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Merkley slams Trump over blocking flavored e-cigarette ban


WASHINGTON (KTVZ) -- Sen. Jeff Merkley, D-Ore., the top Democrat on the Appropriations subcommittee overseeing the Food and Drug Administration, released the following statement Monday regarding reports that President Trump blocked the FDA from issuing a proposed ban on all flavored e-cigarettes.

Merkley said the proposed ban was designed to protect children from vaping, as data from 2019 shows surging e-cigarette usage among middle and high school students with 5.3 million kids now vaping. Sweet flavors — including candy, fruit, and mint flavors — have proven especially attractive to teenagers.

“Yet again, President Trump is going spineless in the face of corporate lobbying," Merkley said. "The health of millions of American children will suffer.

"For years, e-cigarette companies have been given free rein by the FDA to pursue a massively successful strategy of addicting a new generation on nicotine, targeting middle and high school students with social media influencers and sweet flavors blatantly designed to appeal to children. 

"Now, finally, the FDA is ready to act—but President Trump has apparently ordered them to stand down in the face of an industry lobbying campaign,” the senator concluded  

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    1. That was before his advisors told him that he would lose the votes of some e-cig users. Apparently they care a lot and the rest of the population doesn’t really care too much. Therefore in order to not lose the e-cig user vote Trump said – to hell with the health consequences and backed off. He put his interest ahead of the country….. as always.

  1. Does it really surprise anyone that Trump would put his election prospects ahead of the health of the America public.

    You can’t spell PREMATURE DEATH without the (R)s.

  2. Barney, how do we find our own profiles with our comments on them? Are we able to know without looking through several articles if there have been responses to our posts?

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