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As Oregon nears 70% vaccination goal, Gov. Brown details plans to lift most restrictions

'Tale of two pandemics' she says - OHA, Bend doctor says vast majority of cases involve unvaccinated

SALEM, Ore. (KTVZ) — Gov. Kate Brown announced Friday the steps the state will take to lift COVID-19 health and safety restrictions and fully reopen the economy after 70% of all Oregonians 18 and older have received a first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine -- an approaching goal, with the current figure over 66%

Because vaccines are very effective at protecting against COVID-19, after reaching the 70% threshold, Oregon will lift most state restrictions and move away from a state-led emergency COVID-19 response effort, shifting focus to pandemic recovery and supporting local public health and health care providers with resources, the governor said..

As of Thursday, Oregon had achieved a 66.2% vaccination rate for individuals 18 and older, with 127,308 more people needing to receive a first dose to reach 70%. About 127,000 more Oregonians need to be vaccinated to reach the 70% goal, officials said.

If vaccination trends continue, despite a recent decline, the state could reach that point by June 21, which happens to be the first day of summer, and more likely by the initially set target of June 30.

“I want to be very clear that we are able to reopen like this because of the efficacy of the vaccines. For those of you who are vaccinated, you’ve helped us reach this point — and you are protected from this virus,” Brown said. “However, there are still Oregonians who need to take extra precautions to feel and stay safe. People battling cancer, immunocompromised Oregonians, and organ donors to name a few. There are also many Oregon kids who are not yet eligible for a vaccine.

“So it will remain incredibly important for Oregonians to continue making smart choices. And, to respect the choices of others. Let’s respect one another as we prepare to make this transition.

“This has really become a tale of two pandemics. If you are vaccinated, then you’re protected, and you can carry on safely without wearing a mask and social distancing. However, if you are not vaccinated, this virus still poses a very real threat.”

After reaching the 70% threshold, Oregon will take the following steps to lift restrictions:

• Oregon’s Risk Level framework, including all county-based metrics and health and safety restrictions, will be lifted. This includes mask, physical distancing, and capacity limit requirements.
• The state will not require masks and face coverings in almost all settings, with some exceptions following federal guidance, including airports, public transit, and health care settings.
• Because the same mask and social distancing rules will apply for all individuals— vaccinated or unvaccinated—vaccine verification will not be necessary.
• It will still be strongly recommended that unvaccinated individuals and other vulnerable individuals continue to wear masks and practice other health and safety measures to stay safe from COVID-19. Recognizing that COVID-19 will still be present in our communities and that many Oregonians remain unvaccinated, the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) will have an ongoing leadership role working with local public health partners in pandemic response and recovery:
• OHA will continue to monitor the global pandemic and provide assistance and resources to local public health and health care providers as needed––including establishing protocols to test, trace, and control the spread of COVID-19 in the same capacity as they have for other infectious diseases and worldwide outbreaks (such as SARS and Ebola).
• OHA will continue to serve in a monitoring and advisory role, working with local public health partners on continuing vaccination efforts, pandemic response, and recovery.
• OHA’s health and safety guidance for businesses, venues, faith organizations, and other sectors will be lifted. Oregon OSHA will review their workplace rules and update them based on the lifting of the Risk Level framework and OHA
• Oregon will continue to devote statewide resources to pandemic response and recovery, but the state will lift most current health and safety restrictions on individuals and businesses.

Children younger than 12 are still not eligible to be vaccinated. Some specific health and safety measures will remain in place for schools and child care:

• Because many children are still not eligible for vaccination and remain vulnerable to COVID-19, local schools will be guided by health and safety guidance as students resume a normal school year in the fall.
• Students will attend school full-time, five days per week. K-12 guidance is being revised to support schools in safely delivering in-person instruction throughout the school day.
• For the same reasons, some health and safety standards for child care providers and youth programs will remain in place.
• Recently revised workplace standards, including indoor mask requirements for unvaccinated employees, remain in place for schools and child care settings.
• For colleges and universities, where students are eligible for vaccination, individual institutions will make decisions about health and safety protocols for the coming year, after considering forthcoming CDC guidance.

