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Abortion rights supporters rally, march in Bend as Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade ruling awaited

'I am sick to have to keep protesting about abortion issues'

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- It's been nearly a half-century since the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in Roe V. Wade that the U.S. Constitution protects women's right to an abortion.

A recent leak of a draft court ruling to overturn that decision has sparked even more intense debate on the topic, nationwide and here on the High Desert.

Hundreds gathered for a rally at Drake Park in Bend Saturday afternoon, one of several such events around the country, saying they want to show solidarity for human health care rights and bodily autonomy.

Those on hand heard from several speakers opposing a ruling that would allow states to ban abortions. 

“I had a friend who died of an illegal abortion in 1951," Francis Davis said. "I am sick to have to keep protesting about abortion issues. They need to be safe, they need to be legal, and I am so upset that so many men on the Supreme Court are taking this right away from us.” 

"Seeing some of these laws being undone it’s really frightening, for a lot of us to see that it's possible for a lot of people in this country, that rights going to be taken away," Olive Nye said. "That’s something that's really scary, and something we want to fight for."

Bo Beaver said, "As someone who has a career I want to pursue into like a doctorate degree, I don’t want something like an unplanned family I can’t afford to care for getting in the way of me doing what I want to do first.”

At the rally, there was a sea of posters being held high and people chanting, "My body, my choice." Participants planned to march to the "Peace Corner" downtown and continue the rally there.

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Kelsey McGee

Kelsey McGee is a multimedia journalist for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Kelsey here.



    1. Then child support should also begin the night you decided to sleep with her. Also by your logic, a Mexican woman who becomes pregnant in America is now carrying an American citizen, so you would be deporting an American citizen if you deport her. She should now be considered life-support for an American citizen, and she should be protected by any means necessary by the United States government.

    2. Keep your morality off my lawn and mind your own business. Unless you are involved personally you have absolutely nothing to say about a woman’s body, kick rocks!

      1. That is the weakest argument of all. Especially after the age of covid. Fact is society tells people what they can and can’t do with their bodies all the time. If you want to say “right to privacy” and “you have absolutely nothing to say about a woman’s body” then using your logic someone can pimp out their daughter in the privacy of their own home if she approves.

    3. The fact is that women have brains. Stop infantil zing women. You have no idea what you are talking about. Focus on “saving” children who are already on this planet. Stop picking the spec out of your neighbor’s eye when you have a log in your own.

        1. A large number of women seeking abortions are married and already mothers who can’t afford another child. Like most self-centered males, you can’t imagine the myriad reasons to terminate a pregnancy other than your own vile opinion of women.

    4. As usual, the pro-abortion protesters have made this about themselves rather than the actual issue. and for that, they will pay dearly for in November.

    5. Man made global warming is murder. Lack of access to basic healthcare for pregnant women is murder. Lack of access to mental health care is murder. Lack of affordable housing leading to homelessness is murder murder. Food insecurity is murder. Forcing young pregnant girls, judging their experiences of rape, incest, or sex, while they themselves are children, is murder. Lack of adequate foster care is murder. Not to mention the 400 million people at risk of extreme hunger this year, while you push your hypocrisy is murder. Ignoring extreme poverty, while you sit high and mighty in your privilege, a privilege of those in power to impose their rules on a marginalized population without their consent is murder. You spiritually murder far more souls than you realize. Back off.

        1. I would love to see statistics for these outliers. Show me one single instance of an ectopic pregnancy being forced or when treating the condition has resulted in prosecuted prior to Roe V Wade and you win the argument. Until then the vast majority of abortions are done out of convenience. Change my mind

            1. That is not what I asked for. The pro abortionistas are saying treating ectopic pregnancies will be illegal. I ASKED for any prosecutions of anyone for treating that prior to Roe V Wade.

              1. Mind your business. Obsession over women’s bodies. Disgusting Dman. Seek counseling about your inner desire to control other people, DMan. It’s time to grow up.

