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Gov. Brown slams Trump administration over mask production issues

Gov. Kate Brown news conference COVID-19 3-16
Gov Kate Brown at Monday, March 16 COVID-19 news conference

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Gov. Kate Brown on Wednesday slammed the Trump administration for its failure to provide companies that want to make respirator masks and ventilators with a guarantee of liability protection.

Oregon companies have the capability to start making respirator masks immediately but are hesitant to do so because they could face liability issues without federal action to protect them, she said on a conference call.

Brown, who said she planned to speak with Vice President Mike Pence later Wednesday, said the federal government has told governors to buy their own supplies on the open market, and now states are competing for critical items.

“If these resources were available on the commercial market, I would have bought them,” she said. “This outrageous lack of action will result on lost lives, including our health care workers, and it’s completely unacceptable.”

At least 10 people have died from COVID-19 in Oregon, while the number of confirmed cases jumped by 57 overnight for a new total of 266 as of Wednesday morning, the Oregon Health Authority said. The two additional deaths reported Wednesday were an 80-year-old woman with underlying medical conditions in Clackamas County, who died Tuesday at Legacy Mt. Hood Medical Center and a 73-year-old woman with underlying medical conditions in Marion County, who died Monday at Salem Hospital.

Brown said on Wednesday that the state had 4,000 more swab kits and that two private hospital chains were now doing in-house testing. That means more people are being tested overall statewide.

For most people, the coronavirus causes mild or moderate symptoms, such as fever and cough that clear up in two to three weeks. For some, especially older adults and people with existing health problems, it can cause more severe illness, including pneumonia, or death.

Oregon will also delay its personal tax returns until July 15, she said.

State Sen. Elizabeth Steiner Hayward, a co-chair of the Legislature’s budget committee, told Oregon Public Broadcasting on Tuesday — before the announcement — that delaying the tax deadline by three months would create a temporary cash flow shortfall of between $300 million and $500 million. The state could issue short-term bonds to paper over that shortfall, she said, but that could prove expensive at a time other states will be rushing to do the same.

The Legislature could convene as early as next week to begin to hash out a response to Oregon’s impending fiscal crisis, she has said.

“We are in what I call a quadruple bind. We have substantially declining revenues, we are focused on providing an unprecedented public health response to tackle the COVID-19 epidemic, we have enormous pressure on our public safety net … and unlike the federal government, we have to balance the budget,” Brown said Wednesday.

Brown this week also called on federal Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar to open a special enrollment period for Oregonians to buy health insurance and apply for federal subsidies through The open enrollment deadline passed on Dec. 15 and does not open again until November.

Also on Wednesday, Brown said the Oregon Health Authority will begin reporting more details on the state’s COVID-19 cases, including a narrower age range for infected patients, their hospital status and the available non-ICU hospital beds, ICU beds and ventilators statewide.

The state had 2,028 available non-ICU beds, 394 ICU beds and 608 ventilators, she said.

There is still no end date for the state’s stay-at-home order, Brown said.

“I am the governor of Oregon, and my job is to protect the lives and health of Oregonians. And one of the things I’m focused on is, we have to make sure we have the ability to hospitalize those with COVID-19, and we have to be able to provide beds,” she said. “That is going to be a key indicator for me of how long I keep the order in place.”

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  1. still hoaxing along I see. Just don’t understand how “a total hoax” could possibly be causing these problems??? Its almost as bad as windmill cancer!!! Golf and a hooker anyone!!!

    1. “I am the governor of Oregon, and my job is to protect the lives and health of Oregonians.”

      She should have (and the previous Oregon Governors) been aware that the stockpile of masks PPE’s depleted during the 2009 H1N1 Swine Flue epidemic had not been restocked…money was spent on unicorn preserves and rainbow trails.

      She has not doing her job

    2. “still hoaxing along I see.”

      Actually what I see in the photograph provided- are two people sending the wrong messages to Oregonians far and wide.

      There is Kate Brown and some guy doing sign language (cause we no longer have sub-titles in our smart TV’s ???)- neither of which are following the globally accepted “MuGuWuSa” policies or procedures… why is that ?

      Ignorance of science ? Contempt for data and statistics ?? Sheer arrogance that they got this all wrong- but refuse to back down ???

      Kate Brown is a complete disaster- a fear mongering idiot who shows up to these pressers wearing her all black (like a state run funeral). She’s found a receptive ear here at the Z- who just splashes the screen with whatever she says- never challenging the obvious lunacy of her program to “Stay Home- Stay Alive”… There are no guarantees there !

