in Oregun !

  3. Knute and Crumppacker trying to fool the voter with changing stripes did not work out well thank goodness, Knute aligning with trump, big stumple

    1. “Knute aligning with trump, big stumple”

      Not according to the videotape of his Governor’s debate with Kate Brown ! Knute clearly presented his “Never-Trumper” stance in bold fashion… and it cost him dearly !

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