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Weed burning sparks fire that destroys Crooked River Ranch home

Fire destroyed home in Crooked River Ranch Friday morning
Crooked River Ranch Fire & Rescue
Fire destroyed home in Crooked River Ranch Friday morning

CROOKED RIVER RANCH, Ore. (KTVZ) – A Crooked River Ranch home was destroyed Friday by a fire that was sparked by residents’ outdoor weed burning that spread under the home’s deck to the home, an official said.

Crooked River Ranch Fire & Rescue crews were called around 9:35 a.m. to the home in the 14300 block of Southwest Buckhorn Place, Assistant Fire Chief Sean Hartley said.

The first crews arrived to find heavy flames and smoke billowing from the rear of the house and began a defensive fire attack, transitioning to an offensive attack inside the home when more crews arrived.

It took firefighters about 40 minutes to bring the blaze under control. The fire official said several crews stayed on scene for several hours, performing salvage and overhaul.

The residents evacuated the home and the fire caused no injuries, Hartley said. They did not request Red Cross disaster assistance. The home is considered a total loss, valued at an estimated $189,000. A value was not available for the contents.

Hartley said it wasn't windy at the time the residents were doing some outdoor weed burning around the house.

"It got up under the deck, and got up under the house -- and there she went," he said. The residents tried to stop the spreading blaze but could not and called 911.

"Crooked River Ranch Fire & Rescue does not recommend the burning of weeds near structures or other combustible materials," Hartley said in a news release. "If performing burning of weeds away from structures and other combustibles, ensure that the fire is extinguished completely."

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          1. Barney, you operate like it’s 2006. News websites do not have “moderators” anymore, that isn’t a thing. The amount of time you waste telling people thanks after they point out the countless spelling, grammar, and general info mistakes is embarrassing. This town deserves so much better. Bend High School could probably put together a better website with actual relevant stories about BEND!

    1. AKJesus…why the assumption? Did you read the article …. clearly not.

      Jumping into judgement. Seems contradictory with your “screen-name”

  1. Earlier this week, I was going out Hwy 20 east of town, just past Hamby and there was a grass burn, maybe half an acre. I stopped and looked for a minute and could not see a single person tending the fire. It was moderately windy that day, and there was no way one or two people could have stopped it if it had jumped. I seem to recall that there used to be rules/laws that you had to have a good water souce at the scene just in case. There was no tanker and no hydrant within a couple hundred feet that I could see. Officials just need to follow the smoke locally and find violators.

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