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Federal officers use tear gas as fire set at Portland federal courthouse

Portland protest KPTV
Protesters gather Sunday night outside

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Protesters outside Portland’s U.S. courthouse set a fire in the building’s entryway in yet another night of conflict with federal agents.

Officials say the agents responded Sunday night and early Monday by repeatedly tear gassing the demonstrators to drive them away.

President Donald Trump has decried the demonstrations and Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf has blasted the protesters as lawless anarchists. But city and state officials say they don't want the federal forces intervening in Portland's protests against racial injustice.

The city's demonstrations have taken place daily since the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis nearly 2 months ago.

Portland Police Bureau news release:

Portland Police do not engage crowds during the night
Portland Police Bureau - 07/20/20 2:18 AM

On Sunday, July 20, 2020, people gathered in front of the Mark O. Hatfield Federal Courthouse in downtown Portland. Hundreds of people stood blocking SW 3rd Avenue while dozens of others tampered with the fence around the courthouse.

At about 9:40 p.m. people in the crowd breached the fence enough to allow access to the area fenced off. The crowd chanted and pulled at the fence for about ninety minutes. At about 11:20 p.m. federal law enforcement came out of the courthouse for a few minutes and attempted to repair the fence, then went back inside.

At about 11:35 p.m. people began climbing the fence and at about 11:43 p.m. people pulled down the fence allowing access to the area in front of the courthouse. Dozens of people with shields, helmets, gas masks, umbrellas, bats, and hockey sticks approached the doors of the courthouse. Federal law enforcement came out of the courthouse at about 11:50 p.m. and dispersed the crowd.

Over the next two hours hundreds of people wandered around downtown Portland many regrouping on SW 3rd Avenue in front of the courthouse, in the adjacent parks and around the Justice Center. At 1:31 a.m. a person climbed onto the northwest corner of the Justice Center to tamper with a security camera. At 1:34 a.m. people lit a fire within the portico in front of the federal courthouse. Others gathered around the fire adding wood and other debris to make it larger.

At 1:42 a.m. federal law enforcement came out of the courthouse, dispersed the crowd and extinguished the fire.

Portland Police were not present during any of the activity described. Portland Police did not engage with any crowds and did not deploy any CS gas.

The Associated Press



    1. I’ve seen this at other news outlets too… of course you won’t find it at CNN or KTVZ. So what do all you leftists on here think when a bunch of lefty protesters are protesting against racism but are being racist themselves?

      The liberals need to take a step back and see what they are fighting against vs what they are doing across any issue… because this isn’t the only thing that makes you look insane.

        1. Barney your silence on sharder8’s comment only adds to my assumption that you lean to the left. But I imagine you have to in order keep your job at ZNN.

              1. I know, I brought Barney into this, but let’s leave him out of the party BS. Barney has to try to stay neutral, while having to obey his employers wishes. He’s caught between his personal beliefs, his employers orders, and staying neutral . . . all at the same time . . . I don’t envy the position that all puts him in! Consider him neutral, but understand, when it comes to non-local stories, his employer is the one that controls that.

                1. FACT: My employers don’t give me “orders” about this comment crud except to spend as little time on it as possible, and make the NEWS the priority. Honest, factual, local news! The claims of grand arranged ulterior motives, agendas and orders from on high are ridiculous on their face.

                2. Barney if you are going to focus on “Honest, factual, local news!” You’re going to have to stop re-posting all the AP and CNN threads.They are truly anything but Honest or Factual.

                3. I respectfully disagree. There are issues with SOME CNN content, I’ve been up-front about that for a long time. But it’s an automated feed to all our stations, and much/most of it IS factual, includes both/all sides of the issue etc. I judge each story on its own merits, rather than the critics’ broad brushstrokes of “it’s all rubbish.” And we continue to depend on AP for regional news, and some national. Again, factual, objective reporting.