      But you Mask up- Glove up- Wash up… you are following the protocol of Asian nations who are clearly beating this Wuhan Chinese virus.

      MuGuWu- and Stay Alive !

  2. This old bat blew 5 million on her pet environmental crap. I wonder how much protective equipment she could have bought with that wasted dough? Vote Trump 2020

        1. No the stuff is not “out there.” That is why companies are maximizing output to meet demand and others will do it if they are reimbursed for retooling (no liability), something the Defense Production Act would provide but which the President has yet to activate fully. There was no adequate emergency
          stockpile of masks because stock on shelves is not desirable in today’s corporate climate. Try being smart enough yourself to get the truth.

          1. Actually, if Mz Brown had followed the 7 P’s (Proper Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance), the state would have purchased sufficient masks and had them in storage, just in case something like this happens. All the states should have a sufficient supply. PERIOD! It wouldn’t surprise me if DOD had a large stockpile hidden away somewhere. In the military, it’s referred to as “War stocks” and you would be shocked to know how much stuff is in designated War stock warehouses.

      1. But you seem to forget- that early on in the pandemic- medical professionals were getting on CNN and telling people they don’t need to wear masks- that the virus is not transferable from human to human (The WHO). This was stated by the Chinese Government- who knew better !

        I think less time criticizing “we the victims” of the Chinese Wuhan virus- and more time expressing your scorn and outrage towards the Government officials in China- who unleashed this on the world- is probably in order !

    1. Typical Trumper. It has been 3+ years since Trump took office. How long are you going to blame Obama for all the bad things that happen in 4 years, but yet take credit for anything good that happened during these 4 years. Do you want to throw in Clinton, or Kennedy to blame? If the supple was never restocked IN 3 YEARS, then that is Trump’s fault!

          1. It not only took Obama almost 8 years to stop blaming Bush- but his supporters- the media- and the whole of the Democrat party spent the next three years “after” his departure- trying to lay claim to Trump’s economy.

            Looks like it took a global pandemic to shut that hogwash down !

              1. And here’s more of what you personally got wrong-

                New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Thursday that his stay-at-home order for the entirety of New York State was “probably not the best public health strategy.”

                In a press conference in Albany, Cuomo said the smartest way forward would be a public health strategy that complemented a “get-back-to-work strategy.”

                “What we did was we closed everything down. That was our public health strategy. Just close everything, all businesses, old workers, young people, old people, short people, tall people,” said Cuomo. “Every school closed, everything.”

                “If you rethought that or had time to analyze that public health strategy, I don’t know that you would say quarantine everyone,” Cuomo admitted.”

                Must suck to be you- livin’ a life of such “ant”- as in ignorant and arrogant !

      1. States are responsible for their own emergency plans and for stock-piling the necessary equipment. Obama keeps being dragged into the fray because States should have learned from his failures at isolating the H1N1- waiting more than 5 months before declaring a national emergency– Kate Brown obviously didn’t heed those warnings- she was distracted doing other things- now she’s caught with her knickers down and wants to deflect her state responsibilities onto the feds- thats BS in a buck-snort kinda way !

        Kate has failed the state by failing to address the “at risk” population until just a week or so ago- this may have ramifications down the road- but the real harm Kate has done is by over-reacting and killing the State’s economy with two Executive orders- over 5 deaths !

        She can’t justify those actions in light of the more than 750 flu virus A&B cases we had in a single week this month- and we know that there are fatalities- but Kate won’t let you know how many- why is that ? Ignorance is Bliss ??>

        This is all on Kate Brown ! A complete failure ! Her legacy will be historic- the Democrat Governor who first brought sanctuary status to Oregon- then completely destroyed it’s economy… while pointing her bony wrinkled and crooked fingers at others !

        A complete and absolute Historic Failure !!!

      2. No, actually each state and medical facility should be responsible for themselves and making sure they are prepared for situations like this. Unfortunately Oregons Governor isn’t very intelligent and is more interested in harboring criminals and figuring out
        new ways to screw the taxpayers out of even more money…
        And lets not forget that for the last almost 4 years every Democrat politician in the country has been preoccupied with their impeachment scam, and NOT doing the job that
        they are supposed to be doing. I guess it’s understandable though because liberals
        don’t seem to be able to multitask for some reason, so they focus on one thing until it ultimately fails, and then they make some new excuses, try to convince their loyal subjects that it was actually a success, and then they move on…

      3. With all the bitching about Trump’s spending to re-build war stocks . . . Do you really think Congress would have approved building up the stocking of N95 masks?

