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Bentz urges Gov. Brown to lift renewed COVID-19 restrictions

Rep. Cliff Bentz, R-Ore.
KTVZ file
Rep. Cliff Bentz, R-Ore.

WASHINGTON (KTVZ) -- Rep. Cliff Bentz, R-Ore., issued a statement Monday calling on Governor Kate Brown to end the recently reinstituted COVID-19 restrictions.

Here's the statement, in full:

"In the normal course, as a United States Representative, I would not enter debates regarding state-level politics. However, the Governor’s most recent response to the COVID-19 situation is not only historically broad in impact, but an action that causes far more serious damage than benefit. Additionally, in recent days, the Oregon Health Authority actually invited public input from Oregon’s congressional delegation. 

"Governor Kate Brown’s decision to again lock down huge parts of Oregon has caused incredible frustration for many in my district, and I share their frustration. In a recent letter by Governor Brown, she commended Oregonians for helping make our state “among the lowest COVID-19 case rates, hospitalizations, and deaths in the nation,” to which she gave credit in “large part to the actions of Oregonians to take seriously the health and safety measures.” 

"And indeed, today, nearly 70 percent of Oregon’s older population is fully vaccinated and many communities across our state were well on their way to safely returning to some sort of normal. However, Governor Brown has now done completely the opposite of many other states: imposing yet another lockdown. 

"Sadly, Governor Brown’s proposed $20 million safety net for those harmed by this most recent lockdown is woefully inadequate for those Oregon businesses struggling to survive. I believe Oregon must reopen and stay open.

"The reinstatement of the Governor’s shutdown solution will do more harm than good to our loved ones, communities, and our state – especially as risk drops with an ever increasing number of Oregonians being vaccinated. I am calling upon Governor Brown to reverse this unfortunate decision and focus her attention instead on vaccinations and making sure that COVID aid sent to Oregon by the Federal Government be quickly allocated to those in need."

Meanwhile, Sandy Mayor Stan Pulliam, who's exploring a possible Republican run for governor, says a lawsuit is being filed in federal court against Gov. Kate Brown, on behalf of several businesses and a union.

Pulliam, who says it's time to end the restrictions, said the suit will challenge Brown's authority to extend the state of emergency by executive order

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      1. Your right there the past lockdowns show she has been vehement and gets riled up when anyone questions her and asks her to show mercy. We probably would have opened up in January but she took of🤺 to being pleaded with. Seeing the responses here calling bentz names for thinking of people’s welfare and using common sense as Erika said. Unless the z and Barney is allowing more posts that sides with Brown’s agenda

      2. More downplaying and lying is the answer!!!!!! Apparently little cliffy thinks restaurants in Oregon are doing just fine!!!! That’s why he voted against the 29 BILLION dollar restaurant relief bill!!!! But now says Govenor Brown’s attempt to assist businesses is “woefully inadequate ” soooooooooo much winning cliffy!!!! Or is it karen!!!ROTFLMAO!!!!!

    1. I completely understand the grievance with the continued lockdowns. I don’t like them at all. That said, if the GOP could also promote and encourage mask wearing and getting vaccinated I could take them seriously. Without those simple steps, we will be dealing with this deadly virus for much longer. It is borderline insane, to complain about the restrictions but not promote the simple methods we can all do to help our country get over this. I got vaccinated, not just for myself, but also because I love my country and it is a small sacrifice to make.

  1. Thank you Bentz and Pulliam for showing some form of common sense. Enough is Enough!
    And it’s SUPER GREAT to see people suing that $7@+335!!!

    1. You people have spent entirely too much time blaming the governor for things that were/are completely out of her control. What exactly do you suggest her “master plan” is?

        1. Explain exactly why the governor would favor shutting down businesses or making it more difficult. You people seem to think the governor is in some dungeon, secretly trying to control you, which is incredibly weak of you.

  2. Old, white, republican man… #parforthecourse As COVID spikes again because people like him just had to celebrate Easter, one of the more fake religious holidays on the planet.

    1. I’m surprised barney. It’s ok to call someone old, and white? That’s ok with you? Sounds like racism and discrimination to me. Or do your standards only apply to the poor poor blacks who have been mistreated so badly!

        1. No win situation? Dude, you run a comment section on a below average news station, something that isn’t really an actual job anymore in the first place. Talk about “no win” L

      1. Do you understand that Florida has twice as many hospital beds taken with Covid patients per capita compared to Oregon? Do you understand that it has been staying steady and 3 weeks ago had 7 times the number of patients suffering from Covid since our latest Oregon surge?

        1. Do YOU understand that Florida population is nearly 5 times the size of Oregon. Don’t compare apples to oranges. Montana and Idaho are closer to the population of Oregon and they are open.

          1. that’s a great observation!340 multiplied by 5 equals 1700. Florida hospitalizations 3112. we have to open up shop and start winning again

      2. At the cost of 3 times the deaths per capita! That would be another 5000 Oregon citizens dying! Why can’t you idiots get that through your thick skulls. Brown saved that many lives she is a hero.

    2. If you want to see a racist, go look in the mirror JJHayes99. And don’t mess with the Easter bunny. If you open your mind and heart just a little maybe you could let go of your seething anger

  3. Good job Bentz! He is spot-on as far as the cure being worse than the virus in regards to lockdowns. Baker City has filed a State of Emergency due to the lockdowns, more to follow no doubt. Kate Brown needs to listen to the people.

      1. Wow, that’s a stretch. Feel better? No, it’s the working people that have had to watch their kids sit at home not getting a proper education. Watch their friends lose their jobs. Most people in this state still want to earn a living.

      2. I guess you haven’t seen the pictures of Hillary and Joe Biden with the KKK Grand Wizard!? You should do your homework before you open your mouth and make yourself look like a fool! Just saying.