      1. Sex slavery is illegal. Aren’t Conservatives always decrying human trafficking? Cadavers can’t be harvested for organs without consent. Are you saying that women have less right to control their bodies than a corpse? People waiting for transplants die every day without kidneys and bone marrow living people could provide. If every living tissue is a potential life, why aren’t conservatives who refuse to be donors murderers? Eat meat, fish or plants? You’re contributing to the murder of living tissue. Wear leather? Same thing. There’s no end to this argument. Except this. Living women are nit brood mares. One small minority of America’s numerous religious communities doesn’t get to mandate morality for all.

        1. “Are you saying that women have less right to control their bodies than a corpse? ”

          This is exactly what conservatives are saying. To them women are nothing but chattel, less than human.

          1. Well i am a conservative and that is not what I am saying or thinking. You all can have all the abortions you want in my opinion. Reduce the gene pool of the unwanted mostly left leaning weaker genes. Those who oppose abortion will increase their genetic line by procreating at a higher rate. Margaret Sanger founded planned parenthood as part of an eugenic movement which was somewhat popular at the time. They sought to limit the population growth of certain groups mostly poor, unhealthy and minority population. Over time this concept has gotten us to where we are today. Abortion on demand up to the day of birth. Sounds like eugenics to me.

      2. No one cares about your fundamental extremism religion ideology. There are a thousand reasons why this procedure needs to be medically safe and why you do not get to choose what happens in another personal womb. Stop forcing your morality on otherd when you have no idea the ramifications. Focus on helping families who made the choice to bring life into the world and stop your ridiculous judgement on others. This has far reaching ramifications. Use your brain. Leave medical decisions to patients and doctors. If you want to be God, have a talk with Him in the afterlife. He can decide if you were the better judge.

          1. Control = love? Sometimes love is no. No. No. No. I know it’s hard to mind your own business when it comes to sex and the condition of procreation, and for some people thar desire to control is overwhelming. Maybe get a pet and start some counseling to root out your core need to project your will onto others when you have no right or moral responsibility in this matter but the one you make up. Bored? Get a hobby that’s meaningful to you and doesn’t invade the privacy of others.

            1. This stuff writes tself. I was referring to your screen name,the one you don’t seem to be repping a lot these days. Talk about projection.

              1. Love is “no”, in your case. No means no. No. You project your self-righteousness godliness on anyone. You lack perspective. You lack love.

    1. There is a living thing inside the woman that’s being murdered. Everyone having an abortion has already been born. It’s plain and simple murder. I’d rather they execute criminals than kill babies.

        1. What if someone doesn’t believe in such a thing as medical procedures? Don’t foist your views that it is a medical procedure onto others’ decisions.

      1. We happened to be driving by Drakes yesterday, I was surprised to see a number of the parents brought their little ones to the protest. It just seemed contrary to see kids at an abortion celebration.

        1. Molon— Not if you understand the breadth of why folks choose abortion. There will be kids who lose their mothers if forced to carry to term. There are many who would love to have a viable pregnancy but it’s not and the mother will die without an abortion, leaving kids behind.

  1. This is interesting. These people are protesting even though they can still get an abortion if they want…even if the Supreme Court overturns roe..then it’s up to the people. They participate in the democratic process and vote on it at the state level. The federal government shouldn’t be involved in anything in regards to a person’s body.

    1. They burned Portland down after Minneapolis police killed George Floyd so why shouldn’t they protest overturning Roe v Wade even though they can get all the abortions they want.

      1. No they didn’t. Portland didn’t burn down. And these people didn’t burn anything. Histrionic? Hyperbole. We stand in solidarity with women across the nation. Plus, McConnell is pushing for a national ban. It won’t stop there. You have no idea how much this will affect people. No idea the personal decisions people face and make. You are not in the position to judge others. Are you God? Why pretend you are. That’s blasphemy.

          1. The Bill of Rights are God-Given, not government granted. There are those that want to change and/or take some of them. Those folks have no say in what the good lord has given us all

        1. LoveWins, you stand in solidarity with women across the nation? So are you deciding the definition of the word “woman” now? Thought the progressive philosophy was that the word woman can’t be defined. Here is a riddle; if the abortion laws apply to women, who does the abortion law apply to if the word woman can’t be defined?