    2. Impossible, Obama was the greatest poresindt even and cloyed do nothing wrong The USA having all those masks would have been unfair to the rest of the world, equality & all…….

      1. So when’s it gonna arrive ? 5 Deaths in and Kate Brown shut down the whole economy- decimated it- threw Oregon into a depression that may take decades to crawl out of… When exactly is Oregon going to face the same number of regular flu virus A and B- that recorded more than 750 cases in a single week this month.

        The Wuhan virus hysteria in Oregon has produced 266 cases in two months- Kate Brown hung as all out to dry for that ???

        You were asked earlier for a timeline and final death count figure for Oregon- you’ve yet to produce- you clearly don’t know your head from yer.. umm… err. a hole in the ground !

        Another Z21 pundit peddling dangerous misinformation- you should be banned !

        1. People who don’t know the final death count in Oregon don’t know their head from a hole in the ground?

          Very well. Then you tell me: what’s the final death count in Oregon going to be?

        2. I can’t tell you a final death count for Oregon because it depends on too many things that haven’t happened or been decided yet.

          Firstly, I don’t have historic data for Oregon handy. If you have a source, let me know and I can run with it.

          Secondly, I don’t know when this is going to turn around. Someone with better math skills than I will have to attack it.

          But given the current trajectory of the country, I’d conservatively guess OR’s deaths will total ~20 in a week, and ~40 in two weeks.

          So that’s a very rough guess based on the current country-wide data. But hey, at least I’m willing to try to understand how this is progressing, unlike some people.

          As for total deaths… hmm. Super rough… let’s assume that it takes 3 weeks to turn around after people started sheltering… so that would be ~200 total deaths in OR. But, like I said, I just made piles of off-the-cuff assumptions to come up with that. I’d be willing to bet $20 that deaths are at least 200, but I wouldn’t bet more than that–I don’t have enough confidence in the number. We can bet, and then we can both hope you win, how about that?

          Ask me again tomorrow after we see how many people die today. The numbers are so low right now for Oregon it’s tough to pull the signal.

          I can, however, tell you the exact probability that I’ll be banned before you are: zero. 🙂

          1. Basically- you have no idea ! Yet you show up here everyday pretending to be an authority on this virus as you promote the demise of Americans far and wide- from coast to coast.

            Not even a clue that this could very easily shut down in the next week- and we’re all gonna be left behind wondering- what the hell did we just do ?

            I’m posting Andrew Cuomos admittance- that he has over-reacted- played the wrong hand- probably should have never closed down the state’s economy and focused more on isolating the “at risk” population instead of creating an economic disaster that will probably indirectly result in the deaths of more New Yorkers- than anything this virus could do.

            I’ve asked the moderator a dozen times now- why the Oregon Health Authority won’t release the data on the number of Oregonians that die from the common seasonal flu virus A and B- No Response ! You know why ? Cause this virus has a long way to go to catch up to the carnage inflicted by the everyday common run of the mill flu virus that has already killed 18-20 thousand Americans so far this flu season.

            knowing that fact- how does Kate Brown justify (and not accept Cuomo’s realization) that she has completely over-played her girly hysterics card to the point that Oregon is now bankrupt ! Only the President can save us now- and he’s working miracles- while you fat heads do nothing but criticize his every move.

            So go ahead- “Stay Home-Stay Stupid- Go Broke”- just don’t take anyone down with you !

            1. You don’t like my numbers? I don’t care. Give me better ones, or else the ones I have are the best I got.

              You asked for how many deaths there would be in Oregon, and I made a guess from trends in China, Italy, and the US. And a bunch of assumptions about the effectiveness of social distancing, etc. I didn’t just pull it out of a hat. There’s something there.

              Here’s the sure answer: the number of deaths in Oregon will be between 11 and 4,191,000. Anything else is a guess. Might be an educated guess, but it’s a guess. That’s how the future works.

              And I will stay home… since I work from there already. But I’ll keep ordering takeout on a daily basis to keep supporting local businesses. I trust you’ll also continue do the same.

    1. This was completely predictable since early January. If we sealed our borders back then we now would not have a destroyed economy and millions more unemployed and ruined lives.