Governor Brown made the announcement Friday in a press conference with OHA Director Patrick Allen, state epidemiologist Dr. Dean Sidelinger, and Dr. Louis D’Avignon, a pulmonary critical care physician at St. Charles Bend and a member of Brown's Medical Advisory Panel.

D’Avignon offered some statistics to show how few of the recent COVID-19 patients have been vaccinated.

Since March 1, 346 patients have been hospitalized for COVID infection, he said, and only 18 were vaccinated. Of the 98 deaths that have occurred in the hospital system, 97 were unvaccinated, he said.

“The numbers and our experience on the ground show vaccinations are incredibly effective,” D’Avignon said.

Along with seeing younger patients, their length of stay in the ICU averages two weeks, with some much longer, he said, adding that there have been “more virulent variants in our community.”

“This is, essentially, a preventable disease, for almost everyone,” D’Avignon said. “We don’t need to see this happening over and over again in our hospitals and ICU.”

Additional Materials

  • A copy of the Governor's prepared remarks from Friday's press conference is available here.
  • More information on vaccines is available at

Video Links

  • A recording of Friday's live-streamed press conference is available on YouTube. Please note the video starts at the 33:27 mark.
  • A recording of a Spanish language translation is available on OHA's Facebook page.
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  1. Nice. I never see any plates from Idaho over the summer. You know. Those backwards neighbors of ours with one of the lowest per capita vaccination rates in the country? I’m sure they’ll mask up and stay home if they feel sick.

      1. Well, that must mean that you don’t take/imbibe alcohol, pot, or tobacco. Congratulations, Clowny, you’re one of the very few that follow FDA recommendations absolutely. If not, about all you are is the Oregon poster child of hypocrite.

    1. Uncleantifa, one other question. When you see someone get out of the care at the local store with idaho plates do you go up to them and call them backwards? Or just post these false threat type of posts here? I bet you don’t say a damn word. You know why? You are a BETA MALE and a ALPHA male would destroy you. You physically can’t do a damn thing when in the presence of a Alpha. You little BETA!!!

        1. AWE…such big words from such a lil’ guy. Too much soy in your latte grande doesn’t make you a big man. Too bad you are just a Beta male thinking it does. Try a pump of pumpkin spice to see if that helps. BETA. HAHAHAHA

      1. When you see people wearing masks, do you walk up and call them betas? Or do you just post these false threat type of posts here? I’ll bet you don’t say a damn word. You know why?

      2. Most of the time I see your point, Barney. You don’t think I’m funny. Fine. Censoring my comments twice about this ridiculous individual is a bit much. He’s an alpha, right? Shouldn’t he be able to take it?

          1. So what is so offensive about the combination words of China and Virus- that Mother and ****** aren’t ??? You deleted the first but allowed CNN to post the second for months ! Clearly your understanding of the TOS is defective.

            1. Your hateful way of treating me and everyone who dares disagree with you is a the real defect. I sincerely hope the meanness you exhibit here allows you to be a kind and civil person in your “real life.” I only wish the best for you, but you seem to wish the worst for me and in fact for our country to “prove you were right.”

      3. Speaking of the subject, do you have a sense of humor Barney? You interject all the time but I don’t think I’ve ever seen you say anything remotely humorous. You should try shifting that stick a bit. You might find you enjoy it.

  2. Kate has done a pretty good job all things considered! saved lives, economy is not doing too bad and a high vaccination rate! haters will hate, but that’s who they are. The least important and ignorant people in the state will be the ones here on this forum bashing her! Bring it clowns!

  3. The vaccine does not prevent you from getting covid. What a bunch of horse manure from a health official making that statement. It only lessens the symptoms. Vaccinated people can still get covid and can still spread it.

      1. lololol Do you ever think things through before you type? Look at the time frame – the flu numbers are falling because of herd immunity – not because of a vaccine that doesn’t stop the flu, only lessens its effects.