    2. Did you take a look at the implications of the privacy arguments being used in this draft decision— they may end up negatively affecting even something you care about.

        1. Denny, Alito in this draft decision is stating that the right to privacy does not exist in the constitution. You are naive if you do not think that viewpoint will be brought up in other cases, including some that may become near and dear to your heart. I do not see how that would be a leftist theory. It’s definitely not a conspiracy. Remember, these are the same judges who stated in their confirmation hearings, under oath, that Roe v Wade is settled law. I would think that all Americans would want a right to privacy. How do you feel about Covid vaccine mandates?

        2. The right already claimed the crown for conspiracy theories. But here the second-place trophy, DennyDizzleCancel. It’s first place for “head in the sand” and misogyny dressed as a humble servant of fascism. That’s fun.

      1. Wrong. Did you even read it? It specifically states that it only has to do with abortions and nothing else within the leaked argument. This should be flagged as misinformation if we are really going to go there right…..

          1. Are you comparing the 2nd Amendment to a Supreme Court decision regarding abortion? Roe vs. Wade is not a law, and certainly not akin to a Constitutional Amendment. It is precedent, that’s it.

            1. Lol. Poor Orred. Desperately seeking to control others. Get a pet, Orred. Then you can decide if it procreates and under what conditions. A win for everyone.

    3. No government should be involved in someone’s body, that’s why RvW made it a Constitutional right in the first place. Nice try though.

      And why on Earth would you claim the federal government shouldn’t be involved but be fine with the state government? How absurd.

      1. Well because we the people vote at the state level. We do not participate in federal voting with the exception of president and congress. We depend on a “representative ” to vote for us which typically about 50% do not agree with. So if the voting happens at the state level then the people get to vote on it not just “representatives “.

        1. Women, who represent at least half the population do not have gender representation. We want half the seats and a president. Thank you for your support. No taxation without representation. Not a little percent. Half! At least. And since we bare life, as you say, it should be at least 1.5 for every 1 man. We need more power and say in this country, since we bare the brunt. All wars in this country were started by men. Time for a change. Woot! No more rape culture. No more draft. No more patriarchy. Share the power. Period.

  2. probably shouldn’t have babies, there isn’t any baby formula! We are so much better off now that we have someone in the Whitehouse that really cares about us, he doesn’t tweet anything that hurts people’s feelings,that’s why we are better off, yay!

  3. Abortion protesters in Oregon are like wealthy people complaining about gas prices. Really?
    Oregonian “Women” can kill kids right up to the day of birth. I hope our future population treat abortion like smoking cigarettes, witch burning, flat earth, and sasquatch….Kinda stupid

    1. What incoherent jibberish. Weller12Cancel has spoken his truth. He has everything figured out. It’s simple. It’s black or it’s white. If it is complex or requires critical thinking, it’s the dark evil plan of the left. Q, is that you, buddy?

  4. The same trolls who are complaining about feeding babies at the border don’t seem to mind them dying? If it’s a white baby then that’s different? History will look back on these morality laws and in the long run you will fail to control women’s bodies. Think what you want but it’s NOT your body to control.

    1. Alright racist. You seem to be the only one pointing out race. Bet Criminal Floyd’s death sent you in a complete frenzy. Maybe you left leaning trolls will care about babies a little more instead of a career criminal that had 20 Yeats or more to change his ways bit, he didn’t care about anyone but his high. Go smoke some weed and rot your brain out some more.

      1. You did not say a single thing that disproves his point. Where is the sentiment that all life is sacred when it comes to those babies at the border? Or any human life?

    2. Abortion is a tool of the left to sterilize than eliminate the BIPOC community! This is a fact! That’s why we kicked planned Parenthood off the Rez! They claim to respect our land and culture until our culture interferes with their agenda of colonialism, hate and murder!

      1. I’m afraid the right’s use of the word “fact” is about as helpful as the word “dude”. It’s a fad and has no actual meaning. It’s twisting history for the flavor of the month fear and hate mongering that ultimately hurts the people already suffering. You pull the religion card… but love is laws. And let me guess, you’re a libertarian too. Lol. Probably can’t even see the disconnect.