      1. Agreed ! I called back then as soon as both Washington and California appeared to be going off the rails- close the borders and provide medical check points in and out of the state. I was laughed at- told I was ignorant- I responded by citing my experience with countries that have populations of well over 35 million- and they do it all the time.

        Kate Brown has failed the citizens of Oregon and should resign immediately- hand control over to the president- he’s leading through example- not by whining !

      2. It would have been a start, but it was likely already in the country in January.

        Seal or not, we needed tons of widespread testing in January, something we still don’t have two months later. That’s what really could have brought it in.

          1. Yeah–it’s that “it’s impossible!” attitude that made America great. Keep it up!

            They would have come from pre-approved companies and researchers that were standing by to produce them at a loss, covered by the government.

            And it would have been you. You would have been the one that screamed overreaction.

              1. I owe you an apology, Barney.

                I had been going back and forth with barneygetshiswish so much, I just assumed he was the only one who was talking to me, and I think my brain stopped at “Barney”.

                He was the one who would be screaming.

                Again, apologies.

                But in any case, I know it’s not simple. But it is possible. We can do this. We just need the leadership and political will to set it up and keep it in place.

                1. You everybody an apology- anyone who has to scroll by your “dangerous misinformation” your constant fear mongering- your lack of answers unless the “Guvment” tells you how to act !

                  “We can do this- we just need leadership and political will to save us” !

                  So where you gonna get yer leadership now ? From Kate ? Who’s clear answer to all her immediate problems is to close- stop- shut down ! We now know- that smarter Governors around the US do not support that idea- at all !

                  The President has a timeline- Easter ! He’s now getting support from the more cerebral Governors who realize what they’ve done- and didn’t need to- that the Asian model says nothing about self inflicted economic suicide !

                  You wanna apologize- start with those you’ve really offended with your stupid lack of individual thought- anyone who has to read one of your posts !

              2. “And I don’t scream”

                The hysterical- panicky- daily death counts… “beg to differ” !

                Having been “out and about”- knowing that LEO could swoop in and haul me off to jail just for “being”- I noticed a lot out there… that elderly people who feel that they must be out- in the major food chains- are “masking up”.

                I didn’t see this before as the Z parroted CNN’s “dangerous misinformation”- that masks were a waste of time- Now- many of the locals have gotten smarter- and maybe it’s because the “Owens” of the world have made some of them stop and think twice- not so mucg about the science- but the common sense. Because once you break it down into steps- and ask the question- “if everyone is masked up- what is the likelihood that the virus can penetrate into my mouth?”… it becomes pretty obvious… it can’t.

                But KTVZ continues to push misinformation- screaming for everyone to stay home- you can worry about your bills- your empty shelves- the national economy and how it will negatively affect your children’s future for the next decade… “later” !

                You and Beej can pow-wow all the negative news you want- I’ll not play ! And I’ll not comply to Krazy Kate’s “historically failed ideas- and neither should anyone else.

                Stay Home- Stay Stupid- Go Broke !
                Mask up-Glove-up-Wash up- Stay Alive !

  3. trump needs to slam her. Oh, and hey by the way….WW has a pretty good piece on the coronavirus numbers from OHA…..guess why? PRESSURE FROM THE MEDIA….you know….like you told barneygetshiswish couldn’t be done

    so….what’s next?

  4. If she is so fond of issuing executive orders, why not exempt them with a guarantee of liability protection herself? Instead, she wants to be able to lay the blame on failure off onto someone else.

    1. It’s federal liability they’re concerned about. Nothing Brown can do about that except lend support and back them up by asking for what’s needed – Trump to pull the trigger on the Defense Production Act to reimburse these companies for the retoo!ing required for mask, etc., production.

  5. if the masked and supplies were going to be made in Oregon and used in Oregon, why would they need a federal guarantee? you’d only need that if your first goal was to sell them to other states. stop holding up the show blaming the fed, give the approval to make the dang things then after we have a stock pile lets worry about how we are going to line our pockets

          1. Being sued is the least of her worries. Kate Brown will go down in history as the worst Governor ever in the state of Oregon.

            She just lost a huge proponent of her irrational decision to close the states economy through executive order earlier today:

            New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Thursday that his stay-at-home order for the entirety of New York State was “probably not the best public health strategy.”

            In a press conference in Albany, Cuomo said the smartest way forward would be a public health strategy that complemented a “get-back-to-work strategy.”