                4. @MrMcGrath- “stop re-posting all the AP and CNN threads.They are truly anything but Honest or Factual.”

                  Of course you are right- the national TV rankings have CNN’s cable news as a constant bottom feeder- and that is really the only evidence needed- asking Mr. B to bite the hand that feeds him is probably not a good strategy- so just rest assured that everyone on the planet knows that CNN is an overly politicized propaganda pushing arm of the far left Demokkkrat party- their coverage angles- bias are well documented- 94% anti President- no matter how historically productive his presidency has been so far.

    2. What get me, is when a Black Officer is talking to a Black protester, that a white person runs up and tells them they can’t talk to the Officer . . . and the Black protester walks away like a good little “slave”(?) obeying his/her master.

        1. Or someone in their mid-20’s to early 30’s that has completed their Liberal Marxist indoctrination at one of the many indoctrination centers . . . I mean Universities/Colleges.

    1. Probably in the same place as these guys-

      “Portland Police were not present during any of the activity described. Portland Police did not engage with any crowds…”

      1. And why didn’t Portland Police engage??? Because Mayor Wheeler doesn’t want to see the rioting/looting/destruction to end! They’ve been ordered to stay back and watch their brother LE be attacked. And by Gov. Brown not stepping in, she is complicit in the rioting/looting/destruction that is happening.

    2. Live by your progressive rules. Well regulated militia is the government and therefore, the people have no rights to bear arms.
      Justice for David Dorn
      Justice for Italia Kelly
      Killed by antifa and BLM terrorists.

      1. Yes, there is justice for those TWO that you keep naming. You won’t reference that the men responsible for their respective deaths are being held accountable and are charged with murder. You can’t apply the same concept to the DOZENS of Americans who’ve been killed in recent years and months by police. Breonna Taylor’s killers walk free. That means it is legal for cops to break into your house and KILL YOU while you sleep. You’re not upset by that?

        1. YOU supported there murders. YOU support this violence. You stated it is just part of the “patriotic” fight for your revolution.

    3. “Oppressive government”??? The only thing the Government is trying to oppress, is your ability to destroy public property! A/The “well regulated militia” might show up to protect the Federal LE and the court house, but they won’t show up to protect your silly arse, un-Constitutional, illegal attempt to destroy/loot/burn public or private property. Unlike MSM and Democrats, the Militias identify you as terrorists/insurgents/anarchists and not “protesters”.

      1. let’s remember we’re talking about some vandalism and broken windows vs literally throwing out people’s constitutional rights just because you don’t agree with their message

        1. And what do you call trying to burn down a building while people are inside??? How about the stores that were looted? People have the Constitutional right to protest . . . But the 1st Amendment doesn’t give them the right to break windows, vandalize, try to torch buildings, throw objects at LE, or commit any other illegal actions.

          1. Shooting fireworks at a cement building on 4th of July is not an arson attempt. Those Fed agents attacked protesters last night, and no one was trying to burn down the building or kill anyone. Stores being looted is a job for local law enforcement, and if needed the Oregon National Guard for backup, both of which are accountable to local officials and are not an anonymous occupying force beholden to no one. Remember, when you make excuses for those who would trample the rights of Americans who you don’t agree with, you embolden those same government agents to trample your rights next time. Be careful who you cheer for.

            1. But the local law enforcement isn’t allowed to stop the violence and the Mayor has not requested aid from the Oregon National Guard . . . Meanwhile, the Governor has not offered the use of the Oregon National Guard for the Mayor to request. They are supporting the violence and destruction by not during their jobs and for that matter, they are inciting the crowds to commit the rioting/looting/violence/damage.

              The contents of the building are NOT concrete and they are flammable! Enough said! Shooting 4th of July fireworks are known to cause fires and when they happen to enter the building through a window or door, they can ignite the flammable materials within. I shouldn’t have to explain that to you, as the Fire Departments remind everyone, every year, before the 4th of July.