    3. Who’s “Controlling” their body. Women, 99.999 % of the time “Control” when they get pregnant. They normally have the option for sex. The “Control” is not allowing them to kill the baby. Over 107 Billion people have been born on Earth to date. Of those 107 Billion fetus’s, not one of them became a lizzard, or a dog, or a plant. All 107 Billion, when allowed to go to term, became Human.

      1. Pregnancy does not equate to sex. Two separate acts. And no baby is being killed, only a fetus aborted. You even said so yourself “when allowed to go to term” it becomes human. Until then, its not.

          1. Either by choice by engaging in reproduction or by accident when engaging in sex or in the course of having an act forced upon them. Why do you ask?

      2. So what? Even if they chose sex and got pregnant. And. And. And. What does this have to do WITH YOU? Do you believe yourself in a position to judge? I see you have the nerve to cast stones. You must believe yourself to be chosen, and these women are not going to share the same good place as you. How fortunate we all our that you have come to save the world. Wait. I feel like that was someone else’s title. Nope. All hail Saint Weller12Cancel. Praise Be.

  5. America is a secular country religion has no place is politics or policy. What’s the difference between Afghanistan and Taliban caliphate and American Christian conservatives? Nothing both sides are Zealot’s and against their own fake God’s commandments

    1. Republicans have become the American Taliban. Not because they believe all these crazy ideas but because they pander to those that do. To pass laws without exceptions for rape, incest or the health of the mother are draconian. Next they will be stoning women in the public square for ‘disobeying’.

        1. Wrong. But thinks for Dman splaining it for all the brainless people that Dman knows better than them about their bodies. Ha. Something tells us by your name D-man, that you probably need to butt out of things you cannot possibly know. Lol

      1. Ok Blue Danube, if the abortion laws apply to women, then who does the abortion law apply to if the word woman can’t be defined as claimed by progressives?

      2. I’m concerned that you can’t seem to get the broodmares thing out of your head. You ever been around a needing operation? The mare doesn’t get a say. Are you saying the state is forcing women to be inseminated? Do you understand how this works?

    1. These people are not liberals. They are socialist progressive trying to push their agenda on everyone. The word liberal actually means being able to accept others views and be respectful of others points of view.These people are in no way tolerant of others beliefs. Most of us however are guilty of this unfortunately. Therefore most are in NO way liberals.

  6. Gotta love the young woman in the park being interviewed that made the statement about not wanting a pregnancy to disrupt plans for the things she wanted to do first.

      1. It’s called birth control. Maybe she never heard of that? There’s also the morning after pill and of course the old standby called self control. That’s something it seems no one has these days. Instant gratification is th normal now and if something negative happens then it’s someone else’s fault. Just ask Joe about that.

    1. Yes. Because she shouldn’t think she has the right over her body. She should be a Virginia and saint. He shouldn’t have sex unless he’s ready to be a father. Oh wait. You are focused on the sexual history of a young woman and are super invested in her as a human, oh and her future kids. Nope. Only invested enough to judge. Nothing more. Nothing less.

  7. Weren’t these same liberal ding-dongs who were supporting state Governors attempts to force you into taking an unproven vaccine- or lose your jobs- your livelihoods- your businesses ??? Seems the SCOTUS was paying attention and said two can play that game ! Sorry libs and Dumbocrats- you brought this upon yerselves !

        1. Me big man. Me know better. Me know everything. Me has nothing better to fo in life bit judge. Me very interested in the outcome of sex and procreation because me chosen. Me is smart and chosen to judge others when I can’t, won’t, and haven’t been called to be the Judge. Me little god.

    1. You are judging strangers. You are judging strangers. You are judging people. You judge people. You are incapable of walking in their shoes. You are not God. Repeat. You are not God. Say it out loud. “I am not,God. I have no right to judge. Do not judge, lest ye be judged.” Repeat.

    2. This reminds me of all the pictures I saw of kids killed in the war in the Middle East, many by our indiscriminate bombing. Strangely, no one seemed to care and, indeed, many were for the bombing and perceived the deaths as worth it. Sick?

