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Oregon State Police outline employee vaccinations, exceptions and 4 resignations

(Update: Adding video)

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Oregon State Police released information Tuesday evening, laying out the numbers regarding employee compliance with Executive Order 21-29, Gov. Kate Brown's COVID-19 vaccine mandate for state Executive Branch employees, public school staff and health care workers. 

According to OSP, "These employees are covered under a mix of policies, LOA’s (letters of agreement) and procedures and the Oregon State Police is committed to treating members fairly and consistently." 

State troopers have been part of some of the lawsuits filed to legally challenge the mandate, none of which have been successful in blocking or stopping it so far.

Here is the rest of the news release from OSP:

Total number of OSP Employees In-Scope of EO (Executive Order) 21-29

  • 1267

Fully Vaccinated*

  • 78% of OSP’s In-Scope employees

Submitted Exceptions – “Approved” as of 10/18/21 @ 11:59pm

15% of OSP’s In-Scope employees

  • 96% of those are Religious Exceptions
  • 4% of those are Medical Exceptions

Submitted Exceptions – “Pending Review” Status by Complex Leave Team as of 10/18/21 @ 11:59pm **

7% of OSP’s In-Scope employees

  • 65% of those are Religious Exceptions
  • 35% of those are Medical Exceptions

Protected Leave Status (Examples: Military/OFLA/FMLA/etc.)

.01% of OSP’s In-Scope employees

  • Prior to returning to work, these members will work with OSP’s Complex Leave Team to ensure they are also in compliance with EO 21-29.

Number of OSP Employees Placed on Administrative Leave on 10/19/21 – for Non-Compliance with EO 21-29

DAS reported today 778 OSP members are associated to the Oregon State Police Officer’s Association (OSPOA).  As of 10/19/21, OSPOA and the State of Oregon have not entered into an agreement regarding EO 21-29.

11 OSP employees are categorized as OSPOA membership and on Administrative Leave. 

  • Those 11 OSP members are valued employees and are working through the process with our agency to determine next steps.  The primary goal from the onset of EO 21-29 was to protect people, and this includes our valued members.  Each of these members have taken steps to comply with the EO and we will be working directly with them and their OSPOA leadership to remedy the situation.
  • 10 are sworn OSP members and 1 is a professional staff member

Number  of OSP Employees Non-OSPOA membership Utilizing the Grace Period as outlined in LOA/DAS Policy as of 10/19/21 – “In the Vaccination Process”

10 – Ten OSP members are exercising the option to either remote work (if appropriate and available), utilize personal leave banks or leave without pay status as they transition through the “In the Vaccination Process” period.

Number of OSP Employees that Resigned in Response to EO 21-29  

 4-Two professional staff and two sworn members cited EO 21-29 at the time their resignations were submitted. 

*“Fully Vaccinated”: Means having received both doses of a two-dose COVID-19 vaccine or one dose of a single-dose COVID-19 vaccine and at least 14 days have passed since the individual’s final dose of COVID-19 vaccine.  This process must have occurred on or before October 18, 2021, as outlined in EO 21-29. 

** “Pending Review Status”: Means an OSP employee has submitted in writing a request for either a Medical or a Religious Exception.  The OSP Complex Leave team has not reviewed or processed these requests as of 10/19/21.  Those employees categorized as “Pending Review Status” are in compliance with EO 21-29 while in the “Pending Review Status”.

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Alec Nolan

Alec Nolan is a multimedia journalist for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Alec here.



    1. They are balking due to the over reach of government control. If this is not an over reach then why are 12 other states banning the vaccine in some form or another? Are flu shots mandated? No! Is a syphilis shot mandated which can be just as deadly as Covid? No! If you want to argue that Polio, measles, and other infectious diseases are mandated it is because they actually prevent you from getting it where the Covid Vax does not. Why should those with a natural immunity or an immunity due to exposure have to be vaxed? I’d be interested to here your opinion. Also not every illegal alien entering this country are jabbed or tested so why should Americans have to do something they are not doing?

            1. I have yet to see you post even 3% of your copy & paste stories come from a conservative news source. There’s no balance of news here. This is just a the Pied Piper of Salem’s way of controlling people. Next year your federal leaders will have their hands tied and passed down to the states and they won’t be able to do anything but tread in their own tears of failure. As far as OHA goes, they’re a government funded and controlled agency being told what to say. No different than Fauci, who advocated that there was nothing to worry about when all of this started then he says we need to mask up. The point is all these agencies are paid by state & federal governments and are told what to say if those agencies findings don’t fit the narrative of that government. And don’t insult my intelligence by saying it isn’t true. We all know what goes on behind closed doors. The doors are closed because they can tell those agencies exactly what to say or how to spin it without the public knowing about it.

              1. Freedom, (of which I’m a big fan), you just highlighted the biggest issue regarding information – which most of us rely on to make decisions. Depending on your political ideology one is very likely to seek out “news” from a source we agree with politically. There are many that use CNN or MSNBC, and on the other side of the aisle folks are inclined to use Fox. It’s confirmation bias – a natural tendency to seek out opinions that agree with our own. The aforementioned media outlets, and most of the surviving newspapers are there to sell – it’s business. And what they don’t cover is as damning as what they do. It’s a blatant disregard for journalism. Dare to think for yourself, and spend more time outdoors. You’ll be better for it.

