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Fire destroys SW Bend home, scene of 3 alleged murders; cause of blaze undetermined

(Update: Adding video, Bend Fire info; neighbor comment)

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) – A fire of undetermined origin late Tuesday night destroyed a southwest Bend home where authorities said a hatchet-wielding resident now charged with three counts of murder allegedly killed two men, weeks after a fatal Christmas day assault at the home.

Firefighters were dispatched around 10:45 p.m. Tuesday to reports of a fire at a manufactured home in the 60000 block of Granite Drive, in the Romaine Village subdivision.

Bend Deputy Fire Marshal Dan Derlacki said the first crews to arrive found flames throughout most of the home. Crews quickly put it out, keeping the fire from spreading to neighboring homes and trees.

"An occupant of the property was out of the house and safe," Derlacki said Wednesday.

"The fire was first reported in the main living area of the home by a property occupant that was sleeping in their car nearby," the fire official added. "Red Cross assisted the occupant with a place to stay after the fire."

Derlacki said the home is a complete loss and the fire caused about $15,000 in total damages.

Investigators with Oregon State Police and the State Fire Marshal's Office assisted Bend fire investigators Wednesday morning.

"After a thorough investigation, a direct cause was not determined," Derlacki said, adding that the home had been released back to the property owner.

Randall Kilby, jailed without bail on three murder charges, lived at the home with his mother and with two brothers-in-law, Jeffrey and Benjamin Taylor.

Authorities said Kilby told police on Christmas Day that Daphne Banks had fallen and hit her head, but the evidence did not back that. He was arrested on an assault charge that day, but the Deschutes County District Attorney’s Office, still gathering evidence, did not file charges and he was released. Days later, Banks was taken off life support at St. Charles Bend.

DA John Hummel said later that statements Kilby made when he was arrested in the double-killing provided the needed evidence to bring the murder charge in that case. Kilby's plea entry in both cases is scheduled for May 27.

Hummel said Kilby's mother mouthed the word "help" to a neighbor when out for a walk with her son the day after the killings. Another neighbor said she walked up to her house and said someone was murdered in her home and her son was involved. Kilby's mother let police inside, where the men's bodies were found.

Jeff Tallackson, who has lived in the area for 15 years, says he considered Jeffrey Taylor a friend, telling NewsChannel 21 that they had shared drinks occasionally.

“Jeff was the nicest guy," Tallackson said. "He was a very nice man. He was a nice guy. He’d give the shirt off his back to anyone.”

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      1. And this “mysterious fire” will have the defense attorney seeking to have Randall Kilby released from jail or use to set the appeal process in play before the trial even starts. Hummel had better be the one running the prosecution as handing off to any other lawyer on his staff will raise significant issues of mis-trust from the community.

        1. This is the most stable the DA office has been in about a decade, remember the dugan/flaherty thunderdome of mediocrity? I respect Hummel for even pretending to try doing the right thing, its more than we’ve had in a long time

          1. Come on Barney, figure it out. The back and forth with commenters is so weird and not worth anyone’s time. All you do is waste the money and time of the people who own KTVZ. Just look around at other news websites in Bend and Central Oregon. Do you think you’re doing something new and unique or something? This form is outdated and literally nobody uses it anymore.

              1. You “moderate” a group of like 2 dozen local idiots. I am telling you what you need to hear. Also, I have 4 different usernames so…

                1. Sadly, you are correct in your posts. Actually, management is actively considering closing this comment board and limiting comments to FB & Twitter. Much like CODN does.

  1. If we want to speculate on the arson, why not speculate on the attempt to get rid of a witness (Kilby’s mom) who “allegedly” witnessed at least one alleged murder.

  2. Oh the plot thickens. The lone occupant of the house (Kilby’s mother) was asleep in the car near the property when the fire started in the living room of the house. Give me a break. Hummel, where are you and why are you letting these low lifes get away with this stuff?

    1. They never solved the cline falls jeep attack either even when they had suspects, this isnt a new phenomenon for central oregon law enforcement by any means

    2. Because this isn’t the wild west, bud. There’s a process that the government must adhere to when charging and trying people for criminal offenses.

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