    1. Yes, that’s totally the same. Pregnancy = covid. Too funny. Is this a joke? It’s a joke, isn’t it? It’s like apples to rocks. See. Same same. Logic. Simple folk logic. Covid and pregnancy are the same.

        1. Cuz, D MAN knows the difference. He’s so smart and saintly and right. He has women’s bodies all figured out. He knows this issue better than women. Why. Just cuz he thinks he does. He also knows better than God. He’s God’s chosen mouth piece. Try, “i don’t know what I’m talking about, but I’ll just keep throwing out garbage because it makes me feel superior and special to pretend to know what’s best for other people’s medical conditions. It’s simple for me because I’m dMAN.” Saving womem from themselves in his super DMAN cape. All hail demon. I mean, DMAN.

  8. These poor, misguided, brainwashed sheep. We must return to a point where we honor the sanctity of human life. If you don’t want to get pregnant, don’t get pregnant.

    1. I’ll believe a conservative cares about the “sanctity of human life” when every person is guaranteed cradle to the grave housing, food, and healthcare requiring no effort on their part.

    2. Again, it’s as though you think people have abortions only for convenience. Many desperately want a(nother) child and something goes terribly wrong. Mothers will die when forced to carry to term.

    1. Why, Coyote? What parallels do you extrapolate from pregnancy with death penalty. I know it’s super hard to mind your own business, but it’s possible with help.

    1. As a former fetus I’m happy I was born into a loving family that could afford my Healthcare and education. Don’t force children on people who don’t want them and can’t take care of them.

        1. Yes, food, Healthcare, housing, utilities, education, transportation and a parents time are all necessities. Lots of parents can’t achieve these things without working 3 jobs which does not allow time to actually raise a child. I’m not sure what fantasy world people are living in when it comes to this countries realities.

  9. These people are all wrong. Overturning rvw won’t end abortion, it puts it back on the states. It won’t be banned in Oregon. So bo, you can get pregnant while working on your doctorate and still be able to murder your unborn child.

        1. Gonna need a source for that. Constitutional rights come from the feds, not from the states. Its why we currently interpret the 2nd Amendment as being the jurisdiction of the federal government. However, now that we a hypocritical SCOTUS reversing rulings, that could change in the future and revert gun control back to the state level as well.

          1. Tenth Amendment:

            The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

  10. It is laughable the abortionistas thing overturning Roe V Wade will outlaw abortion. It won’t. In fact, I predict Oregon will set up an abortion tourist board to pay women to come to Oregon fro free tax payer provided abortions. Even the beloved Ruth Ginsberg said it is a terrible ruling. I am enjoying the melt down though. For so many political priorities of the democrat marxist party they have relied on courts to just create “laws” that don’t exist and strike down laws the people want. Well. Enjoy the results of creating “laws” from the bench.

    1. Read some Marx. Never mind. Have someone read you some Marx and explain it to you. You might be surprised at how utterly idiotic you sound.

    1. Now that you mention it, easy access to contraception would probably really cut down on the number of abortions. Maybe we should promote agencies that provide it.

      1. Republicans wont even let schools teach sex ed in schools you think they are gonna promote education in contraception or hand them out?

  11. Just a couple points-

    If Roe is struck down it will have zero impact on Oregon’s abortion laws because the laws will go back to each state deciding its own abortion laws. Oregon has one zero limitations on abortion, meaning at any stage in pregnancy including at a full 9 months a baby can be aborted, which will continue if Roe is struck down. It’s also worth mentioning that the abortion of a 9 month pregnancy is one of the most extreme pro abortion laws in the US not to mention the world and is even outside the scope of the vast majority of pro abortion advocates stances.

    Roe vs Wade is a terrible case of judicial activism, many very pro abortion constitutional scholars agree with this.

