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Spenser, Fagan win close Democratic primary races

For 2nd Congressional District, secretary of state

SALEM, Ore. (AP) — Alex Spenser has won the Democratic primary in Oregon’s 2nd Congressional District race, while Shemia Fagan, a state senator from Portland, has won the Democratic primary for Oregon secretary of state in a pair of close races.

Spenser, of Klamath Falls, will face former sate senator Cliff Bentz of Ontario, who won the GOP contest.

Voters in November will chose a replacement for Rep. Greg Walden, the Republican who didn’t run for a 12th term in the conservative region covering the rural eastern and central part of the state.

Bentz will have the advantage in the fall in the predominantly Republican part of the state. The 2nd is the only Oregon U.S. House District represented by a Republican.

Oregon’s four Democratic U.S. House members all won their primaries.

Fagan beat fellow state Sen. Mark Hass, of Beaverton, in a very tight race for the secretary of state nomination. She will face state Sen. Kim Thatcher in the fall. Thatcher, from Keizer, won the GOP primary.

The secretary of the state, who is Oregon’s second-highest elected official, runs elections and other matters.

Check the latest primary election results here.

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    1. The poorest states in the nation red. The poorest counties in Oregon red. The definition of failing!!!!!! Soooooo much winning!!!
      Golf and a whore anyone!!! Trump / Kim 2020!!! “We fell in love ” ROTFLMAO!!!!

      1. Only poorest because they are sparsely populated. Not because they are red. Is deschutes county poor? Pretty sure its still red well kind of. The infection (liberalism) is spreading.

      2. Clearly you have no idea of just how much money is in the counties you speak of. Your profile name says it all. Show’s your true IQ

      3. So rich is good- and poor is bad- sounds like capitalism at it’s finest ! Not sure President Trump stands a chance with Kim as his new running mate !

        Amazing how the left flip-flops it’s opinions on the one percent when it feeds into their talking points !

        Wuhan and a shoulder rub anyone!!! Biden/Covid 2020 “Where’s Hunter???” ROTFLMAO-AY !

    2. hard to feel sorry for y’all when the best nominees you can find are Q apostles and other flavors of just plain wackadoodle – if you want your party to gain office, put up some candidates who are somewhat sane, and will work for all the people’s best interest

    3. That’s because it was a republican primary so it was republican vs republican. If you’ll notice, every democratic primary was won by a democrat as well.

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