      3. It was stolen. AZ is going to show you. Just like it was shown that the State of Iowa helped Facebook, Twitter, Google show ONLY Democrat leaning BS Narritive Prior to the election. THAT is against the Constitution!? It’s freaking illegal! AND it’s THE DEMORATS NORM these days!

  4. It is about time he at least says anything. And this statement “In the normal course, as a United States Representative, I would not enter debates regarding state-level politics” So he doesn’t represent our State of Oregon? WHAT???? If he doesn’t we sure as hell don’t need him in office.

  5. Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach to lockdowns, can we try anything different? Like if an area in Oregon is less densely populated, or has a demographic or risk profile that is lower, then can’t those areas remain open? And I don’t just mean measuring by case count as the lone metric. Whey are we locking down sparsely populated areas in the same way we are locking down Portland metro? Anyway, I admit I don’t have the silver bullet answer to any of this, but it seems like we’ve lived with this virus long enough to observe who it impacts more. Like can we direct resources to helping older people or at-risk people stay safer? Or, I suppose more people could just get the vaccine that is readily available. Whodathunkathat?

    1. Stop going against brown, you will be called a white racist trump supporter. Just go along with brown. Clearly she is doing such a good job only the fourth lockdown in which none of them has stopped the ol covid. It’d be good if she listened to states that are wide open. But, then again, she is opening in about a month along with California, then it’ll be interesting to hear these antifa cowards complain about her.

          1. Oh please. Offensive comments have a line drawn, even when it comes to the governor, president (whoever it is), etc., which get WAY more latitude than, say, someone local, a ‘real person’ who is kind enough to talk to us.

            1. You have let Trump be called every name there is. I think Kate will survive.

              Maybe KTVZ or CNN will do a piece on how the Trail Blazers, trying to make a playoff run, are the only team in the NBA with no home fans.


              Blah blah blah, why do I bother

                1. Honestly? You allow the liberal trolls here to call our President Trump the most vile, racist, untrue, and hateful names. But I understand your position, and the big picture.

      1. I’d like to read it but the link is broken. It may not be a legit article from a reliable source. It’s tough these days to find good info because any mouth-breather with a keyboard can type anything they want and put it on the internet as “truth” or “research”. Be careful out there! And keep in mind that people who put videos on youtube are also motivated to get clicks since they can get paid for clicks, so they can say anything they want just to go viral and drive views (and get paid). I mean, why not just say some crazy **** and get paid for it? There is literally no consequence for spreading misinformation and making something sound like it is legit even when there is absolutely no facts backing it up. It’s a weird time we live in!

    2. I think that’s a great idea. Lockdown the Portlanders and let them watch their city be destroyed by vandals and meth heads. Put a travel ban on all Portlanders from visiting Bend and all Californians from moving to Bend and we won’t have any covid cases in short order

  6. … and, if Gov. Brown was somehow cowed by fear into complying with the demands of Rep. Bentz and his ilk, and then we all suffered thru another round of covid consequences, who do you think would be blamed by the Righties ????

    1. It’s not a right or left issue my friend. She took an oath to uphold and protect the Constitution! It’s a Treason thing! Do you know what that means? You had better look it up then call Kate and fill her in! Treason has some serious consiquences!

      1. I agree the Oregon lockdowns have been harsher than they need to be. But you still have all of the rights under the constitution that you had before this. The constitution hasn’t changed. I don’t like Kate Brown, either, but she is operating within her legal right to manage a public health crisis. Do I like it? No. Is it treason? Nope. It’s just bad management. So call her a bad manager, but calling her treasonous is crying wolf.

    2. Ummm…. I’m pretty sure “Covid consequences” should be blamed on the virus. Kate Brown’s overreaching, unsuccessful “strategy” should be blamed on her.

  7. Bentz is just playing to his base and his donors. I wonder what redistricting will be for the OR-2. Will the dems gerrymander enough dems/progressives into the OR-2 to turn it blue?

  8. Bentz needs to do some work in Washington DC for the state of Oregon, not just talk out of his empty hat.

    How about getting a national vaccine card made, so those who are vaccinated can get on with enjoying an open America, go back to work and play. And the let those who are unvaccinated stay home exercising their freedom to not get a vaccination. It’s time to open up the country for those who are actively fighting covid by getting vaccinated.

    1. It’s actually time to open up the country for everyone. People have always made choices on whether to get vaccines or not without being told to “stay home”. The difference now is that this personal decision is being politicized and weaponized by people like you.

  9. With St Charles, the only major hospital in all of eastern Oregon, being near capacity and shutting down elective surgeries it makes sense this nimrod from Ontario thinks now is the time to open reduce restrictions.


    1. St Charles used to go on trauma divert and limit elective cases as a course of regular business before covid because the population of people moving to Bend is far outstripping the st Charles system capacity. They have been unwilling to respond because they are the only show in Central and Eastern Oregon. Keep another hospital here and good ol’ capitalism will immensely improve access to improving medical care

  10. Although Covid-19 spreads mostly through the mouth and nose, scientists have now concluded that the greatest risk comes from arse ***** like the cult45 domestic terrorists in this comment section.

  11. Bentz tried to interfere with Pennsylvania’s ability to run its own election and used that as justification for voting against certification of the Biden victory. He cast that vote the morning AFTER the murderous rampage at the Capitol by Trump fanatics.

    Since then he has toured through his district blaming higher gas prices on Biden, even though the rise began last November and has since been exacerbated by Texas’ inability to keep its people from freezing to death.

    Altogether a stellar example of a public official–walking off the job in Salem when “serving” as State Senator, joining bosum buddy Sen. Brian Boquist in the walkout, and refusing to condemn Boquist for threatening the lives of law enforcement officers.

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