    Finally to those saying ‘mind your own business’- its important to remember that regardless of what your stance is, it is wholeheartedly viewed as murdering babies by some people, and Oregon does use public funds in abortions

    1. Take a deep breath. I know you know what’s best for women, better than those promiscuous bubble heads who are selfish and commit murder on a whim. You know better about every pregnancy than the women who experience pregnancy and medical doctors. You, who are holy and perfect. You, chosen by God to defend the innocent against histrionic women who don’t know what’s best for them. You know better than health care professionals who practice witch craft and the dark arts. I mean, what would God do without you controlling other people you saint of all glorious saints. Hmmmm…. or perhaps this has more to do with the desperation of GOP and lawmakers to reverse declining birth rates, not by making the country more equitable and loving towards families. Nahh, let’s just criminalize personal choices. I predict more ladied lean into their bisexuality… more men seeking vasectomy because most are not pro-forced pregnancy at any stage because most people believe in rational care and have some basic understanding of biology, risks of pregnancy, and are not demonizing a normal act like sex. Sex doesn’t equal motherhood. Invetro fertilization isn’t murder either. Go back to 5th grade and stay there. The adult world is more complex than your rigid roles and rudimentary mortality that is black or white. It’s not your decision. Get it? Not your decision. I know it’s hard, but practice daily affirmation, “it’s not my decision and that’s okay”. “I’m not the Savior”. Now repeat every time you feel yourself wanting to control other people.” “That’s between them and God. It’s personal and not my business.” Repeat aa many times as it takes.

        1. Is that what you focused on? Lol. I know it’s scary to think about your body being invaded by the opinions of strangers. Lol. Poor thing. Do you need a binky? Orred has decided that not one man will seek vasectomy, and yet the searches for vasectomy have skyrocketed. Apparently not all men who have sex want to be fathers. Just as all women who have sex do not want to be mothers. I know it’s difficult to comprehend. Take your time. Sex… is scary, isn’t Orred. Maybe don’t think too hard on it and you can go back to living a normal life, where you judge folks at church for wearing tank tops.

          1. You look up the frequency of vasectomy searches? To each there own. I hope your needs are being met. I hope you are able to come to grips with this whole anti baby killing thing.

            1. YES! And tubal ligations too. IUD’s and morning after pill are on the table as being restricted too. This will backfire. But some countries will figure it out before others. Like multi-generational family housing in their urban planning designs. Childcare subsidies. Student loan forgiveness and first-time home buying assistance. Parks. 32 hour work weeks. Affordable family housing. Flexible scheduling. Remote work. Tax incentives. Equal pay for human services, nursing, teachers. Not forced pregnancy and lack of contraception. That will just cause more poor people problems. Decentivizing sex with men. See, life is more than a grind. Sex is normal. You are making it weird.

  12. Forty percent of women under the age of 30 wanted to leave the US after Trump was elected. My guess is that this number will grow when Roe Wade is overturned. THERE WILL BE A BRAIN DRAIN OF EPIC PROPORTIONS, if there is a national ban. State by state is also stupid. People will try to sue people in other states and on and on. I expect countries will begin positioning themselves to welcome women fleeing oppressive patriarchs. I know I would, especially the educated ones, under 30, who want children on their terms. That’s a powerful draw, when birth rates are declining world wide.

      1. It’s economic suicide, buy by all means Steven. Oregon is smart to have positioned itself this way, and it’s the right thing to do. Personally, I loved my children the instant I knew I was pregnant. To me… I would have hands down died for them and I nearly did. The medical system is not set up. Mental health. Housing. Domestic violence. Insurance coverage. And women being trusted with the God given wisdom of knowing how much physical and mental pain (depending on the situation) she can bare. God gives this wisdom. Privilege helps, for women with the bodies and resources to sustain. Conception offers a choice for the woman and it’s personal. Women are incredible and they are wise and intuitive. Many, billions, choose to persist. Women are an important part of the economy too. I have so much respect for their choices. I will never be so disrespectful to a woman and her lived experience to call her a murderer. Also, Afghanistan didn’t think they needed educated women either. If you want to lead the free world, better get on board. Spain is already positioning for women. Recently, passing paid leave for menses cycle. Others will follow when they realize how big of a draw this is. Texas has increased its migration, but is experiencing a massive brain drain too. Whatever, man, you don’t seem like an economist to me.

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