        1. You are so funny! you are right it doesn’t stop the flu it stops Covid in it’s tracks! did you read the data I linked to? of course not, so shut up until you do!

        1. Get a clue because you have none! 10% of the population has gotten Covid, that is not nearly enough for herd immunity. over 50% and climbing vaccinated and added to the survivors, no that’s enough to make a difference dummy!

      2. it has nothing to do with the changing of the PCR test from a 97% false positive rate from 40 cycles to 20 something they changed on Bidens inauguration day. Or the fact the death rate is manipulated by 95% proven by a team of investigative doctors and even the CDC reports this as covid was not the primary cause of death only people died with it in their system. Tell my why less people died in 2020 than in the previous 5yrs? Where did the flu go? Where did the pneuomonia deaths go. The graph of year after year deaths shows pneumonia plummet to zero right around April of last year. Do some research. Sheep

          1. NT….please list links to these scholars, or your post is just crap. Hint….biden is not a scholar. Fauci is going down in a ball of flames, so I recommend not quoting him either.

        1. Nevertrumps….doesn’t understand facts. Don’t waste any time on this little Beta male. You will see him in Starbucks with a soy latte grande and man bun and looking at you real mean because you tossed your mask months ago…but won’t say a damn word because he is a little beta male and physically can’t.

      3. “ Since March 1, 346 patients have been hospitalized for COVID infection, he said, and only 18 were vaccinated”

        What does that mean? Right from this article!

        1. AND….st. Charles covers pretty much everything east of the cascades, so it’s not just Bend. AND, he didn’t say how many patients were already there for other things, but got tested while a patient and tested positive, yet called a covid patient. WE WANT THOSE NUMBERS DAVIGNON!!!!

      4. So go ahead- make a prediction… Do you believe that this Chinese Virus- set upon the world- will be completely gone- like polio- or will it return every October ??? C’mon now Dumper- tell us all- just how effective you believe these vaccines are… then I’ll show you exactly how the US media colluded with the Demokrat party to create a catastrophic and historical nightmare over a “mild” virus that should have minimized it’s grasp on the planet- by simple UV… The suns summer rays ! “That” is what you are seeing now… Mother Nature’s cure all- bright sunshine !!!

          1. The founding fathers had no vision of something called the Internet- that would threaten the very existence of the US media through social media- hacks- bribery- and organized corruption. The Amerikan media has been tainted by it’s sheer struggle to survive- and in accordance has ‘sold itself to the devil” to stay relevant and afloat… do you really believe that Z21 supported three years of the ‘Russia-Russia-Russia” hoax ? Or that they had little choice when CNN offered up large sums of cash for access to their portal ?? The Amerikan media has reached a crossroads- and unfortunately they have chosen the path of darkness… that money talks- and to hell with their integrity and self proclaimed self righteousness… this is all about paychecks and staying in business… let me remind you- KTVZ never shut down their operations- nobody missed a paycheck- they went along with the con just to survive… So the next time any of you left-wingers complain about someone flying the Confederate Battle Flag… take a moment to think about KTVZ… like millions of other Southerners who fought… they did what they had to to stay alive.

            1. “The Founding Fathers had no idea” is an argument that doesn’t work for the Second Amendment, nor does it work for the First. I’m surprised you even went there.

              There have always been hacks, but when you attack the press as a whole, you’re attacking the US Constitution. End of story. I might think that Fox News is a bunch of brainwashing propaganda designed to make people watch as many advertisements as possible, but… First Amendment!

      1. No kidding… Next thing you know they will be allowing people to say that biological males are superior in many sports compared to biological women…

        Face it, democRATS only like facts or science when it pushes their warped agenda.