            “What we did was we closed everything down. That was our public health strategy. Just close everything, all businesses, old workers, young people, old people, short people, tall people,” said Cuomo. “Every school closed, everything.”

            “If you rethought that or had time to analyze that public health strategy, I don’t know that you would say quarantine everyone,” Cuomo admitted.”

            Even Andrew Cuomo doesn’t buy into the hysterical over-reaction to kill the economy- when the “non At Risk” workers could be on the job- masked up- keeping the national economy at least on life support !

            You boobs that bought that bag of rocks have lost your speaking privileges- sit down and shut up !

                1. “Guess you missed the part where I worked from home.”

                  So how do you feel qualified to dole out information to others who don’t ?

                  Seems to me- upon that revelation- you have no concept of what the working people are really going through- the waitress is just a photo in the paper- the small business owner just isn’t smart enough to work from home like you- all those factory workers… serves em right- throwing boxes all day is not as respectable as what ol BJ does… “he works from home” !

                  You are not walking in your brother’s shoes- you are using them as pot holders for your house plants !

  6. Perhaps she should order masks from the click-bait add immediately below the article in the “paid content”. I’m sure these adds are well vetted and not an invitation to be scammed.

  7. Kate Brown continues to be the weak link in the US response to the Wuhan flu- she is a national embarrassment-and needs to sit down- yer rockin’ the boat !

    So- didn’t we all- just a day ago- see instructions on how to make your own “Home Made Mask”- that will be accepted by St Charles ? No concerns about “liability” there !

    Kate Brown clearly learned nothing from the Obama pandemic of 2009. She didn’t prepare a proper Emergency Contingency plan to include dual sourcing of equipment or materials- and now she’s in a bind- demanding- is kicking and screaming-finger-pointing at everyone else- instead of shutting her mouth and working on the necessary “wording” to help these companies avoid complete liability issue.

    It’s like going to an OSHA on-site training module- only to see the words “This information is for educational purposes only” !

    Cmon Kate brown- you led the hysterics- the panic- you are a key component of the economic melt-down- which is recording 3.3 million Americans jumping back on your Democant unemployed plantations… You should be proud !

  8. Good thing there was plenty of money and executive power to save Oregon from climate change with a new bureaucracy and millions of dollars. And thank goodness Oregon got rid of plastic bags so people can drag around germs on reusable grocery bags. She has no responsibility for preparing Oregon for anything. It is all orangeman’s fault.

  9. In the meantime American manufacturers are selling masks internationally because the order is larger and the non-American market (right now it’s state, not national, level purchase scale for the US) will pay more. Capitalism at work. Maximize profit in times of crisis. Keep the economy going sooo much on the backs of the Americans who can’t get the needed protection. And these companies will probably be first in line for bailout money in time of future economic crisis. Sick.

    1. You mean the companies that probably paid millions and millions in US taxes are naughty because they are not saving their product for people who have spent years and years buying Made in China?

      1. I’m saying that US companies that received millions and millions in tax and other government benefits are not willing to sell their product to protect fellow Americans such as their workers, families, and customers that have served them for years, and will still be asking for more benefits from the government and taxpayers.

        1. Most places sell their product to their workers for cost plus which is less than retail. Unless you know for a fact that these employees can’t do that?

          Workers get paid for their service. They agree to it even. Not “serving for years” for nothing.

          Their customers are probably still their customers… I mean, how do you get labeled a customer if you can’t buy from them?

          Businesses are taxpayers as well. “Government money” comes from businesses and other taxpayers.

          1. How can you be a customer anymore if there’s nothing to buy? Along with all the other states Oregon would be a customer and it’s medical sector would still be a customer if there were masks to be had, but it seems like they’re being sold to other countries. In the meantime, as you my have read, the Good Ol’ USA has the greatest number of new cases in the world, thanks to The Chosen One and his inability to manage the crisis.

            1. “How can you be a customer anymore if there’s nothing to buy?”

              There it is- the short term girly hysterics that has neither solved anyone’s issue- yet peddles gloom and doom- like this Wuhan Virus from China thing will “never” go away- here forever- the new normal !

              Your negativity is fueling a lot angst- depression- and should be banned as being dangerous misinformation.

