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Sen. Ron Wyden visits KTVZ, seeks to end tax breaks for US firms doing business in Russia

Senator Ron Wyden, on a visit Friday to NewsChannel 21, says he wants to do more to punish Russia for invading Ukraine. He wants to end tax breaks for American companies still doing business in Russia, which in effect means U.S. taxpayers subsidize the Russian war machine.

KTVZ News Team



  1. If you want the sanctions to bite Russia you should also consider Russia’s enabler friends, China and India. Bring American jobs home, domestic production does not just bolster America but it’s essential to self sufficiency and national security. There’s no reason whatsoever that Americans cannot be manufacturing the goods that are currently being manufactured in China and bolstering our ideological enemies. And yes, while China may make many greedy American multi-nationals rich, in no way is China and the United States ideologically compatible. China does not and will never accept basic human rights guarantees and it views this republic’s veneration of such guarantors as a weakness, not a strength. The CCP killed over 30-million of its own people and was still doing so as late as the 1990s. No matter how much the Chinese labor market can offer the American entrepreneur, it cannot make up for the CCP’s innate evils.

    1. Easy to say, but in this world of global economy, buying an item made in the USA at a significantly higher price than one made elsewhere is not a real option for many families. And our culture of consumerism (newer, bigger, more) without thought of social, economic, and environmental impacts is one big hurdle to get over.

  2. He has been in Congress way past his time. What has he done to improve Oregon or the US? Oregon we need to vote this hypocrite from NY to the pasture.

    1. It will never happen sadly as his eventual replacement will be just as bad or worse. That person might decide to actually live in Oregon and be a resident however

  3. A common sense action, but with the political polarization we’ve been seeing for years it’s an uphill battle for any bipartisan agreement, even a common sense one.

  4. I’ll take accrual American Ron Widen over Treasonous groveling, Arse kissing ” Oh, Putin, you’re a genius” slobbering female Donelda Trumple any day.

    1. Of course you would- that’s why women and children are being blown to pieces on the streets of the Ukraine- with weapons bought and paid for by US citizens- it’s why yer suffering through a forty year record high CPI- it’s why yer paying $5/gallon for a product that was half that price under DJT. Your TDS has led the planet to the brink of nuclear war- and you still prattle on with your “don’t blame me” selfishness- what fools you all are… Einstein must be doing back-flips in his grave.

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