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Dog-walker spots 2 burning SW Redmond homes, awakens residents, who escape $1 million fire

SW Redmond house fire RFR
Redmond Fire & Rescue
Redmond firefighters spray water on fire burning two homes

(Update: Adding info on fire, caused by oily rags)

REDMOND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- A woman out walking her dog in southwest Redmond early Tuesday morning spotted flames as a fire that broke out in one house spread to another, banging on both homes’ doors to awaken residents, allowing them to escape a fire that caused about $1 million in losses, officials said.

Redmond Fire & Rescue crews were called around 6:20 a.m. to the fire in the 3300 block of Southwest 35th Street, Battalion Chief Ken Brown said.

Crews found heavy flames and smoke on the exterior of the two home where the blaze began, having moved into the interior of both floors and the attic space as well, Brown said.

"The neighbors were awakened by someone beating on the door, and everyone got out safely before any of our arrival," Brown said.

Brown told NewsChannel 21 on scene the fire caused no injuries.

He said the fire began on the exterior of one home, damaging the roof and side of the garage, then spread to the home next door, where flames on the exterior had begun to invade window openings and the attic.

Firefighters quickly knocked down the exterior flames on both structures, made sure everyone was safe and “continued the arduous task of combatting two structure fires at the same time.”

A neighbor, Dr. Arthur Brown, said, "The house was engulfed in flames. You could hear explosions going on at the house."

The fire apparently was caused by an improper disposal of soiled and oily rags into a garbage can, Brown said, adding that the resident said he'd been staining some boards. Fire officials say such rags need to be placed in a sealed container, such as a paint can filled with water.

Mutual aid assistance came from the Bend, Cloverdale and Sisters-Camp Sherman fire agencies, the latter two helping cover the Redmond district.

The American Red Cross sent a disaster team to help the displaced residents.

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Rhea Panela

Rhea Panela is a multimedia journalist for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Rhea here.



  1. It was a crazy morning here in the neighborhood. Thank goodness everyone was safe and the responders took such great care in extinguishing a hot and smoky and noisy fire. Thanks to the dog walker. She is a hero.

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        My point?
        This hyper-partisan spit ball battle over every damn thing is stupid, unhelpful and another example of why I have become an anti partisan radical centrist.

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  3. How are you insensitive self-righteous idiots turning this poor travesty to a political argument and pointing blame towards owner cause he didn’t store the used rags in a correct way. Awful unlucky situation all around. Everyone needs to stop with their “Twitter (Internet) Fingers” and stop hiding behind a computer talking trash and twisting it into something it’s not. Last I checked we’re all human.

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