          1. You are the one that is the joke…No Trump didn’t tell me that, Biology did Poindexter. By the way, how much is Trump charging you to occupy that empty skull of yours??? You never one time tell all of us deplorables how awesome Major Mumble is doing. Only someone like you can vote for someone who likes kids to rub his hairy legs…

    1. Then watch out. It’s coming your (and others) way, and will impact you much, much more than those that are vaccinated. On the other hand you could (but, based on your comment, I doubt) decide to get vaccinated and become one of those who will have (according to you) lessened symptoms, or become a burden on the medical and/or mortuary sectors of the economy. The choice is yours.

  4. It must be nice to straight out lie to the public and have no consequences. I personally know 2 people that where vaccinated and died fro covid so I don’t understand what kind of data this expert is throwing out at us.

            1. You are so obviously insecure, sorry that you were bullied by these alphas so much that it’s now become an obsession. You really need a therapist.

              1. You didn’t answer the question… so state the dates and locations so we can verify your claims through the OHA data… otherwise- you are not only a Beta Wuss… but yer also a liar !

                1. What is this–a competition to see who can come up with the best insults in the whole of the third grade?

  5. Who thinks when we get to 70 she will change it to 75 percent as it sounds more solid to say 2 thirds than over 3/5ths. We even got the left saying that mount rushmore should be torn down so what makes sense anymore,

  6. Covidiots should have to sign a waver if they don’t get the vax and then when they get sick that they are 100% libel for their own stupidity and cost.

    1. I’m just curious if you are talking about the virus that has a survivability of 99.92%, that had a death count manipulated by 95%, the one that the WHO changed the death certificate criteria to place in the number 1 slot over the actual cause of death ie heart attacks, strokes, heart disease, car accidents and even suicides to inflate the death number for the media to gas light people on, the one that the PCR test had a false positive rate of 97% until they changed it on inauguration day. The one that they told us to wear masks for that are proven not to work and the lockdowns that have no evidence of working that Fauci’s recent email dump showed lockdowns are not necessary and the same virus that you have “less than a 1/10,000 chance of getting from a surface per the CDC. You mean that virus or is there an actual deadly one you speak of. FYI, the actual death count in the US is approximately 28,000, not the over 500k lied to us. 28k is 5% of that number, then number with 95% manipulation. Where are all the sick people? Why don’t we see dead homeless people on the streets? And are you talking about the vaccine that has killed more people than any vaccine in US history? The one that is not keeping people from getting this new common cold called covid? Just checking

        1. Barney… once again I find myself questioning your selective second guessing of the posters here. So- why didn’t you challenge this… “Never Trumper says: June 4, 2021 at 3:28 PM
          hahahaha that’s so damn funny after 20,000 lies by trump over the last 4 years!” ??? Wouldn’t that be considered a mighty big “cover-up” also ??? Cmon B- where’s the balance here ? I rarely challenge your liberal leanings… but you’ve gone off the rails recently… You OK ???

          1. Talking to you is useless. You take any attempt at civil dialogue and beat me over the head with it. Count me out.
            But someone asked if I have a sense of humor – I DO laugh when you claim you “rarely challenge my liberal leanings.” That’s a typically huge load of stuff you fling out there, as you attack me unfairly and untruly all day and night. You get off on it. Truly sad.

            1. Cmon B- humor me ! I may challenge you personally- but your left leanings have been off my radar for quite awhile… I try to give you the benefit of the doubt- but you always disappoint ! So why go after Patriot22 but never challenge the village idiot “neverdumper” over his numerous false claims ??? Not a good look B- do try and respect yer viewers enough to at least try and be fair… to date- yer failing miserably… again… Not A Good Look !

              1. If you thought I were “fair” I’d seriously have to reconsider my behavior, considering your warped view of the word’s meaning. You’ve heard many times from people who align with you politically that your behavior is uncivil and does the causes you promote no good. I challenge no one’s beliefs, just at times the hateful way they are expressed, as if their side is holy and can do no wrong and the other side is evil and can do no right. That is absurd, and always will be.

        2. Apparently you dont watch the news much. Its all over the news all the time. Some countries have outright banned some brand of vaccine. One country just linked one of the vaccines to cases of heart infection.