              They are NOT anonymous occupying force, they are Federal Marshall’s, CBP, DHS, and other possible Federal Law Enforcement. They are under control of DHS and “beholding” to DHS. The only reason they are there is because Governor Brown and Mayor Wheeler are failing to do their job and they are allowing buildings and officers to be damaged/injured. Remove the danger and the extra Federal Officers will be removed.

        2. Kate had Big Martha write part of HB4212, which is illegal….judges CANNOT write law. Not only that, but it was to suspend CONSTITUTIONAL DUE PROCESS

        3. How selective your pathetic outrage is !

          You all lost your precious constitutional rights the day Queen Kate signed her Executive Orders that essentially placed all Oregonians under house arrest- without employment- closed off education- placed restrictions on the jobs front- imploded the state economy- sent mental health clinics and hospitals into chaos-took control of your wardrobe-threatened legal businesses with criminal action… but oopsie- the Feds come in to protect Fed property from arsonists-looters-rapists and violent thugs… and “Wahhhh- my constitutional rights are being trampled” !!!

          Keister Snoreze… just another fine example of B’s kids that troll this site spouting trash- whatta loser !

              1. Thanks. I sort of think of the younger folks in the newsroom as my “kids” as they come and go, learning along the way, helping “keep me young” and hopefully some positive traits (work ethic!) rubbing off. But now, we’re all splintered to the winds, to our homes. I’ve also thought of my 1,000s of articles over the decades as my “kids” in a way, doing the best I can for them, sending them out into the cold, cruel world.

        1. I stand by what I said, and correct yours…*you’re*. And yes I differentiated between the two because there is no similarities between the two and there is no crossing the line to be on each other’s side of the fence. Those people were calling for us to be overran and shot. And worse. Those people were acquitted out there and LaVoy would have been acquitted as well if he was not murdered. They didn’t even have warrants for their arrest at the time and not a single one of you people clamored on about that. Throw one of your kind in a van though and you guys come unglued

  1. Still, with the “protestors” description. When will the media finally catch on? Try insurgents, domestic terrorists, or even anarchists as more plausible and accurate word replacements………and the bizarro events and reporting on what’s occurring in Portland starts to make more sense.

    1. The media will not change the label! Gov. Brown and Mayor Wheeler refuse to call them anything but “protesters”, even when they are setting fires/rioting/looting and trying to egg the LE into coming out and fight. The media is in cahoots with Brown, Wheeler, and (D)’s right up the US Senate and Congress. They support the violence and destruction toward History, Justice, and Law Enforcement. The truth is Dem’s/Liberals want to see violence, looting, destruction, and burning, and MSM/media is all to happy to oblige!

      Should note that Barney will point out that it is an (AP) story and he doesn’t have the authority to make any changes, or whether he agrees or not, as that would be against his employers agenda.

        1. ANTIFA has been identified as a TERRORIST GROUP! FACT!
          ANTIFA has identified itself as an ANARCHIST GROUP! FACT!
          ANTIFA has admitted they are participating in the destruction! FACT!
          Violent protests are NOT PEACEFUL GATHERINGS! FACT!
          Attempting to light occupied buildings on fire is NOT peaceful! FACT!
          Mayor Wheeler is REFUSING to stop these violent protests! FACT!
          Governor Brown is REFUSING to stop these violent protests! FACT!
          Federal LE is required to protect Federal/public buildings when local LE can’t! FACT!
          Vandalism and destruction of public/private property is illegal! FACT!
          DHS is responsible for identifying and removing terrorists! FACT!

          Prove any of my comments are FALSE! Show me where your employers admits/claims/reports any of those comments, Barney! You want FACTS to report? There’s a list of just a few of the facts I can name and your employer denies every one of them.