                1. Yes, according to big fat failed and fired donnie the orange snowflake ” the free press is the greatest enemy of the American people” !!! Is this true comrade??? ROTFLMAO!!! Soooooo much losing for the trump Borg!!!!!!

        1. And make sure the proof is from CNN or another left wing news source or a government site like the CDC. Those are the only places where those loyal to the corrupt government will accept their data. For them, this is a political issue way more than the science/facts.

          1. SanBendcisco…..Nailed It! Barney is a leftist copy and paste master!! of the Royal fake media hub CNN.. The Purple Barney is following there narrative. Its not the real story…It’s there story! Wake up Americans!

          2. I get mine from big fat failed and fired donnie the orange snowflake!!! “The virus is way down and will be gone soon” DJT. “It’s just one person coming in from China, we have it totally under control, everything is going to be just fine” DJT. “hydroxichloroquine will be the greatest game changer in the history of medicine” DJT. “Anyone who wants a test can get a test” DJT. “The vaccine I created is the greatest achievement in the history of medicine” Poor trump kooks actually believe this stuff!!! ROTFLMAO!!!!

        2. “12 states banning COVID-19 vaccine mandates & how they affect healthcare workers”
          Potato (long “A”), potato (short “A”) There’s no real difference between banning the vaxx or banning the mandate. It’s basically the same. One says you have a choice (unlike the gestapo run state of Oregon) and the other says they won’t offer it at all. Which no state is doing at all. These mandates are a joke when all these politicians behind closed doors don’t even follow their own mandates. And don’t say it isn’t so because I’ve seen it on more reliable news sources than the Corrupt News Network which is where the vast majority of your news comes from.

        3. I do know many European countries, including Germany, France, Italy, and Spain suspended the use of AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine. Denmark was the first country to ban the Vaccine, followed by Ireland, Thailand, the Netherlands, Norway, Iceland, Congo, and Bulgaria. Canada and Britain continued to use the vaccine with further study. Finland concluded its study and resumed using the vaccine. It will now only be given to individuals 65 years of age and older. South Korea limited distribution of the vaccine in light of the findings out of Europe. The vaccine will no longer be distributed to people under 60 years of age there. Clearly there was cause for pause. In mid-March, AstraZeneca explained that out of more than 17 million people vaccinated in the EU and the UK with its vaccine, there were just 37 reports of blood clots. It appears that didn’t stand the test of time. But no worries, I’m sure all of OUR vaccines are safe. Except the the J&J blood clot thing. And the Moderna miocarditis thing. Perhaps the possibility of a BAN is why they are pushing so hard. Gotta get it in you while the getting’s good. Fact of the matter is many people don’t want this vaccine and they have good reasons.

      1. The Supreme Court disagrees, as they just upheld the mandate in Maine. Besides, natural immunity to COVID doesn’t last for a long time, as it does with other diseases; recent studies have shown this to be the case.

        1. TheRabidRightCultists simply scream “activist judges!!!” when court rulings go against them, (even when the judges are Trump appointees) and if that doesn’t work, they deploy their RINO shields.

          1. Bob, your ideological myopia makes your comments predictable and boring. Really. In fairness I could say the same for many on here from the opposite side of the political spectrum as well. If you want to make a difference and actually persuade others to consider different points of view you’ll need to up your game. Good luck with that.

        2. SCOTUS is a federal agency paid for by federal dollars. Don’t think for one minute they aren’t influenced, at times, by the federal government that is in office. Just look at the gay marriage crap. SCOTUS made law (shame on them) composed of a majority of liberals with a liberal government in place. SCOTUS doesn’t make law, they enforce it and should have left it up to each state. “Besides, natural immunity to COVID doesn’t last for a long time, as it does with other diseases; recent studies have shown this to be the case” to the contrary of your comment, they have no idea of how long it may or may not last. What they do know is those who have survived exposure are protected for 8 months and maybe even longer. 8 months is a pretty long time for most people, and would satisfy most people as far as protection goes. Except those who are willing to follow the leader regardless of what the science may show.

    1. Let’s get you up to speed. No vaccine prevents an individual from catching a virus. The job of a vaccine is to prevent viral replication that leads to disease and contagion. Think of vaccines as a highway barrier that prevents collisions with oncoming traffic. While some barriers are better than others, covid vaccines are more like a seatbelt. A seatbelt may save your life but it does not prevent collision, which is the ultimate goal of a vaccine. Vaccines train your immune response to PREVENT viral replication that leads to disease and contagion. In this sense, covid vaccines do not work. But they do work as a form of damage control, the value of which is deified by some and vilified by others. The truth is somewhere in between. IMO, they are helpful and a smart choice for most.

  1. I doubt all the failed and fired without unemployment benefits trump kooks don’t think governor Kate Brown’s mandate is a joke!!! Don’t see them laughing on the way to the food bank!!

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