    2. And the covidiots who take the vaccine should also get a waver from the vaccine makers that all of their health issues will be take care of if they have an adverse reactions to the vaccine.

  7. 170,000 more will NOT get the vax. If they haven’t by now, they’re not gonna. Especially for the percentage of uninformed that might read the Fauci emails. Its crazy to think 70% of Oregonians are stupid (minus a small percentage of high risk folk). They will not reach 70%

      1. Exactly. We know that roughly 30% of Americans are douches and it’s probably a lower percentage in Oregon than nationally. So with that said most Oregonians know to get vaccinated in order to help out their fellow Oregonians.

        1. Kate Clown just landed a solid blow… “These healthcare workers that haven’t got the experiment are (they) douches???… You been called out ND… whatchu got besides complete silence ???

    1. In the case you have reading challenges, 66 + percent have already been vaxxed. 3% remaining. Vax rate is going up daily.

      Don’t want one ~ be that way. But don’t cry the blues if you do contract it. Perhaps the medical professionals should have the right to say … “No vax, no treatment”. Just sayin’.

      1. “Don’t want one ~ be that way.”… Ummmm- Yeh- I will ! 98% survival rate over a “mild” virus… what exactly is it about this Chinese Virus that has you in such girly hysterics ??? Lemme guess- Fat- overweight- heart disease- poor life choices- drug and alcohol addicted ??? Poor You !

    2. Well, according to you then, 170,000 will be at risk to not only infection, but overloading the medical system that serves the rest of us. I’d almost be in favor of having that those that are infected and haven’t been vaccinated be refused medical support and sent home.

  8. Happy to be part of the crowd saving lives and saving the economy! the rest of you should stay home a hide if you are so scared of a little jab, big wussies!

    1. HAHAHA…..nevertrumps, another non-brilliant statement by a ******. Thank you again, for being a clinical study participant in this experiment. “Happy to be part of saving the economy”…..LOL. Guess what, if Covid Kate allowed us to stay open, the economy wouldn’t need saving you mental moron. We aren’t afraid of a little “jab”. We are using TRUE science. You know, like not taking non FDA approved medications that aren’t tested for safety. I hope it is effective and becomes fda approved, I hope you don’t develop any issues. But, there are issues out there. I know, I know….you don’t like to hear any information that is not from the liberal left, it might still be from Trump…hahaha. (He really got you in a bunch didn’t he….hahahahaha). But, did you know there are a lot of young men getting the vaccine and developing myocarditis ? I’ll help you, it’s a big word. It’s inflammation of the heart muscle. No big deal right? All in the name of science….see anyone that gets the “jab” truly is part of the clinical trial. What they are now finding is that young men between ages 16-24 are developing this in high rates. So, 1 in 50,0000…..pretty good odds right? Wrong. If you look at just that age group of young men it’s actually 1 in 5,000 are developing myocarditis. (probably wussies if this age group refuses it right?). They have been having vaccine clinics in our local schools without needing parental consent for students as young as 16, this is negligible. Who is responsible if one our local students developed this? Who pays the hospital bill? OH THE PARENTS???? Again, thank you for your involvement in science NT….you are a brave ******. BTW, do you say this stuff to people who haven’t got the vaccine in public, or only online? YOU BETA MALE. You won’t say a damn word because you physically can’t, BETA.

        1. That’s all you got???? HAHAHAH. You call me a brat? So 1 in 5000 young males develop cardiomyopathy and you IGNORE SCIENCE!!! SCIENCE DENIER….RIGHT HERE….. LIBERAL SCIENCE DENIER!!!!! Also a beta male and he knows I’m the Alpha, even calls me ZETA MALE!!!! HAHAHAHA. This is so fun, I can do this ALL DAY AND NIGHT. BRING IT BETA.

          1. Alpha fool, perhaps. I’d suggest doing something productive “ALL DAY AND NIGHT” instead of demonstrating your ignorance and stupidity.

