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SE Bend family acts fast; firefighters stop garage blaze before it can spread

Bend Fire & Rescue crews quickly extinguished garage fire Friday
Bend Fire & Rescue
Bend Fire & Rescue crews quickly extinguished garage fire Friday

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) – A fire that caused $15,000 in damage to the garage of a southeast Bend home Friday morning was caused by a wick used to light smoking materials that was left unattended near combustibles on a shelf, a fire official said.

The resident had gone back into the home in the 61000 block of Southeast Rolo Court, and the combustibles ignited, Bend Fire & Rescue Deputy Fire Marshal Dan Derlacki said.

Firefighters responded to the reported garage fire shortly after 11 a.m. and quickly extinguished the blaze, Derlacki said.

The family of three were out of the house and safe when crews arrived. Derlacki said the residents’ quick call to 911 meant firefighters could arrive and stop the fire from spreading out of the garage.

The family had renters insurance and were able to find a hotel room for a few nights until they can return, Derlacki added.

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          But I don’t recall past comments, on purpose, fewer “debates” that way. I’ve looked back at today’s items in the ‘trash’ and don’t see your name.

  1. What has that part of town have to do with smoking materials? Too bad we can’t get more information on particulars so the public can be more educated about fire dangers, but I guess that’s privacy.

  2. By the way Barney, was there any follow up on the accident at Hwy 20 and Cooley where the guy hit the stopped school bus head on? Medical emergency, cell phone, substance abuse, mechanical malfunction, attempted suicide?

    1. No. OSP often does not do a public release following traffic crashes in which they are the lead for weeks, even months until an investigation is complete – and only then if/when charges are filed.
      They have a lot on their plate. But I just popped them a note asking if/when more info is releasable to please share.

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