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Portland will no longer use police in school following protests

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PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Portland Public Schools, Oregon's largest school district, will discontinue its use of Portland Police Bureau school resource officers.

Superintendent Guadalupe Guerrero said Thursday that the district needed to “re-examine our relationship” with the police in light of the nationwide upheaval over the death of George Floyd.

The news came after thousands of protesters gathered on Wednesday for the sixth consecutive night in Portland and remained generally peaceful.

The district of more than 49,000 students joins Minneapolis, which severed ties with its school resource officers on Tuesday. St. Paul, Minnesota, schools and schools in Denver are considering doing the same as protests continue nationwide over Floyd’s death.

“The time is now. With new proposed investments in direct student supports (social workers, counselors, culturally-specific partnerships & more), I am discontinuing the regular presence of School Resource Officers,” Guerrero said in his tweet. “We need to re-examine our relationship with the PPB.”

The Portland Police Bureau said its Youth Services Division has provided service to the Portland Public School system since 1999. Effective immediately, it said, members assigned to the Youth Services Division will be reassigned to the Operations Branch.

"Over the last several years, there have been ongoing conversations about the police and their role in public schools," said Police Chief Jami Resch. "Some members of the community have expressed their concerns and desires for an alternative option to having police assigned to the schools.

"PPB is committed to listening to the community and adapting as needed to best meet their expectations. Today, the decision was made to reassign all Youth Services Division personnel back to the Operations Branch.

"I have met with the members who are impacted to express my gratitude for their service. This decision is in no way a reflection of the amazing work and dedication School Resource Officers have provided for countless years. Their compassion, professionalism and desire for increased training have positively impacted many of our youth and school administration staff.

"I want to reassure the public that if there is a public safety emergency at a school, PPB will respond--we just will not have dedicated resources specifically assigned to the schools," Resch added.

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  1. Kids are so out of control anymore. I would have been afraid to mouth off or do some of the horrible things kids do now a days, with no respect for people or things. It will be interesting to watch how they handle the out of control youth.

      1. Interesting. I believe they solved their own problem the last time they had an attempted school shooting. Funny how they managed to resolve that without a weapon. Next time we should just have the teachers shoot the kid, right?

      2. Of all the ignorant and kooky things the right says, and there are infinite, this is the most insane. You have zero perspective into the daily life of teachers, and it is tortuously obvious. Reading what you think is misery.

  2. And the first victim of Demokkkrat Governor Kate Brown’s statewide economic suicide pact…

    “if there is a public safety emergency at a school, PPB will respond–we just will not have dedicated resources specifically assigned to the schools,”

    And there ya go- Kate doesn’t have the money anymore cause she blew it all on her corona pandemic !

    Make no mistake- this is just the first in a long list of cuts about to hit the state… you all on yer own now- and you can thank “Itchy Trigger Finger Brown” for your upcoming financial woes !

    Oh… but if you wanna protest the untimely death of a petty crook from somewhere out in Minnesota- the streets are yours !

  3. School shooters, rejoice.
    What an asinine, politically motivated pile of poo.
    Meanwhile cnn, ap and the other liberal outlets hide the real stories. About people being injured, maimed and murdered by these rioting animals.
    I guess most real journalists are dead or retired. No newsman or woman would sit on theirs hands and not raise a voice.

    1. flooding the market with more and more guns has done wonders, as has putting police all over public schools – both have been happening for years and school shooting numbers kept going up (only interrupted by a pandemic) – do you ever even think about what the hell you are writing?

  4. I’m going to go against the other posters here and say I’m for the removal of police resources at schools except for at schools that have recent history of problems. While officers can be a good thing at schools, I’ve also seen and read issues regarding it. One example of an issue that has come up is a disabled child (such as one with autism) having a difficult time and the officer decides to immediately institute the baker act and have the child taken to a mental facility. Stripping the child away from the parents for an indeterminate amount of time even though the school was prepared for such occasions.

    1. Thank you for your post…there are many other ways to keep our children safe in schools than to have a police officer who is trained to in aggressive ways to “manage ” people. There have been problems for your years and this is not a new conversation for schools or families.

  5. Guard the Mayor with police, guard the Governor with police, guard the State capital with police, guard the politicians with police, guard the banks, guard the police stations, but not the kids. That shows where the priorities for the Government anti-gun agenda is, to place the children in potential harm’s way to achieve anti-gun legislation after harm falls to them. Shame on the people who put this policy in place. Remember that when seconds count that the cops are only minutes away. And remember as well, the cops do not have to enter the buildings to protect the kids and history shows that some will not.

    1. have you paid attention to the numbers – as the quantity of police in our kids’ schools has gone up, what has happened to the number of school shootings? – What exactly do you think you are fixing, or even improving?

      1. Yea, look at the numbers of political figures shot in Oregon recently while you are at it and tell me who is protected better and who deserves to be protected better. I will wait for your list.

  6. Keep it up and the thugs will control everything, I doubt I would send my kids to any “public” school these days, they are out of control due to far left policies that restrict any punishment or reaction to violence. When the kids control the schools, little is learned.

  7. No pigs on campus. Listen to all the whining and gnashing of teeth when something happens and it takes the cops 5 minutes to get there instead of having a cop on site who could act quickly. It will happen the first year. Guaranteed.

  8. Just go the route the democrats are demanding in many of these deep democrat states and cities. Abolish the police and defund them. Let them live in their utopias without any “blue lives” in the way.

      1. You have zero arguments. Weak in mind and thought. I have always asked for rebuttals but you are incapable of nothing more than absurd nonsense. Three year olds argue better than you.

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