            1. Bwahahaaa. You are the one cowering in fear- criticizing any and all who don’t cave in to your level of chicken little poo-poo ! Up yer game with some facts or hit the road Beta !

    1. Century…..but, that doesn’t fit into the ******** fake “science” that they spew daily for over a year, which changes monthly. They instead, use their “science” to line up for a experimental, never used before, terrible clinical trials in animal, non FDA approved meds that has been around for just a year and never studied for safety to possibly win a lottery ticket or Budweiser….but, they will also line up to tell you that you are ignorant for not following “science”….hahahaha. ******** are hilarious.

  9. Heck, everyone I know ignores the restrictions wherever they can so the lifting of restrictions by Dictator Kate mean zippo to the unitimidated. The sheeple have no clue that Dictator Kate’s push to vax is all about coercion, control and the manipulation of everyday people. Businesses who use bribery with free this & that if you get the shot are just as bad. Wake up and smell the coffee, sheeple 🐑!!

  10. well, well, well. You can call me Covidkatastraumus. 23 days ago, I predicted all mandates would be dropped on June 15, right here on this ridiculous liberal support group site. I did not use a crystal ball or gaze into the fire, no I saw what Newsom had said that day about mandates in Cali. In a desperate plea not to get kicked out of power for being a terrible overreaching governor, he declared this. How did I know this? Our weak Covid Kate has only follow the non-science of newsom and Washington this entire plannedemic. Newsom did not mention 70% of vaccination rates though. Isn’t it amazing that with covid Kate’s new field goal of allowing us to live life using a different marker it correlate with the first day of summer and only 1 week after Newsom’s allowing ca to open?

    However, there may be trouble on the horizon. As these liberal DEMONRATIC non-governors have done for over a year, Newsom is AGAIN changing the goal post!!!!

    Please you ********, jonassty, non trumps, etc….please read his quotes in both of those articles. He now lies and contradicts his previous quotes, only 23 earlier. Go ahead STONER, tell me this SCIENCE!!! HAHHA.

    So, we will see if Covid Kate will again move this new carrot she dangles.

      1. ANOTHER LIBERAL WHEN FACED WITH FACTS CAN ONLY CALL ME NAMES….HAHAHAHHA. KUYA you and never trumps should get a hotel and have a baby….ooops, you can’t you are 2 BETA MALES. HAHAHHAAHA

      2. What ??? I thought you all had decided that Owen-BGHW- and Melhorn were all the same person ! Up yer game Kuya- provide some solid CNN’less facts- or concede defeat- and tell Lerten goodbye !!!

    1. Thats true. They are just keeping signs up saying No mask no service. At least in Deschutes County and mainly in Bend. The rest of Oregon to the east is not enforcing it. They are done with her BS.

      1. Do you know what the odds are of a healthy under 70 year old dying from covid? Well, let’s just call it statiscally so close to zero that it might as well be.

  11. If the governor lifts the mask mandate I’m gonna keep wearing a mask until she tells me I have to wear one and then I won’t. We reverse-patriots of the Contrary Party only do the opposite of what we are told by government, any government.

    Keep your masks on Central Oregon because … We Will Not Comply !!

  12. I hate to say this but Brown has changed her mind so many times over the last year that I will beleive this only when I see it.

  13. Oh the poor whittle Twumpers are so upset, their tears are filling 55 gal barrels that can help with the drought. News flash, there was NO widespread voter fraud, Trump lost, Trump lied about the results and tried an insurrection to stop the election from being certified. The morons who stormed the Capitol are traitors just like Trump, and anyone STILL supporting the godless narcissistic sociopathic racist lying moron is a traitor as well. He lied about the pandemic (taped interview), and lies about everything.

        1. Oregon and Bend are clearly devoted Blue supporters of all things Demokrat- all in for Joke and Hunter Biden… what makes you think this site is 99.99% anything else ?

        2. Completely off the subject still. Do keep in mind that there are about as many Democrats pissed off at Brown right now as Republicans.

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