              The fact is nobody outside of CNN and KTVZ are living in your frenzied world of hate. The President you so deride has a timeline- has provided leadership to get federal dollars into the states hands- appears in front of the world media everyday- so much so that now Rachel Maddow and the media mob are asking media outlets not to show the press conferences- I know KTVZ doesn’t- Imagine- a US at War- and KTVZ can’t be bothered !

              This site is just full of hate- full of anger- full of gloom and doom- and the peddlers of this garbage continue to be proven wrong everyday.

              You can continue to suck on your lemons and spit the seeds. The rest of us are making lemon marmalade- gonna spread it on my toast !

  10. Shut up Brown. Trump already has his hands full and is trying to work with the entire country all at the same time. You can’t even run one single state… How about you take
    the initiative and actually solve a problem on your own instead of using this as another
    excuse as a reason for a photo-op and to bitch about Trump…
    It’s not Trumps job to babysit low I.Q incompetent politicians. It would be nice
    if Oregon had a Governor that was actually intelligent and that could think about
    something other than wasting millions on illegals and ridiculous schemes like her
    cap and profit scheme.

    – I thought I read a few days ago that a couple companies in Bend had already started making masks and I don’t remember reading that they were demanding liability protection and why
    should they have it ? I’m sure many of the companies that do start making masks and ventilators will profit nicely from their sales and that’s fine, but why relieve them of responsibility ? People that know they won’t be held liable probably aren’t going to
    make the highest quality product…

  11. And so Brown, can see her failure as Governor in this crisis will be showing very soon, time to pull out the blame thrower. who would have thought that she might have needed to seek out some supplies for this State herself, instead of waiting for the Federal Government to come to the rescue. FAIL.
    Like a lot of people in this State, She was waiting to be cared for.

  12. The real problem here is that almost all PPE equipment manufacturing was gloriously shipped to China because it was cheaper to manufacture there, and nobody has to worry about environmental or human rights concerns.
    It’s “Confederacy of Dunces”-level astounding as to how all national and local news outlets keep conveniently glossing over the China-supplier problem when they repeatedly air breathless stories about how hospitals are out of PPE supplies, yet can’t ever seem to remember to ask any questions as to the real reason why these supplies aren’t available…KTVZ included.

  13. Giving that sort of protection would be insane. Vents need to manufactured in a sterile facility, you can’t just ‘start’ making them in a shoe factory.

    1. Not true. But it does take time to retool a factory. It is much easier to blame bad Orangeman for her failures to prepare. Next she will be blaming bad Orangeman for the lack of toilet paper at Costco.

  14. Seventy comments? And about half of them from the fringe or “BarneyGetsHisWish”? Let’s just say that the Gov is correct. The DJT Administration is incompetent, and is well worthy of ridicule.

    1. Let’s just admit, the Trump administrations could have done better . . . So could have the House and the Senate. But that is the Federal level. Look at the Constitution and you will find that each state has the authority to do things not covered in the Federal portions. That is why Brown had the authority to call out the NG and issue her EO for shelter in place. The state (Governor) has the authority to issue production of masks and PPE for use within the state. The state (Governor) also has the authority to stock pile those supplies in case of need, instead of waiting for the Fed’s to step in.

      This can also be taken down to the County and City level.

      Another problem is that manufacturing (worldwide) has tended to move to the JIT (Just In Time) manufacturing model. That has also worked its way down to the consumer level as a money saver, as companies don’t have to maintain as much stock on hand. If hospitals were required to carry 2 months stock on hand instead of a weeks worth. costs would go up and require more warehouses and more paperwork. So, it’s really a two way street . . . more stock on hand or additional cost on the books.

      As for manufacture of ventilators, it’s more than just an issue of re-tooling. It’s a matter of identifying materials, ordering those required materials, and then the tooling, manufacturing, and shipping. Don’t forget, that company also has to pay for those materials before they recover the funds through the sale.

    2. Jerk Alert !!!
      The Guv is not correct- and she’s losing her support by “Democrat leaders” that now admit their mistakes !

      “Cuomo: Not sure if closing all businesses, keeping everyone home was ‘the best public health strategy”

      Good for him ! I was saying the same thing weeks ago- was threatened with banishment for telling the truth- that the real truth is considered “dangerous misinformation” by “Da man”- The man with his finger on the “remove” button.

      Shameful behavior- like we learned nothing from the Nazi’s !

    3. 4 years of democrats’ impeachment mania while Trump attempted to protect the border and rebuild US manufacturing did not help. Now democrats are crying Trump needs to be a dictator?

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