          1. Don’t go all bghw on me. I don’t have time for it. My employer doesn’t weigh in on any of that, for national news on the air we use CNN, NBC, even Fox. And we focus our resources as ALWAYS on LOCAL NEWS. Feel free to trash the networks we affiliate and for us for not re-investigating it all. We know the priorities most viewers want from us.

            1. Clearly “another” disgruntled “regular” who is tired of the BS. Thank God MLB starts up in three days- this site has gotten ridiculously toxic.

                1. “And it seems the majority of people want unbiased, factual reporting . . . Not political propaganda!”

                  Seems Sharder8 has finally found his voice ! Good news- cause I do like to “share” !

              1. You mean the politically neutral MLB that today shows managers and players kneeling during the Anthem. While the Nationals select Fauci to throw out the first pitch. Those cardboard fan cutouts will be in the stands long after the virus ends. Another sport ruined.

            2. Where do the misconceptions of these “early bird’s ” commenters come from?
              Somebody’s agenda is being served and with such enthusiasm.
              Can we have any geolocation
              Info included with the comments? Like a little Oregon flag, or possibly a Russian flag. To show where the comments are being posted from.

              1. Hell you can’t even comment with your own name, or will you lead by example and post where YOU live first…. but you want to know where others are? On any given day I could be anywhere in the State and that’s no joke. Where will you be?

  2. Five minutes after the Feds retreated back into their building they were back in the park grilling dogs and dancing. The Feds have lost, nobody is scared of them. They will be reassigned to Chicago next, where they will have even less luck. People now see DHS and BP as an enemy occupying force who know they are in the wrong so they opt not to wear identification. One can only hope these tactics are used on alt-right terrorists the next time they try to storm a capital building with long rifles.

    1. Obama ordered them to take care of the Bundy’s and kill Levoy Finicum.
      Bill Clinton ordered them to kill dozens in Waco.
      Bill Clinton ordered them to abduct Elian Gonzales at gun point and send him back to that communist hell hole of Cuba.
      Democrats know how to party.

    2. “alt-right terrorists”. The alt-right don’t riot, destroy property, attack the police, loot or vandalize like Antifa and BLM protesters.

      Ohhhh wait, it’s because they have a different ideology than what you believe in and that makes them hurt your feelings, so that makes them “terrorists”?

      1. “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.”
        There’s only one reason to be against anti-fascism… can you use your big brain to figure out what that reason is?

          1. Yep, to be an ‘anti-fascist’ is to be fascist yourself if you are with Antifa. The sad part is that they are too stupid to realize that.

      2. theses idiots went from “forcing me to wear a mask is tyranny” to “the government can snatch people off the streets in unmarked vans” in two weeks

    3. Check yourself before you wreck yourself. Unless you have every intention of stopping my people your ownself, get back up the porch. NONE of our rallies ended up with millions in destruction to public and private property, dozens of cops killed, or anything burnt. What DID happen tho, was the state and fed cops lied in federal court and it was proven and acknowledged by the judge. And the Hammonds were freed

    1. Fed buildings =Fed business..keep up. We have governors and mayors with warped and immature thinking like yourself for example. Adults will step in at some point.

    2. They’re not guarding State or County property like they did when Kate Brown ordered them here. Have you forgotten that part? NPS Swat surrounded the Harney County Courthouse…or are you ignoring that? Not to mention why does the National Park Service have a swat team in the first place?

  3. Maybe Brown and Wheeler should head out there unaccompanied by security and see for themselves. All bark but no bite these two delusional politicians. You would think Wheeler would be mortified by the sheer destruction by these spoiled brats called antifa.

    1. NAH! Brown and Wheeler fully support what is going on by ANTIFA . . . If they didn’t, they would have put an end to it and they both have the power and resources to end it.

  4. solders out of uniform are “irregulars” and not covered under Geneva conventions.
    they could be Iraqi, or Afghan solders, spy’s? maybe terrorists, or even Canadian.
    The state police should arrest them and send them to The Guantanamo Bay detention camp.

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