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New public awareness effort urges Oregonians to limit gatherings, wear masks

Masks Save Lives ad

SALEM, Ore. (KTVZ) — Gov. Kate Brown launched a statewide public awareness campaign Thursday with Portland-based ad agency Wieden+Kennedy to inform Oregonians about the urgent importance of limiting social gatherings — especially during the holiday season — and continuing to wear face coverings, even when visiting family and friends in small gatherings. 

“We are eight months into the pandemic, and I know it's easy to suffer fatigue and forget the importance of continuing to do the things we know can protect ourselves and our loved ones from this virus," Brown said.

"nd as we enter the holiday season, I understand how much we all want to get together with family and friends and feel a sense of normalcy. But the holidays are different this year. The best way to show our love this season is to rethink how we celebrate it. I'm urging all Oregonians to limit their holiday get-togethers and to continue wearing their face coverings."

The new ad campaign — which will appear on social media, TV, outdoor media, and in print — was created to speak directly to Oregonians across the state about how our individual decisions can prevent the spread of COVID-19 and more lives from being lost.

It stresses that protecting friends and family members is the top reason to wear a mask, and conveys an important reminder about the risks of large gatherings.

Billboards and digital ads are going up this week, television ads and streaming videos will be released next week, and radio ads will follow.

The campaign launches at a critical time in Oregon. COVID-19 is spreading in Oregon communities at alarming rates and hospitalizations are rapidly rising.

The governor has said her recent measures to stop the rapid community spread of COVID-19 are a necessity to give Oregon a fighting chance to flatten the curve and save lives.

This new public awareness campaign reinforces that our individual choices will decide whether we reduce the spread of this virus and find a way to keep Oregon open, or whether we let our defenses down and allow the virus to take hold.

Key Messages from Masks Save Lives Ads:
Don’t Let COVID Crash Thanksgiving. Masks Save Lives.
Don’t Gift Mom COVID for the Holidays. Masks Save Lives.
Don’t Pass COVID Across the Dinner Table. Masks Save Lives.
Do You Love Your Family Enough to Wear One? Masks Save Lives.
Friendships Last Longer When You Wear Masks. Masks Save Lives.

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  1. Millions of people who normally get super stressed-out about the holidays are really pissed that they’re being told not to go have dinner with weird Uncle BGHW this year. Stay home, relax, have a pizza and some cheetos for thanksgiving, and give thanks you don’t have to listen to uncle DT lecture you about how you need to get a haircut and a real job.

  2. Our infection rate in Deschutes County is .009%. The nerve of President Trump making us stay home and separate from our families and friends! What is acceptable if. 009% is not?

    1. First, you are inaccurate. It’s 0.9%, not .009%. Learn how decimals work in percentages. Second, none are acceptable when it’s completely preventable. Keep disregarding the safeguards and it will shoot up like in the Dakotas.

      1. 1781 cases, 197692 population, you’re right, I mixed my numbers. Our infection rate is less than 1%.

        14 deaths, 197692 pop = less than .0001 death rate. Greater than 99.9% survival rate.

        Keep drinking the kool aid, covid will never be zero and you will continue to live in fear.

        1. I don’t live in fear. It’s simple to take precautions, wear the mask, use hand sanitizer, wash hands regularly. That does a lot to prevent the spread. It isn’t a huge burden. If more people would do that, I would hope that we wouldn’t be taking these draconian measures of shutting things down. So many people refuse, though. That’s what I can’t understand. Putting on a mask is such a simple request. You are right, it will never be zero. At 255K deaths though, it warrants some caution. Some of these actions are what is keeping our death and infection rate as low as they are, by comparison.

        2. I suggest a visual aid such as a graph when just thinking about it obviously isn’t computing. And just for your information, Central Oregon doesn’t have an anti infection bubble around it, you really think this virus won’t get here in larger numbers?

        1. Then run the numbers yourself? But you won’t because you are scared and afraid. Afraid the numbers don’t match the hype and then where will you be? Empty… You will be empty because you’ve lied to yourself for so long.

  3. Wait, what happened to “I’m not asking you, I’m telling you” mantra of Kaitler? She’s back to the blaming and threatening mantra. Maybe if masks and social distancing haven’t worked yet they aren’t going to work. Definition of stupidity= doing the same action again and expecting a different outcome

      1. @martha, in 2018 21 people died of influenza and pneumonia in Deschutes County. Youre a kool aid drinking liberal that gladly jumps on the covid bandwagon. Where was your vitriol in 2018? You are what is wrong with society.

        1. My “vitriol” (cruel and bitter criticism) of what? The flu?…there’s a flu vaccine available but only 49% of Americans got a flu shot a last year and approximately 60,000 people died. That’s a heck of a lot less than the current 250,000+ that have died because of COVID. Or my “vitriol” for people like you that think this is all a conspiracy? The only bandwagon fallacy going on here is the one you’re using to say this ain’t true. And for your information it was Flavoraid not Kool-aid and they drank the poison mixture because their cult leader told them to, to drink it because he claimed there was a conspiracy going on by intelligent agencies to get them.

          1. @martha, you are being lied to. The facts are that covid has sickened less than 1% of our population and has a recovery rate of greater than 99%. Stop fomenting fear you silly old woman!

            1. The only one trying to incite fear is people like you that claim there’s some world wide conspiracy out there creating a fake pandemic. Sorry toots but you really need a reality check….karma

  4. We were doing quite well until mid-September. What happened in early September that started the upward trend? Kate reduced restrictions on local government meetings on September 1, but that seems unlikely to have had much to do with it.

    What other events happened in the early September timeframe?

    1. At your home the conversation would probably be much more interesting and honest there as well.
      Sorry, can’t come.
      Gov. says no more than 6 at your house.

    2. Throw in proponents of herd immunity and feed them at a trough instead of a table. If the strategy to treat Covid is herd immunity, might as well feed them like herd animals.

      1. The only way we’re going to achieve their ‘herd immunity’ is to vaccinate and that will be the next thing that they’ll be screaming they won’t do because of….fill in the blank.

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